Scott County, Tennessee
Index to the FNB Chronicles

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Through the years, the FNB Chronicle has been a popular publication in Scott County and attracts attention from history and genealogy-lovers.  It is published quarterly in October, January, April, and July.  Five thousand copies are printed and distributed as an insert to the Independent Herald as well as being made available at all branches of the First National Bank while supplies last.

The FNB Chronicle has covered a number of historical topics ranging from the founding of Scott County to more modern day happenings.  It relies heavily on the cooperation of the Scott County Historical Society as well as the recollections and keepsakes of county residents.  Every issue presents a feature story with additional shorter historical sketches and stand-alone historic photographs. 

The FNB Chronicle has looked back at the Civil War era, the coming of the railroads, the rise and fall of the coal and lumber industries; the birth, rise, and demise of communities, institutions, and businesses.  Most of all, it portrays the people who have made the county what it is today -- from pioneer settlers to the movers and shakers of present day Scott County.

This page provides an index to the FNB Chronicle from its birth ten years ago until the present.  I have also been given permission to publish the past articles here.  The articles are copyrighted by the First National Bank, Independent Herald, Scott County Historical Society, and some authors.  Please remember these copyrights and the doctrine of fair use when using the articles. 

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