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The Rebs was Croosing the River ~ 1864
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bulls gap tenn october the 11 1864
Dear Wife__it is with pleasure I drop you afew lines to let you no how I am and where I am as to my health I am well at present hoping theas lines may find you well we are at bulls gap we came here last night about midnight the report is that the rebs was croosing the river about rogersville but we do not no where they are to day but it is suposed they went towards greenville and the 1 battalion of our regiment is out on ascourt now and we are here waiting for orders to go for the rebs two reb [he started to write something and it is scribbled out, can't read] deserters came to us this morning an gave ther selvs up, well it wold be best for them all to come and give up for the Col. has had us grinding our chease knives and res if we get in reach of them he lows[?], for us to charge them and if we do we will be apt to make the fur fly We got back to the regiment the other morning gest as they blowed the beugle for to get up, , we are out on picket to day awaiting for the old gray backs and if they dont come to us before long we will go to them well I don't no that I hav mutch more to rite at this time but you must rite to me when you hav the chance and I will do the same tel Johney to be agood boy and when I get dun feting rebs I will come home agane So fair well for alittle while so remains your husband until death

Signed: Elisha A. Frank
to S. E. Frank

Elisha A. Frank was a Pvt in Co. B 8th TN Cavalry (USA)
This is the letter from my gggrandfather Elisha Albert Frank to his wife Sarah Elizabeth Witt Frank. It says on the letter it was written in Bulls Gap (which is in Hawkins County right now, but believe it was in Greene County during the time it was written (I could be wrong). They were living in Jefferson County (or their home was) when this was written.
Bridgett Edwards

From the Collection of Bridgett Smith
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