Wynn Family

The Wynn family files were contributed to the site by Jeannette Piekenbro. Thanks, Jeannette! (note: watch for additions to this material to be posted soon!

1. George Wynn

Notes: lived in NC by 1713 26 George Wynns of  Bertie Co. NC Another family sheet that listed George Wynns as father of John Wynns says that he was born 1675 in Bertie Co. NC and died 1751 Bertie Co. NC, and was married to Rose Bush of Bertie Co. NC.  Their children were John Daniel married to Mary Boone and Sarah Van Pelt, Joseph, Benjamin, William and George were twins, Mary Ann married to Culman Sessums, and Sarah married to Peter Evans.

Children: William Watkins

1.1a William Watkins Wynn

Birth Date: 1742 Birth Place: NC Death Date: 1812 Death Place: NC Occupation: Revolution War Soldier and Captain 26

Notes: Another family sheet says parents are Mary Boone and John Wynns born 1708 in Winston, Salem NC, and died 1752 Winston, Salem NC.  Other wife was Sarah Van Pelt.  Children were James Boone, Mary Anne, Watkins William, Sarah Amelia, John Augustus, and Winny Caroline. Watkin William born Sept 30, 1743 in Bertie Co. NC, died March 20, 1812 in Martin Co. NC; married first before March 19, 1765. (Mary-   VanPelt not proven).

Spouse: Ann Ward Death Date: 13 Feb 1819 Death Place: NC

Spouse Notes: wife's name as Mary - by loose family sheets.  Researcher? possibly from the Henry Co. Library in Paris, TN. Marriage Date: 10 Aug 1769 Marriage Place: NC

Children: Thomas, John 27, Winfred, Mary, Sarah, William W., George, Ann, Benjamin, Peggy, Henry, Elizabeth,

Other Spouses Mary

1.1a.1 Thomas Wynn

Birth Date: 22 Feb 1775 Birth Place: NC Death Date: 1 Aug 1824 Death Place: Stewart Co. TN Burial Place: Wynn Cemetery

Spouse: Winniford Outlaw

Birth Date: 1779 Death Date: 13 Aug 1846 Burial Place: Lane Cemetery, Stewart Co., TN Marriage Date: 1809

Children: Burrell

1.1a.1.1a Burrell Wynn*

Birth Date: 1809 33 Birth Place: 25 Death Date: 19 Apr 1892 Burial Place: Wynn Cemetery

Notes: p. 384TVA? Burrell Wynn born 1815, wife - Langford. p. 325 vol 1. Benton Co. Family Histories says he died in 1824 Stewart Co. born 1809, page 325 Benton Co. Family Histories, vol. I 1891 deeded plus $50 to stepson W.H. Robbins, part of 80A claim mentioned under John Winn, as admin. for his father-in-law, Ed Lindsey.

Spouse: Mary Lankford Death Date: 1845 Spouse Father: James Lankford Spouse Mother: Mary Rutherford (1819-1846) Children: Cincinnati Oliver, Andrew Jackson "Jack", Roxalina Lura (Rocksey Linia), Henry E.

Other Spouses Caroline Lindsey (Matilda) Robbins

1.1a.1.1a.1 Cincinnati Oliver Wynn

Birth Date: 8 Apr 1846 Birth Place: Crooked Creek, Benton Co. tN Death Date: 9 Nov 1908 Death Place: Benton Co. TN Burial Place: Wynn Cemetery

Notes: "Nat" p. 384

Spouse: Eliza C. Matheny

Birth Date: 25 Dec 1849 Birth Place: Crooked Creek, Benton Co. TN Death Date: 4 Apr 1920 Death Place: Crooked Creek, Benton Co. TN Burial Place: Wynn Cemetery Spouse Father: Asa W. C. Matheny Spouse Mother: Hannah Marriage Date: 20 Nov 1869 Marriage Place: Benton Co. TN

Children: Allen R., Ida Belle, Rosella, Mary Luck, Oliver G., Lena A., Sophia Jane, Virgil Thomas,

1.1a.1.1a.1.1 Allen R. Wynn

Spouse: Ada May Akers

Birth Date: 19 May 1882 Death Date: 17 Mar 1948 Spouse Father: William Rudolph Akers (1846-1915) Spouse Mother: Minitia Arbell Garner (1856-1949) Marriage Date: 24 Sep 1899

1.1a.1.1a.1.2 Ida Belle Wynn

Birth Date: 1873 Death Place: Dallas Co, AR Spouse: John Lee Robbins Marriage Date: 31 Aug 1892 Marriage Place: Benton Co. TN

1.1a.1.1a.1.3 Rosella Wynn

Birth Date: 1876 Death Date: 1941 Burial Place: Wynn Cemetery Spouse: W. Mack Spence Marriage Date: 5 Jun 1898

1.1a.1.1a.1.4 Mary Luck Wynn

Birth Date: 23 Dec 1879 Death Date: 8 Aug 1924

Spouse: Patrick Fitzsimmons Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1897 Marriage Place: Benton Co., TN

1.1a.1.1a.1.5 Oliver G. Wynn

Birth Date: Apr 1882 Death Place: AR

1.1a.1.1a.1.6 Lena A. Wynn

Birth Date: Sep 1884

Spouse: William Leon Collier Marriage Date: 2 May 1902 Marriage Place: Benton Co. TN

1.1a.1.1a.1.7 Sophia Jane Wynn