Stalls Family

The following is a little of the Stalls family history written by my g-grandfather Jeff Davis Stalls. I had to take these papers to a professional copier as they were so old and the paper so thin that when I tried to copy it my self the ink would bleed through the back side. My mother has the original copy. I thought maybe it would be of some help to genealogist working on Stewart County Tennessee. Tammy Clark;

James Stalls Sr. married Annie Page in North Carolina sometime in the late 1700's they brought their family to Standing Rock Creek, Stewart County, Tennessee, a location which lies between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. There were lots of wild beast in the country at this time such as Panthers, Wolves, Wild Cat, Deer and Bears.

Their son James Stalls Jr grew up and married a native of Tennessee by the name of Nancy Sexton. James Jr. was a farmer & shoemaker in Henry County near Paris. He and his family were members of the Hard Shell Baptist Church. James and Nancy had at least 7 children the oldest was named William Franklin Bonapart Clinton Stalls (yes that was really his name), he was born February 17, 1827. WFBC Stalls married Mary Jane Manning June 30 1853 in Stewart County TN. She was the daughter of Lawrence and Nancy (Joiner) Manning. They had 8 children the youngest (my g-grandfather) Was Jeff Davis Stalls. WFBC died March 24, 1913. Jeff Stalls married Minnie Susan Johnson daughter of Dave & Emily (Barrow) Johnson on March 19, 1880. They had 13 children the youngest was a daughter Charlie (she was my grandmother.) Jeff Stalls died April 27, 1934.  Minnie died December 24, 1928.

Stalls Marriages in Stewart County:

Ada STALLS m. John VARNER Oct 7, 1893
C.C. m. Lina SEXTON Apr. 11, 1894
Charlie m. Mintie WILLIAMS July 19, 1894
China m. Franklin ROLLS March 13, 1876
Eller m. Fred RASMAN July 17, 1892
G.W. m. Caroline M. CAMPBELL Oct. 28, 1869
Gatsey A. m. William Thomas MAJORS June 11, 1882
George m. Bettie CHERRY Sept 13, 1891
H.W. m. Mary WORTHEM Dec. 26, 1889
J.D. m. Minnie JOHNSON March 19, 1890
John m. Susan NEWBERRY Dec 31, 1895
M.E. m. J.H. KELLY Aug. 20, 1872
M.M. m. Lena VAUGHAN Dec. 24, 1891
Mallie m. Stanley COLEMAN Feb. 11, 1895
Mary A. m. Joshua S. JEMISON July 23, 1851
Mary A. m. J.D. HEFLIN April 1, 1884
O.L. m. M.A. HICKS Aug 9, 1885
T.O. m. Angerona HARGIS Jan. 10, 1876
Viola m. James DOWNS Jan 15, 1870
W.D. m. Martha E. RIGGINS Feb 8, 1872
W.S. m. M.F. HARGIS Nov 9, 1881
W.S. m. N.A. EZELL Jan 20, 1887
William F. m. Martha E. GARDNER Aug 30, 1872

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