The History Of The Hollow Rock Of Tennessee,
Part 2

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tennessee

Presson Hotel
Presson Hotel

practiced law in Hollow Rock for over 40 years until his death in 1952.

In 1875 the Hollow Rock Roller Mill was built to grind into wheat into flour and corn into meal. An ell was later built on the mill and carding machinery was installed to clean and combwooll. The mill furnished a campground for those having to stay overnight. In the early 1920's a small gasoline engine powered grist mill came into use to grind corn.

In the 1900s Hollow Rock was a thriving town. Sam Holcomb started a produce business in 1902, W.B. Brown a hardware store, Hill Brothers grocery and hardware, W.A. Green, dry goods, clothing and shoes, Clark Rogers a blacksmith shop, with others following. One of the first car repair shops was operated by Homer Rogers. The Hiram Blow Stave Company of Nashville operated a stave mill. In 1893 there were two drug stores, Phillips Drug and U.G. Butler's.

A Masonic Lodge was organized in 1860 at Marlboro. This town was about five miles north of Hollow Rock. This Lodge was moved to Hollow Rock in 1871 and renamed Hollow Rock. There was also an American Legion building. There was a cotton gin prior to 1910. In 1942 the cotton gin became the Hollow Rock Gin Company. Clay mining was carried on in this town between 1900 and 1920. A Mr. Bain owned a restaurant and soda fountain around 1909,

In 1892, Alabama, Tennessee, and Paducah Railroad which was being built south from Paducah reached the North Carolina and Saint Louis Railroad line about two miles east of Hollow Rock. This became known and Hollow Rock Junction and later it became the town of Bruceton. In 1909 there was a wreck of the "Pineapple Special, " a fast freight train. A buill got caught in an open trestle. None of the crew was seriously hurt, but it was a disaster to the bull. For many years Hollow Rock had three passenger trains passing each way daily. This went to one each way and in 1952 passenger service ceased and the station was torn down.

Hollow Rock has had its share of fires. Joe. T. Henslee built a home in 1868, fire destroyed this dwelling in 1960. In 1893 the great Hollow Rock fire destroyed Phillip's Drug, Kirk's Grocery, and D.F. Phillip's Dry Good Store. The Hiram Blow Stave Company burned in 1909. Mrs. Presson's Hotel that became an apartment house also burned.

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