Genealogies found at Lebanon Library

The following list of family genealogies are found at the Lebanon Library

  1. ALEXANDERS of Cannon County, Tennessee, Vera B. Andrews, 1989.

  2. ALSOP's Tables, Vols. 1 & 2, Jerry David Alsop, 1986.

  3. A BEARD Mosaic, David BEARD and His Descendants, Virginia Beard Asterino, 1973.

  4. The BAIRD-DAVIDSON-RODGERS Families and their Allied Families, Chamblis. (Mostly of Barren Co., KY).

  5. The Ancestors and Allied Families of Walter Lafayette BELL and Ruth RANKIN, Irma Bell Myers Willette and Francis Calvin Gill, 1994.

  6. BENSONs - Middle Tennessee and the Carolinas, John T. Benson, Jr., 1974 and 1980.


  8. The John BERNARD and Mary Genealogy, Fluvanna County, Virginia, William Dallas Bernard, 1975,

  9. History of the BONE Family of America - Descendants of William BONE I, Vol. 1, 1692-1850, Robert Gehlmann Bone, 1972.

  10. Descendants of James BINGHAM of County Down, Northern Ireland, James Barry Bingham, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1980.

  11. Mae BRITTAIN-KEESEE from Webster County, Missouri - Her Ancestors and Descendants, Bette June Nelson, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1987.

  12. BRYAN Wills and Deeds with Genealogical Notes, Lindsay M. Brien. (Mainly from Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky).

  13. History of the BRINGHURST Family with Notes on the CLARKSON, DE PEYSTER and BOUDE Families, Josiah Granville Leach, Everette Companies, 1989.

  14. The Ridge Between the Waters, The BURTONs.

  15. Our CARSON and Kindred Families, Mary Francis McKee Crain, 1986. (Includes BLAIR, CATHEY, DALTON, BELCHER, TALLEY and others.)

  16. Samuel Thompson CLEMMONS and His Descendants, Thelma Caraway Landrum, 1981.

  17. CLIBORN - CLAIBORNE Records, Lolita Hannah Bissell, 1986.

  18. Henry CLUCK Deceased 1841 and His Descendants, James Merritt Graves, Graves Publishing, 1992.

  19. Wilson County CLUCKs of Tennessee - Six Generations of Henry CLUCK's Descendants, James Merritt Graves, Graves Publishing, 1993.

  20. Southern Sojourners - CORLEY - SANFORD and Allied Families, Rosemary Corley Neal, 1991.

  21. CUNNINGHAM History and Genealogy, 1796-1975, Mrs. M. C. (Hallie Cunningham) Edwards, 1975.

  22. The DALES of Eastern Shore Maryland and Tennessee, Clarice Neal, Margaret Dale and Harry Wright Newman, 1986.

  23. My Tennesseans, William Andrew Dale, 1989. (Includes DALES, MCLEAN and others.)

  24. Forebears of 4 DUNBARs, Carl and Lorene Dunbar, 1991.

  25. The WELTY Saga, Paul Ferguson, 1994. (Includes ALEXANDER, KEASTER, BORUM, HUNSAKER and others.)

  26. EVANS and Related Families, Hortense Bonfield and Leland Dale Bradley, 1993.

  27. Memoirs of Colonel John A. FITE, 7th Tennessee Infantry, CSA, February 10, 1832 - August 23, 1925.

  28. Autobiographical Data Concerning Esther and Harley FITE and Genealogical Records of the FITE, JENNINGS, ROBINSON, WILLARD and Related Families in the United States, 1974.

  29. Acres of Love - The Life and Times of Levi Thomas GILL and Ethel Lee (WILKERSON) GILL, edited by Wayne S. Gill.

  30. Virginia Cousins - A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John GOODE of Whitby, G. Brown Goode, 1967. (Includes GODE, GOAD, GOODE and GOOD.)

