Scott County, Tennessee
Death Records

This page was updated 6 Sep 2010

***IMPORTANT***  Obituaries and headstones posted to this website after 10 Nov 2006 are now found in the Death Records Database.  You will still need to use the links below to access death certificates posted to this website.  I will be moving the  death certificates to the new database in the future.  Thanks for your patience.

Access Death Records Database

The new database allows new searching capabilities such as soundex searching, searching by maiden name, last name, first name (or partial first name), or combinations there of.

The new database also allows you to add comments to specific death records.  THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ADD CONDOLENCES.  PLEASE DO NOT ADD CONDOLENCES.  Use the comment capability to add information about the individual referenced in the death record or correct the information contained in the record.  Those who insist on adding condolences will loose their ability to comment.

The Death Records page began when the Scott County Historical Society graciously allowed me to post the entirety of the book Scott County, Tennessee Death Records, 1901-1968.  The names and dates from that book were gathered over the years by Alta Presley of Oneida, TN and the book donated to the society by Clyde Reed. In the book, names are sorted by the first letter of the surname and then date ordered by that surname letter. For example, all surnames beginning with A are presented first and then date ordered within the A's. Unfortunately, the book contained a number of alphabetical and date ordering errors. I corrected those errors in this on-line edition; however, any errors introduced by my ordering or transcribing are unintentional, but my fault.

Since I first posted this page in October 1997, the Death Records page has grown considerably and taken on its own identity.  Besides the original death dates, the page now includes death dates for other Scott County citizens not part of the original book, links to related obituaries, links to related death certificates, and links to related headstone pictures.


Click on the letter above that corresponds to the first letter of the surname for death records you are interested in seeing. If the letter is not underlined, then there are no death records for surnames beginning with that letter.

Interesting Note:  I noticed a number of interesting facts when posting Alta Presley's book. The book claims to identify deaths between 1901 and 1968 but I found two deaths outside this range. Reason Marcum died 13 Jun 1872 and Joel Chitwood died 29 Aug 1884. There are also references to deaths of famous people who obviously didn't die in Scott County. Ms. Presley notes the deaths of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, Senator Robert Taft in 1953, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt in 1962, Alvin C. York in 1964 (the famous WWI hero who died in next door Fentress County), and President Kennedy in 1963.

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