By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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July 4, 1895

Dr. GEORGE TURNBUL PURSLEY was the grandson of David Pursley who was born in South Carolina in 1752; son of Ephraim Pursley, born in Nashville, Tenn., in 1785. George T. Pursley was born in Sumner County, Tennessee [no date given]; alumnus, Lebanon College; principal, Hartsville Academy for two years; attended Kentucky Medical School, Louisville; married Lucy Ann Stubblefield; a son, Dr. Sam Caruthers Pursley and three other children mentioned. Pursleys moved to Arkansas, then to Claiborne Parish, La.; he served as a surgeon in Third Arkansas Infantry, CSA. He died March 10, 1895.

A. COKE SMITH, JR. oldest son of the Rev. A. Coke and Kate K. Smith, born in Greenville, South Carolina, November 10, 1879; died from accidental gunshot wound, April 11, 1895; Virginia Beach, Virginia.

C. L. OVERSTREET, nee Rule, born August 20, 1818; died near Ebenezer, Miss., April 24, 1895; married (1) Cyrus Nance, January l5, 1840; (2) C. M. Overstreet, Sept. 28, 1848. The Ebenezer Church was organized in her father's house in 1828.

WILLIAM G. HALE born in Virginia, March 8, l793; moved to Tennessee in his youth; married Milbra Mason; moved to Mo. in 1856 and several years later to Trigg Co., Ky.; died March 18, 1895.

S. P. SETTLE born Guilford Co., North Carolina, February 1819; died July 8, 1894; married Benjamin Settle in 1846 and moved to Fayette Co., Tenn.; six daughters; one son; her husband was killed by marauders towards the close of the Civil War.

WILLIAM B. NORVILLE born Bedford Co., Tenn., Nov. 28, 1849; died May 21, 1895; married (1) N.C. Clurdy; (2) Virginia G. Peacock, January 15, 1857. Had ten children. Living in various localities he moved finally to Neosha, Mo. where he died.


July 11, 1895

MARY C. REEVES, nee Davault, born Washington Co., Tenn., February 7, 1808; died in the place of her birth, November 12, 1894; married William P. Reeves, 183l; nine children.

ELIZA C. HUNTER, nee Spikes, born Edgefield District, South Carolina, July 13, 1809; died in the residence of her brother, Dr. Joseph Spikes, Water Valley, Miss., June 20, 1895; moved with parents, William and Ann Spikes, to Chambers Co., Ala. in 1833; married the Rev. John Hunter in 1843 and moved to Mississippi.

DELANEY RUTH DAVIS wife of D. L. Davis, born Chatham County, North Carolina, Feb. 13, 1835; died in Chicago, Illinois, April 17, 1895; married in Lauderdale Co., Ala., August 26, 1852; two sons, four daughters. "Her Bible. . . its well-thumbed pages which attest her devotion."

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. JULIANA HAYES who died recently; by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Mt. Sterling Methodist Church, Kentucky, undated.


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July 18, 1895

Rev. Dr. D. R. McANALLY, DD, born Grainger County, Tennessee, August 31, 1810; son of the Rev. Charles McAnally, a local Methodist preacher; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1829, Holston Conference; labored in southwest Virginia, western North Carolina and east Tennessee; in 1851 moved to St. Louis, Mo. to edit the ST. LOUIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE which he did with brief intervals until the time of his demise.

FRANCES WINN wife of Z. H. Brown, superintendent of public instruction, Nashville, Tenn., died April 25, 1895; native of Kentucky.

MARY ANN LOFTIN, nee Bell, born Copiah Co., Miss., April 30, 1830; died Yazoo Co., Miss., September 16, 1895.

STEPHEN BEARD born November 19, 1823; died May 19, 1895 a mile north of Fulton, Kentucky; blacksmith; spent his winters in Florida "and learned to like his family more and more."


July 25, 1895

SARAH S. BROOKS born in Fincastle, Virginia, 1827; died Jackson, Tenn., June 21, 1895; sister of the Rev. J. G. Acton; came to west Tennessee in 1845; married the Rev. John Brooks of Lexington in 1848; he was a local Methodist preacher; moved to Jackson, Tenn. about 1860; five children; one died young, the others: Louis J. "of" WEST TENNESSEE WHIG, Jackson; Rev. H. W., Memphis Conference; R. W., salesman; Mrs. Nannie V. Alston and a stepson, W. J.

