Jefferson Davis Cherry
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Information shared by Elizabeth Brown and Tracey Graham

Jefferson Davis Cherrymarried May 22, 1881Mary Ada Taylor
born August 28, 1861
Stewart County, TN
 born March 15, 1866
Trigg County, KY
  daughter of James Taylor and Mary Adams
died November 9, 1930 died March 12, 1948
 buried Palmyra Methodist Church 
 Montgomery County, Tennessee 

parents of:

Louis R. Cherry
born June 28, 1883, Stewart County, TN
married Beaulah Sanders
died January 9, 1971, Collinsville, IL
buried St. John Cemetery, Collinsville

Wilbert Wilmuth Cherry
Dec 2, 1905-June 15, 1921

buried Palmyra United Methodist Cemetery, Palmyra, TN
Son of Louis R. Cherry and Beulah Saunders.
Obituary online at:

Myrtle Lee Cherry
born January 14, 1889, Stewart County, TN
married Leonard Swift
died July 23, 1927, Stewart County, TN
Nola M. Cherry
born August, 1890, Stewart County, TN
married Alexander Morgan

Brodis Cherry
born May 11, 1893, Stewart County, TN
married Nettie Lee Powers
died December 10, 1971, Collinsville, IL
buried St. John Cemetery, Collinsville
Lemmie L. Cherry
born February, 1896
married Albert Ellis
Bracy Cherry
born Feburary 9, 1901, Stewart County, TN
died August 10, 1984
Alton Cherry
born September 4, 1905, Stewart County, TN
died April, 1978

Jefferson Davis and Ada Cherry were the grandparents of:

Lucille Cherry
daughter of Brodis and Nettie Cherry
born 1931
died 1951
buried St. John Cemetery, Collinsville, IL
Christine Cherry and Lurine Cherry
daughters of Bracy Cherry
buried Palmyra Methodist Church, Palmyra, TN
Lerton & Albert Cherry,
sons of Brodis and Nettie Lee Powers Wallace Cherry
(also shown is Midge, wife of Lerton)

Siblings of Lerton and Albert Cherry are Lucille, Myrtle, Linnie Mae, Carter, Ray, Robert, Viola and Bill Cherry.

Myrtle Cherry
daughter of Brodis and Nettie (Wallace) Cherry