By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2003


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July 3, 1846

PATIENCE W. SOUTHALL widow of Rev. Daniel Southall (died Oct. 15, 1830), Virginia Conference; daughter of Colonel John Branch, Halifax Co., N.C. She married Sept. 15, 1810. She continued to live in Halifax County until 1841 when she spent time with her children in Florida, Miss. and Nashville; she died at "Rose Mount" the residence of her son, J. J. B. Southall, Nashville, June 27, 1846.

MARY J. WEAKLEY daughter of Samuel and Sarah Weakley, born Aug. 9, 1826; joined Methodist Church, 1842; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., May 17, 1846; long disease.

MARGARET D. CRABTREE wife of William Crabtree, born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1808 and moved with parents, John and Sarah Harpole, to Ark., 1811; joined Methodist Church, 1824; died Columbus, Hempstead Co., Ark., May 30, 1846.

LOUISA A. JONES born Conecuh Co., Ala., Oct. 31, 1820; died Sumpter Co., Ala., May 31, 1846; two infants.

ALEXANDER HOOSER born Rowan Co., N.C.; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn.; later to Perry County, now Decatur Co., Tenn., where he died May 24, 1846 in the 37th year of his age; husband and father (3 children).

JAMES M. RICHEY son of Alexander and Elizabeth Richey; born Walker Co., Ala., Dec. 10, 1822; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., May 30, 1846.

BENJAMIN SIMS, Dickson Co., Tenn., died Mar. 2, 1846 in the 31st year of his age; husband and father (4 children).

SARAH HUNTER wife of Washington Hunter, esq.; born Wake Co., N.C.; daughter of John Burt; married William Speight and moved to Dickson Co., Tenn.; he died and she married Hunter; died May 16, 1846.

MARGARET B. FENNELL wife of Isham H. Fennell, died Marshall Co., Ala., May 31, 1846 aged 39 years, 1 month, 5 days [April 26, 1807]; daughter of Rev. John and Margaret Fennell, Charlotte Co., Va.; five children.


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Dr. ABSALOM H. BURTON died Lexington, Tenn., June 1, 1846 aged 35 years. [His tombstone in the Lexington, Tenn. cemetery bears his dates: Nov. 1, 1812-May 1, 1846. He died from consumption. He may have been among the members of the Halliburton family who for some years abbreviated their surname to BURTON.]

SARAH ANN OLIPHINT daughter-of James M. and Caroline Oliphint, who drowned in a well on the homeplace, Shelby Co., Tenn., May 22, 1846 aged 2 years, 5 months [May 22, 1844].


July 10, 1846

TERESA TAYLOR died in residence of her brother, James Hamilton, Sumner Co., Tenn., June 10, 1846 aged 35 years.

MARTHA SLOAN daughter of Jabez and Mary Jones; wife of William D. Sloan; born Pickens Dist., S.C., Nov. 10, 1808; married May 13, 1828; moved to Pontotoc Co., Miss, 1836; died May 31, 1846; five children.

SARAH GOODE daughter of William and Elizabeth Hawkins; wife of Thomas Goode; born Halifax Co., Va., 1763; her husband had been a Revolutionary War veteran; had thirteen children; died Lafayette Co., Miss., March 15, 1846.

SARAH LEACH daughter of John and Dorcas Lee; born Caroline Co., Maryland, Dec. 16, 1781; died June 20, 1846; married James G. Leach, June 14, 1804; moved to Ky., in March 1806; her husband was a Methodist preacher, Ky. Conference but he had located and practiced medicine; one child.

Rev. W. D. MATTING died Caldwell Parish, La., May 2, 1846; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Sept. 16, 1837; served in the Kentucky Conference; located in 1844 and moved to Catahoola Parish, La.; to Caldwell Parish, 1845.

JUDETH JOBE wife of Joseph T. Jobe; daughter of A. H. and Dorcas Kemp; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., May 2, 1846 in the 27th year of her age.

ELIZABETH VANHOOK, Henry Co., Tenn., born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 3, 1806; married John Vanhook; died May 3, 1846; seven surviving children.

MALVINA FITZALLEN REID widow of Hezekiah Reid; died Macon Co., Tenn., June 16, 1846 in the 22nd year of her age.

Colonel JOHN R. H. ACKLEN, Madison Co., Ala., died on his way to Winchester Springs when he died June 14, 1846; lived in Huntsville, Ala.; born in Tenn., Jan. 23, 1800 and moved with his parents to Alabama, 1808. He served as sheriff of the county; had served as an officer in the Florida campaign in 1836.


July 17, 1846

Colonel WILLIAM G. CHILDRESS "a polished gentleman" died in Williamson Co., Tenn., June 22, 1846.

CALEB TAYLOR born Va.; moved to N.C.; married Sarah Young for a marriage that lasted 46 years; died June 14, 1846.

SARAH F. RANDOLPH daughter of James and Elizabeth Harris; wife of Henry Randolph; born Lawrence Co., Ala., Jan. 26, 1823; died Dec. 24, 1845; no children.

CHARLES F. HAMER son of Daniel Hamer; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., June 14, 1846 in the 16th year of his age.

W. J. SCOTT, formerly of Tenn., went to Texas for his health; died Houston, Texas, May 20, 1846; a single man his effects to be taken over by a brother, Newton Scott of Miss.

PARIS ABNER POTTS born July 4, 1842; died from injuries received in an over-turned buggy, June 27, 1846.

MARGARET JOHNSON died Frankfort, Ky., June 13, 1846 in the 92nd year of her age.


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JOHN C. OUTLAW born Butler Co., N.C. [There is no such county in this state], Oct. 14, 1789; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn., 1811; to Obion Co., Tenn., 1828, where he died June 8, 1846.

AVALINE A. DEREBERRY wife of David L. Dereberry, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 21, 1809; died July 4, 1846; six children.

LETITIA BEALL wife of Colonel William M. Beall; daughter of William and Margaret Philips; born Washington Co., Ky., Mar. 14, 1797; married Feb. 24, 1814; joined Methodist Church, Sept. 11, 1827; died Christian Co., Ky., June 15, 1846; erysipelas.

ANN McFARLAND wife of Captain Lewis McFarland; died June 24, 1846.

SARAH F. McKINNE wife of Rev. W. P. McKinne; oldest daughter of John and Ann Crawford; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., May 14, 1846; six children.

MARY SACIWELL born Oct. 24, 1833; died Jan. 8, 1846.


July 24, 1846

CAROLINE D. CRAWFORD wife of William H. Crawford; daughter of William McDuff; born Franklin Co., Tenn.; died Winston Co., Miss., June 23, 1846. "She was young when she started and she was young when she got there."

Tribute of respect for NATHANIEL R. OWEN, dec.; by Mt. Olivet Sunday School, dated July 12, 1846; he had been its assistant superintendent.

WILLIAM T. BARBOUR born Orange Co., Va.; moved with parents to Shelby Co., Ky., and later to Oldham Co., Ky. where he died June 19, 1846.

Miss ELLEN ANDERSON died June 25, 1846 aged 24 years, 3 months [March 1822]. Cynthiana, Ky.

BASIL WHEAT born Maryland, Jan. 3, 1777; moved to Ky., 1807; joined Methodist Church, 1838; died Adair Co., Ky., June 12, 1846; husband and father.

MARY W. RAINES died Gibson Co., Tenn., May 30, 1846 in the 61st year of her age; reared by an aunt, Mrs. Rebecca Wilkins; married John H. Raines, Dec. 18, 1806.

MARY BOON wife of Squire Boone, born Tenn., Nov. 6, 1813; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., May 14, 1846.


July 31, 1846

ELIZABETH C. Z. GARRETT died July 13, 1848; daughter of Rev. William Garrett.

NANCY DYE wife of John H. Dye; born Ky., June 15, 1813; moved to Indiana, 1820; to Ark., 1828, where she died, Monroe County, June 10, 1846; three children.

JOHN AURELIUS HUNT son of John and Elizabeth A. Hunt; born Feb. 20, 1827; died Robertson Co., Tenn., July 12, 1846.

MARY FARIS wife of John Faris; born Louisa Co., Va.; married in 1794; to Franklin Co., Tenn., 1814. Methodist. Died April 17, 1846, aged 61 years.

SUSAN ANN JONES widow of Lafayette Jones of Big Creek community; born Lexington, Ga.; daughter of Dr. Dudley Dunn; died Memphis, July 10, 1846 in the 31st year of her age.