DOCIA HENSLEY DANIELS born February 16, 1871; died June 12, 1895; married September 25, 1886 to C. N. Daniels; one child.

ANTOINETTE YOUNG born August 28, 1840; died June 30, 1895; daughter of Featherstone and Eliza Harwell; married J. C. Young in 1859; 8 children.

Miss JANE TUCKER born June 1811; died in residence of W. B. Lusk, Thomasville; Tenn., June 4, 1895; burial in family graveyard.

RACHEL R. CRENSHAW daughter of W. D. and Melissa Robertson, born January 20, 1832; died Triune Tenn., June l4, 1895; married Robert L. Crenshaw, April 10, 1850.

AMANDA LINK born February 15, 1824; died Thomasville, Tenn., June 9, 1895; married W. B. Link nearly fifty years ago. She was "a benediction to her children."


August 1, 1895

ANNA M. GOCIO wife of W. R. Gocio, born Forsyth Co., Ga., May 26, 1842; died Sarasota, Florida, June 11, 1895; daughter of Colonel H. L. Sims, a lawyer; in 1866 married in Ga. and moved to Ark.; seven children. [No explanation given as to when or why she went to Florida]

Dr. BENJAMIN W. GRACE born February 12, 1820 near Augusta, Ga.; died Munford, Ala., July 2, 1895; left widow and eight children.

Miss MARY A. HUNTER born May 27, 1829; died May 24, 1895 in residence of brother-in-law, Benjamin Smith, Delina, Tennessee.

EDNA CUNNINGHAM wife of W. C. Cunningham died June 23, 1895.

SARAH E. DUGGER, nee Foster, wife of W. M. Dugger, born Greenville, Va., April 9, 1826; died Panola Co., Miss., May 18, 1895; fourteen children.

NANNIE IRWIN daughter of Henderson and Scothia Longmire, born Anderson Co., Tenn., Jan. 7, 1861; married J. G. Irwin, January 11, 1891; moved to Union Co., Tenn. where she died June 17, 1895; three children.

BELINDA LOGUE born January 14, 1812; joined Methodist Church at Pryorsburg, Ky., in 1848; died July 3, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. J. W. HORNBECK who died recently; by Sun. Sch., Hornbeak, Tenn., undated.


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August 8, 1895

Rev. JAMES ALEXANDER CLEMENT born Greensboro, Alabama, April 7, 1823; died North Rome, Ga., July 7, 1895; licensed to exhort, Methodist Church, Oct. 13, 1840; licensed to preach in 1842 and in 1843 joined No. Alabama Conference; married Fannie D. Shellman, Tuskegee, Ala., January 21, 1844; eight children and one adopted daughter; gave up itinerant ministry in 1864 and later moved to no. George and served as a local preacher.

AGNES TAYLOR STRATTON born Davidson Co., Tenn., in March 1845; daughter of John Taylor, a farmer; wife of David T. Stratton, a wholesale grocer who served in the state legislature; died July 14, 1895.

ELLIE McKINNEY HENDRICKS died in residence of her father, John B. McKinney, Iuka, Miss., June 24, 1895; born In Iuka, October 18, 1868, the oldest of nine children; joined the Methodist Church May 13, 1883; married John J. Hendricks, January 28, 1891; two children.

Rev. JAMES PIKE, DD, died at Newfields, New Hampshire, July 26, 1895 aged 77 years.

W. W. WILLIAMS born Coweta Co., Ga., December 8, 1840; taken the next year to Shelby County, Tennessee; served in the 13th Tenn. Infantry Regiment, CSA; married Belie Foster, May 23, 1877; died from cancer, November 21, 1894.

NAOMI HILL, nee Johnson, born in South Carolina, August 16, 1813; married Binkley Hall, 1833; joined Methodist Church in 1845; died Chambers Co., Ala., June 2, 1895; nine children.


August 15, 1895

Rev. ANDERSON B. FLY son of the Rev. Joshua and Sallie Fly, born November 25, 1825; died January 20, 1895; two brothers, the Rev. Van. Fly, Memphis Conference and the Rev. M. D. Fly, No. Miss. Conference; began ministerial career in 1845; served in several conferences.

