“...papa thinks it looks like The Mammy
with all the children around her...”

Hardeman County Tennessee
~ ca 1840s ~

© 2004, Frederick Smoot. All Rights Reserved.

New Castle Tennessee cover.

Manuscript Postmark:
       New Castle Ten,
       Mar 27th }
Manuscript Rate:
       Paid 10
       To } Miss Judith N Palmer
       Mail }
Contents (three letters on one folded letter sheet):

Dear Sally
I received your letter and was pleased to hear you were well and happy. I hope you don’t forget to return thanks to your Heavenly Father on the pleasant situation in which you are placed, I am glad to hear you have such agreeable room mates - give my love to all the Anns I think you called them all by that name - we are all well at this time. Mary bell and little Mack have been sick, but are getting quite gaily agane, when the children are singing Mack holds his book and makes as much noise as the best of them - he says O the rock, and thats as far as he can go with the words, he stands alone and claps his hands but can’t walk yet his clothes are so long. Ask him where Judith is and raises his hands and says dar dis, he can call nearly all the family. Bell says tell Sister Sally howday and she wants to see her very bad she says I must tell you that I have made a baby to fit the red frock you gave her, which she thinks very beautiful. Cally says howday she wants to see you and the guinea hen lays in her nest in the yard and she would give you and her Sister Judith one of her hen egg if you were here. we have some little duck and a great many chicken. Ann McGowen received your letter a few days ago. she has been to see me Twice since you left. Rubin was here Sunday and said they were all well your Aunt Sally has not been to see me yet. kiss Ann Mc for me and tell her to give you a hug and when I see you boath I will pay you back. Tell Ann Smith her father Preached at the McKendree wednesday and dined with us, I must conclude and try to write a few lines to your Sister. Paul and the rest of them make such a noise I scarcely know what I am writing about. I forgot to tell you about the flowers, the peach blossom hyacinths, are beautiful -- one bunch has twelve stocks on it. the largest bunch is in the middle. your papa thinks it looks like The Mammy with all the children around her, the purple hyacinth your Aunt Mary sent me that you helped me plant are just beginning to open. there are seven stocks of them, we had more yellow flowers single hyacinths & butter and eggs than you ever saw & was sorry you were not here to look at them, your papa has fixed the grape vine nicely which improves the look of the garden very much, you must try to write me as long a letter as I have written you. Charlotte send her love to you. Farewell my dear pupy, and may the blessings of the holy one of Isreal rest and remain with us all tile we meet agane is the prayer of your mother AEP

Dear Sister Judith
It has been a long time since you went away and you dont know how much I want to see you. You must write to me soon give my love to Sister Sally tell her I wish she was here to help me hunt ducks and guineas nests tell Cousin Ann McAlister howdy -- Mama asked Brother if he was going write to you he said he was affraid you would show it to all the girls. your gooses setting on nine eggs and mine is on tenn. the next quarterly meeting is to be at McKendree Chapel on the 27th of June. We are to have sunday preaching the rest of the year. papa got a letter from brother David. I must try to write to him soon. Bertha says howday. goodby my dear sisters your affection Brother, Horace Palmer

Dear Judith
I must write you a few lines though Horace has written you all the best news. Mama went to Summerville Satterday to stay some time. Walter was here yesterday he said Mary E had come home to spend afew days. Mrs Blackwell has just returned from Orleans. she sent last evening to invite us to dine with her to day on oysters but I was not well enough to go. Tell Ann Williams I heard from her Father this morning they are all well her mother returned from her Uncle Nats last Friday, Tell Luey and Marianna Green there Grandmama stayed part of last week with us and was well. I cant heir anything from Brother McAlister sence Brother Davis left us it appears as if he two had moved a hundred miles off. Lally has just brought a guinea egg out of her nest and wants to know if I can send it to you. in the letter she sent a yeller jessamine to you and a rose to Sally I will inclose a small portion of each. Brother Davis sends his best wishes to you and Sally. Brother Milner has left us we shall miss him very much. bell has just run in with a white violet to send Ann McAlister I think they made a sweet selection when E Young went home she carried some of the violets and sent me some of the white. I must bid you adieu as I feel quite unwell, dont let any one read this bad writing but Ann Mc as she is one of the family. I forgot to tell you Amanda Palmer wrote to your papa not long ago and said you must write to her -- if there is any thing that you or Sister needs write me word, I have written all that I can think of so fair-well for the preasent.
Your affectionate friend and Mother
A E Palmer

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: R. G. Stamps, 2004

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