By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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January 2, 1896

MARY BELL WOODALL; sister, wife, mother, died recently.

M. A. ANDREWS wife of I. T. Andrews, born Giles Co., Tenn., April 10, 1836; married March 15, 1858; three children; moved to Ark. in 1860; daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Westmoreland; died Cotton Plant, Ark., November 3, 1895.

GEORGE P. McCAMM born June 2, 1840; married Susan E. Morrisett, Sept. 1, 1865; died Dec. 8, 1895.

SARAH J. ARNOT, nee Payne, wife of A. H. Arnot; born Rogersville, Tenn., Feb. 3, 1837; daughter of the Rev. John Payne; died Morristown, Tenn., September 23, 1895.

JAMES FORD born Monongalia Co., West Virginia, June 19, 1813; married Amelia Yates, Nov. 8, 1836; moved to Ark. in 1849; wife died Nov. 10, 1851; six children. He married Mrs. Hannah


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Hartje, January 16, 1853 who died April 17, 187; [mistake is in Smith, not scanning] he then married Mrs. P. W. Sanders, July 16, 1878 and she died March 10, 1892. He died December 5, 1895.

MARY E. WATSON born Dec. 24, 1828; married Burrell Blackmon, Sept. 10, 1846; died July 25, 1895.

HASKEW BASCOM COLE born November 27, 1852; died near Abingdon, Va., November 29, 1895; married Narcissa F. Bailey, January 31, 1877; she died March 9, 1893.

SAMUEL D. McSPADDEN born Washington Co., Virginia, October 6, 1822; married Mary Reece, August 9, 1842; died Ft. Payne, Ala., November 12, 1895.

Rev. WILLIAM WESLEY YEARGAN born Bibbs County, Alabama; died Sunflower County, Miss., Nov. 18, 1895; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1875.

VIRGINIA GLENN WISDOM born in North Carolina; moved to Alabama in 1850; died Jackson Co., Ala., August 5, 1895 aged 62 years.

JAMES S. HAWTHORNE born March 29, 1814; died December 3, 1895; married (1) Frances Redshaw, 1836; five children; (2) Sarah Davis.


January 9, 1896

Rev. JOHN L. LLOYD, local Methodist deacon in the Baltimore Conference, died Carroll Co., Maryland, Dec. 18, 1895 in his 71st year of age; burial "at" Stone Chapel.

BERTA daughter of T. B. HAZLEWOOD, Town Creek, Alabama, died Nov. 17, 1895 aged 21 years and 13 days.

SUSAN, MINERVA DAVIDSON daughter of John Wasson, born June 25, 1824; died October 8, 1895; married John Dickson Davidson in 1842; moved from Lawrence Co., Tenn. to Henderson Co., in 1865 where she died; eight children.

M. REED HANGER, JR., 12 year old son of M. R. and Minnie Hanger, Dayton, Washington, died August 12, 1895 a few weeks after the death of his sister, Lena May.

BURRES WEST little son of T. P. and M. A. Hewlett died December 7, 1895.

GEORGE H. HALL son of the Rev. P. T. and Susan Hall, born March 1, 1864; died Union City, Tenn., November 26, 1895 in the residence of his uncle, W. W. Hall.

LILA daughter of Mrs. Eliza B. EARLY, Sanford, Florida, granddaughter of Bishop Early of the Methodist Church, died October 1, 1895 "in the full blush of young womanhood."

ROLLIE I. YOUNG son of Philip and Olive Young born Dec. 18, 1885; died November 11, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. EMMA LAWRENCE who died recently; by Blakemore Chapel Sunday School, undated.


January 16, 1896

Rev. B. W. S. BISHOP born Botetourt County, Virginia, July 22, 1834; died Tazewell, Virginia, October 4, 1895; son of the Rev. William P. and Lavinia Rose (Schoolfield) Bishop; joined Methodist Church October 22, 1856; married (1) Julia Ann Goodykoontz (died 1880), April 26, 1860; four children, three surviving (Rev. Charles M., S. W. Missouri Conference; Mrs. John W. Price, Nashville; Daniel H., Vanderbilt University); (2) Mary Jane Dickie, Dec. 12, 1883.

ELIZABETH PARKER daughter of William and Elizabeth Patrick, born Poplartown, Maryland, February 16, 1808; married George Parker (died March 5, 1870), June 25, 1828; three daughters. She died Morganfield, Kentucky, October 13, 1895.

MARIA L. WALKER widow of the Rev. E. M. Walker, daughter of John McLean, born May 20, 1831; married September 1856; died December 16, 1895.


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DANIEL TAYLOR born Grainger Co. Tennessee, January 12, 1812; married Arminta D. Lyles, February 19, 1839; six sons, two daughters; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., September 29, 1895.

HANNAH HICKS BURGES daughter of Archibald and Ruth Hicks, born Short Mountain, Tenn., August 25, 1808; died April 23, 1895; married Samuel E. Burges, January 24, 1830; ten children.

JOHN C. McCORD born Marshall Co., Tenn., May 24, 1864; died October 20, 1895; principal of Chapel Hill Academy.

ELIZABETH "Lizzie" BLEDSOE, nee Thomas, born Maury Co., Tenn., 1812; married Horace Bledsoe, 1828; moved in 1832 to Jackson, Tenn. where she died December 28, 1895. "She loved flowers."

FREDDIE infant son of Eugene and Helen SMITH, died Dec. 21, 1895 aged 3 months, 5 days.


