Pinner Family

Including the Ancestry of Margaret "Peggy" Wyche Carloss Pinner

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              John Pinner Sr. and his family migrated west from Northampton County, NC to Stewart County, TN about 1812.  They settled on Saline Creek near the Kentucky State Line.  John may have been a Physician.  John's wife was Margaret "Peggy" Wyche who first married Cole Carloss, a Sargeant in the Continential Forces during the Revolutionary War.  They were the parents of two sons, Benjamin Wyche Carloss and William Peete Carloss who both resided in Trigg County, Kentucky.   Cole Carloss died in about 1792 and Peggy married John Pinner. John & Peggy Pinner were the parents of at least three children: First child of John & Peggy Pinner: Joseph Columbus Pinner (called Col. Pinner) was born Jan. 7, 1798 in Northampton Co. N.C. In 1823 he married Sallie Acree, daughter of John R. & Mary (Brown) Acree.  They were the parents of at least nine children as follows: John A., William W., Mary C., Brazel Elbert, Margaret Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Joseph Columbus II, Thomas Jefferson, Sarah Olivia Joseph C. Pinner I died on April 9, 1845 and was buried at a cemetery which today is called the Clark Cemetery in Stewart County, TN.  Second child of John & Peggy Pinner: Nancy Pinner was born before 1800 in Northampton Co. N. C.   Nancy married Allen Elliott, a Methodist Minister, on Jan. 15, 1816 in Northampton Co. N.C., the Bondsman was Benjamin W. Carloss, Nancy's half brother.  Allen & Nancy (Pinner) Elliott were the parents of at least four children: Jonathan, Eliza, John, and Margaret (may not be in order of birth).  Third child of John & Peggy Pinner: Dr. John Pinner II was born on Aug. 21, 1808.  He never married.  John was buried at the Clark Cemetery Stewart Couty, TN.  The dates of the death of John and Peggy Pinner are unknown.  They were probably buried in the Clark Cemetery,  Stewart County, TN .


           The Wyche family came from a little town in Worcestershipe, England, part of which was called Wyche.  The town antedated the Norman invasion several hundred years.  The name, Wyche, is one of the oldest of English names. Richard de la Wyche, Bishop of Chichester, or Saint Richard in the Catholic calendar of Saints came from Wyche.  He was born about 1197.  He was Chancellar of Oxford College, was Bishop of Chicester, preached the Crusades.  He was canonized a Saint in 1262. Not only does the Wyche family have a family member who was canonized a Patron Saint but they also descend from Charlemagne or Charles the Great.  Decendents are eligible for membership in the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne and the Magna Carta. The Wyche family traces an unbroken line from Richard de la Wyche, A.D. 1200, according to a record published in the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, vol. 1 "On the Ancient Family of Wyche, or de la Wyche", with a descriptive account of their seat at Alderly, in Cheshire" as reproduced, with notes on the Virginia branch of the family, in the William and Mary Quarterly, vol. xiii-xv.  The line to Peggy Wyche Carloss Pinner is:   The earliest known member of the Wyche family was Richard de la Wyche, the prefix de la, indicating that we came from or lived at "Wyche" possibly a place where salt was stored or refined.  From him was descended William Wyche who during the 15th Century lived in Davenport in Cheshire.   

1. William de la Wyche, lived in Cheshire, England, tempore Richard II.  

2. William de la Wyche, son of William I of Cheshire  

3. William de la Wyche,  son of William II of Cheshire  

4.Robert Wyche , son of William III of Cheshire.

5. William Wyche of Davenham in County of Cheshrie, Esquire, tempore 1475, son of Robert. Married Margery, daughter of Richard Brett of Davenham Esq. 

6. Richard Wyche of Davenham in Cheshire, son of William, married Mary, daughter of  John Beeston of Beeston   Castle Esq.  

7. Richard Wyche  of Davenham Esq., son of Richard VI,   Married Margaret, daughter of James Houghton, of Houghton in Cheshire.  

8.  Richard Wyche  of London, Gentleman.  Son of Richard VII of Davenham,  Born 1554.  Merchant. Member of Committee First East India Co., chartered 1601. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Satlonstall, KT. Lord Mayor of London 1598. Died Nov. 21, 1621.  

9. Henry Wyche, born Oct. 7, 1604, Rector of Sutton (Anglican Church) in Surry England.  Son of Richard of London, married Ellen, daughter of Ralph Bennett of Old Palace yard, Westminister, Esq.  Died 1678.  

10. Henry Wyche, (immigrant) son of Henry Wyche, Rector of Sutton in Surry England, born Jan. 27, 1648, immigrated to America in the late 1670s settling in Surry County, VA on the Nottaway River.  Wife's name is unknown.  He died prior to March 18, 1714 when his Will was proven.  Henry was the father of four sons: George, Henry, William, James.  

11. George Wyche, Gentleman, of Sussex County, VA, son of Henry Wyche of Surry Couty, VA.  married Sarah,  Will proven July 15, 1757.  George & Sarah were the parents of three sons: Peter, George and Benjamin.  

12. Benjamin Wyche, son of George & Sarah, was born before 1738 in Sussex County, VA, on May 20, 1758 he married Elizabeth Pette, daughter of Dr. Samuel Peete.  Benjamin and Elizabeth Wyche were the parents of William (died young), Benjamin, Margaret "Peggy".  

13.  Margaret "Peggy" Wyche was born on August 10, 1763 in Sussex County, VA.  She married 1. Cole Carloss and 2. John Pinner.  

There are few families who can claim a patron saint.  The Wyches should feel pride in this saintly Richard. saintly Richard. 

Saint Richard's Prayer      
 Thanks be to Thee, my Lord Jesus Christ, 
For all the benefits which Thou has given me,
For all the pains and insults which Thou hast borne for me,
May I know Thee more clearly,
 O most merciful Redeemer, Friend, and Brother,
Love Thee more Dearly,
and follow Thee more nearly.

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