This Mailing List is dedicated to Alex Haley
The man who inspired so many
to search for their “Roots.”

A general public mail list has been moved to Google Groups called POCSOUTH. This list is open to all interested parties, but by subscription only. No one will be able to post to the list unless they are subscribed to it. This way, advertisers will not be able to “spam” the list.

This list, POCSOUTH (People of Color, South), is intended to open a line of communication for genealogical researchers with African American ancestors.

We encourage your posting of your family lines, asking questions about historic events, and posting documented information such as wills, slave lists, Bible records and just about anything that would fit in the realm of genealogy. As tempting as it may be, we can not use this list for commentary on current social evils - although there are certainly enough of those evils to fill any mailing list. Subscribers who post non genealogical messages will be gently reminded of our policy. Subscribers who persist in posting non genealogical messages may be removed from the list and if necessary have their e-mail addresses blocked so they may not re-subscribe.

The SOUTH part of the list name is meant to generally cover these states:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Virginia, including West Virginia

A Few Guidelines

You folks that have self published genealogy books that are relevant to the focus of this list, may announce those books on this list, however, please keep the business transactions private. There is NO need to have those transactions archived on Rootsweb.

We do not warrantee any business transaction that you might make from this list.

Also, be careful dealing with folks who would collect your personal family data and then place it in a for profit data base.

Researchers for hire? Sure, in the genealogy world , there are those Certified and Professional genealogists who are extremely worthy researchers, and then there are the wannabes who would have you believe that they too are worthy.

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware!

A Note To WebMasters

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