Lawrence County Tennessee
Letters from Forgotten Ancestors

I Have Not Yet Learned the Doctrine of Passive Obedience

Copyright © 1997, Frederick Smoot. All Rights Reserved.

Red Circular Postmark: Lawrenceburg Te Oct , manuscript date: 22, manuscript rate: 10

Addressee: Thomas Parkes Esq. Franklin Ten

October 22 1841
D Sir
I have no opportunity of Sending Leathers to your place. If one appers will send. I have not Sent any to Vernon. Mr W. P. promised me his 2 Horse Waggon & the next day loaned it to his friends some 15 or 20 days. It has not returned yet & it will not do to send a one horse cart or hire a waggon at 3$ the day to carry 1,000 lbs then pay 5 Ct. I have an application for leather from Waynesborough Mr. Bell the Tanner wants some to sell. Also a Tanner at Pulaski wants 50 or 100 sides. Says he will give satisfactory Security & pay Jany . . take it at 30 Cents - had Carter acted right I would have had 600$ sold at Pulaski before this. I had been up & got things all rights Carter had sold the heavy sole Leathers at 37½ Ct. & pays me 30 c. 4 mo. Burch & is selling a 33½ Cents cash 10 pct off payment as called for. It is my Interest to Secure that Market. If I had a waggon to send off I could sell out in 60 days. Min had rather pay 37= at Pulaski than ride here. I regret that we cannot see all things through the same glass . . . but be appraised I shall not middle with any thing out of my way & have not yet learned the Doctrine of Passive obedience or non resistance or Christian forbearance if Smote on our cheek turn the other. Under the State of things my location here was, I make no doubt, the best thing I could do, & I make no doubts that is now the best thing that so soon as I can place John in a Position here that I should leave. Should that take place altho Great the pleasure of seeing you and Elizabeth and the boys I can never live in Franklin again --- Compiling does no good often Harm - had I acted up to my Judgement last August suid Lucas for trespass. Indited him for whipping the Boys, public opinion would have combined with proof and facts supported me & bourn me out, as it is, by Lucas false statements etc, I am now placed in the wrong & have suffered and am in a fair way to suffer Grievous wrongs.
I believe W. M. Parks rites you very much he is very busy. Mr. White is not yet off. W. Campbell was up yesterday - all hands is getting in the corn - the boys was down yesterday today a little work in the yard and then nothing to any ____ potatoes, cabbage & there is no money in the county. Jno got here two or 3 days since, a few more trips would sober him.
I am not yet well and up & about.
Respect to all

Signed: J Futs

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot.
Provenance: Anonymous Private Collector "A", 1997

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