By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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June 28, 1838

A watchman named JOHN BATTS," aged and respectable, "was killed by a black man named HENRY MOORE, escapee from a lunatic asylum, in Philadelphia, Pa., June 8, 1838. A week later two black men approached FRANCIS McCARNEY, a butcher, corner of Seventh and Shippen streets, Philadelphia, and asked him if he were the person assisting the constable in arresting Moore for his crime, to which McCarney replied that he had nothing to do with the matter. The men walked away but soon returned, one of whom stabbed McCarney, inflicting a mortal wound.

SARAH FLETCHER wife of Thomas H. Fletcher, esq., died Nashville, Tenn., in "the past few days"; a notice from the REPUBLICAN BANNER.

TURNER FOSTER died in Shelbyville, Tenn., June 20, 1838, of consumption, in the 28th year of his age.

THOMAS A. RASH, formerly of Lunenburg Co., Va., died in Germantown, Shelby Co., Tenn., June 24, 1838.

LAWRENCE EARNEST, native of Burke Co., N.C., died Washington Co., Tenn., April 30, 1838 in the 72d year of his age.

JOHN FRANKS, Lawrence Co., Tenn., died May 8, 1838, "supposed" to have been about 70 years old; husband and father.

MARTHA ANN BAKER wife of William Baker, formerly of Bedford Co., Tenn., died in Weakley Co., Tenn., March 31, 1838 in the 32d year of his age.


July 19, 1838

MARY DOUGLASS STOTHART daughter of Dr. A. H. Stothard and wife, Brownsville, Tenn., died July 8, 1838 aged 4 years.

MARY A. S. BROWN wife of Hugh Brown, died in residence of her father [unnamed], Kingston, Tenn., June 26, 1838 aged 24 years, 2 months and 2 days [April 24, 1814].


November 22, 1838

CATHARINE WATKINS died in residence of her son-in-law, Dr. Sayles, Sept. 17, 1838 in the 63rd year of her age; native of Virginia; first wife of Peter Jones and later, wife of Richard Watkins; had "many children."

WHITE PATH, a Cherokee Indian chief, died near Hopkinsville, Ky., a few days ago, aged 75 years; he was part of the company of Indians migrating west; "was near the Nashville road and monument of wood, painted to resemble marble [was] erected to his memory on which is inscribed his name."


May 4, 1839

ELIJAH T. HALE died March 7, 1839.

MARTHA A. BOYKIN daughter of Lewis Cockrill; wife of William Boykin; died Madison Co., Tenn., March 11, 1839 in the 21st year of her age; four children. Methodist.

MARTHA WHITE daughter of Pleasant White died Rutherford Co., Tenn., April 7, 1839 in the 26th year of her age; liver disease; joined Methodist Church in 1827.


May 11, 1839

MARY EDWARDS BROWN wife of George Brown, Paradise Hill, Davidson Co., Tenn., died May 10, 1839, in residence of father-in-law, Joseph P. Brown.

RICHARD H. BARRY, old citizen of Davidson Co., Tenn., died near Nashville, May 10, 1839.

MARTHA R. HOWARD died in her mother, Judath Q. Malone's residence, Madison Co., Ala., April 8, 1839 in the 23rd year of her age.


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Reverend ARNALD PATTON, presiding elder, Abingdon [Va.] District, Holston Conference, died April 5, 1838 in Russell Co., Va.

GEORGE USSLETON, a Revolutionary War veteran, died April 24, 1839 [Franklin Co., Tennessee He was born Kent Co., Maryland, August 10, 1762; lived in several places after the war.]

ALLEY M. NEELY wife of Rev. Thomas J. Neely, daughter of Shadrach and Grizza Collins born Edgecombe Co., N.C., Feb. 13, 1804; died in the Methodist parsonage, Brownsville, Tenn., May 8, 1839.


May 18, 1839

Reverend WILLIAM P. TAYLOR, formerly of Smith Co., Tenn., a Methodist local preacher, was charged with immorality [no details furnished] and was expulsed by the Quarterly Conference, Goose Creek Circuit, Tennessee Conference, March 30, 1839; he had left this area, moving to Marion Co., Illinois.

