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Will of Charles S. Knott (1861)

An Inventory of the personal estate of C.S. Knott deceased. (From: Inventories of Estates, Page 359)
1 Mare & Colt
3 mules
1 Yoke Oxen
About 53 pork Hogs
1 Old Ox Wagon
2 Cows & Calves
2 Bedsteads xc
1 Trundlebed & Stead xc
1 Bureau
About 250 Bbls of corn
2 ½ stacks of oats
3 stacks fodder
4 stacks of hay
3 Bbls Mullet Seeds
20 Bus of wheat
Six negro slaves to wit, Isham aged about 40 years Tom about 33 years Buck about 33 years Leah about 20 years and her 2 children Alice about 3 years old and Bell about 1 ½ years olde.
1 account on Jam A Rollings for $62.79 Doubtful
1 account on Z.T. Shemwell for 21.56 Good
1 Note on W.D. Grace due 8 Feb 1860 $84.49 Bad
1 order from Dr. J.T. Nolin for Wm Hogan for $9.00 good
1 Note on B.F. Curtis for $150.00 due 7th Nov 1853 credited with $61.22 Sep 2 1860 Bad
1 Receipt from Jas. H. Lester for one hundred forty dollars. Dollars due 25th Dec 1852 credited with Sixty two dollars & 11 cts January 1856 Doubtful
One note on Lewis Lowe for Sixty four dollars & 8 cts due 14th May 1858 doubtful
One note on J.B. Cockrell for $115.00 due April 20th 1860 Cr with $41.81 April 21st 1860 Good
One note on N.D. Elliott for $317.60 due 31st July 1856 Good
One note on S.B. Fielding(?) For $20.10 due Sep 6th 1858 Bad

The above is a true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattles rights and credits of the said C.S. Knott deceased which have come to my hands possession or knowledge or in the hands of any other person for me to the best of my knowledge and believe This 27th day of December 1861.

Sworn to before me this 27th day of December 1861 A. B. Ross administrator of C.S. Knott deceased.

Wm C. McGee JP

Widows years allowance (From: Inventories of Estates, Page 361)

We Thomas F. Elliott, James E. Rice and Joseph Wimberly by being appointed by the County Court of St. County Commissioners to sett apart and lay off to Mary F. Knott and her family one years provisions and of the crops stock money on hand or other assets due or owing of the Estate of C.S. Knott deceased. We being unconnected with the said Mary F. Knott either by affinity or consanquinity and being first duly sworn would report that we have set apart the following articles viz.

125 barrels Corn
1200 bundles G.o_der
3000 tts (pounds ?) Pork
6 Bbl Flour
7 Bus salt
200 ( pounds ?) Brown Sugar
72 bbl Malasses
25 Rice
10 Bus Irish Potatoes
1 Box Candles
3 tb (?) Lsa (?)
50 tts (pounds ?) Loaf Sugar
60 (?) Coffee
10 gal vinegar
30 (?) Honey

All the soaps on hand and we also appropriate Fifty dollars to purchase such articles of necessity as are not on hand such as soda sugar (?) pepper spice and ? which in our opinion is a sufficient and reasonable allowance for the said Mary F. Knott and her family for one year. All which is respectfully submitted this the 18th day of Dec 1861.

T.F. Elliott
J.E. Rice

Wm C. McGee JP


I M.F. Elliott have this day willed and Bequeath to J.T. Knott T.F. Elliott Mattie Wilkerson Maggie Owen Sallie Acree’s heirs R.A. Knotts Heirs this will and Testament Shall not take afect untill I die after death I want all the Real Este I own sold and divided eaqualy betwen the above named after puting Tomb Stones at my grave and A.M. Knotts grave and five dollars to Each of Charley Knott’s Heirs Jimmie Knott P.L. Knott Sallie Knott Roscoe Knott Ethel Knott. I want J.A. Wilkerson to execute this wil and in the event that he canot attend to it I want Ed Owen to attend to it if either the said Wilkerson or Owen execute this will I don’t want them to give any bond for same.

This March 23rd 1899

Mary F. Elliott

J.W. Robertson
W.A. Burk
Seth Ross

Filed May 24th 1899
R.L. Lowry Clerk

Acknowledged and probated before me and ordered recorded May 24/99. J.G. Robertson Chm

Probated in Minute Book C at page 242 R.L. Lowry Clk