Stewart County Historical Society

Programs and Projects

Past Programs

Programs range from local interest to national and international topics. Local topics presented have included

School groups presented several programs. Guests and members spoke on Tennessee state history topics as well as American history topics. A member of the Cherokee nation was a special guest one month. Programs featured Civil War letters and music, reenactment groups, and dramatization of historical events. And if you wanted to know how to use medicinal plants or make dyes from plants, you could have learned how at the Stewart County Historical Society meetings.

Natural disasters like Hurricane Hugo and the eruption of Mount St. Helens were featured. People gave programs showing the status of women and slaves. Informative programs on restoring court records and how to research your family history were given. Book reviews, bus trips, and presentations about countries around the world educated those who attended. Indian artifacts, dolls from around the world, and many relics from local, national, and world history were displayed. The Stewart County Historical Society works closely with both the Montgomery and Houston County Societies.

Past Projects

Future Projects

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