On May 18, 1839, the steamboat, George Collier, left New Orleans enroute on the Mississippi River to St. Louis; on the next day the boiler was ruptured, scalding to death twenty-six persons aboard, including T. J. SPAULDING, fireman, Missouri; CHARLES BROOKS; WILLIAM BLAKE, Boston; CRISSON HERING, Germany; Mrs. E. WELCH and two children, New Orleans; J. O'BRIEN and wife, New Orleans; SELEN J. BROQUA, Poland, Ky.; JOHN IDEDA, France.; DAVID J. ROSE, New Orleans; DEDERICK GROE, Germany; DEDERICK CROSS, Boston; JOSEPH B. BOSSUET, Boston; JOSEPH LAWRENCE, Park Co., Iowa; PETER SMITH, New Orleans; CHARLOTTE FLETCHER and brother, England; ___ BILCH, fireman.

Dr. A. B. TUCKER, eminent physician of Philadelphia, Pa., native of Tuckertown, New Jersey, died Washington, D. C., April 2l, 1839; riding on a train on his way to visit relatives in Frederick Co., Maryland.

JAMES McEWEN, native of North Carolina, died in the residence of Rev. John Brooks, Lexington, Tenn., recently; at the age of 90 years; veteran of the Revolutionary War.

JACOB B. EARNEST died at the Cherokee Agency, April 29, 1839 in the 23rd year of his age; his father, Lawrence Earnest, had predeceased him by a year, lacking one day; both men died of consumption.


May 25, 1839

Mrs. MILDRED KYLE wife of the "late representative" of Buckingham, Va., daughter of Colonel William Perkins, died there, April 24, 1839. Her child, about a week old, also died, April 21, 1839.

JAMES S. CRUTCHFIELD son of E. and P. Crutchfield, died May 4, 1839 aged 7 months, 3 days [November 1, 1838].


June 1, 1839

RICHARD LAWLESS, Clay township, Highland Co., Ohio, and a friend were racing on horseback, when his mount brushed against a bush, hitting him in the head; "his face and head were about half torn off", May 7, 1839.


June 8, 1839

JESSE B. CAMPBELL, fair skin, light hair, blue eyes, left home, Carroll Co., Ga., July 1835 on. a visit to Franklin, Ga. and had not been heard from since then. He was born in September 1818. His father, Phillip Campbell, sought information about his son's whereabouts.

ELIZABETH KELLEY widow of Dennis Kelley, Statesville, died May 9, 1839 in the 81st year of her age, in residence of her son, Daniel Kelley.

GEORGE MOONEY, Hawkins Co., Tenn., drowned recently in Holston River. He was about 26 years of age.


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JUSTIN KELLOGG, Troy, New York, was killed on a recent Tuesday morning in a stagecoach accident.

Miss MARY ANN IZER, aged 17 years, died Robertson Co., Tenn., May 23, 1839.

JAMES H. ABELL, Methodist preacher, died April 16, 1839 in the 33rd year of his age. Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.

Reverend ARNOLD PATTON born Montgomery Co., Va., 1809; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1829; labored in several circuits of the Holston Conference until he was appointed presiding elder of Abingdon District, 1837; after a lengthy illness he died April 5, 1839.

RICHMOND P. HARRIS died in middle Tenn., May 15, 1839 aged 36 years.


June 15, 1839

ELLIOTT SPOTSWOOD, Madison Co., Ala., died May 21, 1839 aged 55 years; native of Orange Co., Va.; had moved near to Huntsville, Ala. in 1819.

JOHN SMALL died on consumption, Courtland, Ala., May 28, 1839.

MARY BURRUS ROBINSON daughter of Rev. P. P. Robinson, died Huntsville, Ala., May 29, 1839 aged 19 months.

SARAH B. STEVENS daughter of Moses Stevens, esq., died near Nashville, Tenn., June 9, 1839 in the 17th year of her age.

JOHN BEDFORD son of James Bedford, died Obion Co., Tenn., March 26, 1839 in the 18th year of his age.


June 22, 1839

TABITHA C. MILLER died in residence of her brother, J. M. Miller, east Tenn., Mar. 29, 1839.

SUSAN ELIZA DAVIS oldest daughter of A. M. and Sopha E. Davis, died Giles Co., Tenn., June 1, 1839 aged 5 years.