Dr. JOHN R. MERCER born April 10, 1825; died Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, October 22, 1894; son of John and Mary (Routh) Mercer; married Susan Vick, Nash Co., N.C., 1849; she died in 1863; six daughters and two sons; graduated in medicine in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1843; his son, Dr. William P. Mercer, took over his practice.

JOSEPH JAMES born in South Carolina, January 25, 1809; married Anna W. James, Ot. 4, 1832; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1836; wife died in 1852 and he married Margaret E. Milam, November 20, 1852. Had ten children.

MARY KILLIAN daughter of Dr. D. W. and S. J. Killian, born May 25, 1890; died Pilot Grove, Tenn., June 26, 1895.

Dr. DANIEL C. WHITE born October 2, 1832; died July 25, 1895; married (1) Cynthia Pearson (died December 1873), Pontotoc Co., Miss., 1852; (2) Mary Hawkins in 1881. Several children.


August 22, 1895

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. JAMES J. PICKETT born February 8, 1817; died July 7, 1895; married (1) M. A. Ferrel, October 12, 1842; (2) Mrs. Jane Slayden, January 13, 1851. Dickson County, Tennessee; by a Masonic committee, undated.

Rev. GEORGE W. CRUMBAUGH born Russellville, Ky., February 19, 1812; became a Methodist preacher; ordained deacon in 1840; ordained elder in 1842; died Paducah, Ky., March 12, 1895; burial there in Oak Grove Cemetery.

NANNIE M. CONWAY daughter of Lewis and Nannie McCorkle, wife of Thomas H. Conway; born Henry Co., Tenn., January 7, 1831; died Paris, Tenn., May 30, 1895; joined Methodist Church in 1856; married August 9, 1854. Husband died from wounds at battle of Shiloh in April 1862. Had several sons.

MARIA MOORMAN, nee Wair, widow of Charles W. Moorman, born Robertson Co., Tenn., May 17, 1811; died in east Nashville, Tenn., a residence of daughter, Mrs. Thompson Hill, May 2, 1895; first married a Mr. Jarrett who soon died; four children and stepchildren as well.


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ELLA BAILEY born near Elkton, Ky., May 5, 1855; died May 7, 1895; daughter of Peyton Edwards of Elkton, Ky.; married David LaRue Bailey, November 25, 1875; he died September 3, 1885.

Miss E. A. SHUMATE daughter of William J. Shumate, born July 4, 1829; died July 19, 1895 of a "dreaded disease."

CARROLL NEEDHAM son of the Rev. Charles M. Cooper, born Rye, Colorado, January 16, 1890; died Trinidad, Colorado, July 17, 1895.

ANN ELIZA RHODES born Taylor County, Kentucky, 1816; married Thomas Dickens, December 1837; died Lebanon, Ky., July 21, 1895; two sons, two daughters.


August 29, 1895

Rev. JAMES FRANCIS CHILDERS born Logan County, Kentucky, February 11, 1828; son of William C. and Elizabeth (Miller) Childers; grandson of Capt. John Royal Childers, Kentucky pioneer whose ancestors came from England and settled on James River in Virginia in 1849; graduate, Nashville University; married Lucy A. Gracy, October 1, 1857, Eddyville, Ky.; surviving children were Colonel Gray Childers, Clarksville, Tenn.; Mary S., wife of the Rev. N. W. Utley, Japan mission; Lula, wife of H. C. Locker; Misses Elizabeth and Irene Childers. He was a preacher and teacher. Died Eddyville, Kentucky, July 3, 1895.

Rev. D. H. MARIMON born Paris, Kentucky, August 20, 1831; son of William and Sarah Ann Marimon; died Paducah, Ky., May 29, 1895; alumnus, Center College; married Ellen Dodd, Lincoln Co., Ky., January 9, 1895; four daughters. He practiced medicine, 1860-1865; became a preacher in Northern Methodist Church in 1855 and served in several charges.

ELIZABETH CECIL, nee Goodwin, born January 21, 1827; died Morgan Co., Ky., June 28, 1895; married Samuel W. Cecil; nine children.

Dr. W. R. SMITH born January 18, 1829; died May 19, 1895; married Margaret A. E. Cooper in 1869; five children; had one child by former marriage; surgeon in 41 Inf. Regiment, CSA.