August 7, 1846

ELIZABETH ANN WELLER daughter of Rev. Christian G. Weller, Nashville, Tenn.; died July 4, 1846; born June 5, 1828.

SUSAN RIVES born Dinwiddie Co., Va., 1804; married Green Rives, June 14, 1827; a widower with seven children; moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1828, where she died May 14, 1846; five children.

MARTHA EGGLESTON born Hanover Co., Va., April 10, 1783; died Columbus, Miss., June 25, 1846; three children.

Miss JUDITH V. WHITE. died Jackson, Tenn., June 21, 1846.


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ELIZA RUCKER wife of Benjamin Rucker, died Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 17, 1846; five daus.

JOHN W. ROPER son of Joseph and Mary Roper, formerly of Jefferson Co., Tenn.; recently of McMinn Co., Tenn. and for 13 years a resident of Alabama; died Shelby Co., Alabama, April 16, 1846.

MARY JANE WINDROW wife of Cleaveland Windrow; daughter of Nathaniel and Nancy Payne; born July 29, 1823; joined Methodist Church, 1839; married Dec. 25, 1845; died July 5, 1846. Dancyville, Tennessee.

JOSEPH PATRICK born Pitt Co., N.C., Dec. 15, 1794; died Shelby Co., Tenn., July 5, 1846.

LUCINDA DALBY wife of Warren Z. Dalby; born Bedford Co., Tenn.; died Bowie Co., Texas, May 10, 1846.


August 14, 1846

MALINDA DOWDEN daughter of William and Mary Dowden; born Lexington, Ky., Jan. 29, 1811; married Thomas I. Hunter, 1834; moved to Raymond, Miss., where she died June 17, 1846.

ROBINA V. VOORHIES wife of William Voorhies; born June 20, 1814; married Oct. 1, 1835; died July 17, 1846 near Columbia, Tenn.

BARBARA SHACKLETT widow of John Shacklett (died Oct. 19, 1808); six daus., four sons; she was born in Germany and was about 7 years old when she came to America; born about April 10, 1746; a widow, she moved to Kentucky; died Meade Co., Ky., March 2, 1846 and at her death her progeny numbered 455 persons.

TABITHA ELIZABETH SLAUGHTER daughter of Dr. James M. and Caroline Slaughter; died June 9, 1846 aged 14 years, 4 months, 11 days [January 28, 1832].

MARY ELLIS SIMPSON daughter of Matthew and Mary Simpson; born New Orleans, June 6, 1824; moved with parents to Covington, La., 1826; was a student at Science Hill Academy, Ky., when she became ill, reaching home in time to die there, May 5, 1846.

BENJAMIN G. RIVES son of Rev. John H. and Jane C. Rives, died June 16, 1846 aged 3 years, 3 months, 12 days [March 14, 1843].

WILLIAM MATHIS born Duplin Co., N.C.; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. about 1807; then to Gibson Co., Tenn., 1820/1, where he died July 7, 1846; thirteen children.


August 21, 1846

IDA BELL daughter of John M. and Frances Bell, New Orleans; died June 26, 1846 in residence of her grandfather, Dr. Gilbert T. Taylor, Pulaski, Tenn. aged 9 years, 10 months and 5 days [August 21, 1836].

FRANCES RAINES wife of John Raines; born N.C.; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1846 in the 67th year of her age.

MATTHEW R. HUNTER died Clarksville, Tenn., July 26, 1846 in 4th year of his age.

JANE SULLIVAN wife of Charles Sullivan; died July 27, 1846 in the 53rd year of her age; five children.

MARTHA ANN McFARLAND daughter of Capt. Lewis McFarland; died July 17, 1846. Smith Co., Tenn.

ELIZABETH STANLEY died June 5, 1846, Nelson Co., Ky.; daughter of William Bailey; born Berkeley Co., Va., Sept. 22, 1770; married Joseph Stanley; moved to Nelson Co., 181l.

AMOS SUTTON born Pa., Mar. 26, 1801; married Lavina Sweasey, Nelson Co., Ky., 1825; joined Methodist Church, 1829; moved back to Nelson Co. abt 1833; he died June 29, 1848.

LAURENCE DILLARD KIMBELL son of H. W. and Ann E. Kimbell, born April 25, 1846; died near Mooreville, Ala., July 14, 1846.

MARY ANN COOPER daughter of Levin and Nancy Cooper, died June 25, 1846.

FRANCIS DAVIS wife of Thomas Davis, died May 17, 1846.


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MARTHA W. CALDWELL wife of John H. Caldwell; daughter of Beverly and Judith Barksdale; born Halifax Co., Va., June 11, 1821; married May 16, 1838; died July 18, 1846. Kentucky.

RICHARD VAUGHN born Prince Edward Co., Va.; died Salem, Tippah Co., Miss., July 5, 1846; married Matilda Trotter, January 14, 1840; one child.

ROBERT A. CARY, Noxubee Co., Miss., died at Talladega Springs, Miss., July 24, 1846.


August 28, 1846

HELEN ELIZA WILLIS youngest daughter of Rev. Joseph and Mary Ann Willis, died Nashville, Tenn., August 12, 1846 aged 10 months, 25 days [October 17, 1845].

CELIA ANN SCARBOROUGH died eight miles west of Dover, Tennessee, July 26, 1846; daughter of John and Sarah Wofford; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, August 1830; married A. D. Scarborough, June 6, 1831.

NANCY CHURRY [as spelled in the text] died Ouachita Co., Ark., July 11, 1846.

ELIZABETH AUTRY daughter of J. E. and Mary Autry, born Conecuh Co., Ala., Sept. 14, 1828; died July 17, 1846.

"Sister" MILLER born about 1790; died recently.

ROBERT McGRATH, SR. died in the town where he had lived about forty years, Shelbyville, Ky., July 17, 1846.

HENRY YOUNG born July 8, 1799; Dinwiddie Co., Va.; married Eliza Steele, also of Dinwiddie County, November 2, 1824; moved to Green Co., Ky., January 2, 1830; to Hart Co., Ky., March 1846; died May 8, 1846 in the 47th year of his age.

JOSEPH STEELE born N.C.; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn.; was a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church for thirty years; died Bedford Co., Tenn., July 4, 1846 aged 78 years.

Major ALEXANDER McCULLOCK born Lunenburg Co., Va., Aug. 16, 1777; joined Methodist Church, 1821; served in the War of 1812; "a high tempered, impetuous, stern man" but he had traits of kindness as well; died Dyer Co., Tenn., August 4, 1846.


September 4, 1846

GREEN RANDLE son of Rev. William Randle; died Robertson Co., Tenn., August 21, 1846 aged 2 weeks old.

MARY JAN PITMAN born Jan. 4, 1820; died July 20, 1846.

MARY SUSAN FERGUSON daughter of John H. Gray; died St. Louis, MO, July 10, 1846 in the 26th year of her age.

NATHANIEL R. OWEN died Nashville, Tenn., June 29, 1846 in the 47th year of his age.

MATILDA YORK died Nashville, Tenn., August 1, 1846.

JULIA G. MORRIS wife of George W. Morris; daughter of Michael and Sarah Fizer; born S.C.; moved with parents to Tenn.; married Sept. 23, 1830; joined Methodist Church, July 1840; died Robertson Co., Tenn., June 30, 1846.

WYATT H. ELLIS, merchant, Hartselle, Ala.; son of Hicks and Tabitha Ellis; born Warren Co., N.C., March 22, 1814; moved with parents to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1820 where he spent most of his life; died while in Philadelphia, Pa., July 18, 1846 [possibly while on a buying visit to the city, for mercantile goods for his store]. Presbyterian.

Dr. WILLIAM G. AUSTIN died Woodville, Miss., Aug. 3, 1846 in the 74th year of his age; native of middle Tennessee.

WILLIAM H. JENNINGS born Nottoway Co., Va., Jan. 3, 1812; died Aberdeen, Miss., July 3, 1846.

ELIZABETH MACE wife of Thompson Mace; born Maryland, Sept. 6, 1777; daughter of Leven Woollen moved to N.C.; later to Tenn., about 1802. Died Smith Co., Tenn., August 14, 1846.


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MARY ELLEN TYLER daughter of Charles Tyler; born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., March 4, 1830; died February 19, 1846.

