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Hi! I'm Stew, the Stewart County mascot! I am also the host of my own page, specifically about (and for!) children of Stewart County and children with Stewart County roots...both for children researchers of today to post information, and to learn about children of other time periods that lived in Stewart County. Look over the links below to discover what will be (and what is now) offered on my page! If you have things you want to see added here please e-mail the webmaster, placing the word "Stew" in the subject line of your message. Hope to hear from a lot of you soon!

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Games Children Once Played in Stewart County


Below are games remembered by Mary, , who was once a child in Stewart County...


In kick the can (we liked to play this after dark, too) one person was IT and had to hide their eyes and count while everyone hid.  The difference in that and hide and seek was that you could change places and if you managed to get back and kick the can It had to come back and set it up before they could 'catch' anyone.  Each person that was caught was then to help IT catch the others.  Always kicking the can stopped the game until it was erected again.


Annie over, we threw a ball over the house 'hollering' Annie over.  The object was to catch the ball and without it touching the ground.  You never knew where it was coming over only that it was coming over when the call of ' Annie over' came.


Red rover took a lot of kids...the more the better.  One side would yell, 'Red rover, red rover send (someone's name on the other side) right over.  The person named would run as hard as they could and try to break through the locked hands of the other side.  If they did not they were captured and had to stay on the other team.  If they broke the line they got to pick someone to take back to their team.


We also used to play 'one eyed cat'. That was a ball game.  You could play with teams or just individuals.  You hid the ball as far as you could and then held the bat out and the person that retrieved the ball had to try to throw the ball through the v formed by your arm and the bat.  If they did it was their turn to bat, if not you continued until someone threw the ball through. Also we had indoor games.  Hide the thimble.  That is pretty self explanatory.


Then there was 'I spy'.  One person or team would describe an object in the room and say 'I spy.......' giving as vague a description as you could to make it hard.  Guesses were then made and clues were given by telling the guesser if they were hot or cold. I'm sure there are lots more that I have forgotten, but these are the ones that we played the most.  I don't remember having too many toys to play with, but I also don't remember ever being bored.

Thanks to Joan for the graphics!

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