January 23, 1896

Dr. CHARLES A. PEGUES born Chesterfield District, South Carolina, June 26, 1827; died Abbeville, Miss., December 25, 1895; medical degree from Medical College, Charleston, South Carolina; moved to Ala., thence to Ark., thence to Bolivar Co., Miss., thence to Lafayette Co., Miss. where he died; married (1) Nannie W. Ragsdale (died 1874), 1855; five children; (2) Mrs. M. A. J. Logan, widow of Colonel John Logan, CSA, in 1878.

MARY B. ENGLISH born January 17, 1815; died Nov. 4, 1895; married William English; several, children. Maury County, Tennessee.

LUCY ELLA daughter of W. H. and M. J. Eason born March 28, 1882; died October 19, 1895 near Wall Hill, Miss.

MAGGIE BLANCHE EVANS born May 20, 1870; died Dec. 1, 1895, Memphis, Tenn.

JOANNA MUNDALL died October 15, 1895 aged 63 years; daughter of the Rev. Edward and Rebecca Vincent; married William B. Mundall; two children.

B. O. McBEATH born Russell Co., Kentucky, May 31, 1839; died Dec. 11, 1895; married Perlina T. Wilkerson, Oct. 1, 1863.

MARY E. HOWELL daughter of Dr. James Boggan; died December 9, 1895.


January 30, 1896

Mrs. INDIANA JACKSON born May 22, 1811; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1895; married Nathan Jackson, November 1827; ten children.

MARY D. THOMPSON wife of N. M. Thompson, born Buncombe Co., North Carolina, Nov. 22, 1854; daughter of Henry Davis; moved to Wise Co., Texas; joined Methodist Church April 1889; died recently; eleven children, "one a babe dying a few hours after was buried in its mother's arms."

MARTHA JANE CARTER daughter of Alexander and Jane Hood, born Oct. 27, 1824; married William F. Carter, March 8, 1849; died January 7, 1896.

Tribute of Respect for MATTIE E. HICKMAN daughter of John C. and Christina Ferriss, born Dec. 12, 1847; died Oct. 19, 1895; by a Missionary Society committee, undated.

THADDEUS HERSCHEL infant son of R. D. and M. F. HARVEY died Dec. 22, 1895, fifteen days old.

THOMAS ELLIOTT SAUNDERS a founder of Methodism in West Virginia, born Woods Co., West Virginia, Nov. 19, 1822; died Parkersburg, West Virginia, Oct. 11, 1895; married Mary Smith, October 23, 1845; when the Methodist Church divided in 1844 he went with the northern group.

M. J. LATHAM daughter of Benjamin and Catharine Moody, born Nov. 12, 1842, Humphreys Co., Tenn.; died Benton Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1895; married G. W. Latham, Sept. 26, 1854; ten children.

MARY E. GORDON daughter of W. H. Eason, born in 1875; married Joseph Gordon, Dec. 1893; died January 5, 1896; one child.


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JAMES D. JOHNSON born Giles Co., Virginia, May 23, 1825; died Spencer, West Virginia, Nov. 3, 1895; married (1) Miss Calloway; five children; (2) Mahala Woodall, October 10, 1875.

SARAH I. BEALL daughter of William and Elizabeth Nelson, born Stewart Co., Ga., June 12, 1832; married A. A. Beall (died 1867), 1849; moved to Abbeville, Miss in 1870.


February 6, 1896

R. E. DOUGLASS born May 23, 1825; married Sarah E. Walton; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1883; moved to McKenzie, Tenn. where he died January 7, 1896.

MARY OLIVIA THOMASON born Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., May 30, 1855; married M. J. Speaks, January 19, 1876; died Sherman, Texas, November 19, 1895.

EVA B. daughter of T. U. COLE, born Feb. 21, 1888; died Honey Grove, Texas, January 7, 1896.

JENNIE JOHNSON daughter of Samuel and Mary Roberson, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 29, 1847; married William A. Johnson, May 21, 1872; died November 27, 1895.

Rev. JOHN SUMMERFIELD HENLEY born May 26, 1831; died Washington Co., Tenn., January 2, 1896; married Margaret Broyles, Feb. 16, 1859; two sons, three daughters; licensed to preach in Methodist Church April 29, 1882; a local Methodist preacher; ordained deacon Oct. 9, 1887.

PERMELIA BRAWNER daughter of William and Nancy Danley, born Henry Co., Ky., Oct. 9, 1817; married John Mitchell Brawner, May 7, 1843; died San Antonio, Texas, November 26, 1895.

CALLIE WILSON MAXWELL wife of W. H. Maxwell, daughter of the Rev. J. C. Wilson, born Haywood Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1867; married May 1, 1888; died December 31, 1895.

LEON NELSON KETCHUM born Oakland, Tenn., April 22, 1883; died Memphis, Tenn., January 7, 1896.

CATHERINE HICKS ROSS daughter of John and Polly Hicks, born Granville County, North Carolina, Feb. 8, 1819; died Paris, Tenn., Nov. 10, 1895; married, as her third husband, W. R. Ross, August 2, 1866.

ELMA PEARL daughter of M. M. and S. A. Charlton, born August 19, 1877; married H. H. Follis, Jan. 23, 1893; died Dec. 6, 1895.

SUSAN J. FONTE born Giles Co., Tenn., May 2, 1820; daughter of Levy and Martha Sherrell; died July 11, 2895.

Tribute of Respect for DANIEL ALLEN who died recently, former superintendent of Humphreys Street Sunday School, Nashville; by this group, undated.


February 13, 1896

NOLA CHAPIN GORE daughter of L. W. and Lelia Ann Chapin, born August 6, 1868; married J. E. Gore, 1891; died Gainesboro, Tenn., Oct. 18, 1895.

MARY CAROLINE HUST, nee Dixon, born Dickson Co., Tenn., March 23, 1834; died Benton Co., Tenn., January 20, 1896; married J. H. Hust, July 5, 1868.

