The Old Ebenezer School

Nell Morisette
NewsTribune Special Columnist

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This week I'm discussing the Ebenezer School. Ebenezer in the Bible means literally, "Stone of Help."

As the customs in all communities, the school was the social life of the community. The first Ebenezer school was a small log building with a dirt floor. John and Allen Corbett gave land in 1912 for a one room school building. The building was sometimes used for church and Sunday school. The oldest information I found at the Benton County Board of Education Office was regarding the 1925-26 term there. The following is the teacher's annual property report by Mrs. Thomas:

Kind of building - Frame
Kind of heating - ordinary wood store
Ventilation - windows and doors
Date of erection - 1912 or 1913
Kinds of toilets - not on a school ground
Source of water - well, not on school ground
Acre of ground nearest to 1/4 acre - 1/4 acre
Playground equipment - none
Number of books at beginning of year - 35

The picture of the souvenir given out for the term ending December 18, 1914 by Virginia Stigall.

Ebenezer School

This is the list of names of the Pupils attending the term ending December 18, 1914:

Luther Beasley, Albert Beasley, Ora Dee Beasley, Dewey Beasley, Ben Beasley, Donnie Beasley, Sadye Beasley, Cecil Bates, Paul Corbitt, Allen Corbitt, Thomas Corbitt, Randolph Corbitt, Vonie Corbitt, Nell Corbitt, Daphne Grossnoe, Dessie Crossnoe, Edith Crossnoe, Edna Crossnoe, Asa Crossnoe, Johnnie Lee Crossnoe, Myrtly Davis, Elmer Davis, Sallie Mai Johnson, Bertha Johnson, Serle Nunnery, Reuel Nunnery, Gilbert Prince, Luther Presson, Lindell Presson, Beatrice Presson, Clara Stewart, Buell Stewart, Avery Stewart, Buford Sparks, Clifford Sparks, Verna Sparks, Urey Wilson, Gladys Wilson, Zona Ree Wilson, Buell Wilson, Vilus Wilson.

The school closed in 1950, and Helen Bell Waters was the last teacher.

Today a beautiful home owned by Tommy and Sue Barnes is built on the school ground. It is located on Joe Corbitt road.

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