MARTHA C. CHAMBLESS wife of Joel Chambless; daughter of Thomas and Martha Stewart; died Madison Co., Ala., May 17, 1839 in the 22d year of her age.

MARY E. LONG daughter of George G. and Jane Black, born July 29, 1802; married William F. Long, July 29, 1824; died June 2, 1839; joined Methodist Church in 1836.


June 29, 1839

JAMES PUCKET, Lafayette Circuit, Kentucky, a Methodist local preacher, "mysteriously disappeared" on Jan. 21, 1839; his family was in extreme want.

J. BLACK ROBINSON, merchant, formerly of Lafayette Co., Ky., died in Nashville, Tenn., June 22, 1839.

ANNA M. MORFORD daughter of Edward Morford, Princeton, N. J., died Edgehill, N. J., May 31, 1839 aged 21 years.


July 6, 1839

        The following Inscription, on the Head Stone of the grave of our beloved Bishop McKendree, was sent for publication by the Rev. Elisha Garr.

to the Memory of
Bishop of the Methodist E. Church in the
United States of America

        Born in King William County, Virginia, July 6th, 1757. Died at his brother's, James McKendree, Sumner co., Tennessee, March 5th, 1835. He was elected ordained Bishop in the city of Baltimore, May 1808.
        He labored in the ministry of the gospel 47 years with uncommon zeal, ability aud usefulness; and for 27 years, discharged the duties of the Episcopal office, with such wisdom, rectitude and fidelity; as to secure the confidence, respect and esteem of the ministers and people of his official oversight, in travel and labor for the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom, and the salvation of the souls of men.
        He occupied an elevated position among the most eminent ministers of Christ, and has furnished an illustrious example for Christian Pastors and Bishops.
        He finished his course in peace and triumph proclaiming in his last moments ALL IS WELL.



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Reverend WILLIAM LAMBETH, aged 74 years, native of Virginia, died Dec. 3, 1838; itinerant Methodist preacher for five years but on moving into Tennessee he was afterwards a local preacher; husband and father (9 children). Fountain Head, Tennessee. Had moved to Tennessee in 1809.


July 20, 1839

No obituaries appeared in this issue.


July 27, 1839

Reverend JEREMIAH NORMAN, Methodist preacher, Georgia Conference, died July 24, 1839.


August 3, 1839

ELIJAH HINTON, a black man employed in a Louisville, Ky., livery stable was reported to have died July 9, 1839 while in a rage after a dispute with a white man named Taylor.

ZECHARIAH GREEN, native of Williamson Co., Tenn., sold his farm in that county and went to Texas to explore possibility of moving his family there; having reached Texas he became ill and died there May 18, 1839; his death was reported to his wife, back in Tennessee.

ELIZABETH RINGGOLD LEE daughter of Rev. B. and Ann Marie Lee, Arkansas Conference, died in Forest Hill, Ark., July 23, 1839.

On a recent Saturday the wife and two children of GREEN CHAIRS were killed by Indians about ten miles from Tallahassee, Florida.


August 10, 1839

ELIZABETH JOHNSON wife of John Johnson, died Sumner Co., Tenn., June 17, 1839.


August 17, 1839

MARY ELIZA CRAIG wife of James T. Craig, died near Nashville, Tenn., August 8, 1839 in the 23rd year of her age; no children.

JAMES DENNIS died Overton Co., Tenn., May 4, 1839 in the 48th year of his age.

Reverend I. L. G. STRICKLAND had been appointed as Methodist missionary to Texas and he had attended his labors in a vast territory; he became ill with fever and died in Columbia, Texas, July 2, 1839.

ANGELINA SANDERS wife of Dr. Theophilus Sanders, born near Raleigh, N.C., Nov. 23, 1797; died Denmark, Tenn., July 13, 1839.

JOHN EDMONDSON was shot and killed by SPENCER BARTON at China Grove during an altercation between the two men; recently. [State not given but there was a post office of that name in Mississippi and a settlement near Trenton, Tennessee of that name]

Sometime in the past winter, Captain JAMES CARRADUS, Charles City Co., Va. disappeared; interested local individuals began an investigation that resulted in the interrogation of a slave name JOHN who confirmed that he had helped to bury the body of Carradus in a nearby marsh after the victim's son-in-law, BESKIN HOPKINS, had shot and killed him. The murderer jumped bail and the slave was given a minor sentence. Captain Carradus was "an Englishman by birth."