SALLIE T. GRIFFIN widow of John Griffin, died Dec. 28, 1895 aged 81 years; born in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

WILLIAM R. KITTRELL born February 14, 1823; died November 16, 1895; burial "at" Jones' Church Cemetery.

Dr. AMON BOYD ROBINSON born Chapel Hill, Tenn., Sept. 17, 1840; died Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 9, 1895; only son of Dr. John A. and Myra W. Robinson; married (1) Ella Watson; (2) Helen Lytle, Feb. 1889; graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Mrs. REDUS widow of the Rev. J. W. Redus, born Ala., Feb. 1825; married 1848; died Shannon, Miss., November 17, 1895.


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LILLIAN GRAY daughter of W. A. and Lizzie M. Gray, Sumner Co., Tenn., born August 2, 1888; died Nov. 4, 1895.

IKE son of J. A. and Bettie MAYFIELD born October 12, 1885; died Dec. 30, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for EUGENE F. WILLIAMS who died recently; by Sunday School, Methodist Church, Sardis, Miss., undated.


February 20, 1896

Rev. DAVID S. THOMPSON born Rutherford Co., Tenn., January 10, 1850; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1876; Tennessee Conference; ordained deacon in 1881; ordained elder in 1883; died January 2, 1896.

THOMAS T. PEAY son of John and Mollie Peay, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 29, 1812; died Warren Co., Tenn., August 3, 1895; reared by Mrs. Brownfield as his mother died when he was an infant.

ELIZABETH FITZGERALD daughter of Colonel Robert Wells, born Feb. 17, 1806, Montgomery Co., Tenn.; married Hon. William Fitzgerald, 1822 and moved to Paris, Tenn. in 1826; fifteen children; died near Paris, Tenn., November 11, 1895.

FRANCES SAWYER, nee Wright, born Caroline County, Virginia, Feb. 18, 1815; married William Sawyer, 1838 and moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn. where she died June 5, 1895.

Dr. F. M. PARK born Floyd Co., Ga. 1833; moved to Ark. in 1857; married Martha Howell in 1859; five daughters, two sons. His wife died in January 1891. He died January 19, 1896.

SARAH A. WHITT died near Silk Hope, North Carolina, January 26, 1896 aged 56 years, 1 month and 24 days.


February 27, 1896

Rev. W. E. BALLARD born Grenada, Miss., April 4, 1837; died Natchez, Miss., Nov. 23, 1895; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1860; Mississippi Conference.

MINNIE TURRENTINE POLK wife of N. N. Polk, cashier of Tenn. Coal, Iron and Railroad Company, died Pratt City, Alabama, January 8, 1896; daughter of Gen. D. C. and C. E. Turrentine. Gadsden, Ala.; married November 15, 1882.

MARY W. BRYAN born Woodville, Miss., Dec. 23, 1857; married Dr. R. B. Beckwith, Nashville, Tenn., June 13, 1889; died Lilesville, N.C., November 25, 1895; three children.

Mrs. MATTIE E. HICKMAN daughter of John C. and Christian Ferris, born Dec. 12, 1847; died Oct. 12, 1895. Nashville, Tenn.

H. B. PEYTON born Wilson Co., Tenn., Nov. 1857; died Trinity, Texas, at residence of brother, John B. Peyton, February 1, 1896.

FADIE BIANCA daughter of Rev. B. R. HESTER born Todd Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1869; died Ashley, Ill., January 19, 1896.

MARY E. MATTHEWS born in Virginia; died near Okolona, Miss., January 26, 1896 aged 69 years.

NANCY F. SIMPSON, nee Gover, born March 24, 1821; married Sept. 22, 1841; died Nov. 15, 1895.


March 5, 1896

IRVING MILLER MALONE born July 22, 1878; died Dec. 10, 1895.

EMMA GOODBAR JOHNSTON died Friar's Point, Miss., Jan. 31, 1896 from accidental medicinal poisoning.

MARY A. MIZELL, nee Atkins, born Dover, Tenn., Nov. 4, 1829; died Auburn, Ala., Jan. 22, 1896; married the Rev. Alpheus Mizell, August 7, 1849; three sons, three daughters.


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WHITENALL CORNELIUS COOPER son of William and Mary Cooper, born in South Carolina, July 21, 1806; moved to Haywood Co., North Carolina in childhood; married (1) Cynthia Conly, daughter of James Conly; nine children; (2) Margaret Saunders. He died Sept. 19, 1895.

NANCY PEAY BUGGS wife of David M. Buggs, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1834; died January 27, 1896, Davidson Co., Tenn.; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville.

RHODA THAXTON widow of John Wesley Thaxton, born August 25, 1825; died Warren Co., Tenn., January 27, 1896 in residence of her son, J. L. Thaxton.


March 12, 1896

WILLIE HARPER HURT second daughter of William and Minerva Harper, born June 23, 1868; died October 3, 1895; married Bennie F. Hurt, Oct. 18, 1893; burial in Spring Hill Cemetery.

MALISSIE KING born November 10, 1846; died Oct. 16, 1895.

SAMUEL LEROY infant son of S. H. and S. A. BIRCHFIELD, Tipton Co., Tenn., born March 1, 1895; died November 18, 1895.

ALBERT V. GOODIN born Oct. 17, 1839; died Mineral Springs, Texas, January 15, 1896; Confederate veteran; married Susan H., daughter of James H. Moore, in 1870; moved to Nashville in 1883.

THOMAS DAVID WILLIAMSON born in North Carolina, March 24, 1833; moved with his parents, John J. and Eliza B. Williamson, to Maury Co., Tenn.; the oldest of fifteen children; married (1) Susan Cannon, Dec. 22, 1857; one daughter; (2) Mary J. McMillan, April 22, 1862; two children. He died near Lewisburg, Tenn., December 11, 1895.