MARY ELIZABETH JOYNER daughter of Thomas Joyner, died August 3, 1846 in the 16th year of her age, while attending the female institute, Jackson, Tennessee. [Her tombstone in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tennessee, reads, "Mary Elizabeth Joyner daughter of T. & E. Joyner, died August 3, 1846 aged 16 years; a pupil of the /Memphis Conference Female/ Institute." This is a raised, grave-length slab tombstone.]


September 11, 1846

MARION WYNNE ROBERTS son of Collin H. and Mary W. Roberts, died recently, aged 10 months, 13 days, Clarksville, Tenn.

ANDREW DURHAM died Tallahatchie Co., Miss., August 3, 1846 in the 23rd year of his age.

LUCY VINING wife of John Vining, born Spotsylvania Co., Va.; died Cumberland Co., Ky., June 29, 1846.

MARY CAROLINE HUNT wife of William Hunt; daughter of Joseph and Lucinda Livingston; born April 16, 1825; died Itawamba Co., Miss., July 10, 1846.

ELIZA JANE PRYOR wife of John P. Pryor; oldest daughter of Colonel William H. Long; died Sept. 8, 1846 in the 21st year of her age, Brook's Valley, Miss.

MARTHA ELIZA PIPKIN daughter of Henry Hanna; born Maury Co., Tenn., March 21, 1809; moved with parents to Miss.; married Rev. Barnabas Pipkin, June 18, 1828; died August 4, 1846, St. Helena, La.

HEZEKIAH A. GARRISON moved from Allen Co., Ky., in 1831, to near Sommerville, Ala., where he died July 15, 1846 in the 57th year of his age.

Dr. JOHN P. MOORE son of William and Martha Moore; died Whiteville, Tenn., July 24, 1846.

ROSANNA MOORE died Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 26, 1846 in the 31st year of her age.

MARY SLEDGE widow of Arthur Sledge; born Surry Co., Va.; moved to Warren Co., N.C.; then to LaGrange, Ala., where she died Sept. 8, 1846 in the 94th year of her age.

MARY JANE ANDREW daughter of Henry and Nancy Andrew; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 20, 1846 in the 16th year of her age.

DOROTHY ELLIS died Lincoln Co., Tenn., recently, aged 72 years.

MARY CATHARINE WARREN infant daughter of I. J. and Dicy Warren, died Itawamba Co., Miss., June 21, 1846.


September 18, 1846

FREDERICK FISHER born N.C., May 2, 1760; died Marshall Co., Tenn., April 25, 1846; moved to east Tennessee; served in battle of King's Mountain during the Revolutionary War and was there wounded in a knee. [He drew a disability pension from Virginia from 1781 and a U. S. pension from 1845. Pension S20364]

HENRY R. HARPER born Warren Co., N.C., Jan. 27, 1810; died Carroll Co., Miss., Aug. 18, 1846; husband and father (4 children).

WILLIAM HAMILTON WATKINS died Jefferson Co., Miss., Aug. 18, 1846 aged 13 mos. and 27 days

LAURA ANN OWEN daughter of Richard and Mary Jane Owen, died August 12, 1846 aged 1 year 6 months [February 12, 1845].

Rev. HIRAM INGRAM died Marion Co., Tenn., July 28, 1846 in the 37th year of his age; native of Scott Co., Virginia; Methodist preacher.

SARAH C. BERYMAN wife of Rev. J. C. Beryman; daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Cissna, Muhlenburg Co., Ky.; born Sept. 22, 1808; died July 28, 1846; married Oct. 6, 1831; moved to MO.


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ROBERT DAVIS killed in a cotton gin accident, July 18, 1846; nearly ten years old. Brownsville, Miss.

Mrs. E. A. AMMONS wife of William Ammons, died July 12, 1846 in 27th year of her age; three children.

LUCY ANN SMITH daughter of Henry and Mary A. Smith, Lexington, MO, died July 20, 1846 in the 15th year of her age.

ASBURY HARE son of Rev. John A. and Mary B. Hare, died Aug. 17, 1846 aged 2 years, 2 months, 8 days [June 9, 1844]. Fayette Co., Tennessee.


September 25, 1846

SARAH BOWLES wife of Joseph Bowles, whom she married in Montreal, Canada, in 1834; moved to New Orleans, 1835; died there, August 6, 1846.

JANE LEE born Cork, Ireland, 1779; died July 30, 1846; came to America, 1818 and settled in St. Louis, MO.

ANN HURST JONES, native of England; moved with parents to Ireland, subsequently to America; her first husband was Mr. Welsh who died; she married Joseph Jones; died July 31, 1846.

PINCKNEY TANNEHILL was accidentally killed when a friend's gun discharged while he was "examining" it, July 27, 1846; aged 17 years.

EDMUND CHEATHAM born Chesterfield Co., Va., May 28, 1770; moved to Cumberland Co., Ky., 1805; later to Adair Co., Ky., where he died August 28, 1846.

MARY EMILY WOODWARD wife of Tyler W. Woodward; born Sept. 8, 1824; married Oct. 1845; died Oldham Co., Ky., August 3, 1846.

K. T. ASHBURN died Shelbyville, Tenn., August 4, 1846 in the 15th year of his age.

WILLIAM BURR EVENS son of Zebulon and Elizabeth Evens, died Shelbyville, Tenn., July 14, 1846 aged 2 years, 1 month, 5 days [June 9, 1844].

MARY T. GILCREASE died Copiah Co., Miss., August 29, 1846 in her 57th year.

MARIAH AYRES born Morristown, N. J.; moved to Washington Co., Ark., August 1829; to Jefferson Co., Ark., Feb. 1831, where she died July 10, 1846 in her 50th year; joined Methodist Church, November 1838.

MARRIEN H. RAMSEY wife of Rev. Lovick Ramsey; died July 3, 1846 in her 36th year.

ELENOR WHITE daughter of James and Delila White; born 1825; died April 25, 1846.

MARY LOUISA HUNTER wife of Rev. Robert L. Hunter; born Sept. 20, 1818; died June 8, 1846. Sumpter Co., Alabama.

JULIA G. HAMAR wife of Anderson Hamar; only daughter of Dwelling and Margaret Brewer; born August 28, 1825; died Madison Co., Ala., August 17, 1846.

JANE COOCK wife of James Coock, died Clinton Co., Ky., May 5, 1846 in her 29th year.

MARGARET AMELIA BETTY daughter of William R. and Mary E. Betty (daughter of Dr. R. A. Holland, dec); Smith Co., Tenn.; died July 13, 1846 aged 13 months.


October 2, 1846

BENJAMIN F. GOOCH son of W. S. and A. Gooch; born Dec. 24, 1843; killed by a threshing machine, July 15, 1846.

Reverend SAMUEL McKAY born Ga., Feb. 21, 1789; reared in South Carolina; moved to Maury Co., Tenn., 1807; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, October 1810; ordained elder, Dec. 28, 1823; Methodist local preacher; died Madison Co., Miss.; June 28, 1846.

MARIA MOFFATT born Chesterfield Dist., S.C., Dec. 25, 1801; died Athens, Alabama, Sept. 8, 1846.


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Reverend JOSEPH B. PLOTT died Clark Co., Miss., Sept. 4, 1846; born Marion District, S.C., 1811; moved to Mississippi in 1839/40. Licensed as a Methodist local preacher.

JOSHUA K. WRIGHT, nearly forty years old (father of 7 children); his brother, JAMES B. R. WRIGHT (married for two months), both died of fever, September 9, 1846. [Doesn't provide their places or residence]

MATILDA CAROLINE HINDS born Bibb Co., Ala., October 30, 1829; died Itawamba Co., Miss., September 4, 1846.

ELLIOTT JAMES JONES son of Joshua J. and Mary (Fletcher) Jones, died Belmont, Miss., August 4, 1846 in the 36th year of his age; born in Virginia; moved to Tenn., then to Miss.

CLEMENTINE HADLY died June 6, 1846 in the 21st year of her age.

ELIZABETH SMITH and her husband, AARON SMITH, both natives of North Carolina, moved to Alabama in 1816; to Morgan Co., Ala. in 1822 where they died; she at age 66 years, he followed in death the following day, aged 81 years; date of deaths not given but the obituary was dated September 8, 1846 from Sommerville, Alabama.

MARIA W. MARTIN daughter of Major John T. Fauntelroy, Mercer Co., Ky., granddaughter of Colonel James Harrod, Kentucky pioneer, died July 29, 1846 aged 33 years.