  31. The HANCOCK Family of England and America, Arvil Dale Hancock, Gateway Press, 1993.

  32. Virginia Genealogies - A Genealogy of the GLASSELL Family of Scotland and Virginia, Rev. Horice Edwin Hayden, Clearfield Co., 1994. (Includes BALL, BROWN, BRYAN, CONWAY, DANIEL, EWELL, HOLLADAY, LEWIS, LITTLEPAGE, MONCURE, PEYTON, ROBINSON, SCOTT, TAYLOR, WALLACE and others.)

  33. Settlers by the Long Gray Trail, Some Pioneers to Augusta County, Virginia, and their Descendants, of the Family of HARRISON and Allied Families, J. Houston Harrison, Clearfield Co., 1994.

  34. Wilderness Calling - The HARDEMAN Family in the American Westward Movement, 1750-1900, Nicholas Perkins Hardeman, Univerity of TN Press, 1977.

  35. HAYS: Part I, Five Generations of Ancestors of Esta Una (HAYS) DIXON (1899-1994); Part II Descendants of Esta Una (HAYS) DIXON and Five Generations of the Descendants of the Second Great Grandfathers of Esta Una (HAYS) DIXON, including James T. HAYS (1803-1864), Henry DOUGHERTY (1808-1887), William Adam BELL (1785 - ), William W. BOMAN II (1787-1866), William C. CHRISP (1788-1863), James Carl Dixon and Cressie Richard Dixon, 1995.

  36. Descendants and Ancestors of Benjamin and Ann Frizelle HOOKER,, Malcolm D. Hooker, 1979.

  37. Mr. Henry: A Twig on the JENNINGS Family Tree, Mildred Jennings Deering, 1984.

  38. KEY Memories, Anne K. Smith.

  39. MCKEEs Span the Years, Mary Francis Mckee Crain, 1988.

  40. The MCGAVOCK Family - A Genealogical History of James MCGAVOCK and His Descendants from 1760 - 1903, Rev. Robert Gray, 1903.

  41. Generations - An American Family, John Egerton, University of KY Press, 1983. (Includes LEDFORD.)

  42. MASTERS Family History, 1691-1989, Jack Masters, 1989.

  43. The MURPHEY History 1740 - 1984, Mary Francis and Syd Shepard, 1984.

  44. MILLER-FICKLE-BALDWIN Descendants, Frederick County, Maryland, Lawrence A. Williams, 1986.

  45. NEAL Road Nostalgia, Mary Ella Smith.

  46. Ancestral History of William Fred OAKLEY, Jr. and Margaret Elease OAKLEY SCHWIER, William Fred Oakley, Jr., and Rosalee Points Oakley, 1981.

  47. The PARTLOW Family, Thomas E. Partlow, 1975.

  48. PATTERSON and Allied Families, Lucile P. Rizor.

  49. PHILLIPS Family History (Emigration from Wales to Wilson County, Tennessee), Harry Phillips, 1935.

  50. PHILLIPS Family Record 1978, George Ogden Phillips, 1979.

  51. POINGDESTRE - POINDEXTER, A Norman Family, John Poindexter Landers and Robert Downs Poindexter. (From 1250 to 1977.)

  52. PRINCE Family Prince, Peter Hayden Prince, 1982.

  53. The Roots and Some of the Branches of the PUCKETTE Family Tree, Christine South Gee, 1958.

  54. A Few BARRETT Kin, Emma Barrett Reeves, 1971.

  55. The REEVES Review, Descendants of William REEVES of Granville County, North Carolina (1690-1751), edited by Johnathan Floyd Reeves and Emma Barret Reeves, 1976.

  56. Henry RICE (1717 - 1818) The Pioneer Tennessee Gristmiller and His Twelve Children, Melvin Weaver Little, 1983.

  57. Children of Nashville, Lineages of James ROBERTSON, Sarah Foster Kelley, Blue and Gray Press, 1973.

  58. Genealogical History of the RUTHERFORD Family, Vols. 1 & 2, William Kenneth Rutherford and Anna Clay (Zimmerman) Rutherford, 1986.

