The Old Ebenezer School 1910 Picture

Nell Morisette
NewsTribune Special Columnist

Old Ebenezer School 1910

The students from Ebenezer School, which was mae around 1910.
Shown in the photo are, back row, left to right: Connie Stagner, Valeria Wilson, Bonnie Corbitt, Sallie Mae Johnson, the next person is unidentified; Bedford Cuff, Minnie Prince, Vonie Corbitt, Tom Beasley, Bertha Johnson, Joe Corbitt, Sadie Beasley and Nona Wright. Middle row, left to right: Paul Corbitt, next person unidentified; Albert Beasley, Randolph Corbitt, Don Beasley, Ora Markham, Eunie Wright, next person unidentified; and Myrtle Davis. Front row, left to right: Tom Corbitt, Buel Stewart, next three people are unidentified; Urie Wilson, Ora Dee Beasley, Bessie Phifer, next person unidentified; and Elmer Davis.


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