August 24, 1839

On August 19, 1839 a laborer, WILLIAM SANDY, entered the grocery store of WILLIAM G. HARRISON on Market Street, below Union Hill, in Nashville and told him he would be unable to pay a debt he owed, allegedly a small one; angry, Harrison struck him with a bludgeon, killing him. Harrison "ran away" and the authorities were in pursuit of him. He was described as about 25 years old, "pretty stout built ... light complexion, full round face, blue eyes, a full beard of hair generally curly" and frowned when spoken to; he was "very fond of drinking."


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SHEPARD KOLLOCK, esq., a. veteran of the Revolutionary War, died "on Sunday morning" [July 28, 1839], aged 87 years, leaving a widow to whom he had been married 62 years. Philadelphia. He established the NEW JERSEY JOURNAL, 1779; moved his press to New York in 1783, establishing there the NEW YORK GAZETTEER; in 1787 he moved to Elizabethtown, New Jersey and established the NEW JERSEY JOURNAL which he operated until he sold it in 1818, thereafter serving as postmaster in Elizabethtown (until he retired in 1829).

ADELINE ANDERSON wife of Captain John G. Anderson, died in Woodford Co., Ky., July 29, 1839; she had formerly been married to S. B. Winchester, Nashville, Tenn.

JAMES RYAN, professor of math, died in New York, July 29, 1839 in the 45th year of his age

Reverend ARCHIBALD ALLISON, LLD, aged 81 years, died Edinburgh, Scotland, May 18, 1839; writer of sermons.

Reverend SAMUEL MARSH, Holmes Co., Miss., Baptist preacher, died recently.

WILLIAM P. JOHNS, Danville, Va., died recently in Campbell Co., Va.

CHARLES BICKLEY, born Va., July 27, 1753; went to western Va. to protect his sister, Mrs. Carter, whose husband had been killed by Indians near Blakemore's Fort, Clinch River. That sister died about 1821. He married Mary Hatler (died April 11, 1801), Green Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1788; seven children; married Delilah Wigfield, Scott Co., Va., and had six more children. He had been a militia captain; died Russell Co., Va., June 1, 1839.


August 31, 1839

On August 17, 1839 JAMES M. MITCHELL, painter, killed CALVIN BISHOP, postmaster, Tuscumbia, Ala., with a knife.

WILIE JONES died DeKalb Co., Tenn., July 14, 1839.

JOSIAH WHITLEY, esq., died DeKalb Co., Tenn., August 8, 1839; joined Methodist Church, August 25, 1836.

WILLIAM BURNETT died of bilious fever, August 2, 1839; moved from Smith Co., Tenn. into west Tennessee a few years ago; husband and father (3 children).


September 7, 1839

JOHN BLACK ROBINSON died in Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 22, 1839 in the 25th year of his age; native of Kentucky; husband and father (1 child).

Captain WILLIAM F. GOODWIN died Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 29, 1839 in the 36th year of his age

MALINDA NAIL daughter of Thomas and Polly Nail, born Jan. 20, 1839; died Bledsoe Co., Tenn. August 12, 1839.

NERVA MARTIN wife of Lorenzo D. Martin, Warren Co., Tenn., died in residence of her father Rev. William Nails, Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Aug. 25, 1839; two children.

ROBERT GRAY GARRETT only son of Colonel William Garrett, died in White Plains, Tenn., Sept. 6, 1839 aged 4 years, 9 months, 6 days [September 1835]

Mrs. TEMPERANCE BASS born Granville [Greenville?] Co., Va., 1764; moved to Athens, Tenn. in 1834, where she died August 12, 1839.

ARREMIT GILL wife of G. W. Gill died of consumption, Marshall Co., Miss., recently, in the 25th year of her age.

ELMORE WALKER son of James and Ann Walker born Oct. 25, 1786; died Hickman Co., Ky., August 8, 1839.


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September 14, 1839

Mrs. ELIZABETH CHESHIER, aged 34 years, died Henderson Co., Tenn., July 5, 1839.

