Brother Wiley was killed dead
Overton County Tennessee
~ 1863 ~

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Camp Near Chattanooga Tenn
Sept the 27th 1863
Dear Wife and childerin
       I take the presant offertunaty of Droping you A few lines to let you know that I am Well at presant and hope this Will Reach you in Due time and find you all Well I can inform that We have been in A fight lately it commenced on 18th and ended on the 20th ist. on the 20th it Was the hardest fighting that ever Was I think. they licked us like fury We had to fall back on Chattanooga and get behind the fortification We lost severl men and severl cannons but the Rebels lost as many or more than We did for they had the most men by About 3 to 1 We faught olas Braggs and old Longstreet Armyes besides A corps from Charleston SC. We lost out of our Company 11 killed, Wounded and missen. I am very sorry to Write that Brother Wiley Was killed Dead on the field and also captan Taylor Was killed hillery sells and Allean smith Was Wounded and mahu (sp.?) Was missen and marten Richardson are olso missen the Rebels has followed us here within about 2 miles of our Works our pickets are fighting evry day and We are expecting A fight evry day but if they attack us here they Will get licked like thunder the only danger here is they may cut of our supplies so that We cant stay here if they Will stay on there oun side till We get some Reinforcement We Will ve all right. We had to leave Wiley on the field Without Burying him and dont know What has become of his body. Maybe (?) the Rebels Buryed him or not But i and Willis got time to straiten him out and cover him With his Blanket left him right where he was - - - - - -(unreadable) - - - - - i got your letter - - - - - - - -(unreadable) - - - - - - - -yet i can tell you all more than i can Write When i get home but that Will not be before my time is out i want you to do the Best you can and take care of What you have got Write to me What you have lost Write soon Write to the 3d Ky infty 3d Brigade 1st Division at Army corps in care of Col Dunlap (Co H) Pierson crouch is Well and all the rest of the Boys only those that Ware Wounded so no more at present only Remain Your obediant housband and father until Death -

George A. Smith to Nancy Smith & children to ---(unreadable)--

Marian Smith

Dear Brother        i Want you to assist my family as much as you Si hav the money in my Packet to pay you of just as soon as i can get it to you and i shall get Wileys money that is someing for his horse i want to see mother sisters very bad Brother Willey had $140 in his packet Book that Willis took out of his pocket and i Will send that the 1st chance i get. i Will Write Agane as soon as the expected Battle comes off. Write to me soon and give me all the news that you can. i and Willis gives you our best Respects so no more at presant yours until Death

George A. Smith to Henry Smith

Dear mother Brother and sisters
       i can inform you that all the Boys is Well i am very sorry to inform you that Brother Wiley Was killed in the chichamauga River fight on the 20 of Sept last he was killed Dead on the field he was shot by my side I and Willis stratoned him out and coverd him up With his Blankets and had to leav him there and We dont know What has became of him i truly thak god for the Rest comeing ou as Well as We did i Want you to Write as soon as you get this and i Will Write as soon as this expected fight comes off so no more at only your obediant sons untill Death

George A Smith and Willis Smith to their Dear mother

A few lines to Henry Smith

Dear cousin
       after A long silance but not forgoten per mit me to say A few Words on this lief i am the fatest you ever saw me only Weigh 175 or 180 pounds and has not shaived for About 14 months and dont intend to shave till i get home if ever i tell mahews smiths mother that on satureday of the fight that he had A rison on his hand and the Captan told him to fall back to the rear and he has not been heard of sence he is other killed or captured one but i am Afraid that he is killed i got A letter from thomas levingston A few months Ago and he said that Ambrose Smith Was Well at that time and ives in Mosouri thomas levingston has moved to ind. to his father thomas levingston and his father is Was Both Well he Wrote that Jones ledbeter and his son tillman and Abraham Paget and his son John are all Dead Died in the union Army and sam Winningham is A leutenant in the union Army i hope to God that i Will get home to eat honey With you one more

Camp Near Chattanooga Tenn
Oct the 7th 1863
Dear uncle
       i take the present opertunaty of Droping you a few lines to let you that i and Brother Willis are Boath Will at presant helping this may Reach you in Due time and find you in the full ----(unreadable)---- i can inform you that We hav been Neighbering some with the Rebels lately -----(unreadable)-----18th and 19th and 20th of Sept they got Brother ther Rest of us But to ---(unreadable)--- We lost out of our Company 11 men killed wounded and missen With much regret I write to you that Brother Wiley was killed Dead on the field Captan Taylor Was killed and hillery sells and Alen smith Was Wounded but not fatal hillery was shot in the thigh Alen Was shot int he hip all the Wounded has been sent to Louisville KY the fight Was About 10 miles from here in Georgia on A little River Called Chickamauga i hav offten heard tell of hells Brakeing loose in Georgia and We found it to be the case We had to fall back here has fortified this place Well and the Rebels followed us up and fortified to our pickets savah news papers nealy evry day and there is some shell passed by Boath parties i Would like to see you and aunt loosey and the chilldern the best in the World i Want you to Write just as soon as youget this and tell me all the news that you can if i scould see you i would tell you A grate deel more than i can Write so i shall close by being your obediant friend till Death
       G. A. Smith to Hery B. Winnigham
Write to the 3d Ky infty 3d Brigade 1st Division 21st ArmyCorps (co H) in care of Col H. C.Dunlap

       This letter was taken from Union Pension Application for Wiley B. Smith Application # 118,667, Certificate # 100185. According to the documents Wiley Smith was the son of George A. and Nancy Smith of Overton County, TN. According to letters included in the packet from Geo. A. Smith (Jr?) Wiley died next to him on the field at Chickamauga, GA. There were apparently 5 brothers who died in this family during the war. It does not state all their names. Geo. Sr died 9 August 1843.]

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