LILLIAN SENSING infant daughter of J. D. Sensing, born Oct. 30, 1895; died in Kentucky, January 24, 1896.

W. J. WATKINS born Anson Co., N.C., March 3l, 1847; married Sophie Myers in Marshall Co., Miss.; died October l3, 1894.

SALLIE R. READ daughter of Thomas and Phoebe Kennedy, Hardin Co., Ky., born Nov. 20, 18l6; married Colonel William B. Read (died August 5, 1880), June 20, 1839 and moved to Ky. in 1843; burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

JAMES P. PICKEL born March 24, 182l; died Tate Co., Miss., Nov. 20, 1895; married twice; one son, two daughters.

MARY W. BRYAN born Woodville, Miss., Dec. 23, 1857; married Dr. R. B. Beckwith, June 13, 1889; died Lilesville, N.C., November 25, 1895.

CORA A. SHIPP, nee Bailey, born May 9, 1872; married S. T. Shipp, Dec. 23, 189l; died Dec. 24, 1895.

ALLEN SMITH CRUME born Grayson Co., Ky., January l3, 1851; married Mary F. Beauchamp, Lowell, Kansas, November 4, 1873; sons, Caston C. and M. B.; he died in Seneca, Mo., Dec. 14, 1895.


March 19, 1896

BENJAMIN RUSSELL FARR born Holmes Co., Miss., May 25, 1840; died August 8, 1895.

SAMUEL R. ELLIOTT son of Dr. J. P. and Fannie B. Elliott, died January 14, 1896 in his 18th year of age.

ALBERT J. BROWN born Saline Co., Illinois, October 29, 1869; died Corning, Ark., Feb. 9, 1896; left a widow and an aged father.

HENRY SHELBY WHITE born Wilson Co., Tenn., March 2, 1828; married Miss Ferrell who died leaving an infant; he then married her sister, Irene Ferrell; Confederate veteran; died February 6, 1896.

LEA ETNA CRAWFORD wife of W. C. Crawford, daughter of Iverson J. and Sarah Walker, born Fayette Co., Tenn., March 8, 1868; married May 15, 1889; died February 7, 1896.

GEORGE ALEXANDER JONES born Dallas Co., Mo., August 15, 1842; married Laura J. Rothburn, August 15, 1868; moved to Kaufman Co., Texas in 1873; died near Abel Springs, Feb. l6, 1896.


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Dr. JAMES A. BEASLY born Brunswick Co., Virginia, in May 1816; died LaGrange, Tenn. in the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Alice Pulliam, February 4, 1895; alumnus, University of Pennsylvania; married Hattie Bass.

SUSAN A. FOREMAN born Holly Springs, Miss., Nov. 7, 1843; married Robert T. Chandler, Jan. 24, 1861; lived in Okalona, Miss. since 1878. Died recently.

A. B. COWARD born Chesterfield Co., S.C., Oct. 7, 1830; married L. M. Coward, Dec. 4, 1853; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in 1867; died January 10, 1896; two daughters. Providence Church, Madison Co., Tenn.

Miss MAMIE EDMUNDS died October 20, 1895 in Columbia, South Carolina.

C. F. LOVELESS, nee McDonald, born in Miss., Oct. 7, 1857; married (1) R. W. Mozely, Oct. 29, 1879; (2) G. W. Loveless, Dec. 6, 1885. She died October 13, 1895.

MARYEE RIGGS OGILVIE widow of A. S. Ogilvie; born Dec. 19, 1816; died Marshall Co., Tenn., January 17, 1896.

LEILA AVRIETT, a child, died recently.

MARTHA J. FEW died February 26, 1896.

Rev. CLAUDIUS HORNBY PRITCHARD died recently in his 75th year of age.


March 26, 1896

Rev. D. T. WAINWRIGHT died Newtonia, Mo., Sept. 28, 1895 in his 84th year of age; a licensed Methodist preacher for sixty years.

Dr. WILLIAM D. ROBB born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1820; died Woodburn, Ky., Feb. 13, 1896; married (1) Catherine B. Inman; (2) Elizabeth Kirby. Three children; "graduated in medicine 1856"; moved to Allen Springs, Kentucky, then to Woodburn in 1864.

WINFREY B. McCONNELL born Sumner Co., Tenn., February 2, 1809; died Fulton Co., Ky., Nov. 17, 1895; moved to Fulton Co. in 1844; in May 1845 he and his neighbors organized the Green Brier Methodist Church now called Mt. Zion; served in the state legislature about 1848.

MATILDA WILSON born June 9, 1815; died Benton Co., Ark., March 7, 1896; eleven children.

WILLY BROWN ANDERSON son of Archie and Alabama Anderson, born Hickman Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1874; died January 13, 1896.

HENRIETTA SHACKELFORD daughter of P. P. Neeley, DD, born Columbia, Tenn., August 13, 1845; died Memphis, Tenn., February 21, 1896; married (1) John D. Cogbourne; (2) Dr. Charles Shackelford.

Dr. L. M. N. COOK died February 6, 1896 Wilson Co., Tenn., "near" 84 years old.

DAVID M. BRIGGS born near Lebanon, Tenn., Feb. 3, 1828; died March 3, 1896.

ROSANA FERGUSON born February 1830; died Blue Creek, Tenn., Dec. 27, 1895.

IZABELLA CHIDDIX oldest daughter of James and Sarah Chiddix, born March 12, 1867; died near Emory, Virginia, March 7, 1896.

