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The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
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Garrard County Kentucky

“. . . the Black instigma he has intaild on his familly . . .”
~ 1824 ~
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Stampless folded letter sheet:
Manuscript postmark: Lancaster Ky 9th Jany 1825
and rate: 18½
Mr. Thomas Hunt
Sumner Cty State of
Tennessee, Six Miles from
Gallintin Coury House

Letter’s author: John Arnold


Garrard Cty Kentucky Dem the 30th 1824
Dear and honored Sir
It is a matter of much Regret that I am under the necessity of writing you these lines perhaps before this Letter reaches you, you will hear of the Report against Mr. Allen B. Dilliard -- he has been accused of stealing money from Mr. Gun a Circit Rider in the county. The Circumstances was not sufficient to convict him but has left the people in so mutch dought that it appears like everybody has Renounced him -- how ever affecting this news may be to you Dear Sir, it cannot be more so than it is to your humble servant. I want you to write to me upon receipt of this letter. Mr. Dilliard has left this Country Clandistinely and I wish to no whear he is and what his intentions is. I have thought that he would perhaps Come into your neighborhood or to his Brothers in that neighborhood if he is in that parte of the Country I want him to see this letter. I have obilged to seze his property to save what he was owing me -- he is smarteley in Debt and it seems as if every Body is determined to puch as Quick as posable. It was indeed verrey disagreeable for me to lay in any Claims against Mr. Dilliard, but it was still more so for me to think that Mr. Dilliard wold leave his wife and two little children to be stript of every thing to supporte upon and for me to have to take her home again in the decline of life withoute even the small pittiance that I have that I had given him. But all pecuniary Considerations sink into nothing when I think of the Black instigma he has intaild on his familly. Mr. Dilliard has been brought before the Church and has been turned outt of the Church I understand. Amidst all the difficultys and trouble I have incounter with this most sevear. I do not wish Mr. Dilliard ever to Return to the Cuntry withoute he can come fully able, to Clear himself of this Ignomenious Charge. Mr. Dilliard Borrowed a gray horse of me to pay a Debt with a few days before he went off. I wold be glad to no what he has done with him. Mr. Dilliard left home the ____ Sattureday in November. He had exprest some somed position to leave his wife before he left home. And his excuse was that he did not think he was able to make a living by dint of hard labor and thought that she wold be Better off withoute him. I had inferd from this that he dose not intend to comeback again. I will ad no more but subscribe myself
Yours most Respectfully S. O.
} John Arnold

To Mr. Tos Hunt

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: eBay Online Auction, 1999

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