AMANDA I. ROUSE, daughter of Michael J. and Amanda Rouse, born Campbell Co., Ky., Jan. 11, 1838; died Moscow, Ohio, May 5, 1895; married J. W. Rouse, Oct. 4, 1855; four daughters.


September 5, 1895

Rev. JAMES A. WALDEN born Little Rock, Arkansas, March 12, 1843; married (1) Selina A. Maxwell, July 7, 1867; (2) Mrs. Ellen H. Wagner, March 17, 1886; he died of congestion, Feb. 28, 1895; he was licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 24, 1867; ordained deacon October 22, 1874; ordained elder November 9, 1873; served in Arkansas Methodist Conference.

HELEN M. HUGHES daughter of George and Jeanette Wasson, born Wheeling, West Virginia, December 9, 1828; her grandmother, Margaret Wasson was "taken into the [Methodist] church" by John Wesley; married J. F. Hughes; died July 6, 1895 in residence of her son, T. N. Crichlow, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Mrs. M. A. HALL died McGregor, Texas, July 17, 1895 aged 75 years, 6 months and 17 days old; descended from grandees of Castile some of whom moved to England, intermarried with the May family, one branch migrating to New York. She was the youngest of three children of James William Erskine May and wife, Matilde Anne Watley May; married J. P. Hall of Mobile, Alabama, grandson of Lyman Hall, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; lived in/near Galveston, Texas. Four children surviving: W. R. Hall, Corydoll Co., Texas; Mrs. W. C. Warren, McGregor, Texas; Mrs. R. E. Williams, Goldwater, Texas; Mrs. M. A. P. McCrary, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

HENRETTA "Retta" JANE SUMMERS wife of the Rev. George W. Summers, Holston Methodist Conference, born Floyd Co., Virginia, March 31, 1854; died Nashville, Tenn., June 24, 1895; daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Puleyar, Luthereans; married October 13, 1879; alumna, Female College, Marion, Virginia.


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JAMES MUNROE AVENT son of James Munroe and Mary Avent, born Petersburg, Virginia, Dec 10, 1846; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., August 9, 1895; his mother died and he moved with his father and stepmother to Tennessee; to Murfreesboro, Tenn. in 1840; practiced law; married Mary W. Childress, February 24, 1857; four living children.


September 12, 1895

Rev. JACOB PECK GOODSON son of Joseph and Ann (Peck) Goodson, born Indiana, February 4, 1822, served in the Mexican War; entered Methodist ministry in Louisville Conference, in 1851; married (1) Ellen Deering; (2) Rebecca Morgan; five children. He died July 28, 1895.

Rev. THOMAS TROY GUTHRIE died Siler City, North Carolina, July 5, 1895 aged 28 years, l month. and 3 days, licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1893; spent two years in Trinity College. A brother, the Rev. J. O. Guthrie and an uncle the Rev. T. W. Guthrie mentioned.

PHIL CHAPPELL, a distinguished citizen; Kansas City, Missouri, had written a history of the Chappell family, one of whose members was JOHN W. CHAPPELL

Brother JOHN W. CHAPPELL was born on a farm in Christian county, Ky., March 19, 1824, and died in Cadis, Ky., June 13, 1895; thus having lived beyond manís allotted time on earth. I knew Brother Chappell from boyhood, though he was my senior a few years. I knew his father and mother, his brothers and sisters. They were our neighbors; were Methodists; had preaching at their house, which was common in those days. Dickie Chappell, father of the deceased, came from Halifax County, Va., the first year of this century, and a few years later settled on a farm ten miles west of Hopkinsville, Ky. The farm consisted of 800 acres of the very best land in all this fine country. The home was built by a beautiful clear spring. If I had such a home I would not leave it to go anywhere but the kingdom of heaven. Yet these old folks in old age sold out, and went to Texas, following their children, all of whom were there except the subject of this sketch. These old folks I saw in Washington County, Tex., after their removal. They were never satisfied, but remained there, where they died many years ago. Our Brother Chappell came to Cadiz, when a very young man. Here he married Miss Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Dr. Thos. B. Jefferson. Brother Chappell was a merchant, and amassed a handsome fortune. He was president of the Bank of Cadiz at the time of his death, and had been from its organization. There was not a citizen in the country better known or more prominent. He was a valuable, good man, whose place can never be filled, and whose family will always be desolate. Brother Chappell was the subject of many sorrows, having suffered the loss of every brother and sister, together with his wife and seven children.

