Fairview School Abt. 1922-1923

        The attachment is a school photo of the students taken in either 1922/3.  I wish I could identify more of the people but unfortunately I can't.  I know the teacher's names; the short lady in front of the doors is Lois Scott and the Bow-Tied gentleman next to her is Henley Webb.  My Dad; George W. Hooks, is second from the right end in the first row.  The little girl next to him with the big Bow in her hair is his sister; Noreen Hooks Graham Spencer.  The first little girl in the second with the big Bow is their sister; Ruby Hooks Graham.  My Aunt Ruby will be 85 next month and still sharp as a tack.  I'll test her memory in May when I make my annual TN/KY pilgrimage to see if she can identify some more of the people in the photo.  I'm pretty sure there are some Fitzhughs, but I can't identify them. Max Hooks, wmhooks@worldnet.att.net

Debbie (Joyce) Rosenbloom was further able to identify students in this photo: TOP ROW:  Georgia Thomason, Lottie Hooks, Lois Taylor, Opel Scarbrough, Noah Carney, Tyner Joyce, Hunter Scarborough, Lois Scott (teacher), Henley Webb (teacher), James Joyce, Clarence Nelson, Baylor Scarborough, Ray Nelson.  SECOND ROW; Mattie Waggoner, Lena Fitzhugh, Luna Rumfelt, Leona Fitzhugh, Wilmer Sykes, Wilber Collins, Henry (Buck) Olive, Roy Carter, Frank Shemwell, Eva Whitford, Hattie Bailey, Elmer Lancaster, Emery Taylor, Frank Fitzhugh, Sidney Lancaster, Steve Fitzhugh, Allen Waggoner  THIRD ROW;  Neal Waggoner, Annie Sykes, Norene Sykes, Zettie Fitzhugh, Maymie Lancaster, Hazel Keel, Allie Olive, Birdie Carter, Marshall Scarborough, Eldridge Keel, Ed Taylor, Henry Grice, Malcolm Kelly, George Lancaster, Norman Lancaster, Allen (Bunk) Whitford, Ed Carney, Herman Lancaster.  FOURTH ROW; Ruby Hooks, Opal Ralls, Amy Lancaster, Gertrude Broadway, Ivy Shemwell, Edna McElroy, Gaynell Keel, Willouise Crisp, Hilda Keel, Ruth McElroy, Elmon Carney, Lurton Keel, Oakley Collins, Parker Carter, Asa Scarborough, Talmage Taylor.  BOTTOM ROW; Marjorie Ralls, Verda Olive, Orlean Lancaster, Elmon Pully, Marshall McElroy, Minus McElroy, Tom Rowlette, Kenneth Keel, Frank McElroy, Lucille McElroy, Kathaline Waggoner, James Lancaster, Earl Keel, Norene Hooks, George Hooks, Buster Ralls.

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