Antioch School, 1922

(back row, L to R): Inez Howell, Mary Ford, Leona Stagner, Bracy Burke, Mary Burke, Thelma Burke, Edward Stimson, Raymond Stimson, Grady Feltner, Gillan Walker, unknown, Theises Feltner, Johnny Ford, unknown

(2nd row, L to R): Irene Howell, Maloy Burke, Geneva Burke, Hazel King, Mamie Shelton, Irl Stagner, Robert Wallace, Ella Taylor, Mabel Clark, Blanche Stagner, Louise Taylor, Hollis Pace, James William, Owen Howell, Oscar Stagner, unknown, Glen Ross

(3rd row, L to R): Woodrow Howell, Mabel Wallace, Mary Kate William, Beaulah Stagner, Otis Knott, Lucy Peppers, Geneva Stimson, Lois Burke, Kathryn Stimson, Ruben Ross, James Luton, Woodrow Ross, Glimer King, Nora Wallace, Fentress Stimpson, Comes Taylor, Louis Miles, unknown, Samuel Ross

(between 3rd row and front row): Russell Stagner, George Stagner

(front row, L to R): unknown, Corbet Knott, Magelaine Taylor, Vivian Page, Earline Stimson, Florence Luton, unknown, Lacy Knott, Bennie Burke, Reams Stimson, Harvey Burke, Norman Luton, Bertha Stimson, Ross Taylor, unknown, Garvin Burke, Ray Peppers, Paul Stagner, Edwin Williams

Photo shared by Margery Newberry

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