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Bragg Has Bin . . . Shooting
From One To Three
Every Friday Evening ~ 1863
Transcribed and Copyrighted by Roland Segroves, 1998
All Rights Reserved.

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Tullahoma, Tennessee March 19, 1863
Mrs T. A. Richards,

Dear and Respected Wife
with Pleasure I embrace the present opportunity of Dropping you a few lines to let you know I am well at Present and also to let you know I received you most welcome and Interesting Letter yesterday Evening late which afforded me Great Satisfaction to here from you as that is the first Letter I have received from you Since I left home I written you a letter and Sent it By Mr. Spicer and I sent you a Nice Book. The Book was the work of Stonewall Jackson and John Morgan and I thought they had time to get Home Before you written you letter you stated that Granfather Richards was staying with you. I was very glad to Hear that. Tell grand Pa I want him to stay with you and babe until I come home that is if I should be so Lucky as to live untill this war was closed Sharp, I will Tell you what we have got to eat we have plenty of cornmeal Bacon pickel beef and fresh Beef. Sharp, I am very sorry that I can't send yiou my degarotype. There is not a artist in town if there was I would be sure and have my likeness thaken and send it to you. Sharp, tell Jackson Reed's wife that he Said for her to do the best she can. Tell Caroline, Jackson Reed Says for her to rent out the land if she can make anny thing He says to tell Caroline that he don't know When he can come home, for when a man leaves camp with out leave he is put upon a block and shot and he says he would Rather risk his chances at camp, for General Bragg has had Several men shot. Since he has bin in Tullahoma Bragg has Bin in the habit of shooting from one to three every Friday evening. Sharp, tell Mother I am standing a camp life very well. Tell her I would some rather be at home and to tell you the truth I Would a great deal rather be there as to be anny where else in This world. Tell Daniel Vance's wife that Daniel was detailed To make shoes for the government and he is in Columbus Georgia. tell her that I. W. Vance received her letter and Put in a envelope and sent it own to him. Isham Received a letter from Daniel for her and sent it to her by the Widow case. Sharp, you said that Little Routh would like to See me and play with the Butons on my coat go send that This horrible war would end so I can came home and Play With her. Sharp, I want you to take Mighty good care of Little Routh until I come home. As I said before if I am so lucky as to live until this war closes. Well I Believe that is all that would Interest you at Present Therefore I will close By saying write to me every Chance and I will do the same. As you said if it is Not all there you must put the rest there when you Go to Reed it so no more at present only Remain yoiu cincear and Devoted husban untill Death. Fare well for the presnet But I hope not for ever.
Signed: Mr. R. H. Richards

My great great grandfather was Jackson Reed who was wounded and taken prisoner at Chattanooga, transported to Rock Island prison where he died and is buried. I have the original of a letter that was written from Tullahoma, TN. on March 19, 1863, by R. H. Richards to his wife in Cannon County, TN.

From the Collection of Roland Segroves

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