Stewart County, Tennessee County Archives

A department of Stewart County Government
P. O. Box 367, Dover, TN 37058
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Last Updated November 26, 2020

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The Stewart County Archives, a department of the Stewart County government, is the repository for the county's government records that are no longer housed in the courthouse.  It is a research facility for genealogists and historians as well as a resource for the county officials whose records are housed there. 

Despite a courthouse fire on August 25, 1862 during the Civil War, most of the county's records have survived.  The 1862 fire destroyed the Chancery Court records, but most everything else survived.  The loose records of the County Court (probate packets, marriage licenses and bonds, and wills), however, were thrown away, most likely in the mid-1900's.


Inventory of the Archives

The county records housed at the Stewart County Archives include:

·         Birth Records (1881-1882, 1911-1912, 1925-1951)

·         Death Records (1925-1938)

·         Minute books (County Court 1808-1905, Circuit Court 1821-1978, Chancery Court 1865-1949)

·         Settlements, Wills and Bonds books (1866-1914, earlier books in the courthouse)

·         Probate/estate files (1920s - 1970s only; probate files prior to the 1920s are lost)

·         Loose Records of Circuit Court, 1804-1990s  - see below

·         Marriage licenses and bonds, 1960-1970

·         Estate Settlements (1920s-1970s)

·         Divorces (1810-1990)

·         Administrator's and Executor’s Bonds and Settlements (1883-1973)

·         Guardianship Records (1842-1949, later books in the courthouse)

·         Dockets - Trial, Execution, Appeals (from 1808, various years & courts)

·         Justice of the Peace/Magistrate's Dockets (1842-1937)

·         Tax records (1806-2013, with 1809-1826 records lost)

·         Chattel Mortgages (1932-1963, with 1901-1932 books lost)

·         Deed Book Indexes (1804-1887, actual deed books are in the courthouse)

·         Trust Deed Books (1864-1951)

The government records not housed at the Stewart County Archives, but still at the Courthouse, include:
  • Deed Books
  • Marriage Books and Licenses (Books from 1849, licenses mid-1900s only)
  • early Settlements, Wills and Bonds books (1804-1866)
  • County Court Minute Books (1804-1807, and after 1905)
  • Chancery Court Minute Books after 1948
  • most county records dating 2000s and later

Click here for a complete inventory of the bound books held at the Courthouse and at the Archives.

Loose Records at the Archives

Besides having many of the original books from the courthouse, some of which have not been microfilmed, the Stewart County Archives also has the entirety of the Circuit Court's loose papers, dating back to 1809 when Circuit Courts began in Tennessee. These loose papers are being unwrapped, cleaned, organized and indexed by the Archives staff.

What Are Loose Papers, and Why are they so Genealogically Rich?

Records Available by Mail/E-Mail  

The Stewart County Archives accepts requests for photocopies or scans of the over 10,000 Loose Records case files that have been cleaned and organized to date.  These case files are in the categories of:

Inventory of All Archives Holdings Available for Request  (last updated October 1, 2018)

The Archives' fee schedule for mailed photocopies is 35 cents per printed page (includes postage), or $4.00 per file for electronic delivery (email for smaller files, Dropbox for larger files).  The Inventory link above will indicate how many pages are in each case file, so you'll know the total cost before you place your request if you choose photocopies.  The link above also includes the request form.

Requests for photocopies/scans, and a check payable to Stewart County Archives, can be mailed to:

Stewart County Archives
P. O. Box 367
Dover, TN 37058

The Archives' staff is all-volunteer, and works 1-2 days per week.  The proceeds from photocopies/scans fund most of the operating budget for the Archives.  Thanks for supporting us.

Other Research Materials at the Archives

In addition to the original county records listed above, the Stewart County Archives also has a collection of other research materials to further assist visitors who visit the Archives in person:

Visiting the Archives

COVID-19 Update:  The Archives is open for visitors.  To protect visitors and staff, masks are required when working in close proximity.  We are still filling copy orders and shipping our books as well.

The Archives is operated by an all-volunteer staff that works 1-2 days per week (Tuesdays, and most Fridays). If you plan to visit the Archives and do research in person, please contact us ahead of time to confirm our upcoming work schedule, by sending an email to  We are able to accommodate some visit requests for other days, with sufficient advance notice.

To make the best use of your research time at the Archives, before you arrive please review the "Inventory of Archives Holdings" link above to make a list of any Loose Records you'll want to see during your visit.  Also familiarize yourself with the records still housed at the Courthouse, in case you need to plan research time there as well.

Archives visitors needing to examine a book in fragile condition may be asked to view the microfilmed copy next door at the Public Library instead of the original at the Archives.  The Public Library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Stewart County Archives is located in the Center for Teaching and Learning (former Dover Elementary building), next door to the Stewart County Public Library, on Spring Street about 1/2 mile south of the courthouse. (GPS users can reference 110 Natcor Drive, which is the physical location to our building's driveway.  You may also use this link to our entry on Google Maps).  Enter the building facing Spring Street, following the signage for the Veterans' Service Office, as the Archives is next door.
Parking is available between our building and the Public Library.  The building and the Archives are wheelchair-accessible.

