The Old Eva School

Nell Morisette
NewsTribune Special Columnist

Eva School 1913

Photo of Eva School, ca. 1913. This class consists of Johnny Myatt, Bruce Herndon, Joe Goodman, Gene Griggs, Pearl Browning Dudley, Illa Melton, Alice Evans, Floyd Herndon, Geraldine Lashlee, Valerice Pafford, Elmer Dudley, Carrie Lashlee, Marie Herndon, Cella Bell, Guy Herndon, Lester Melton, Lee Hame, Charles Griggs, Ora Sykes, Hazel Hollingsworth, Elna Sykes, Essie Bell, Mike Herndon, Noel Melton, Margret Summers, Ruben Warren, Gretchen Melton, teachers Finley Lindsey and Charlie Pafford, Zula Coleman, Linnie Sykes, Eula Holland and Mamie Evans

In the book Benton County by Jonathan K.T. Smith, Esq., Third Volume, Page 82, the first worthy name in schools was Baber's High School in Eva in 1888. I have found no records of that school.

The first school I could find in Eva was constructed on land given by A.W. Lucas. Three buildings would be built on this site. The first was a small double boxed building of rough boards. The second was a white framed building of three rooms. The third building, which still stands, included the three rooms, with added classrooms, a basement, and gym.

The exterior was finished in native stone which was laid by Mr. Arthur Bullen and his son J.C. The women and children of the community picked up the stones in the fields of Mr. L. Wilson and the men hauled them to school site in wagons. This was a community project in the late 1920's.

The Eva school was then called Junior High, and held grades 1 - 10 for many years. In 1933-34 it was a full 12 grade school. The short lived high school failed in 1935.

The earliest records I could find at the Benton County Board of Education office of the teacher's annual property report was by Hazel Utley for 1845-46:

Date of erection - 1930.
Kind of building - Stone.
Heating - Ordinary Stove.
Floor area - Room 1: 23 X 30;
Room 2: 23 X 28.
Water - Well, not on school property; sanitary. The Eva School closed in the 1960s and moved to Camden. Kindergarten was held there in the 1970s. The children met in the lunchroom at Camden High School and were bused to Eva.

My grandaddy Charlie N. Pafford taught school in Eva (ca. 1913.)

The Eva School building now houses the Eva Volunteer Fire Department.


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