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27th Tennessee Infantry History

The ten companies of this regiment had been raised in August and September of 1861. They assembled at Camp Trenton where they were organized into the 27th Tennessee Infantry Regiment with 833 men. Soon after organization they moved to Henderson, TN and remained there until after the Battle of Belmont on 7 November 1861. Then they were sent to Columbus, KY and for the first time the regiment was furnished arms.

During the Battle of Shiloh 6 & 7 April 1862 the regiment had 350 muskets. At the end of the second day Colonel Williams had been killed, Lieutenant Colonel Brown was severely wounded, Major Love was mortally wounded and taken prisoner. Total casualties were 142 killed and wounded and 48 missing, over half of the regiment with which they started the battle.

The regiment was reorganized in May of 1862; consolidated 1 January 1863 with 1st (Field's) Tennessee Infantry and formed part of I Company, 1st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry 9 April 1865; paroled at Greensboro, N.C.

The Field Officers were:
Colonels - Christopher H. Williams, Blackburn H. Brown and A.W. Caldwell
Lieutenant Colonels - B.H. Brown and William Frierson
Majors - Samuel T. Love, John M. Taylor and A.P. Allen

All of the companies except one changed company letters when the regiment was reorganized in May of 1862. The letters used after the reorganization are shown in the list below, with the prior letters indicated.


Company A, 27th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

This company was organized 10 September 1861 with 86 men from Benton County, TN and reorganized in May of 1862. The regiment was in the Battle of Perryville, KY on 8 October 1862 and reported 210 men in action, with 112 killed, wounded and missing. They were consolidated 1 January 1863 with 1st Tennessee Infantry; formed part of Company I, 1st consolidated Tennessee Infantry 9 April 1865. They saw service at Shiloh, TN, Perryville, KY, Missionart Ridge,TN, Georgia and North Carolina. They were paroled at Greensboro, N.C. on 1 May 1865.

Captains - Aaron Lawler, Company A, former Company E. Men from Benton County, TN.

Roster of enlisted men were:

Adams, B.J.
Akers, G.W., last record 1862
Alexander, A.M., killed at Missionary Ridge September 1863
Anderson, E.E.
Anderson, Jacob E.
Andrewa, J.M.
Barnes, H.H.
Barnes, A.J., died May 1862
Barr, W.G., wounded date unknown
Bateman, George
Bibb, John F.
Bishop, James
Boody, John
Bruce, Don A., resigned 1862
Cagel, H.C.
Cagel, R.C., last record 1862
Cockrell, J.L.
Cooper, J.G.
Cox, James
Crutchfield, W.A.
Dickinson, W.
Doyal, J.A.
Durratt, Calvin
Farmer, John H., wounded at Corinth, MS
Flowers, G.G.
Ford, Charles H., last record 1863
Fullerton, David
Gossett, J.J., last record 1862
Griqgs, J.J.
Hall, W. P., last record 1863
Hargett, W.F., died May 1862
Hatley, H.F., died 1862
Hatley, Uriah J., last record 1863
Henry, M.
Hicks, T.L.
Hicks, A.J.
Hooten, Jasper N.
Hubbs, William, discharged with wounds
Hubbs, J.M., last record 1862
Jennings, T.J.
Lawler, Aaron, last record 1863
Ledbetter, A.J.
Livingston, R.P.
Lusk, R.N.
Lusk, T.D.
Lusk, William, died 1864
McKinny, J.A.
Marbury, A.E.
Miller, J.W.S., discharged with wounds
Miskelly, E.L.
Miskelly, T.A.
Newsom, David, last record - 1862
Newsom, G.B., last record 1862
Newsom, J.J.
Newsom, William
Pattom, Lemuel, died August 1863
Pearce, John, last record 1863
Pratt, John, wounded date unknown
Prewitt, John
Prince, J.R.
Rice, O.T., wounded date unknown
Rogers, Elijah, last record 1862
Roswell, T.L., last record 1862
Smith, J.M.
Smith, John S., last record - 1862
Smith, Thomas
Stewart, J.L.E.
Swindle, Asa
Swindle, J.H., wounded 1862
Swindle, Thomas
Thomas, W.W., wounded 1863
Thomason, J.H.
Tolbert, W.W.
Tubbs, Lemuel, discharged 1862
Uptgrove, Elisha
Walker, J.A., died June 1862
Watson, H.F.G.
Webb, R.A., died 1862
Williams, Kerk
Williams, Louis
Wood, J.H.
Wyatt, R.A., died 1863

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