CLARA HOWARD SHERMAN wife of D. T. Sherman; died Dalton, Ga., August 8, 1895 in residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Brown; nine children, surviving: Dr. G. H., Ashley, Miss.; Mrs. N. D. Bangs, Eagle Grove, Iowa; Mrs. Brown; Miss Ella, Dalton, Ga. She was born in Montpelier, Vermont, January 10, 1822.

BETHANY FOSTER daughter of John C. Kennedy, born Smithville, Tenn., August 20, 1819; died July 3, 1895 near Mooresville, Texas; married W. B. Foster, November 17, 1841; ten children.


September 19, 1895

Judge JAMES T. FANT born in Alabama, Nov. 8, 1838; educated at University of Mississippi; captain in Confederate army; married Clara Clayton, Dec. 1872; lawyer and judge.

SOPHIE V. FERRELL born Wilson Co., Tenn., May 31, 1828; daughter of Wiley and Sophie Alford; niece of Dr. Benjamin M. Duke; married (1) Colonel Shadrack Jarmon; (2) William Jennings; (3) Rev. B. F. Ferrell; died Sumner County, Tennessee, June 25, 1895.


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CORDELIA L. DABNEY, an orphan girl who moved from Kentucky to Marshall Co., Miss. to live with a brother and sisters; reared in household of Hon. Peter Scoles, his wife having been an aunt; married Dr. Gray. Died July 31, 1895, Holly Springs, Miss.

KATE WESLEY TURNER daughter of A. R. and K. A. Turner, born October 4, 1870; died July 26, 1895 near Grenada, Miss.

JESSIE CORA THOMPSON daughter of Thomas A. and Elizabeteh Graham, born March 20, 1832; died August 18, 1895.

LAVINIA M. THOMPSON, nee Cary, born October 10, 1818; died September 4, 1894 near Shelbyville, Tenn.; married Newcomb Thompson, September 2, 1839.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. JOHNSON who died May 12, 1895; by a committee, undated.

WILLIAM BOLAND son of Abraham and Christiana Boland, born Lexington County, South Carolina January 7, 1809; married Ann Catharine Bowers, December 18, 1834 and settled in Newberry Co., South Carolina; moved to Itawamba Co., Miss. in 1838; in November 1850 moved to Calhoun Co., Miss. where she died December 4, 1868. He married Mrs. E. J. G. Walton who died October 22, 1893. He died September 3, 1895.

MARY I. ROSS wife of John C. Ross, daughter of Captain William and Elizabeth Young, born Giles Co., Tenn., June 25, 1842; married March 29, 1866; died Waxahachie, Texas, August 25, 1895 ; three sons, three daughters.


September 26, 1895

Rev. LEWIS STRADER SHELLEY born Clinton Co., Kentucky, December 31, 1831; died in the same county, June 13, 1895; son of Daniel and Margaret Shelley; married (1) Deborah Jane Frogge (died April 22, 1877), January 18, 1855; six sons; (2) Mary E. Davis, January 27, 1878. "He was a power in exhortation." Methodist preacher; ordained deacon Oct. 10, 1880; ordained elder Sept. 20, 1885; served in several charges.

HELEN M. ANDERSON born Louisville, Kentucky, November 27, 1831; died Sardis, Ky., August 17, 1895 in residence of her only son, Dr. W. H. Anderson; wife of the Rev. W. H. Anderson, Kentucky Methodist Conference; daughter of Samuel K. and Rebecca Richardson of Louisville, Kentucky; married February 23, 1853; four daughters, Mollie, Maggie, Jennie and Eliza, all deceased. One daughter, Mollie left a son, Samuel A. Vaughan. She was a graduate of Science Hill Academy, Shelbyville, Kentucky.

WILLIAM HOWELL born Laurens District, South Carolina, September 1813; died August 3, 1895; son of the Rev. John Howell; married Mary Roper and moved to Alabama in 1834 and settled near White Plains; moved to Oak Level, Ala. in 1838 where he died; five sons, five daughters.

MARIA NATZ, nee Chandler, born Marion Co., Ky., October 12, 1806; married Henry Nantz in 1832; died Lebanon, Kentucky, August 12, 1895.