Nearby accommodations include the Dover Inn Motel (  Paris also has several motels, and Clarksville has many motels and hotels.

Online Records

Time, money and space prevent us from putting anything but a fraction of our holdings online.  Listed below are indexes, or digital images, of some of our holdings that were never microfilmed.   (Note that almost all of Stewart County's microfilmed courthouse records are now viewable online for free at FamilySearch.  Note also that Tennessee residents can view a large amount of county records online for free at Ancestry, simply by accessing the records via the State Archives' Tennessee Electronic Library.)

Circuit Court Minute Book Index, 1821-1834 (PDF) - added October 31, 2018
Circuit Court Minute Book Index, 1865-1871 (PDF) - added October 31, 2018

Circuit Court Equity Record, 1825-1831 - added July 25, 2018
Circuit Court Execution Docket, 1810-1826 - added June 27, 2018
Circuit Court Trial Docket, 1810-1826 - added July 24, 2018
Circuit Court State Trial Docket, Attorney General's copy, 1826-1838 - added July 25, 2018
Circuit Court Witness Docket, 1825-1837 - added July 25, 2018
Index to Circuit Court Enrolling Book, 1849-1861 - added June 23, 2019

County Court Minute Book Index, 1831-1844 (PDF) - added October 31, 2018

County Court Trial Docket, 1808-1813 - added July 24, 2019
County Court Civil Trial Docket, 1823-1826 - added July 24, 2018
County Court Appeals to Circuit Court, 1824-1834 - added July 26, 2018
County Court Witness Docket, 1824-1836 - added July 26, 2018
County Court Execution Docket, 1824-1826 - added July 26, 2018
County Court Execution Docket, 1826-1827 (PDF, with index) - added July 29, 2018

Death Records (1925-1938)  - added March 24, 2020
Stewart County Death Certificates, 1908-1959 (sorted by Name)  - updated April 4, 2020
Stewart County Death Certificates, 1908-1959 (sorted by Year)  - updated April 4, 2020

1920 Automobile Registration Book


Publications for Sale – via mail order from the Archives, Amazon or PayPal  

For those not able to access the original records or microfilmed copies, the Archives offers these publications for sale, which are abstracts and transcriptions of the original records.  Click on the underlined title in the first column to view the flyer for the book, which includes a mail-in order form.  Click on the link in the Index column to view an online index of the book.  Click on the links in the Amazon column to purchase the book through Amazon, or click the "Buy Now" button to purchase the book via PayPal.  For fastest delivery, use PayPal.

Print-and-mail Order Form for all Archives publications - updated August 2020

Flyer link (book description, mail-in order form) Index Links PayPal button
Stewart County, Tennessee Abstracts of Settlements, Wills and Bonds, 1804-1896 Index Wills and Bonds
Wills and Bonds (Kindle edition)
Stewart County, Tennessee Settlements, Wills and Bonds, 1804-1824   Index Settlements, Wills and Bonds, 1804-1824
Stewart County, Tennessee Census Records, 1820-1860    
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1804-1812 Index County Court Minutes, 1804-1812
County Court Minutes, 1804-1812 (Kindle edition)
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1813-1819 Index County Court Minutes, 1813-1819
County Court Minutes, 1813-1819 (Kindle version)
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1819-1828 Index County Court Minutes, 1819-1828
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1828-1831 Index County Court Minutes, 1828-1831
Stewart County, Tennessee Deed Book Indexes, 1786-1893   Deed Book Indexes, 1786-1893
Stewart County, Tennessee Marriages Revisited, 1804-1881 Index Marriages, 1804-1881
Stewart County, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1881-1910   Marriages, 1881-1910
Stewart County, Tennessee, Tax Lists, 1804-1840 Index Tax Lists, 1804-1840
Stewart County, Tennessee, Tax Lists, 1841-1866 Index Tax Lists, 1841-1866
Stewart County, Tennessee Guardian Records, 1806-1842 Index Guardian Records, 1806-1842
Stewart County, Tennessee Guardian Records, 1842-1850 Index Guardian Records, 1842-1850
Stewart County, Tennessee Election Records, 1804-1879 Index Election Records, 1804-1879
Stewart County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes, Vols. 1, 1A, 1B, 2, 3 & 4, 1821 - 1850 Index Circuit Court Minutes, 1821-1850
Stewart County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes, Vols. 5 & 6, 1850-1861 Index Circuit Court Minutes, 1850-1861
Stewart County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes, Vols. 6B, 7 & 8, 1865-1881   Index Circuit Court Minutes, 1865-1881
A History of Stewart County, Tennessee, by Iris Hopkins McClain (1965, 2020 reprint)   Index A History of Stewart County, Tennessee