CHARLES W. DAVIS born Oct. 27, 1866; married Alice Johnson, Oct. 2, 1895; committed suicide, January 21, 1896.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. MA. MIZELL who died recently; by Woman's Missionary Society, Auburn, Alabama, undated.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. R. A. SANDERS who died recently; by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Bessemer, Alabama, undated.


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April 2, 1896

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. T. B. HARGROVE, No. Mississippi Methodist Conference, who died of heart disease, at Coldwater, Miss., January 26, 1896; by Sunday School, Sardis, Miss. Methodist Church, undated.

J. C. HALL born August 6, 1855, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; joined Methodist Church August 1875; married Sept. 15, 1873; moved to Hays Co., Texas near Dripping Springs in 1889 where he died March 13, 1896; steward, Sunday School superintendent in local Methodist church.

JAMES WESLEY ADAMS son of Josephus A. Adams, born in Tennessee, September 6, 1862; moved to Warren Co., Ky. as a child; accidentally killed in a planing mill in Russellville, Ky., August 9, 1895; married Mary E. Foster; left a four-year-old daughter.

JOURDAN HACKNEY married Minerva Young December 28, 1847; died near Saundersville, Tenn., November 17, 1895.

LOUISA J. FERGUSON daughter of John and Catharine Branstetter, born Cumberland Co., Ky., January 4, 1824; married Joseph Ferguson, October 18, 1849; died Metcalfe Co., Ky., March 9, 1896. "She often referred to the scenes of the old camp ground with a great deal of emotion."

Colonel THOMAS E. CAMERON born Darlington District, South Carolina, April 24, 1811; died Verona, Miss., February 15, 1896.


April 9, 1896

Rev. W. H. LYLE born in Virginia, November 7, 1800; died Morgan Co., Ala., March 2, 1896; moved from Virginia to Allen Co., Ky. about the age of 7 years; moved to Madison Co., Ala. about 1816; married Delia A. Farley in 1825 who died about 8 years ago; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. about 1837; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church about 1836 as a local preacher; had eleven children; one married daughter died in 1851; to Confederate sons died in northern prisons; one son was killed at Ft. Donelson in 1862 and another son died in 1872.

Rev. S. B. ADAMS son of Joseph and Elizabeth S. Adams, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1822; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1847; entered the Memphis Conference in 1851; for a few years withdrew from itinerant ministry. Died December 26, 1895.

SARAH ALVA SANDFORD born Cave Springs, Ga., October 9, 1862; died Cherokee, Ala., Feb. 8, 1896; married December 25, 1887.

GILES BELEW born March 13, 1826; died February 15, 1896; five daughters, one son.

AMANDA DINNING daughter of Byrd and Nellie Troutt, died Sept. 22, 1895 aged 65 years; married J. W. Dinning at the age of 22 years; she reared an orphaned niece, Edna McDole.

JOHN J. ALLMAN born June 28, 1868; died of pneumonia, March 16, 1896; married Mary F. Evans, May 11, 1890. Houston County, Tennessee.


April 16, 1896

MARIA LOUISE BLACKMORE wife of the Hon. James W. Blackmore, born Davidson Co., Tenn. [no date given]; died Gallatin, Tennessee, March 5, 1896; daughter of William B. and Martha C. Ewing; present at her death were her brothers, Hon. Charles M. Ewing, Dresden, Tenn. and Dr. William G. Ewing, Nashville; among the tributes at her funeral was one from the Daughters of the American Revolution.

SALLIE G. RHODES wife of G. C. Rhodes, Somerville, Tenn., died February 29, 1896.

FANNIE JACOBS, nee Mathis, born Oct. 14, 1864; married Feb. 18, 1890; died March 23, 1896.

Tribute of Respect for ADDIE J. WINBOURN daughter of state senator, J. R. Winbourn, Kingston Springs, Tenn., who died in Nashville, Tenn., March 30, 1896; by Epworth League of Kingston Springs Methodist Church.


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WILLIAM BEARD GRAVES son of Palmer and Lida C. Graves, born May 29, 1893; died Hopkinsville, Kentucky, September 25, 1895.

NAOMI J. WEBB born Cherokee Co., Alabama, October 30, 1843; married J. M. Webb, July 26, 1866; sister of the Rev. J. T. Black, No. Alabama Methodist Conference; daughter of Lt. W. T. Black who was killed at the battle of Murfreesboro during the Civil War.

EDNA DINNING McDOLE daughter of F. and P. McDole, died Sept. 16, 1895 aged 16 years.

STRATON HARRIS son of W. B. and Maria L. Harris born October 1, 1871; died New Market, Alabama, January 8, 1896.


April 23, 1896

Rev. T. B. MALONE died West Point, Miss., March 10, 1896; a tribute by a committee of the West Point Methodist Church, undated.

FRANCES ELIZABETH ELLIOTT, nee Hill, born Brunswick Co., Virginia, Dec. 19, 1812; married William H. Elliott, August 30, 1830 near Memphis; ten children; died in residence of her daughter, Mrs. John Barker; funeral held March 13, 1896.

WILL GIBBS oldest son of Henry and Sallie Gibbs born May 9, 1886; died Gallatin, Tenn., March 18, 1896.

GEORGE REMER born in Germany, June 3, 1865; married Phoebe Newton, August 11, 1886; died Evansville, Ind., Feb. l0, 1896; burial in Cloverport Cemetery.

Mrs. E. A. RAYMOND born February 7, 1829; died January 25, 1896; four children, one, the Rev. R. R. Raymond; one, a daughter, Ms Marcia.

BETTIE L. BURTON born August 31, 1858; married D. E. Burton, Oct. 2, 1879; died March 26, 1896.