  59. Here Lies John SEAY, Kirby C. Seay, 1975.

  60. SEVIER Family History with the Collected Letters of Gen. John SEVIER, First Governor of Tennessee and 28 Collateral Family Lineages, Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden, 1961. (Includes BORDEN, CAMPBELL, CHAMBERS, CHILES, CONWAY, CRAIG, DAVIS, DOUGLASS, ESKRIDGE, EWING, GAROUTTE, GOAD, GOGGIN, HARRIS, HAWKINS, HENLEY, KENNER, KING, LOVE, MALONEY, NASH, OVERSTREET, ROBERTSON, SAWYER, SHERRILL, SNOW, WARREN, WHITLEY.)

  61. Jacob SHERRILL, Son of Adam and Elisabeth and Some of their Descendants, William Andrew Sherrill, 1983.

  62. The SHERRILL Saga - History of William SHERRILL (SHERWILL), the Conestoga Fur Trader, 16?? - 1725, and of his son Adam SHERRILL, the North Carolina Pioneer, 1699 -1772, Wanda L. Clark.

  63. Partick SHOCKNEY and His Descendants, edited by Elizabeth Swank Frazier and Edward Leon Frazier.

  64. History of a Missouri Farm Family - The O. V. SLAUGHTERS, 1700 - 1944, Stephen S. Slaughters, Harbor Hill Books, 1978.

  65. The SMITH Family of Buckingham County, Virginia 1740 - 1900, Nancy Claire Wilson Moulton, 1995.

  66. Tennessee SMITHology, Emma Barrett Reeves, 1975.

  67. The SPIEGEL Family and their Kin - A Story of the Migration to the West, A. H. Spiegel, 1986.

  68. The SPICKARD Family, Margie Spickard Lamb, 1991.

  69. Spencer B. TALLEY - Ancestry and Life as a Confederate Soldier in the Civil War 1861 - 1865, Spencer B. Talley. (Handwritten.)

  70. Samuel THOMPSON of McMinn County, Tennessee and Some of His Descendants, Mary Ann Morris Thompson, 1993.

  71. From Old Dominion to Volunteer and Pioneer - The Archilbald STROUD Family of Wilson County, Tennessee, Vol. 1, Rodger Dean Stroud, 1995.

  72. VAN HOOSE, VAN HOOSER, VAN HUSS Family in the United States, Joyce Lindstrom.

  73. TATE and Allied Families, Evelyn Yates Carpenter, 1987.

  74. Thomas TAYLOR and Benjamin BRANCH of Nashville, Tennessee and Related Families, Mrs. Ethel Taylor Ford, 1978.

  75. Thomas THOMPSON and Ann FINNEY of Colonial Pennsylvania and North Carolina - Lawrence, Closs and John THOMPSON. Allied Lines of FINNEY, MCALLISTER, BUCHANAN and HART, Jane Gray Buchanan, 1987.

  76. What's in a Name? WEST, Hoke Holland West, 1970.

  77. The Ancestors and Descendants of John WHITE and Sarah Elizabeth GREEN with Allied Families, Anne White Strawn, 1984.

  78. Robert WILSON 1750 - 1826, Scotch-Irish Immigrant of Blount County, Tennessee, Mary Wilson Kelsey and Mavis Parrott Kelsey, Jr., 1987.

  79. William Harper WRIGHT - His Ancestry and Descendants and Allied Lines of Stone's River, Tennessee, Mildred S. Wright, The Anundsen Publishing Co., 1980.

  80. The Descendants of Josiah and Keziah Nichols WOOLDRIDGE and their Ancestors, Wright W. Frost, 1973. (Includes NICHOLS, FLOURNOY, LANDMARKS, GLENN,STEPHENS, HALL, WALKER, FROST, PETTEY, SHACKELFORD, BOLLING, SPRAGINs, BAILEYs and others.)

  81. David YOUNG and Sarah PHILLIPS Descendants - Wilson County, Tennessee, 1796 - 1994, Clarice Neal and Ella Young, 1995.