SARAH G. TERRY wife of Nathaniel Terry; daughter of William T. and Kitty C. Bennett, Smith Co., Tenn.; born Pittsylvania Co., Va., May 16, 1836; died Jackson Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1846.

ALFRED B. PAYNE died Wilson Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1846, just seven weeks after his father, Jesse Payne, died; one daughter.

HENRY EMBRY born Va., Dec. 28, 1775; died Green Co., Ky., Sept. 2, 1846.

MARTHA McFARLAND daughter of John Mounger; wife of John McFarland; died Yalobusha Co., Miss., July 30, 1846 in the 27th year of her age; four children.


October 9, 1846

ROBERT PATEN born N.C., Sept. 7, 1786; died August 3, 1846.

REBECCA WORKMAN wife of Samuel Workman; died Charleston, Tenn., Sept. 11, 1846 in the 42nd year of her age.

HENRY BANKS died DeSoto Co., Miss., recently in the 42nd year of his age; born Elbert Co., Ga., November 2, 1804.

REBECCA CHANEY wife of John Chaney; daughter of John and Sarah Sibley; born Madison Co. [state not provided], Sept. 16, 1818; married March 25, 1838; died Blount Co., Ala., recently.

EDWARD S. BALTHORP died Dickson Tenn., recently, in the 28th year of his age.

SALINDA DAMERON daughter of Bartholomew and Rebecca Damerson; born Caswell Co., N.C., 1800; married Joseph C. Dameron, 1819 and moved to Randolph Co., MO, 1830; eight children. Died Huntsville, MO, Aug. 31, 1846.

MARY R. TUCKER daughter of Henry G. Tucker, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Sept. 3, 1846.

SARAH FRANCES PRICE daughter of Thomas K. and E. J. Price of New Orleans; died in the residence of George Robinson, Henderson Co., Ky., Sept. 9, 1846 aged 2 years, 2 months [July 1844].

WILLIAM W. NASH son of Thomas and Hannah Nash, formerly of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., Aug. 25, 1846; married Nancy Roberts, Nov. 25, 1830; eight/nine children.

GEORGE B. NASH son of Peter and Keturah Nash, died Sharon, Miss., Sept. 2, 1846. Born Anson Co., N.C., Sept. 28, 1829.


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Reverend HILL JONES died Madison Co., Miss., Sept. 17, 1846. Born Warren Co., N.C., Nov. 4, 1771; joined Methodist Church, 1794; a licensed Methodist local preacher. He married Judith B. Boddie, 1802.

ELIZABETH PATTON daughter of Neely S. Patton, esq.; died Coffee Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1846 aged 60 years.

SUSANNAH C. ROGERS died Sept. 19, 1846. Lafayette, Kentucky.

SPENCER PICKERING son of G. and Mary Pickering; born June 20, 1836 [1815?]; died Sept. 1, 1846 aged 31 years, 2 months and 10 day; husband and father.

JOSEPH C. KNOX son of James and Nancy C. Knox, born Jan. 2, 1812; killed by lightning, July 12, 1846; husband and father (2 children).

FOUNTAIN PITTS HOLMS born Oct. 2, 1839; died Aug. 5, 1846.

LUCIUS SUMMERFIELD HOLMS, born Nov. 29, 1841; died Aug. 2, 1846; both sons of Dr. Luke M. Halms, Carroll Co., Miss.; both died of congestive chills.

MARY E. C. McGEHEE wife of John C. McGehee; born Va., Oct. 2, 1809; died DeSoto Co., Miss., August 12, 1846; married Nov. 3, 1828.

MARY LOUISA HUNTER wife of Dr. Robert C. Hunter; daughter of Thomas B. and Eliza Walker; born Sept. 19, 1818; died Sumpter Co., Ala., recently.


October 16, 1846

GEORGE BODDIE son of Elijah Boddie, Sumner Co., Tenn.; born Oct. 4, 1825; died Sept. 30, 1846.

WILLIAM BARNETT born Guilford Court House, N.C., July 5, 1775; moved to Kentucky; married Jabitha Padoc, August 15, 1799; died Jefferson Co., Ky., Sept. 12, 1846; ten children.

CHARLES McGee BRANSFORD oldest son of R. B. and Elizabeth Bransford, born Jan. 11, 1824; died Matamoros, Mexico, August 17, 1846; in American forces serving in Mexico.

WILLIAM JAMES POAK son of Richard and Joyce B. Poak, grandson of John Lynum; died Lawrence Co., Tenn., August 27, 1846 aged 17 months, 4 days.

C. S. CUSTER wife of Rev. J. Custer, presiding elder, Washington District, Arkansas Conference; daughter of General George and Nancy Hill; born March 1823; married April 21, 1846; died Sept. 1, 1846.

MINERVA JANE PARK died Aug. 9, 1846, Walker Co., Texas in the 24th year of her age.

WILLIAM C. RICHMOND, Hickman Co., Ky., born Sept. 27, 1821; died Sept. 6, 1846; two children.

FATAMA EDWARDS, nee Rodgers, born N.C. but moved with parents to Henry Co., Tenn. where she married Jared S. Edwards and moved to Shelby co., Tenn.; died July 21, 1846.

JAMES CHAMBERS, Pope Co., Ark., a volunteer in Captain David Woods' company stationed at Ft. Gibson, Cherokee Nation, died recently, about 32 years old; one child.

PEYTON S. SOUTHALL son of James and Judith Southall, Williamson Co., Tenn.; born Va., Jan. 19, 1808; moved to Franklin Co., Tenn. where he died June 1845.

ELIZABETH JANE WOOD wife of Bennett A. Wood; died Jackson, Tenn., Sept. 9, 1846 in the 22nd year of her age; born Wilkes Co., Ga., April 17, 1824; moved with parents, John and Ann Stone, to Ala., then to Miss.; married Feb. 18, 1841.

MARY M. VINCENT wife of John A. Vincent, Memphis Conference, died Henry Co., Tenn., Aug. 22, 1846; born Granville [Greenville] co., Va., Mar. 7, 1814; one infant, fourteen hours old when its mother died.

ELLEN H. RAMSEY wife of Joseph R. Ramsey, died Carlowsville, Ala., Sept. 13, 1846 in the 28th year of her age.


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FRANKLIN L. SAWYER son of Rev. Seymour B. Sawyer died in the residence of Thomas L. Brothers, Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 26, 1846, nearly six years old. His mother died in Nashville, Tenn., August 26, 1843; his brother, Thomas Brotherton Sawyer, died Oct. 19, 1843. His father died Sept. 24, 1844. That "winds up the earthly existence of the once beloved family of S. B. Sawyer."


October 23, 1846

LUCY B. NEBLETT widow of Dr. Josiah Neblett; born Lunenburg Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1805; moved to Montgomery Co.; Tenn., 1807; died October 9, 1846; married Jan. 12, 1825.

MARY EASTERLY daughter of Isaac and Nancy Easterly, died Sept. 13, 1846. Born Tenn., August 24, 1828; moved to Miss. with her parents.

ALEXANDER HULIN born Hudson, New York, Jan. 1, 1803; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1824; ordained deacon, 1827; ordained elder, 1829; New York Conference; located in 1837; married twice, in 1827 and 1836. Died Ft. Bend, Texas, July 1, 1846; two children.

MARTHA P. GIBBS, nee Blithe, wife of William Gibbs, Jr.; died Sept. 19, 1846; born in North Carolina but moved to Henry Co., Tenn. with her parents.

ISAAC C. SHEPPARD son of Austin and Rachael Sheppard died September or October 1846 in the 18th year of his age.


October 23, 1846

American soldiers killed in the battle for Monterey, Mexico, September 19-24, 1846, included:

Captain WILLIAMS, topographical engineer; Lt. TERRETT, First Infantry; Captain L. N. MORRIS, Third Infantry; Capt. FIELD, Third Infantry; Major BARBOUR, Third Infantry; Lt. IRWIN, Third Infantry; Lt. HAZLITT, Third Infantry; Lt. HOSKINS, Fourth Infantry; Lt. WOODS, Fourth Infantry; Captain McKAVETT, Eighth Infantry; Colonel WATSON, Baltimore Battalion; Captain BATTLEM [Allen], First Tenn. Infantry; Lt. PUTNAM, First Tenn. Infantry; a German lieutenant [Hett]; Lt. DILWORTH, severely wounded and died.

