Place Names
Sumner County, Tennessee

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Name Type Location in Sumner County History/Information
ABC (see Turner's Station) Post Office    
Albright Post Office   Post Office from 1899 - 1903
Angel Town Community NE Sumner  
Anglea (also called Angel Town) Community NE Sumner See Community Histories
Asher's Fort Fort    
Ashford's Post Office   Post Office from 1832 - 1838
Austin Community Southwest of Portland  
Austin Branch Waterway    
Avondale Community    
Avondale Home    
Bandy Post Office Dist 1 on 1878 map Post office from 1893 - 1903
Beech Post Office   Post Office from 1857 - 1867
Bellemont (see Foxland Hall)      
Belvidere Post Office   Post Office from 1834 - 1847
Bethpage Community   See Community Histories
Bledsoe (also called Bledsoe's Lick & Castalian Springs) Community    
Bledsoe Fort Fort Located at Castalian Springs.  
Bledsoe Pioneer Monument Monument Located at Castalian Springs.  
Bledsoe's Creek Waterway "...rises in the north part of Sumner Co. and flowing south, empties into the Cumberland..." "Largest creek in the county." Source: The Tennessee Gazetteer, 1834.
Bledsoe's Lick Lick Located at Castalian Springs. Sulphur Spring. Discovered by Joseph Drake, Isaac Bledsoe & Casper Mansker. For more information see - The Tennessee Gazetteer, 1834.
Bledsoe's Lick (also called Castalians Springs) Community Located at Castalian Springs. See Community Histories
Bon Air      
Brackentown Community N of Oak Grove See Community Histories
Brackin (see Brackentown)      
Bradford-Berry Home Located at Hendersonville Built in 1792.
Bransford Community   See Community Histories
Brooks Post Office   Post Office from 1902 - 1906
Brushy Fork Creek Waterway    
Buck Lodge Community   See Community Histories
Buntin Branch Waterway Located in Robertson Co. & Sumner Co.  
Cages Bend      
Cairo Community   See Community Histories
Cairo Academy School Located at Cairo.  
Caney Fork Creek Waterway Of Drake's Creek  
Canoe Branch Waterway    
Carr Post Office   Post Office from 1838 - 1841
Castalian Springs (formerly called Bledsoe's Lick or Bledsoe) Community   See Community Histories
Cedar Grove      
Chestnut Grove      
Chestnut Hill      
Chipman (formerly Goose Creek) Community East of Gallatin  
Coatstown (now called Westmoreland)      
Corinth Community Hwy 52 between Portland & Oak Grove  
Cottontown Community   See Community Histories
Cragfont Home Located at Castalian Springs. Construction began in 1798, completed in 1802.
Cross Plains Community Located in Robertson County, Tn. "Twelve miles east from Springfield, where the road from Gallatin to Springfield crossed the road from Nashville to Franklin, Kentucky." Source: The Tennessee Gazetteer,1834.
Cumberland River Waterway    
Cummings Crossroads      
Damascus Community Near the mouth of Goose Creek, by Hartsville.  
Desha Community    
Desha's Creek Waterway N. E. of Gallatin West branch of Bledsoe's Creek
Drakes Creek   NE Sumner flows north into Ky There are 2 different creeks called Drakes.
Drakes Creek     There are 2 different creeks called Drakes.
Dry Fork Creek Waterway   Settled in 1787.
Dutch Creek      
East Camp Creek Waterway    
Elliott's Branch Waterway South of Gallatin "A small stream which empties into the Cumberland River, three miles souh of Gallatin..above the mouth of Wood's Ferry..." Source: The Tennessee Gazetteer, 1834
Epperson Springs Hotel Located near Westmoreland. Established in the mid 1800's. Destroyed by fire in 1926.
Fairfield Community N of Oak Grove  
Fairmont Community   Settled in the early 1800's.
Fountain Head Community   See Community Histories
Foxland Hall   Located on Station Camp Creek. Built in 1836 by Thomas Baber.
Frogtown   Hendersonville  
Gallatin Community   See Community Histories
Garrett Creek Waterway    
Gillum Post Office   Established in 1833.
Goodlettsville Community   See Community Histories
Goose Creek Waterway    
Goose Creek (now called Chipman) Community East of Gallatin  
Goshentown   Hendersonville  
Graball Community NE Sumner along Dobbins Pike  
Grace Creek Waterway    
Green Garden Post Office 3 miles east of Castalian Springs.  
Greenfield Fort Fort    
Halltown Community    
Hanna Post Office   Established in 1833.
