Joyce Family

Here is the JOYCE Family, approximately 1920.  There are 12 people pictured here, but i do not know the identity of the little guy on the lap of the last person on the right.  These are Wm. M. Joyce and Mary Annie Sykes Joyce and their children: Top, left to right, there are 6 people, a couple are hard to see Emily Joyce, b. 4/22/1888, Robert "Boss" Joyce, b. 11/17/1900, Arthur Joyce, b. 1/22/1891, Ottie Joyce, b. 3/10/1893, Mary Annie Sykes Joyce, b. 2/22/1869 and her husband William M. Joyce, b.10/31/1866. Middle left to right; Tyner Sykes Joyce, b. 7/7/1908 (my grandfather), Katie Marie Joyce, b. 7/14/1903, Maggie Mae Joyce, b. 6/11/1886, Bottom row; (guy with cigar) Albert "Pet" Joyce, b. 1/6/1900, and  James Joyce, b. 2/20/1904, with unknown little guy on his lap. Debbie Rosenbloom.

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