Through courtesy of Jack D. Wood, Tennessee Room Librarian, Jackson-Madison Co. Library, Jackson, Tennessee, owner of the book, THE MEXICAN WAR, by Edward D. Mansfield, New York, 1850, the names of these men are more particularly mentioned therein on page 361:


(Page 87)


Although the name of this Methodist newspaper/periodical was changed at this point in time to the NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, in order to finish out the calendar year, 1846, the present writer has decided for convenience of researchers to include the remaining weeks of obituaries in this publication.


October 30, 1846

From the Republican Banner.

Commanded by Col. Campbell, in the attack upon the
City of Monterey, on the 21st September, 1846.

COMPANY A.-Capt. Whitfield, ordered to stay in camp for its protection while the other 9 companies were ordered out to Monterey.
Major Richard B. Alexander, badly wounded.
2d Lieut. Joseph C. Allen, of Company G., Capt. Blackmore, acting assistant commissary, badly wounded.

COMPANY B.-Lieut. Wilson P. Davis.
Corporal T. F. Winston, slightly wounded.
Private J. L. Bryant, badly wounded.
        Alex. Bigham, badly wounded.
        D. G. Fleming, badly wounded.
        Macky Rone, badly wounded.
        Samuel Davis, badly wounded.
        James Thompson, badly wounded.
        David Collins, badly wounded.
        A. S. Duval, slightly wounded.
        T. B. Powell, slightly wounded.

COMPANY C.-Capt. McMurry and Capt. Walton's Companies united.
Private John B. Porter, killed.
        William H. Robertson, killed.
        William B. Davis, badly wounded.
        Joseph Law, badly wounded.
        James York, wounded mortally.
        William Young, mortally wounded.
        Richard Gifford, slightly wounded.
        Ashley V. Stanfield, slightly wounded.
        Asa Lamb, slightly wounded.

COMPANY D.-Capt. Northcut.
2d Serg't John A. Hill, killed.
Private B. F. Coffee, killed.
        J. J. Argo, slightly wounded.
        James Todd, badly wounded.
        Thomas Vickers, badly wounded.

COMPANY E.-Capt. Cheatham.
2d Serg't. S. M. Putman, killed.
Private E. W. Thomas, killed.
        D. W. Cabler, killed.

COMPANY F.-Capt. Bennet.
        Booker H. Dalton, killed.
1st Serg't. James M. Vance, badly wounded.
4th Serg't. George W. Gilbert, slightly wounded.
4th Corporal Thomas Thompson, slightly wounded.
Private Michael Crance, badly wounded.
        R. C. Locke, mortally wounded.
        J. F. Raphtill, mortally wounded.
        Charles N. Tulley, slightly wounded.
        Thomas Kelley, badly wounded.
        Albert Thomlinson, badly

COMPANY G.-Capt Blackmore.
Private Isaac Inman Elliott, killed.
        Peter H. Martin, killed.
        Edward Pryor, killed.
        Benjamin Soaper, killed.

1st Corporal Julius C. Elliott, badly wounded.
Private R. A. Cole, slightly wounded.
        Joseph J. Jenkins, badly wounded.
        L. G. Stewart, badly wounded.

COMPANY H.-Capt. Frierson.
Private Henry Collins, killed.
1st Lieut. J. L. Scudder, badly wounded.
2nd Serg't. Sulinger Holt, badly wounded.
4th Corp'l. Joseph Patterson, slightly wounded.
Private Chisley Arnold, slightly wounded.
        J. J. Blackwell, slightly wounded.
        Joseph Cruthfield, slightly wounded.
        J. Freeman, accidentally wounded.
        J. D. Gilliam, badly wounded.
        P. S. Hale, slightly wounded.
        Daniel C. King, badly wounded.
        C. B. McGuire, badly wounded.
        S. S. Reaves, badly wounded.
        A. W. Reaves, slightly wounded.
        Thomas N. Smith, slightly wounded.
        C. B. Wood, slightly wounded.
        Augustin Stevens, slightly wounded.

COMPANY J.-Capt Foster.
        James H. Allison, killed.
        James H. Johnson, killed.
        James B. Turner, killed.
        R. D. Willis, killed.
        R. R. Morehead, killed.
1st Serg't. Charles Davis, wounded in the left eye, not dangerously.
4th Corporal R. W. Green, wounded through the right knee, not dangerously.
Private Eli Brown, wounded through the left thigh, not dangerously.
        F. W. Bowen, wounded in the thigh, (flesh) not dangerously.
        Peter Engles, flesh wound in thigh and arm.
        Robert Flannegan, wounded through the hips, not dangerously.
        Wm. Lowry, slightly wounded.
        S. N. Macey, slightly wounded.
        G. G. Zachary, wounded through the right foot, not dangerously.
None considered by the Physicians dangerously wounded, and of this be assured.

COMPANY K.-Capt. W. B. Allen's and Capt Buchanan's united.
Capt. Wm. B. Allen, killed.
Private Joseph B. Burkett, killed.
        J. M. L. Campbell, killed.
        A. J. Eaton, killed.
        A. J. Gibson, killed.
        Tinsley Glover, killed.
        A. J. Pratt, killed.
        William Rhoades, killed.
        J. W. Saunders, killed.
        G. W. Wilson, killed.
1st Lieut. George H. Nixon, slightly wounded.
1st Corp. W. M. Allford, badly wounded.
2nd Corp. J. H. Kay, badly wounded.
Private A. S. Alexander, badly wounded.
        M. C. Abernathy, slightly wounded.
        Jesse Brashears, badly wounded.
        J. M. Bailey, badly wounded.
        C. G. Boyd, badly wounded.
        J. V. Colter, slightly wounded.
        J. W. Curtis, badly wounded.
        John Gavin, slightly wounded.
        Aaron Parker, slightly wounded.
        F. Richardson, badly wounded.
        A. O. Richardson, badly wounded.
        Thomas C. Ramsey, badly wounded.
        John Vining, badly wounded.
        M. D. Watson, badly wounded.
        H. H. Dotson, badly wounded.

Total killed-26.


(Page 88)

Dr. ALFRED W. HARRIS died Oct. 10, 1846 aged 21 years, 10 months; graduate, University of Pa. had "just married an interesting young lady." (from the Nashville WHIG)

THOMAS PLUMMER RANDLE son of Rev. T. W. and Eleanor J. Randle; died Oct. 15, 1846 aged 15 mos Athens, Alabama.

MARY E. NEVILL daughter of Henry and Rebecca Peeples; born Limestone Co., Ala., Aug. 17, 1825; married Nathaniel G. Nevill; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Died in residence of H. S. Nevill, Morgan Co., Ala., Sept. 19, 1846.

ANN DAVIS daughter of William and Elizabeth Webb; wife of Colonel Isaac N. Davis; died LaFayette Co., Miss., Sept. 21, 1846 aged 28 years.

WILLIAM KING born Burke Co., N.C., Oct. 22, 1770; "came to this country" [i. e., middle Tenn.], 1795/6; professed religion, 1800; member of Bethel Methodist Church, Sumner Co., Tenn.; died Sept. 9, 1846 having been "afflicted about 3 years with a pulmonary affection."

DABNEY WARE born Amherst Co., Va., Dec. 1, 1787; settled in Fayette Co., Tenn., but moved in 1845 to Coahoma Co., Miss., "in the wilderness;" joined Methodist Church; surviving were his widow and children. Died Sept. 10, 1846.

MARTHA WHITELY, nee Hambleton, born near LaGrange, Ky., June 10, 1800; died a few miles from that place, Oct. 4, 1846, after a severe illness; survived by children and stepchildren.

JOHN KIZER, native of Allegheny Co., Pa., died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 26, 1846 aged 72 years; moved to Stewart Co. in 1800; husband and father. Methodist.

ELIZABETH GILES daughter of William Giles, dec., Williamson Co., Tenn.; born Dec. 15, 1830; died Oct. 6, 1846, consumption; "taken sick", at school, May 8, 1846.

WILLIAM M. M. OWEN, lawyer, died Columbia, Chicot, Ark., Sept. 21, 1846; husband and father.

EDWARD B. NOWLIN died in residence of his father in Bedford Co., Tenn., June 10, 1846 in the 23rd year of his age.


November 6, 1846

Rev. JOHN MEEK, Augusta Circuit, Ohio Conference, married Mrs. Martha Thomas, Bracken Co., Ky.; "the owner of a number of slaves." Died Oct. 5, 1846.

