Links to Genealogy Homepages of Stewart Researchers

Note: Pages included must contain information pertinent to Stewart County roots and familes. If you host such a website and would like to have it included in this list, please e-mail me.

Contributor Website Names/Information Included
Katie Riley Nash Info on the Mockbee family of Stewart and Montgomery counties
Roger L. Smith surnames in Stewart and western Montgomery counties: Shepherd, Shrader, Smith, Steiner, and Tucker
Donald Watkins II many ancestors from Stewart County
Shannon Kirwan from Stewart and surrounding counties
Leslie Moore from Stewart and surrounding counties
Jim Long Selected cemetery records, marriages, census records, guardian settlements, wills, deeds all pertinent to the many families Jim is connected with in Stewart. This site represents many years of research.
David Morgan Morgan family site with information on following connections: Barker, Barnes, Brooks, Bussey, Cherry, Evans, Ezell, Fields, Free, Garrett, Garrison, Getzen, Gilbert, Griswold, Jeffries, Jones, Keene, Legate, McDaniel, McDonald, Mealing, Oldham, Pace, Quarles, Roach, Sportsman, Strickland, Sutherland, Turpin, Warhurst, Wescott, Wyatt.
Kathy Heidel Wofford family of Stewart County, as well as many other connected families: Walker, Welch, Ray, Calahan, others NC>TN>MO.
Kenneth E. Byrd

Information on John F. Brigham of Stewart County; 14th Tennessee Infantry; C.S.A.

Information on Albert C. Brigham; Private; Co. B; 1st Tennessee Artillery, C.S.A.

Information on Robert Payne Byrd; Private; Co. F; 9th/12th Missouri Infantry; C.S.A.

Information on George Wesley Byrd; Private; Co. B (Taylor's); 1st Tennessee Artillery; C. S.A.

Information on Alfred James Byrd; Private; Co. F; 50th Tennessee Infantry; C.S.A.

Norma Bischell Information regarding Jackson, Cooksey, Parchman, Parker, and Tubbs families.
Cheryl Broadway Cossey Information on the Broadway and Davidson families of Stewart County, as well as others originating in Tennessee.
M. J. Weeks Cousins of the Stagner family, descendents of John Stagner.
Randy Whitford Personal home page, with Stewart Co. ties to WHITFORD, FITZHUGH, YOUNG, OLIVER, CHERRY, LANCASTER families
Pat Scheele

COOK Family home page, plus Stewart Co. dedicated pages
Debbie Champion Champion, Vinson and Outland families of Stewart County
Curtis Ezell Ezell family
Terri Koelker and Ron Shelton Shelton family of Roaring Spring
Dave Vaughan families of Stewart County

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