MARY JONES died Shelby Co., Tenn., August 20, 1839 in the 49th year of her age; wife and mother (11 children).

A preacher, "J. M.," visited the lonely spot at old Grinder's old cabin settlement [near Hohenwald, Tenn. in what is now Lewis Co., Tenn.] in middle [but then called west] Tennessee where MERIWETHER LEWIS was buried after supposedly committing suicide October 11, 1809. The old field where he was buried "has grown up with bushes and briers. It is truly a wild and solitary place. No one lives near it. It is also said that his grave has been twice filled up and paled in but all have been consumed to ashes or mouldered into dust."


September 21, 1839

Miss NANCY M. WALKER died Huntsville, Ala., Sept. 11, 1839 in the 24th year of her age.

MARY MARTIN wife of Dr. George Martin died Lincoln Co., Tenn., August 30, 1839; joined Methodist Church in 1806.

EDWARD J. TOMLINSON son of Isaac and Mary Tomlinson died at Major Dixon's near Columbia, Tenn., August 25, 1839 in the 24th year of his age.

FRANKLIN DAVIS died August 29, 1839 aged 31 years.


September 28, 1839

NANCY FREEMAN born Franklin Co., N.C., 1768; joined Methodist Church, 1791; moved to Wilson Co., Tenn., 1807 and afterwards to Haywood Co., Tenn. where she died August 27, 1839.

COMFORT CLEAR died in her father's residence, Anderson Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1839 in the 26th year of her age.

FRANCIS JANE TARRENT died August 20, 1839.

CATHARINE SHUTTER wife of George Shutter, died Claiborne Co., Tenn., Sept. 5, 1839 aged 75 years.

Mrs. MARY CARNEY died Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 8, 1839 in the 34th year of her age; five small children.


October 5, 1839

SARAH HOLT wife of Hiram Holt, died Bedford Co., Tenn., August 27, 1839 in the 37th year of her age; joined Methodist Church in 1836.

SANDERS M. PRESLEY a Methodist local preacher, Cumberland Circuit, Tennessee Conference, born N.C., May 13, 1806; died September 19, 1839.

FRANCIS A. HENNING daughter of Rev. John Henning died after ten days illness in Madison Co., Tenn., July 26, 1839 in the 18th year of her age. [Her tombstone in the old Blair Chapel cemetery, Madison Co., read by the present writer, "Sacred to the memory of FRANCES ANN HENNING who was born February the 19th 1822 and departed this life July 26th 1839 in certain hope of a glorious resurrection."]


October 12, 1839

MARTHA E. BLAKE, nee Moss, died Holly Springs, Miss., September 12, 1839.

JAMES GAMBILL, Cumberland Presbyterian, died Robertson Co., Tenn., Aug. 31, 1839 aged "near" 22 years. His sister, FRANCIS GAMBILL, died in same place, Aug. 1, 1839 aged 18 years. Another family member, MATILDA GAMBILL, died Aug. 12, 1839 aged about 23 years old; another family member, NANCY GAMBILL died Aug. 26, 1839 aged 20 years, 8 months [August 1819].

JAMES HOOD, formerly a merchant in Florence, Ala., died there, recently; native of Scotland.


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Dr. PATRICK D. NEILSON died Bolivar, Hardeman Co., Tenn., Sept. 18, 1839 of congestive fever; husband and father (3 children).

ELIZABETH H. CLARK, Henderson Co., Tenn., daughter of Rev. Mechael [as spelled] Clark; born May 25, 1821; died in August 1839.

JOSEPH B. TRAVIS died Simpson Co., Ky., August 11, 1839 of consumption.


October 19, 1839

SARAH C. SEBASTIAN daughter of Dr. Samuel Sebastian, died Centerville, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1839 in the 16th year of her age; from congestive fever.

ROSE POWELL wife of Rev. E. S. Powell, died near Purdy, McNairy Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1839; born Buncombe Co., N.C., 1799 and moved with parents to Tennessee; married in 1818.


November 2, 1839

MARGARET McCOAL wife of Martin McCoal, died Haywood Co., Tenn., Sept. 24, 1839 in the 17th year of her age; had been married only a few months.