It was reported Sept. 10, 1846 that Rev. Dr. JOHN L. WILLIAMS was killed instantly near Athens, Alabama; surviving were widow and one child.

THOMAS WAKEFIELD, native of Virginia; moved in early life to Burke Co., N.C.; served his country ''as a patriot and soldier;" died Lincoln Co., Tenn. in 87th year of his age, as reported on October 17, 1846.

MARTHA JANE GRAVES born Franklin Co., Tenn., Dec. 30, 1825; died at her stepfather's residence, Franklin Co., Sept. 3, 1846.

WILLIAM WALKER BERRY CUMMINGS son of David Cummings; died of congestive fever, Monroe Co., Miss., Oct. 2, 1846 aged 13 years.

NANCY LITTLE daughter of Richard and Mary Mobley, born Aug. 6, 1817; died Oct. 4, 1846; wife of James Little.

H. W. P. POOL born Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1813; moved with parents to Calloway Co., Ky. where he died Sept. 24, 1846; licensed to exhort in Methodist Church in 1844.

Tribute of respect for DYONISEUS M. RAGSDALE, member of the Methodist Church; died Coffee Co., Tenn., Sept. 24, 1846; by the Manchester, Tenn. Methodist Church dated Oct. 2, 1846.

MILDRED BIRTHRIGHT married Williamson Birthright in 1819; died Wilson Co., Tenn., Aug. 28, 1846 in the 59th year of her age; member of Methodist Church since age 12.

MOSILLA E. ERWIN daughter of Jesse and Jane West; born July l5, 1820; married James G. Erwin Dec. 31, 1837; died August 14, 1846; surviving were her widower and five children.


(Page 89)

MELISSA GOLLADAY daughter of J. S. and Elizabeth S. Golladay; died Keysburg, Ky., Oct. 25, 1846 aged 2 years, 5 months, 2 days [May 23, 1844].


November 13, 1846

SARAH ANN CAMERON daughter of William and Alzira H. Cameron; died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 9, 1846 aged 21 months and 24 days.

Notice that HEZEKIAH F. HAMNER, native of Caroline Co., Va. left Memphis, Tenn., March 20, 1845, and went to Columbia, Ark., from which he wrote to his family since which time he has not been heard from. Anyone with information about him, asked to contact Mrs. Caledonia Hamner, Memphis, Tenn. or Henry T. Jones, Green Bottom [now Bartlett, Tenn.], Shelby Co., Tennessee.

P. C. LATIMER dau of Rev. John Henry, born May 18, 1809; wife of Isham Latimer; died Sevier Co., Ark., Sept. 15, 1846; joined Methodist Church, 1829; wife and mother.

ELIZABETH C. PURTLE daughter of George M. and Nancy Purtle, Graves Co., Ky., died of typhus fever in residence of Rev. Thomas Smith, Bellemonte, Fayette Co., Tenn., Oct. 8, 1846 aged 18 years, 6 months and 12 days [March 26, 1828].

S. [Sarah] B. MONTAGUE [nee Cook] born Granville Co., N.C., Oct. 25, 1801; [first]wife of Young Montague; married Nov. 7, 1820; moved to Tenn., 1826; died Fayette Co., Tenn. [date not provided] [See, PETER MONTAGUE and descendant, by George William Montague, 1894, pages 202-204. "Sally" Montague died July 28, 1846. ]

ELIZABETH NORMAN born Ala., Oct. 2, 1818; wife of Thomas Norman, Tishomingo Co., Miss.; died Oct. 15, 1846; consumption; wife and mother (four children).

WILLIAM GIBBS, originally from eastern North Carolina; died near Grenada, Miss., Oct. 22, 1846 in the 80th year of his age; ten children, forty-three grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.

ELIZABETH McDONALD daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Warren; born in Ala. and moved with parents shortly after her birth to Green Co., Miss.; her father died and she was reared by her mother, assisted by an uncle, John Warren; married James R. McKee who died Jan. 1, 1834; married John McDonald "on or about" Nov. 1, 1841; wife and mother ( six children). Died close to Oct. 19, 1846 in the 37th year of her age.

HENRY HENDRICKS son of James and Sarah Hendricks; born Guilford Co., N.C., Feb. 15, 1815; died McNairy Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1846; husband and father (two children).

HUGH B. ROBB born Harrison Co., Ky., July 25, 1813; married Maria A. Harrison, May 21, 1833 and moved to Smith Co., Tenn., spring 1835, where he died Sept. 9, 1846.

MADALEINE HARRISON daughter of William Sanders (dec); born Dec. 8, 1826; married W. Harrison, Nov. 1844; died Oct. 11, 1846; daughter and wife.

MARTHA BASS daughter of James Williams, formerly of Sumner Co., Tenn.; wife of Thomas Bass; died Oct. 23, 1846 in her 38th year of age; wife and mother (three daus). Shelby Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM WINBURN infant son of Rev. William and Nancy Winburn died Oct. 14, 1846; in the Memphis Conference.

GEORGE GLENN born Ga., May 29, 1800; died May 29, 1846 from having a wagon run over him 20 miles from Columbus, Miss. "on the military road to Florence." Joined Methodist Church, 1823; husband and father.

JOHN A. MARKS son of Rev. John and Ursula Marks died Giles Co., Tenn. Oct. 15, 1846 aged 1 year, 9 months and 13 days [January 2, 1845].

SARAH JANE TUCKER daughter of Capt. William Tucker, Marshall Co., Miss., died recently in the 17th year of her age; her death reported from Linwood, Miss., Oct. 26, 1846.


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November 20, 1846

J. M. JACKSON, a Methodist preacher and tanner, was reported shot and killed by a man named Moon, Clarksville, Tenn., November 13, 1846.

CYNTHIA ANN CHAMBERLIN, wife of William C. Chamberlin; born near Natchez, Miss., Nov. 29, 1813; died Sept. 28, 1846.

ANN OZBORN daughter of Noble and Hannah Ozborn, Williamson Co., Tenn., born Feb. 25, 1824; died Oct. 12, 1846.

SARAH G. TERRY daughter of William T. and Kitty C. Bennett, Smith Co., Tenn.; born May 16, 1815 married Nathaniel Terry, Nov. 27, 1836; died Jackson Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1846; wife and mother.

MARIA GUTHRIE born Cole's Creek, Jefferson Co., Miss.; died June 13, 1846 aged 30 years. La.

HUGH DUNLAP, native of Ireland, came to America in his youth and settled in Knoxville, Tenn.; eventually moved to west Tenn.; died Oct. 10, 1846 in 77th year of his age; surviving was his widow to whom h~ had been married 52 years and 4 months [June 1794]. [Buried in old city cemetery, Paris, Tenn.: HUGH DUNLAP, born Londonderry, Ireland, Nov. 5, 1769; died Oct. 10, 1846]

REUBEN HALL, Shelbyville, Ky., died Aug. 13, 1846 in 49th year of his age; member of Brick Methodist Church; had a "numerous" family. His daughter, MARY A. HALL, died in Shelbyville, Oct. 30, 1846 in the 23rd year of her age from "continued fever."

ELIZABETH SPENCER wife of Rev. John B. Spencer; died Lowndes Co., Miss., Oct. 1846 "aged about 41 years"; wife and mother.

Captain JOHN WHITE, veteran of Revolutionary War, native of Amelia Co., Va.; fought at Brandywine and "was at" the surrender of Lord Cornwallis [Oct. 1781]; migrated to White Co., Tenn.; joined Methodist Church, 1824; died Oct. 16, 1846 aged 95 years [1751].

JOHN W. MARSHALL, esq., died of congestive chill, Eddyville, Ky., Oct. 27, 1846.

Tribute of respect for JOHN R. WILSON who was killed in Somerville, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1846; by Dialectal Society, LaGrange College, Ala., where he had been a student; dated Oct. 31, 1846.


November 27, 1846

JAMES S. HILL, St. Louis, MO, wanted to know whereabouts of his son, FRANCIS MARION HILL, aged 15 years and JAMES RILEY HILL, aged 13 years, formerly of Gibson Co., Ill.; but left home in St. Louis, MO, Sept. 14, 1846 riding a sorrel mare, wearing blue cotton pants white wool hats. Anyone knowing about their whereabouts were asked to contact their father.

WINNEFRED WYNNS widow of Thomas Wynns, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1836 aged about 67 years; had moved from New Orleans to Tennessee.

