Att Warrick and Warrick's Grocery

Nell Morisette
Camden, Tenn.

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Atticus Green Warrick was born July 1, 1896, to John C. and Nancy Cuff Warrick. They lived in the north Flatwoods community. Att, as he was called, was named after a Methodist minister. His pioneer families were: James Andrew Cuff, Francis Asbury Cuff, John and Mary Pafford, William and Mourning Melton Pafford, and Cooper Melton. Att grew up in the North Flatwoods community and attended Farrars School. As a young boy he worked in the fields with his father.

On December 1, 1918, Att married Ivy Marie Pafford. The wedding was performed by O.H. Lafferty, M.G. Marie was born August 3, 1900, to Charles Nelson and Cordellia Mae Myers Pafford. Aunt Marie is my mother's sister, so any further reference to Att will be as "Uncle."

Uncle Att drove a streetcar in Memphis, cut wood, logged, worked in a gravel pit, and in 1930 farmed in the Tennessee River Bottoms. They moved to Happy Hollow, now a part of Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, and again farmed the river bottoms with Willie Warrick and his son J.D. He then moved to Camden and worked for Wayne L. Hall for a few years in Hall's Hardware Store. Then they moved to the Bains Community in 1952 and ran a grocery store.

At last Uncle Att's dream came true in 1953. A store and a house were built on Eva Road for him about one mile from the court square - "Warrick's Grocery." He sold groceries, fresh meat, fishing supplies, and sold Puroil Gas delivered by Carlos Jones.

Uncle Att's dream didn't last long, however. He had a heart attack in the early part of 1959 and couldn't operate the store after that. Charles and Clara Nell Morisette and daughters moved here from Illinois in May of 1959. The bought the house and store.

The Warricks moved back to the Bains Community to be near their daughter and family. They had one child, Ruth Warrick Dowdy, and two grandchildren, Nancy Ann Dowdy and Callie Romona Dowdy, who lived 16 days.

Uncle Att died at his residence in the Bains Community on Sunday, August 17, 1969. Aunt Marie died February 3, 1985 at Benton County General Hospital. They are buried in the North Flatwoods Cemetery.

Att and Marie Warrick
Att and Marie Warrick

Warrick's Grocery became Morisette Grocery. After that is was owned by Frank Madden, and W.C. Herndon, then Thomas Melton, and after his death, his son Phil Melton took it over, then Bear Anderson. As you drive out Eva Road it now goes by the name of Hilltop Quickstop, and is owned by Jerry and Rita Parish. Clara Nell still owns and live in the house next door.

Thought for the week:

As we begin a new year with birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and other occasions to exchange gifts, stop and thank God for his gift, the greatest gift of all, His Son.


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