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Stewart County Historian Nelda Saunders; 660 Old Hwy. 79; Dover, TN 37058 Phone: 931-232-7062.
Stewart County Vital Records Office P. O. Box 67; Dover, TN 37058-0067 Ph.: 931-232-7616
Historical Society Meets 4th Tues. of each month except Jan.; Contact: Louise Eaton; 268 Crain's Landing Road; Dover, TN 37058; $5 annual dues, $25 lifetime dues
Stewart County Public Library Librarian: Tami Morgan, 102 Natcor Drive, Dover, TN 37058, (931) 232-3127
Anglin Funeral Home On Main Street in Dover. Funeral records since 1936, arranged by date of death.
Houston County Public Library Records on Stewart Co. available at Houston Co. Library as follows: Court clerk in Dover gave me this information.; #38 Stewart County(county clerk); minutes Vol 1-3 1804-1825; #39 Stewart County(county clerk) min. Vol 4 Nov 1828-Dec 1853; #40 Stewart County (county clerk) min. Jan 1854-Sep 1869; #41 County clerk min. oct 1869-jan 1887-information from Elizabeth.

Houston County Public Library; P. O. Box 183; Spring Street; Erin, TN 37061; (931) 289-3858

Stewart County Registry of Deeds 615-232-5990
Dover City Hall 615-232-5907
Stewart County Chamber of Commerce 615-232-5907
Stewart Houston Times Stewart Houston Times; Main Street, Public Square; Erin, Tn., 37061
Stewart Houston Times, 314 Spring Street, Dover, TN 37058; (931) 232-5421

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Tennessee Historical Society War Memorial Blvd.; Nashville, TN  37243-0084 ; 615-741-8942 e-mail: tnhissoc@isdn.net
Finding TN Birth & Death Records Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/vital/vital.htm
Tennessee Vital Records Information   http://vitalrec.com/tn.html
Bibliography of Military Records on Microfilm Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/milhis.htm
Tennessee Confederate Physicians Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/docintro.htm
Tennessee Confederate Soldier's Home Applications Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/csh1.htm
List of WWI Stewart Co. Soldier Veterans (Abells-Futrell) Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/ww1stew1.htm
List of WWI Stewart Co. Soldier Veterans (Gafford-Myers) Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/ww1stew2.htm
List of WWI Stewart Co. Soldier Veterans (Nance-Young) Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/ww1stew3.htm
WW I Soldier Questionaires Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/ww1quest.htm#LIST_OF_NAMES
Earliest County Records at Tn. State Library and Archives Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/county/earlyrecords.htm
County Records available on Interlibrary Loan Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/county/ill-list.htm
Stewart County records available on microfilm Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/preservation/countymicro/stew.pdf
Genealogical "Fact Sheet" of Stewart County Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/county/factstewart.htm
Southern Claims Commission Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/military/sccintro.htm
Dover Newspapers available on Microfilm Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/newspapers/paper-d.htm#Dover
Bibliography of Stewart County History Sources Tennessee State Library and Archives http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/bibliographies/bibstewart.htm
First People of Tennessee (links to Chickasaw and Cherokee Research Pages) TNGenWeb http://www.tngenweb.usit.com/tnfirst/index.html
People of Color in Old Tennessee TNGenWeb http://www.tngenweb.usit.com/tncolor/
Historic Tennessee Maps TNGenWeb http://www.tngenweb.usit.com/maps/index.html
Online Tennessee Newspapers   http://www.maynardville.com/media/media.htm
Tennessee Land Grants Tennessee Library and Archives http://tennessee.gov/tsla/history/mailstat.htm#Land_Grants
LDS Research Guide to Tennessee http://www.familysearch.com/sg/Tenness.html

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National Archives and Records Administration http://www.nara.gov
Questions Asked on Each Federal Census http://www.firstct.com/fv/uscensus.html
US GenWeb Archives http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/usfiles.htm
Military Records http://www.sky.net/~mreed/military/military.htm
Social Security Death Index http://www.ancestry.com/ssdi/advanced.htm
Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov

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