The founding members of the Murfree Spring Church were:

  • Gen. Joseph Dickson
  • Mary Stewert
  • Elizabeth Kelton
  • Susannah Henry
  • John Smith
  • Margaret Dickson
  • Margaret Jetton
  • John Henry
  • Frances Henderson
  • Isabella Smith
  • Mary Dickson
  • Mrs. Samuel Wilson
  • Margaret Wasson
  • James C. Smith
  • William D. Baird
  • Grace Williams
  • Abagail Baird
  • Robert Wasson

The first minister of this church was the Rev. Robert Henderson.  The original elders were Robert Wasson, John Smith and William D. Baird.  In 1818, the name of the church was changed to 1st Presbyterian Church and a brick building was erected for it's use on the corner of the old cemetery grounds.   The Tennessee State Legislature sat here in 1822.  The church remained until 1864, when it became a causualty of the Civil War.    The old cemetery is located on Vine Street, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  It is surrounded by an old iron fence and there is a marker telling of the Presbyterian Church.
1812 Murfree Spring Church
Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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