ELIZA M. STEPHENS daughter of M. G. and Mary Ann Stephens; died Sept. 2, 1846 in 8th year of her age. Polk County, Texas.

ANN REBECCA TERRY died of a fever, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1846 aged 20 years.

JOAB WILSON, Estanaula, Haywood Co., Tenn.; born S.C., Sept. 23, 1786; died Oct. 1, 1846; active Methodist steward, Brownsville Circuit, Memphis Conference; husband and father (five children).

ELIZABETH E. FORD daughter of Richard and Jane Lancaster, born Smith Co., Tenn., May 4, 1798 married Milton Ford, Mar. 31, 1822; moved to Wilcox Co., Ala., fall 1829, from there she and her husband left Oct. 9 to visit her only sister living in MO and about two miles from home she was injured in a runaway horse-buggy from which injuries she died Oct. l4, 1846.

WILLIAM GRAHAM died Sept. 1, 1846 aged 22 years; his sister, ELIZABETH GRAHAM, died Sept. 26, 1846; children of Dr. John and Elizabeth Graham. Murray (Ky.) Circuit.

F. R. FRAZIER, native of Dinwiddie Co., Va., died Tipton Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1846 aged about 33 years; moved from Va. to Tenn. about 1835; husband and father (five children).


(Page 91)

SAMUEL H. BARNET son of William and Mary Barnet, Presbyterians, born Knox Co., Tenn., Nov. 4, 1807; married Ann B. Colton, Nov. 24, 1829; moved to Pulaski Co., MO, 1837, where his wife died. He married Elizabeth J. Cox, Dec. 24, 1840; having been a Presbyterian elder he joined the Methodist Church. Died Sept. 6, 1846 with his family around him. Wright Co., MO.

Mrs. THOMAS NIXON born S.C., April 24, 1806; died Oct. 12, 1846; mother of twelve children and was buried with her infant child in her arms. Hinds Co., Miss.

ALFRED RHEW, native of N.C.; moved to Tenn., thence to Ark., where he was killed in a horse-carriage accident, Sept. 22, 1846. [Obituary repeated in Dec. 4, 1846 issue]

Major JOAB WILSON born S.C., Sept. 23, 1786; died Haywood Co., Tenn., Oct. 1, 1846. [added by JKT Smith after text was printed]

Because, of its mention of numerous individuals and communities the following article was copied for inclusion here (poor clarity):


For the Nashville Christian Advocate

COLUMBUS, Miss., Nov. 7th, 1846,

        At the last session of the Alabama Conference, I was appointed to the charge of the Plymouth Mission to the blacks; this was a new work created at the instance of the Female Missionary Society of Columbus; its location is in the prairies west of this place. I have been diligently employed in it during the present year, preaching at 17 appointments every three weeks. But as it may be interesting to some of my brethren to learn more particularly the nature of a missionary's work, I will enter more into detail: by your permission I will take them one round on my mission, that they may see for themselves, and learn a little as it were by experience.
        On Friday afternoon we will ride 13 miles to Col. Mims' Plantation at the Pitchlynn settlement; here after supper we go out to the Academy and preach to the Colonel's blacks and a few others that attend occasionally with them; our congregation consists of about 40 or 50; the room is large and the light is different, but we can see their bodies if not their eyes, and we do the best we can. We read a portion of scripture, sing and pray, and then preach the word. Sometimes we have very good meetings; 27 have joined the church, most of whom are on probation. Col. Mims is not a professor of religion himself, but encourages the mission, and desires his blacks should be instructed, and brought under religious influence.
        Next morning we go to Joseph Toland's, about two miles, and at 12 o'clock the blacks are called in, and we preach to them in an unoccupied house in the yard; here the overseer and his wife always attend the preaching, and seem to take a great interest in the meetings; they are both Methodists. We preach and catachize we pray with the mourners, and have a happy meeting; 33 have joined here, most of whom as probationers; these blacks seem to take a great interest in their meetings and the overseer, who has charge of them about 7 years, tells me he has never had as little difficulty in managing them as before.
        In the evening we go to James Hamilton's plantation, about a mile, and after supper we preach in a house erected for a hospital, which makes a very suitable chapel; here we have 25 in society, all probationers, about 20 seem to be earnestly seeking religion. The last time I preached here we had 4 or 5 happy conversions. In the morning (Sabbath) at sun rise we hold class meeting. There are several in the catechism class who can repeat a large proportion of the answers. After breakfast ride to Mr. Cocke's plantation and preach; this is a large estate, having 3 overseers; most of the blacks who are professors are Baptists but seem to enjoy the meetings. We have had about 40 or 50 children in a catechism class here who have made surprising proficiency, principally through the attention of Miss Virginia Powell, who has taken a great interest in their instruction; here are 16 members on probation; we need a meeting house at this place very much. Immediately after dinner we ride 5 miles, part of the way through a very bad swamp to Richard Barry's quarter and preach and catechize, or hold class meetings, commencing at 4 o'clock; we preach in one of the negro cabins, and have 15 in society, mostly on probation; after the labors of this day we feel very willing to rest for the night.
        Our next appointment will be at James Sykes' on Monday at one o'clock; there is some interest awakening among them here; we have 9 in society and a pretty large catechism class, and always have a good meeting. After preaching return home and rest until Saturday morning, then ride to Calvin Perkin's and preach in one of the negro houses, to a very well behaved company, some of whom appear to be seeking religion. Mr. Perkins is a member of the Baptist Church himself, but a man of very catholic spirit, and feels desirous for the welfare of his black people. In the afternoon, we go to Willis Banks' quarter, and preach, after supper, in the kitchen; which is the most roomy place to hold our meetings in. Here we have some mourners though no society; these blacks appear attentive.
        Sabbath morning at 9 o'clock, we preach at Ruffin Coleman's, in a negro house, to a very attentive congregation; we have a fine catechism class here, who can repeat a large proportion of the catechism. Mr. Coleman's people are all Baptists, who are professors of religion. He feels a great solicitude for the spiritual welfare of his servants, and catechises the children himself. We get through meeting about eleven and immediately go to Wm. B. Winston's quarter, get dinner, and preach, at 1 o'clock, to his blacks and Willis Banks' in a negro house; here we have no class formed, the professors are few, and they are members of the Baptist church. We then ride across the plantations to James Whitfield's quarter and preach to a fine set of blacks, who seem to enjoy the meeting very much; they are all in the Baptist Church; after I get through and dismiss, every one, little and big, come and shake hands with me before they leave the house; here I sometimes preach in the passage of the overseer's house, (Mr. Thompson) sometimes in a negro house. Mr. Thompson is not a professor, but loves to have preaching to his people, and treats me very hospitably, as do all the overseers. Here we spend the night and in the morning go 4 miles to Dunstan Banks' quarter, and preach at one o'clock in a new house he is building for his overseer; these negroes seem to be awakened, 11 have joined on probation and appear very sincere in seeking salvation. We hold class meeting after preach-


(Page 92)

ing and converse personally with each one, urging them to be faithful in seeking and serving God. At night, after supper, at Mr. Cobb's, preach in his kitchen to his blacks, 4 of them have joined the church. Mr. Cobb does not profess religion himself, but expresses considerable interest in having his blacks instructed. He says he will build a chapel for them. From here return home and rest till Friday, when we ride to Mr. Morton's quarter, and preach in a negro house; some of these people appear to be seeking the Lord in great sincerity, 5 have joined on probation, and I hope that good has been done among them; though an unfortunate circumstance has occurred recently which discouraged me to some extent. One of the negroes attempted to kill his master, while he was correcting him for disobedience and insolence, stabbing him with a knife, and severely cutting one of his fellow servants, while attempting to take hold of him, he then jumped into the river and drowned himself; a most desperate and shocking act. Fortunately the wound did not prove fatal. I do not think any of the others had any participation in this deed.
        At night preach at Richard Powell's in his piazza to his blacks and whites all together; 5 of his blacks have joined the church, and some mourners present themselves for prayers. Mr. Powell's family are Methodists and the preacher feels quite at home with them. Saturday morning we ride over to Col. Holderness' quarter, and preach under a wagon shelter at 1 o'clock; a few of them are professors. I have not been able to make much impression on the unconverted part of them as yet.
        Next morning being Sabbath, preach at Winston's Plymouth plantation to his blacks and Dr. Malone's in conjunction. Here we have had some encouragement, 19 have joined the church this year, and we have some penitents every time I preach. I have had a class here during the year in the catechism. Part of the year we have held our meeting in a cotton shelter, now I preach in a negro house. After preaching here I ride 3 miles to Col. Short's and preach at 4 o'clock, here we have 5 members and catechize all the congregation. I have joined in society on this mission in all 174 this year, and if I had had an opportunity to have held protracted meetings among them, I should have been able to have reported much greater success. I think the mission may be reported prosperous.



