Top 5 Sites --

for researching in Sumner County, Tennessee

These sites were chosen because of the large quantity and relevancy of information for all Sumner Co. TN researchers.
And because they are free!
I believe if you search all 5 sites you will find something you are looking for! Enjoy

  1. Sumner County TNGenWeb Project - Of course I have to put my own site first. This project has been online since 1996. There are over 3,000 pages on the site. I have attempted to provide information in all areas of interest. For example, birth records, church membership lists, family histories, family photos, mortality schedules, community histories, wills, tax lists & more! This site would not be possible without the numerous volunteers. Thanks for all your contributions!

    The next top 4 are in alphabetical order

  2. Find A Grave- What can I say? Go Find A Grave!

  3. Sumner County Archives- Do you want a quick response to your research request? You will get it from the employees at the Archives. Don't forget to check their online Obituary Index, On-line catalogue, and the Limited All Name Index. A word of caution about the Limited All Name Index. When you find a name this does not necessarily mean the record is about that person. It can mean it is "some way referenced in those documents." For example the person is a witness to a will.

  4. Sumner County, Tennessee Genealogists Companion- This site has been online since 2002. Don't miss it! Once you have visited Jan and Linda's site you will keep coming back. I know I do! Lots of great records including obituaries, court records, death records, marriage records (early to 1902 & lookups), photos and more! Their dedication to providing free on-line genealogy and history is amazing!

  5. Tennessee State Library & Archives - Bibliographies, County Records, Military Records, Place Names and Maps, State Records and much more! They have the online Statewide Index to Tennessee Death Records. Interested in buying microfilm? Look at the Index to the Microfilm Reels - Sumner County Microfilm.

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