The Letters of
Col. William Franklin Young, CSA,
49th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
~ 1864 ~

Two Letters to His Wife Catherine
in Montgomery County Tennessee

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Fairground Hospital
Macon, Georgia
August 24, 1864
My Dear Kate,
         I was rejoiced last evening to get 2 letters from you and one from sister Mary. Jack got 1 from his Pa and one from wife Lou. Oh, it was a feast indeed. They were as late as July 5th. Oh how much I feel relieved.
         These are the first letters I have Recd since May 8th. Dear I wrote you a letter the 8th of this month which I hope you have recd but I have written so many that you have not received. I will give you the particulars. Our corps attacked the enemy on the 28th of July near Atlanta. Our Brigade fought desperately. I was struck with 5 balls. Two only took effect. One passed through the wrist joint of my right arm. I came very near bleeding to death on the field. My arm was amputated and I am doing very well and will get 60 days leave of absence in a few days & will go to Washington in this state and stay with Col. Bailey. I will take Jack with me, he is mending very fast. Tell Pink Jep was wounded in the shoulder and I don’t know where he is as we had 53 wounded in the 49th and 9 killed. Capt. Howard and Jeff Stone of Co. G. Since we have been with army the 49th has lost 15 killed, 65 wounded and 2 missing. Oh Dearest I was so glad to hear that you all had a good crop, and especially that Willie B. and Clinty were so smart. Tell them this old one armed Pa will come home as soon as the road is open and that will be about a month. Sow wheat and try to keep everything together & I will make a living for You all for my trust is in God and my children Shall not want. Dear I have a boy to wait on me & I have plenty of money. The ladies are very kind to the wounded. So do not be uneasy about me. I will write every two weeks. Direct your letters to me Army of Tenn, Atlanta, Ga. & they will send them to me. Give my love to all. Kiss the children for me & write to your devoted husband
W. F. Young

Washington, Ga.
Thursday September 22, 1864
Dear Kate,
         I am happy to inform you that I am improving very fast. My arm is nearly healed up. I am staying with Maj. Bailey. Jack, Jep, and Melville Cherry are here on 60 day leave --- they will soon be well of their wounds. Mr. Morris is staying in the country with an old farmer. He is doing well. He was wounded in the shoulder, but broke no bones. Jack was carrying the Colors which was pierced with 34 balls. He was wounded in the thigh. Flesh wound. Mell was wounded in the left foot. Well Dear, I am on 60 days leave and will start to Va. next Monday to see all our Relations there. Write to me as soon as you get this and direct it to me at Wellville, Nottaway County, Va. I expect to remain there about 4 weeks. Oh Dear I was delighted to get a letter from you last evening dated Aug. 15, and how glad I was to hear that you were getting along so well. I see that you had not rec. my first after I lost my arm. This is the 4th and I am very anxious to hear from you. Capt. Coulter forwarded 2 letters that were sent by Mr. ---but they have never reached me. Oh Dear You are not more anxious to see me than I am to see you all. And I will certainly come as soon as there is any chance of doing so. Tell the friends that the boys are doing well. Capt. Howard and Corporal Stone are all that have been killed in this campaign. Dear, I have a boy with me and can make out very well. I have a new suit of Clothes and enough money to get by on. So answer this immediately as I am very anxious to get it at Wellville. My kindest regards to all friends and relations. Kiss the children for me. And share my love with Mother, Father and Sister.
Your devoted Willie F. Young

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