November 9, 1839

Three sisters had died; daughters of William and Prudence Husbands, Lincoln Co., Tennessee. Miss ORPHA HARDEN HUSBANDS born June 6, 1820; died Lincoln Co., Sept. 11, 1839. Miss TERISSA M. HUSBANDS born July 28, 1823; died Sept. 12, 1839. Mrs. ESSA A. COLE born Oct. 4, 1814; died Sept. 17, 1839 (mother of four children).

JAMES BOTTS son of Aaron and Sally M. Botts, died Alexandria, Aug. 28, 1839 in the 18th year of her age.

A. D. STRATTON youngest son of James and July Stratton died Oct. 1839 aged about 19 years. Sumner Co., Tenn.

INFORMATION WANTED. JOHN C. and SARAH OLIVER, Tuscaloosa, Ala., wrote that their son, TALLAIFERRO Y. OLIVER, aged 22 years, left home in Sept. 1836; the last letter from him dated August 17, 1837 was from Benton Co., Ark. where he was employed by a man named Elliott; inferentially he had "gone farther west." They wanted to know his whereabouts.


November 16, 1839

JAMES KEARNS died Knox Co., Tenn., Nov. 6, 1839 in the 22d year of his age.

JOSHUA KILPATRICK, a Methodist itinerant preacher, died Oct. 14, 1839; born April 7, 1782; had labored in the Virginia and Tennessee conferences.

Reverend R. G. CHRISTOPHER died Sept. 13, 1839; Methodist preacher since 1831.

Reverend J. B. BARTON, Methodist preacher, Georgia Conference, had been sent as a missionary to Africa; before leaving he married and he and his wife, Mrs. E. M. Barton, a native of Charleston, S.C., had embarked on their journey in 1837; he died in Africa, March 30, 1839 soon after which she gave birth to a baby boy and returned to Norfolk, Va.


November 30, 1839

Major DAVID BALLEW died Somerville, Morgan Co., Ala., Nov. 9, 1839 aged 25 years; husband and father.

CLEMENTS C. RANDLE son of Wilson and Susanna Randle died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1839.


December 14, 1839

Colonel THOMAS SHAW, Lomensville, Robertson Co., Tenn., merchant, died Nov. 2l, 1839; husband and father (7 sons).


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Reverend C. R. BALDWIN died Oct. 4, 1839. Methodist preacher, Ohio Conference.

Mrs. KNOWLES and Mrs. EDWARDS were drowned near Richmond, Va., Nov. 25, 1839; each had two children.

A man named DOYLE shot and killed Mrs. MADISON who had refused his offer of marriage, in Louisville, on a recent Thursday. Doyle was a tailor.

JOHN COCHRAN probably the last of the "Boston Tea Party" participants died in Portsmouth, New Hampshire a few days ago.

Mrs. SARAH WEAKLEY, aged 44 years, died Huntsville, Ala., Nov. 19, 1839.

Major WILLIAM C. CONRAD, born two miles north of Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 6, 1788; died in his brother, George C. Conrad's residence, near Springfield, Tenn., November 27, 1839.

MARTHA BROWN wife of David Brown, born Brunswick Co., Va.; moved to Giles Co., Tenn., 1814 died there, Oct. 25, 1839 aged about 65 years old; eight children.


December 21, 1839

SARAH T. SHAW daughter of William and Mary Shaw, born Robertson. Co., Tenn., April 20, 1818 died Oct. 17, 1839.

GRIZZEAL W. HUNTER born Aug. 30, 1805; died November 6, 1839.

Colonel THOMAS SHAW born Halifax Co., N.C.; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn., 1805; a brother William Shaw, mentioned; died November 1839.

Mrs. FMILLA AMERICA RUCKS daughter of John and Elizabeth Gaddis, died near Talladega, Ala., Oct. 26, 1839 aged 31 years.


December 28, 1839

SUSAN E. GOODRICH daughter of Richard Harvey, formerly of Fauquier Co., Va., wife of Dr E. W. Goodrich, died Gibson Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1839 aged 18 years.

ANN McWHIRTER wife of M. McWhirter, born Maryland, 1769; moved to N.C., later to Tenn.; died Lawrence Co., Tenn., August 1, 1839.


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