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List of Insolvents Living Within the Indian Boundary for the Year 1797, Which the County Court of Grainger Released the Sheriff from Collecting

Adkins, James
Allen, William
Anderson, Thomas
Arthur, John
Austin, Nathaniel
Baxter, Isral
] Bennet, John
Bitson, James
Bitson, Thomas
Black, Mathew
Boling, Jeremiah
Bowman, William
Box, John
Branham, John
Brown, Morris
Bruton, James
Bruton, Samuel
Bunch, Julius
Burdon, Charles
Burdsong, John
Burton, William
Busham, Archer
Callums, George
Carr, John
Chaney, Francis
Chisum, Elijah
Chisum, James
Clark, Thomas
Claypole, Stephen
Cobb, Joseph Junr.
Cogdin, Joseph
Cope, Andrew
Cope, Barney
Cope, James
Cope, Mathew
Cowen, Alexander
Cox, Josiah
Crowley, Benjamin
Cunningham, John
Davis, James
Davis, James
Dodson, Jesse
Dodson, Jesse Junr.
Dodson, Nimrod
Dougherty, William
Dougherty, William
Douther, Evan
Drunden [?], Bnjamin
Durham, Stephen
Duvalt, Abrham
Elam, William
Finley, James
Finley, William
Finley, William
Franklin, Edmond
Gibbons, Thomas
Gibson, George
Gibson, Jerry
Graham, Spencer
Haines, Andrew
Halfacre, Peter
Hamit, Nathaniel
Hamit, Nathaniel
Hamlin, John
Hansley, Samuel
Harding, William
Harrison, Jonathan
Hatfield, John
Hatfield, Joseph
Hatfield, Richard
Henderson, James
Henderson, Thomas
Henderson, William
Hill, Thomas
Hill, William
Hodgson, David
Howard, Robert
Hughs, Samuel
Hughs, Theophilus
Inglis, William
Innis, Jeremiah
Jones, Jessee
Jonston, James
Keith, John
Keith, Thomas
Lane, Isaac
Lane, Tidance
Lewis, Joel
Linch, Jeremiah
Livingston, William
Lusk, Samuel
McBride, Andrew
McBride, Thomas
McDonald, John
McDonald, William
McLellan, Thomas
Mahan, James
Martin, Dannel
Miller, Frederick
Miller, John
Moore, Lewis
Morgan, John
Newport, John
Owen, William
Payne, John
Peters [?], Elijah
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John
Ross, Angus
Rull, George
Sears, John
Shanley [?], Michael
Sharp, Joseph
Shoat, Jacob
Sims, James
Sims, Martin
Smith, Mathew
Steen, James
Stevenson, Edward
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, William
Stinnet, Benjn
Stinnet, John
Stinnet, William
Sullens, Peter
Sweeton, Dutton
Sweeton, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thompson, Allexander
Tinsley, William
Trammel, Dennis
Vanbiber, James
Vanbiber, John
Vanbiber, Peter
Wallen, John
Ward, William
Weaver, John
Weaver, Joseph
Weaver, Samuel
Weaver, Samuel
Wier, William
Womack, David
Womack, Jeremiah
Womack, Jonathan
Yoakham, George

Source : Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville.
Transcription by Pollyanna Creekmore, 1949.
Some names were transcribed twice.

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