Rev. ROBERT A. ALLISON born Gibson Co., Tenn., May 11, 1840; died March 2, 1896; moved with his orphaned siblings to Greene Co., Ark. in December 1859; served in Confederate army and was wounded in the battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

Judge JOHN M. PARROTT died near Forest City, Ark., March 23, 1896 in his 82nd year of age; served as circuit court clerk fourteen years; judge of probate court one term; a lawyer.

JAMES W. ADAMS son of Josephus A. and Lucy A. Adams, born Macon Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1863; killed at his mill, Russellville, Ky., August 9, 1895; left widow and a four-year-old daughter.

VIRGIE EUGENE son of H. H. and Elender GREGG born August 15, 1873; died March 9, 1896.


April 30, 1896

MARY C. PALMER widow of James Palmer, born Richmond Co., Ga., March 22, 1808; died March 8, 1896; married August 5, 1825; ten children, those surviving Mrs. Robert Mercer, Mrs. Lewellyn Neal, John F., Dr. Jasper J., Samuel Anthony and L. D. Palmer. Her husband died 12 years ago.

J. H. H. FIGGATT born Botetourt Co., Virginia, March 13, 1840; died April 6, 1896; AB graduate, Washington College, 1858 with "first honors"; served in Company C, Second Virginia Cavalry, transferred to the 12th Virginia Cavalry, severely wounded in October 1864 during the Civil War; admitted to the Bar in 1866; elected to the House of Delegates in 1885 and 1887; active Methodist layman.

HENRY LEIGH PRIDDY born Shelby Co., Tenn., March 19, 1836; died Memphis, Tenn., March 2, 1896.

MAHALA RUTLEDGE DOVY, nee Akin, born Decatur Co., Tenn., March 3, 1822; married Thomas Davy, August 23, 1848; died February 15, 1896 in Saltiillo, Tenn.; she was his second wife; ten children.


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MARY DAVY daughter of Riley I. and Mary E. Davy, born Feb. 28, 1889; died Feb. 14, 1896.

Rev. S. T. PORTER born Abbeville District, South Carolina, July 27, 1828; moved to Tippah Co., Miss. in 1847; joined Methodist Church Dec. 25, 1848; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1871; ordained deacon in 1877; died December 15, 1896.

JOHN P. WALKUP son of J. D. and Bettie P. Walkup born October 5, 1863; died Feb. 20, 1896; an engineer on the Nashville and Chattanooga Railway; married Annie Johnson; three children.

MARY ANN THOMPSON born Coshocton County, Ohio, October 18, 1827; married the Rev. James Sims, June 6, 1848; moved near Columbus, Indiana in 1856; died March 20, 1896; 11 children.


May 7, 1896

EMILY RECORD, nee Cowden, born Marshall Co., Tenn., March 9, 1821; married the Rev. Sion Record (died May 1, 1859), 1843; three children; died November 16, 1895.

SARAH R. J. WARREN daughter of John A. and Elizabeth F. Marbut, born Sept. 7, 1862; married Joseph W. Warren, August 11, 1878; moved to Elkmont, Ala. in January 1893; died April 16, 1896; nine children.

OSBURN MUNN son of P. A. and Virginia Munn born December 26, 1865; died Jan. 6, 1896.

JAMES A. GUTHRIE born in Kentucky, July 11, 1824; died March 29, 1896; moved to Tenn. when he was a child, eventually to Hawkins County. His first wife and five children predeceased him.

ANNIE ARMSTEAD CATE born Richmond, Virginia, October 3, 1869; married J. H. Cate, November 8, 1887; died Runney, Ky., March 13, 1896; five children.

JANE BROOKS ALGEE born Lawrence Co., Ill., Nov. 29, 1826; moved to Carroll Co., Tenn. when young; married John Algee, October 5, 1852; moved to Marshall Co., Miss. in 1859; died March 13, 1896. A sister of J. H. Brooks.

CASPER NEAL born Edgefield District, South Carolina, January 24, 1817; moved to Alabama when young; married A. M. Weatherford; moved to Obtibbeha Co., Miss. where his wife died in 1814; moved to Ellis Co., Texas; married Mrs. S. M. Frazier. Five children; died January 11, 1896.

MATTIE FISHER TURNER daughter of Richard and Kittie Fisher, wife of T. M. Turner, born June 1, 1858; died November 27, 1895; married May 14, 1884.

Rev. L. B. STATELER died Corvallis, Montana, May 1, 1896. [June 4 issue: LEARNER BLACKMON STATELER son of Stephen and Rhoda Stateler, grandson of Rev. Ignatius Pigman, born Ohio Co., Ky., July 7, 1811; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Aug. 21, 1830; Kentucky Conference; missionary in Indian territory and later in Montana; died May 1, 1896.]


May 14, 1896

Miss ALLIE BALDWIN born near Abington, Washington Co., Va., June 17, 1874; died Lebanon, Virginia, March 22, 1896; daughter of W. T. Baldwein; graduate, Martha Washington College; teacher.

In Memoriam: Rev. E. L. SPRAGINS who died April 7, 1896; by Woman's Missionary Society, First Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas.

RICHARD L. KIRBY, Jackson Co., Ala., born Feb. 28, 1805; died Jan. 5, 1896; "a loving and loved husband and father."

MARGARET EVANS wife of William H. Evans, born Jan. 17, 1815; married in 1835; died March 1896; six sons, eight daughters; three of the sons died in infancy; daughter of George W. Charlton, Davidson Co., Tenn. Husband, aged 85 years old, survived her.


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ANNIE WILSON TARRANT oldest daughter of T. C. and M. A. Spencer, born Tuscaloosa, Ala., November 3, 1844; joined Methodist Church in 1858; graduate, Tuscaloosa Female College, 1864; married E. W. Tarrant, December 1869; died April 6, 1896.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. B. O. L. RAYNE who died March 20, 1896; by Woman's Missionary Society, Ladies' Aid and Parsonage and Home Mission Society, Rayne Memorial Church, New Orleans, undated.