December 4, 1846

An obituary bearing the name of HARALSON had been submitted to the ADVOCATE but it was so faded it couldn't be read. [This was probably the obituary of OLIVER GORMAN, submitted by if not written by his father-in-law, Herndon Heralson, Haywood Co., Tenn.; the younger man married Jane Ann, Haralson's daughter, in 1838; in Haralson's diary entry, Sept. 28, 1846 he noted that he had just, received a letter from his own son, Haywood Haralson, about Orman's demise (who left no children and died in Texas.)] [HTML editor's note: on the name discrepancy/typo in Mr. Smith's note, GORMAN probably is correct since that name appears in the index.]

Rev. JOHN W. McREYNOLDS born Washington Co, Va., Feb 6, 1800; died of bilious fever, Paris, Ill., Oct 15, 1846; moved with parents to Allen Co, Ky. about 1804; joined Methodist Church 1820; entered Methodist ministry, 1821; married Lee Ann Morgan, Prestonburg, Ky., 1821; his had been mentally deranged since 1835; they had moved to Ill. She died Oct 7, 1846.

The wife [unnamed] of E. B. ONSBY born Sumner Co., Tenn., 1811, died Sept. 11, 1846, Marshall Co., Texas; wife and mother.

Mrs. HOLLIDAY born Washington Co., Va., Aug. 10, 182l; married Aug. 24, 1843; died Fayette Co. Tenn., Oct. 22, 1846 "far" from her kindred; wife and mother (an infant child).

EMELINE TAYLOR, dau of William Taylor, born July 12, 1827; died in residence of her father in Shelby Co., Ky., Nov. 3, 1846; joined Methodist Church, Rockbridge campground, August 1842.

MARY E. STOVALL born Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 9, 1824; moved with Parents to Graves Co., Ky., January 1840 and married Dr. William Stovall the same year; died, October 6, 1846.

Reverend JOHN MILLER MARTIN son of Daniel and Mary Martin, Carroll Co., Miss.; born Green Co., Miss., July 19, 1815; died near Beaver Dam Springs, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1846.

JOHN BENNETT son of William T. and Kitty Bennett died Nov. 5, 1846 in the 23rd year of his age, Smith Co., Tenn.; survived by widow and infant son.

MARY M. EWGENIE MAGEE daughter of Jacob and Mary J. Magee died Aug. 11, 1846 aged 5 years, 3 months, 22 days [April 19, 1841]; her sister, CORNELIA ISABELL MAGEE died Oct. 20, 1846 aged. 3 years, 9 months and 11 days [Feb. 9, 1843]. Coahoma Co., Miss.

JOHN A. GOBER born Jan. 1, 1816; died Shelby Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1846; husband and father (five children).

Tribute of respect for STEPHEN H. CARTER who died in his mother's residence, Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1846; by Western Star Masonic Lodge #9, Springfield, Tenn., dated Nov. 19, 1846.


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December 11, 1846


Rev. GEORGE WASHINGTON BEWLEY born Fairfax Co., Va., May 2, 1810; moved with parents to Greene Co., Tenn. when an infant and at age 8 years moved again, to Jackson Co., Ala.; entered Methodist ministry; labored in the Tennessee Conference and transferred to MO Conference in 1829; ordained deacon, 1827; ordained elder, 1829; married Emily Brady, 1834; died Hannibal, MO, Nov. 5, 1846; husband and father (three children).

JAMES W. WILLIAMS son of Luke D. and Heiturah [Keturah?] Williams born Aug. 20, 1827; married Mary Crosby, Dec. 18, 1845; died in mother-in-law's residence, Sept. 18, 1846.

SUSAN L. BAUGH daughter of Solomon and Mary Paine, widow of William Baugh (died Sept. 13, 1845); born Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1818; moved with parents to Haywood Co., Tenn., 1831; married August 27, 1839; died at her father's residence, Sept. 27, 1846; her infant dau. [Mary Jane Baugh; mother and dau. buried in Sweet/Paine Cemetery, near Koko, Haywood Co.]

ROBERT PAINE, SR. died Tipton Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1846 aged 64 years.

SARAH FRANCES JONES daughter of Rev. H. T. Jones died Covington, La., Oct. 6, 1846 aged 9 mos.

MARY WHEELER died in her father, T. H. Tindall's residence, Oct. 23, 1846 in the 17th year of her age; born Conway Co., Ark.

SIMPSON WEBBER, serving in the Oldham Volunteers, died in Monterey, Mexico, Oct. 7, 1846; husband and father (2 children); his father-in-law, B. T. Crouch, Lagrange, Ky. submitted his obituary.

JONATHAN J. HARRISON born Baltimore, Maryland, Aug. 15, 1824; went west in 1840; studied two years in Georgetown (Ky.) College; licensed as a Methodist local preacher in Louisville, Ky.; died from congestive fever, Jefferson Co., Ky., Oct. 5, 1846.

ELIZABETH HIGHTOWER SENSING daughter of Daniel and Tabbitha Moore; sister of Rev. Jordan Moore; born July 4, 1816; married William Sensing, July 4, 1836; died Fayette Co., Tenn., Nov. 9, 1846.

SARAH JEMIMA HILL daughter of Mrs. Susan Pollard, born "within the sound of church bells", Huntsville, Ala., Oct. 27, 1846; married Robert Hill, Jan. 21, 1846; died near Huntsville, Nov. 9, 1846; surviving were her widower and infant born November 5, 1846.

ELIZABETH P. GARRETT wife of Rev. Lewis Garrett. died Hinds Co. Miss. Nov. 9, 1846 aged about 64 years.

Tribute of respect for Rev. JOHN M. JACKSON, recently deceased by his fellow freemasons. Clarksville (Tenn.) Masonic Lodge 89; dated Nov. 13, 1846.


December 18, 1846

TABITHA A. DE VILBISS daughter of William and Agnes Menifee; born Morgan Co., Ala., June 5 1824; moved with parents to Texas in 1830; married Feb. 1845 to Rev. J. W. De Vilbiss; died near San Antonio, Texas, August 15, 1846.

ANDREW M. JONES son of George and Katharine Jones, native. of Ark., died Sept. 22, 1846, Union Co., Ark; husband and father (two children).

Mrs. MARY P. POOL wrote to her son, W. S. P. Pool, from Murray, Ky., Oct. 8, 1846 of the death of her son, H. W. P. POOL, Sept. 24, 1846 and a daughter, MARTHA A. MARTIN who ostensibly died recently.

WILEY P. GRISWOLD, recently a returned soldier from Mexico, died Casey Co., Ky., Oct. 1, 1846 in the 22nd year of his age, having reached home Sept. 11, 1846.

SARAH SULLIVAN daughter of Elkanah and Elizabeth Sullivan; wife of James D. Sullivan; born 18l4; died Yalobusha Co., Miss., Oct. 11, 1846; wife and mother.

E. M. DUNCAN wife of John A. Duncan, mother of nine children, died Saline Co., MO, Nov. 2, 1846 aged 43 years; daughter of Marshall Durrett, Albemarle Co., Virginia.


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JOSEPH RUSSELL, aged about 44 years, died Hardin Co., Ky., Sept. 15, 1846; husband and father (four children).

EBENEZER HEARN RAMSEY Son of Rev. L. P. Ramsey; died Nov. 1846 in his 14th year of age.

Tribute of respect for Captain WILLIAM B. ALLEN, U. S. Army, died recently [Sept. 2l, 1846] in Monterey, Mexico "while urging his men to victory." Serving in Mexican War. This, by a fraternal group of which he had ostensibly once been a member. [BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, volume one, edited by R. M. McBride, 1975, pages 7-8. WILLIAM BETHEL ALLEN born Giles Co., Tenn., Jan. 16, 1824; killed at Monterey; served in Tennessee House of Representatives, 1845-1487. Lawyer.]


December 25, 1846

LOUISA C. LAWSON wife of Professor L. M. Lawson; died Lexington, Ky., November 20, 1846 in the 34th year of her age.


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