Stewart County Internet Genealogical Society

       It is the goal of the Stewart County Internet Genealogical Society to post as many public records on internet as possible to help fellow researchers without cost to them. In the spirit of "freedom to information" and "freedom to pursue one's roots", there are no membership dues or cost of any type for being a part of this effort other than those you may incur yourself obtaining copies of records for transcription. In some cases these may already be available and we will be happy to send those to you so that you can begin. Any interested party may become a member simply by:

1. Expressing a desire to be a part of this effort.

2. Transcribing at least one public record for the site in each annual period. Please contact us prior to beginning transcriptions to ascertain that no one else is currently working on that particular document.

3. Agreement that any records you transcribe become and remain public property to continue as a part of this site or other Stewart-related sites regardless of who the current host may be.

As the group grows and materializes, we will hold periodic meetings on ICQ, and plan reunions and homecomings for researchers of our county.