Judge L. L. MACK, Paragould, Ark., born Macon Co., Tenn., 1817; died May 6,1896; eminent lawyer and active Methodist layman.


May 21, 1896

Rev. JERRET W. McNEIL born Wilkinson Co., Miss., Dec. 21, 1830; died near Crystal Springs, Miss., March 15, 1896; admitted to Miss. Methodist Conference as preacher in 1857; ordained deacon in 1860; ordained elder in 1861; married Lucy A. B. Carr, June 26, 1859; left preaching in 1872 and turned to farming; served as term in the state legislature; sometime agricultural editor of the NEW ORLEANS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE.

MARY FREEMAN born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 25, 1831; daughter of Allen T. and Fannie A. Nolen; married Dr. R. M. Freeman, Oct. 18, 1853; died February 7, 1896.

TURNER HARRISON infant son of J. W. and Alice DEMOSS, Watkins, Tenn., died April 23, 1896 aged 1 year, 11 months and 8 days old.

Mrs. E. Y. BUTLER, nee Lackey, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1827; died Eastland Co., Texas, April 26, 1896; married Mr. Butler, Oct. 1, 1844; three sons, five daughters; moved to Texas in 1884; husband died in 1895; made her home mostly with her son, Dr. J. E. Butler in Eastland. BUTLER IS SPELLED BUTTLER in this obituary.

Miss MATTIE O. CHADRICK born Feb. 24, 1843; died April 30, 1896.

MARTHA ELIZABETH STEEL, nee Franks, born April 24, 1854; died March 15, 1896; married Leonard Steel, local Methodist preacher, August 31, 1871.

MARY E. MILLER, nee Ornloff, born Logan Co., Ky.; married John C. Miller, Jan. 23, 1855; two sons, one daughter; died November 16, 1895.

SARAH A. HUBBARD, nee Gragg, born Ray County, Mo., May 19, 1831; died Covington, Kansas, Jan. 31, 1896; married Jesse A. Hubbard, April 3, 1855; joined Methodist Church in 1868.

MARY F. NORWOOD nee Luskey, born Green Co., Ga., Oct. 25, 1812; died Coosa Co., Ala., Feb. 26, 1896; married William Norwood, Jan. 26, 1836. Died in residence of son-in-law, Dr. J. T. Matthews.

JAMES L. WINFIELD born Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1860; died El Paso, Texas, Feb. 24, 1896.

WILSIE A. infant son of Thomas D. and Mary Whatley Martin died Sandy Point, Texas, May 1, 1896 aged 22 months.

SADIE CARNEAL, nee Gardener, born Robertson Co., Tenn., 1875; died April 8, 1896; married D. L. Carneal, April 13, 1892; her mother died when she was four years old and she was reared by an aunt.


May 28, 1896

Rev. SIMON P. GARRISON born Allen Co., Ky., Jan. l0, 1820; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. in 1832; married (1) Louisa Glover, Dec. 18, 1844; four sons, three daughters (two, Annie and Bascom predeceased him); (2) Annie E. Orme, 1875; three children; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1862; died May 13, 1896.


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CHARITY BANDY daughter of Moses and Margaret Dunlap, born Christian Co., Ky., Dec. 17, 1808; moved to Mississippi, then to Henry Co., Tenn.; married the Rev. John Witt about 1828; he was a widower with three sons; she had six sons, six daughters; he died in 1851; she married Woodford Bandy; died April 2, 1896.

ARCHIE McDONALD son of Samuel and Sallie Corley McDonald, born Wilson Co., Tenn., July 20, 1869; married Mary Reynolds, Jan. 20, 1892; died Warren Co., Tenn., May 3, 1896.

PHILIP EDDINGTON born Roanoke Co., Virginia, Dec. 7, 1809; died Clay Co., Miss., April 3, 1896; married (1) Mrs. Roena Williams; (2) Ms Gleason; (3) Nannie Erwin. Three children: J. R.; Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Collins; moved to Miss. in 1839.

PHILIP GILBERT BURROW died March 5, 1896 aged 1 year, 7 months and 3 days old.

JENNIE VADEN BURROW died April 16, 1896 aged 4 years and 10 months old. Children of N. B. Burrow.

JOHN J. KELLEY born April 23, 1820; married Fannie Armistead, Dec. 23, 1853; died Granville, Tenn., April 23, 1896.

F. M. ANSLEY born Gordon Co., Ga., Dec. 18, 1852; died Thomasville, Ga., April 21, 1896.

ERNEST L. DAVIS oldest son of V. H. and A. C. Davis, born Marshall Co., Tenn., August 22, 1869; died Dresden, Tenn., April 13, 1896. A brother-in-law, A. F. Hooker, Carbondale, Ill. mentioned.

MARY HUSTON daughter of Willie E. and Elizabeth A. Hamner died April 27, 1896 aged 2 years, 4 months and 17 days old; burial in Morganfield Cemetery.

MARY ELLEN BUNTIN daughter of Andrew Davis; wife of Reuben Buntin, born Chatham Co., N.C., July 19, 1826; died January 26, 1896; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in 1844, where she died years later.


June 4, 1896

BELINDA BROWN SMITH born Larue Co., Kentucky, March 25, 1814; married (1) Thomas B. Longman, April 1, 1838; (2) Ameb Smith, Feb. 21, 1848; died May 8, 1896, Hodgenville, Ky.; five children; lived all her life in the county in which she had been born.

NORA EDWARDS daughter of Joe H. and Desdemona Edwards, born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 15, 1871; died Ellis Co., Texas, March 23, 1896.