Hart's Hill Community Located in District 10  
Hartsville Community   See Community Histories
Hartsville Pike Road Hwy 25 between Gallatin & Hartsville  
Hendersonville Community   Named after William Henderson
Hickory Grove      
Highland Academy School Hwy 109 south of Portland Boarding School established 1908.
Hollis Chapel      
Howard Female College School    
Johnsons Crossroads      
Kansas Community    
Kennesaw Home   Built in the 1840's
Langley Hall Home Gallatin  
Lick Creek Waterway    
Little Trammel Community   See Community Histories
Long Creek   branch of Barren River  
Long Hollow Pike      
Madison Creek Community Eastern bank of Mansker's Creek. Near Mansker's Fort.  
Madison Creek Waterway North branch of Cumberland River. "...dividing line between Sumner and Davidson county. This creek took its name from Casper Mansker, who discovered Mansker's Lick about they year 1772. The Gallatin road crosses it at the Dismuke's Ferry, 12 miles from Nashville." Source: The Tennessee Gazetter, 1834.
Mansker's Fort     Burned shortly after it was completed.
Mansker's Lick Lick   Sulphur Spring. Discovered by Joseph Drake, Isaac Bledsoe & Casper Mansker
Mansker's Station Fort Goodlettsville Built in 1787.
Mansker's Station (see Goodlettsville)   Goodlettsville  
Martin Community   See Community Histories
Millersville Community   See Community Histories
Mitchell Community N of Portland  
Mitchellville Community N Sumner on Hwy 259 south of KY line See Community Histories
Montgomery Post Office On Drake's Creek.  
Mount Olive Community Middle fork of Drake's Creek.  
Mount Pleasant Academy School By Drake's Creek Founded by Samuel Black.
Mount Vernon Community North of Bethpage  
Mulloy Community    
New Deal Community Hwy 76 between Portland & White House See Community Histories
Nubia Community NE Sumner near KY line  
Number One Community    
Oak Grove Community   See Community Histories
Ocana Community   Settled in the early 1800's.
Otter Fork Waterway    
Parkers Chapel (African Am.) Community E of Portland Also known as Taylor's Old Field. Settled by former slaves.
Perdue Community   Now called Sengtown
Pilot Knob Home Located near Hendersonville. Built in the latter 1780's by James Franklin.
Pilot Knob Landmark   Used by riverboat pilots to navigate the Cumberland.
Pleasant Grove Community   See Community Histories
Pleasant Valley      
Pondville Community NE Sumner  
Portland Community    
Portland (formerly called Richland Community   See Community Histories
Pryor Branch Waterway    
Red River Waterway    
Richland (now called Portland) Community    
Roberts Home Home East side of Mansker's Creek.  
Rock Bridge Community    
Rock Castle Home Located at Hendersonville It took 7 yrs to build (1784-1791).
Rockland Community Located at Hendersonville  
Rocky Creek   Branch of the Cumberland River.  
Rolling Acres      
Rogues Fork Creek Waterway    
Rose Mont Home Located at Gallatin. Built in 1830 by Joseph Conn Guild.
Salem Community   See Community Histories
Sanders Ferry      
Saundersville Community   See Community Histories
Scattersville (African Am.) Community   See Community Histories
Sengtown Community N Sumner Hwy 259 Named for first postmaster, Peter Seng.
Shackle Island Community   See Community Histories
Sideview Community Between Chipman & Gallatin Settled by Presbyterian Families.
Simpson Post Office N. E. Sumner County  
South Tunnel Community   See Community Histories
Stark's Knob   Hendersonville  
Station Camp Community    
Sugar Grove      
Taylor's Old Field Community E of Portland Now called Parker's Chapel. Settled by former slaves.
TiWhoppetti (See Millersville) Community    
Trousdale Place Home Located at Gallatin. Built ca.1813.
Turner's Station Post Office Turner's Station is located about 2 miles N. of Westmoreland a couple miles S. of the KY State line in NE Sumner County.  
Two Chestnut      
Tyree Springs   Near the Robertson Co. Line. For more information see - The Tennessee Gazetteer, 1834.
Union Chapel      
Wallace Branch Waterway    
Walnut Grove Home East of the east fork of Station Camp Creek. Built in 1795 by Charles Elliott,
Walnut Grove Community Hwy 76 & 25  
Wattwood Branch Waterway    
Webb Branch Waterway    
Westmoreland Community NE Sumner Hwy 52 See Community Histories
White Hill      
White House Community On the Robertson Co. line & Kentucky.  
Witson Branch Waterway    
Wolf Hill Community Eastern part of County  
Woods Ferry      
Wynnewood Stagecoach Inn & Resort Located at Castalian Springs. Built in 1828.

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