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William Keel was born in 1798 in N.C. United States and died in 1860 in Dover TN. United States
He married Harriet Walker born in 1798.
They had four children:

Nathan Keel b-1830
Louisa Keel b- 1830
James Keel b-1833
George Randolph Keel b- 1836

George Randolph Keel born in 1836 Stewart co. TN.
Born 1836 in Stewart County, TN; died after 1880; son of William & Harriett (Walker) Keel

Company B, Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry, CSA:

He married Mary E. Parker born in 1849
They had 8 children:

Walter Lee Keel
Martha Keel b- 1870
William Keel b- 1871
Sallie Keel b- 1873
John Keel b- 1875
Mary Keel b- 1877
Ollie Keel b- 1879
Ophilia Keel b- 1880

Walter Lee Keel born in 1868 in Stewart co. TN. and died in 1938 in Dover TN.
He married Sarah Haron born in 1869 Stewart co. TN. and died in 1941 Dover TN.
They had six children

Clyde keel B- 1899 -?
Claude Keel B- 1899 - 1979
Ruth Keel B- 1905-?
Kate Keel B- 1907-?
Opal Keel B- 1912-?
Harry Keel B- 1916-?

Claude Keel born in 1899 in Dover TN. and died in 1979 in Granite City IL.
He married Maggie May Stafford born in 1903 and died in 1987 in Granite City IL.
They had eight children

Harlon Keel B- 1924 - 2007
Roy Keel B- 1926 - 2003
Leland Keel B- 1927-?
Claudine Keel B- 1929-?
Geneva Keel B- 1931-?
Elizabeth Keel B- 1932-1996
Verlon Keel B- 1933-?
Earl Keel B - 1935- 1970

Walter Keel and Sarah (Haron) Keel

Claude Keel and Maggie (Stafford)

Harlon Keel, Roy Keel, Leland Keel, Claudine Keel, Geneva Keel, Elizabeth Keel, Verlon Keel, Earl Keel