FANNIE M. WILLIAMS born Washington Co., Ga., 1831; married Capt. J. Williams in 1858; moved to northern Alabama in 1873; died May 8, 1896.

BESSIE ROBB infant daughter of William and Sallie Newburn, born May 13, 1895; died Feb. 11, 1896.

ANDREW J. "Andy" WILLIAMS born Marshall Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1816; died April 13, 1896; married Sarah J. Donagan in 1840 and moved to Texas in 1857; active Methodist layman.

DELLA ELAM, nee Vinson, born October 18, 187; married William Elam, Jan. 1894; died May 31, 1896.

VIENNA WILLIAMS daughter of the Rev. S. H. Williams, deceased, No. Ala. Methodist Conference, died recently.

SARAH A. CLAUDE daughter of Eldridge and Nancy K. Claude, born Williamson Co., Tenn., August 5, 1832; married James E. Claude in 1851; five children. Died May 18, 1896.

JANE COLE, mother of James E. Claude, born Davidson Co., Tenn., August 10, 1807; married the Rev. Caleb Cole; died Lamar, Ark. November 6, 1895.


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Rev. THOMAS BANISTER MALONE son of Jordan A. and Letitia Andrews Malone born Williamson Co., Tenn., November 27, 1852; died West Point, Miss., March 10, 1896; licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 16, 1873; ordained deacon Oct. 13, 1878; ordained elder in Dec. 1880; married Lizzetta C. Shivers, September 22, 1880. He was a "delicate man" but developed his strength. His charges:

Brother Malone served the following charges: 1876 (supply), Bedford Circuit, Tennessee Conference; 1877, Oakland Mission; 1878, Forest Grove Mission; 1879, Gallatin Circuit; 1880, Austin Station, North Mississippi Conference; 1881-82, Deer Creek Circuit: 1883-84, Senatobia Station; 1885, Corinth Station; 1886, Winona Station; 1887-90, Crawford Circuit; 1891-92, Ripley and New Albany Station; 1893-94, Grenada Station; 1895-96, West Point Station. This is a brief record of the twenty-one years of the man's itinerant life.

SARAH E. CROOK daughter of the Rev. A. C. and Elizabeth Bosher, born Fairfield District, South Carolina, October 21, 1832; moved to Chambers Co., Ala.; married the Rev. William J. Crook, January 5, 1854; five children. She died May 26, 1896.

W. P. TRAMMELL born Newton County, Ga., January 28, 1832; moved to Chambers Co., Ala. in 1832; joined Methodist Church in 1848; married Miss Miller, October 14, 1855; ten children. He died May 2, 1896.

ELIZABETH OVERTON widow of Colonel Thomas Overton, died Dickson Co., Tenn., March 29, 1896 in her 80th year of age; early part of her married life was spent in Charlotte, Tenn. where she was later buried beside her "husband of her youth."

ANDREW JACKSON PRATER born in South Carolina, August 19, 1817; died Etowah Co., Ala., May 24, 1896; married April 29, 1841.

THOMAS JEFFERSON BEALL born Marion Co., Ky. June 18, 1818; died May 2, 1896; married Sarah J. Styles, April 14, 1842; three sons, one daughter (Mrs. Dr. H. B. Peterson, Raywick, Ky. in which place he was buried).


June 25, 1896

Rev. JAMES M. SWIFT born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1818; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church September 28, 1867; ordained deacon April 7, 1872; ordained elder April 23, 1876; married (1) Rebecca McMurry; one son; (2) Sarah F. Ussery, Dec. 23, 1852; eight children. He died May 27, 1896 and was buried in Antioch Churchyard.

ANN ELIZA MARKHAM born in Messoni, Sicily, Dec. 25, 1816; her father was an officer in the British navy; he died and his family moved to Woolwich, England; immigrated to the U.S. when she was ten years old; married George E. Markham, 1833; died Lexington, Ky., March 18, 1896. Surviving children were Capt. Markham and Mrs. Virginia Miller, widow of the Rev. C. W. Miller.

LUCRETIA FRANCES KINCANNON, nee Britton, born Charleston, Tenn., Feb. 22, 1828; married David Kincannon in 1854 and moved from east Tenn. to Clarksville, Tenn. where she died June 6, 1896; seven children; burial in Greenwood Cemetery.

NELLIE VANCE COOK, nee Gray, born August 22, 1852; died May 22, 1896; married J. R. Cook, Nov. 6, 1873; four children.

RACHEL FINNETTA HOPE born Union District, South Carolina, August 22, 1826; daughter of Aaron and Eleanor Wilkins; moved to Marshall Co., Miss. in 1851 where she married (1) Joshua H. Willoughby, Jan. 10, 1854 (died February 27, 1857); one son who died at age of 17 months; (2) Charles T. Hope (died Sept. 21, 1872), Sept. 30, 1858; three children. She died in Oak Ridge, Louisiana, May 12, 1896.

ELLA WILLENA PHILLIPS, nee Rogers, born Bullock Co., Ga., July 21, 1867; married Robert L. Phillips, March 20, 1887; died near Pachuta, Mo., May 19, 1896; two children.


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EVALINE M. McDERMOTT born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 19, 1818; married John McDermott, April 16, 1840; died June 5, 1896.

SARAH L. STILES, nee Royal, born July 26, 1835; married Layton F. Stiles, Jan. 6, 1853; died Columbia, Tenn., May 8, 1896; one daughter.

EDWARD FINCH OGDEN born near Nashville, Tenn., July 30, 1843; married Mildred James, Dec. 7, 1865; died Dec. 28, 1895; great-grandson of Benjamin Ogden "of early Methodism."


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