Hicks-Crutcher-Miles Family Gateway

This information is courtesy of Angelia Foley, wife of Keith Shelton Franklin, who is the grandson of Thomas Shelton Hicks (wife Velma V Miles), gr-grandson of Nathan Hicks (wife Virginia "Jennie Bell" E. Hicks - daughter of Shelten Thomas and Elizabeth Crutcher, gr-daughter of William and Milly Crutcher) and gr-gr-grandson of Patrick Martin Hicks (wife- Sallie Calhoun).

"Recently, I have come across some very old photos of these families around 1900-1917 in Model and Dover, Tennessee. I have been researching the family lines and have been able to trace some of these people back to the tree and will upload most of the photos in the attached zip file to the family tree I've created in ancestry.com.

"I know that Sallie Hicks was a teacher in Vinson / Pine Bluff (I have a photo btwn 1915-17) and Thomas S. Hicks was a school teacher (in Linton I think) before 1918 when he went into service for the army in WWI. Once the Nathan Hicks clan moved to Texas, around 1919, Thomas S. and L. Binus Hicks served on the Police force for Fort Worth, Texas from about 1920 through the mid 60's. Nathan and Jennie Bell both died in Fort Worth, Texas - Jennie in Dec 1950 and Nathan died 10 days later in Jan 1951. Velma Miles married Thomas Shelton Hicks and followed him to Fort Worth, along with her brothers Walter, Jesse and Corbert whom all worked as trolley car operators for the City of Fort Worth (photo of the three is attached)."

Virginia "Jennie Bell" (Crutcher) Hicks, abt. 1904 (born 10 March 1869)

Model School, abt. 1915 (T. S. Hicks 7th from right on back row)

Tom and Velma Hicks, 1917

Tom and Velma Hicks

Thomas S. Hicks in WWI

Thomas S. Hicks in WWI, and Civil War veteran Tom Keeney

Corbert and Jesse Miles in WWI

Corbert Miles, WWI Navy

Stewart County school children, abt. 1917-1918

Model School, abt. 1918 (T. S. Hicks, Teacher, 4th from left)

Sallie, T. S. and Mavis Hicks, at home in Model, abt. 1918

Gray Acree, Dover, TN, and Miss Beulah Miles

Maxie and Velma Hicks

Velma, Maxie and Sallie Hicks playing around

Velma Hicks and friend, abt. 1919

Velma Hicks and friends in Tennessee, including Louie Keeney

Rotary Park - Velma Hicks and brother Corbert Miles

Rotary Park, possibly Johnson City, Tenn.

possibly Milly Crutcher

Mills or Crutcher Unknowns

Unknown, possibly Walter Miles

Fort Worth Police squard, 1920 (T. S. Hicks 5th from right)

Fort Worth Police squard, 1920 (T. S. Hicks kneeling, left)

Walter, Corbert and Jesse Miles, Fort Worth, abt. 1920

Everyone wanted to sit on Tommy's motorcycle, abt. 1924

Maxie Dean Hicks and spouse

Jesse, Corbit and Beatrice Miles

Beatrice and Jesse Miles, before 1918

Velma Hicks

The Miles Family Band

Tommy, Marjeane and Velma Hicks

Gloria Marjeane Hicks

Tommy, Marjeane and Velma Hicks

L. Binus and Tom S. Hicks, Ft. Worth policemen, 1940's

Velma Miles Hicks death certificate, 1948

T. S. Hicks, Charles Roy and Marjeane Franklin, Mavis Hicks

T. S., Mavis, Vesta, Maxie and L. B. Hicks

T. S. Hicks' "riding the rails" letter to "To Tell The Truth" TV show

Maxie, L. B., Vesta, T. S. and Mavis Hicks, 1965

Vesta Hicks, 1970

Marjeane (Hicks) and Charles Roy Franklin

T. S. Hicks and Charles R. Franklin, 1977

1915 Stewart Co. basketball team

C. Sills

Carrie Campbell and Jessie Miller

Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campbell, Jessie Miller, Dura Miller, Ethel Campbell

Carrie Campbell, Jessie Miller, Will Frizell

Early Fort Worth Parade, 1920-1925

Farnsworth Gasoline station

Glendale Institute, Bumpus Mills

Lily Cherry and Annie Abels

Mamie Bray Knight

unknown Miles or Crutcher and Carrie Campbell

unknown Miles or Crutcher and Jessie Miller

Will Frizel and unknown Miles or Crutcher

Will Frizell