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Stewart's Cherokee Connections

This is a new addition to the Stewart County Genealogy site, dedicated to aiding researchers in finding links that may help them in discovering the answers to legends that persist in families of Cherokee kindred and connections. It is a place for sharing the surnames and legends you have grown up believing are your "key" to another heritage. This is a "work in progress" and the items found here may change as we respond to needs. Presently you will find the following on this page:

Beginning your quest.

How and where to post a query. Other informational links for "starters"

Stewart Connections

A place for researchers to post surnames with either suspected or acknowledged Cherokee connections, as well as a place to post the stories and/or legends that have persisted in your families to lead you to the belief that this avenue is worth pursuing.

More Cherokee links

Links to informational sites about the Cherokee.

Beginning your quest


First People of Tennessee: Cherokee Nation (A Tennessee Genweb History Project). Post queries at the state site, read the queries of others. Links to various Cherokee research sites.


National Archives Resources. Paul Sarratt Jr.'s explanation of census records and various Native American rolls.


Finding Cherokee Old Settlers. Another page by Paul Sarratt Jr. giving the "inside scoop".


So your Grandmother was a Cherokee Princess? A good explanation of why our Cherokee connections are often so hard to trace, and how to begin doing so.


Cherokee Resources. A list of "where to start" by Melanie Sanders.


Beginning Native American Research. Karen Pfister's lecture.


1851 Census of Cherokees East of the Mississippi.


1835 Cherokee Census Index: East of the Mississippi


Cherokee Cousins can provide lookups to the Miller Roll.


SEARCH the Guion Miller Roll for the applications of your ancestors.

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Stewart Connections


Surnames of Stewart with Suspected or Proven Cherokee connections. Please contact the researcher providing the surname for more information.

Bishop, Nancy

Margaret Wall

Bullock, Bybee

Linda Tate


Wayne Cotton

Parchman, Nancy

Margaret Wall


Kathy Heidel


Kathy Heidel

Family Legends

What legends persist in your family that allude to Cherokee connections?

My grandfather,(b.1887,d1977) told me his grandmother(Tn. Outlaw) was Cherokee 1/2 .her father named ____ Outlaw,mothers name?. She was born 1825 married 1842 to James Frank Summers. Wayne Cotton

My family (BULLOCK, BYBEE, FOX, etc.) lived in close to the Rushings throughout much of the 19th century and well into the 20th. They lived along Rushing Creek (on the Trigg/Stewart line). I'm trying to track down any information I can about persistent rumors that both sides of the family--BULLOCK and BYBEE--were Cherokee. I had heard that the Rushings believe they have some Native American ancestry. Linda Tate

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Cherokee Links


Cherokee Resources. A list of links to various related sites.


Brief History of the Trail of Tears.


Important Dates in Cherokee History.


Cherokee Messenger. Various links to Cherokee sites.


History of the Cherokee by Ken Martin.


Cherokee and Proud Cherokee Pages. Victoria Hunt's list of Cherokee links.


scroll down to the Native American Cultures link on this page


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