October 3, 1895

Rev. CHARLES WARREN THOMAS, a retired Methodist preacher, Texas Conference, born in New England, April 1, 1816; died San Marcus, Texas, July 6, 1895; teacher; licensed as a local preacher October 3, 1840; ordained deacon January 11, 1846; ordained elder Dec. 11, 1849; married Susanna Amanda Hill, June 27, 1841; eleven children. Wife died August 3, 1886.

LEVISA MONTGOMERY GABARD wife of Charles S. Gabard, daughter of Dr. William and Martha J. Montgomery, born Hickman Co., Tenn., September 27, 1860; married March 17, 1886; died Chapel Hill; Tenn., May 26, 1895.

EMMA J. COLLINS daughter of William T. and Octavia Farley, born Tuscumbia, Alabama, March 30, 1875; married William A. Collins, November 21, 1894; died September 4, 1895.

HUGH G. WINDHAM son of Walter D. and Mary Windham, born September 13, 1873; died Fairfield, Alabama, August 20, 1895.


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ARTHUR FRANKLIN son of Mrs. Sarah Elsburgy, born Memphis, Tenn., March 24, 1872; died July 23, 1895.

WILLIAM C. TAYLOR born in South Carolina, August 22, 1817; married twice; five children in each marriage; last wife was Mary J. Moore -married March 11, 1847; moved to Paris, Texas in 1883 and died August 29, 1895.


October 10, 1895

Rev. JOHN J. COMER born Wilson Co., Tenn., January 6, 1819; died Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1894; licensed to preach in Methodist Church April 26, 1845; ordained deacon Oct. 28, 1849; ordained elder October 16, 1853. Tennessee Conference. He married (1) Martha P. Parker (died July 20, 1881), January 1842; three daughters, one son; (2) Ella Lowe, Dec. 26, 1882. "He was tall and erect with fine dark hair and full, heavy beard, usually worn very long."

LOUISA WHITE NOLEN daughter of Willis and Winfield White, born Davidson Co., Tenn., September 22, 1825; married Milton B. Nolen, November 22, 1855; she died September 1895.

REBECCA SOUTHERN, nee Oglesby, born Trousdale Co., Tenn., April 19, 1821; married (1) Mr. Loving; one son; (2) Mr. DeBow; (3) Dr. Souther; she died Sept. 19, 1895; burial in family graveyard near Echo, Mason Co., Tennessee.

AMANDA POTTER, nee Christian, born Overton Co., Tenn., March 16, 1806; died Sept. 10, 1894; married the Rev. William E. Potter, October 21, 1830.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. LAURA DEAN who died recently; by a committee of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Methodist Church, Collierville, Tenn., undated.


October 17, 1895

NEAL SMITH, a black trusty in the mines in Cole City, Tennessee was short and killed and his body burned by a mob, October 4, 1895 after he had sexually assaulted a young white woman a few days previously.

Hon. H. B. GILL born May 22, 1850; died near Petersburg, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1895; married Mary P. Yowell, 1873; four children; served in legislature from Marshall Co., Tennessee.

HENRY BOWEN born in Rhode Island, August 7, 1821; died Nashville, Tenn., August 30, 1895; married (1) Elsie Ann Cole (a daughter, Mrs. Mamilla Willard); (2) Ella C. Hollowell (daughters Cassie and Mattie).

Tribute of Respect for Dr. W. G. MILLER who died recently; by Pastors' Aid Society, Broadway Methodist Church, Louisville, Ky., undated.

MARTHA BOLTON COKE born Panola Co., Miss., January 1, 1847; married John M. Littleton, June 1868; moved to Crawford Co., Ark. in 1878; died May 6, 1895.

Mrs. MARY J. HOLSTON died Pearl River Co., Miss., Sept. 11, 1895 aged 70 years, l month old; daughter of the Rev. Thomas and Rebecca Gardner, Florida; wife of T. C. Holston.


October 24, 1895

Rev. W. B. RUSH born Rhea Co., Tenn., 1812; licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 18, 1835; ordained deacon October 2, 1837; ordained elder November 15, 1840; married Katharine Kimmer in 1841; brother-in-law of the Rev. R. A. Young, DD. After marriage "located" as a farmer in Grassy Cove, Cumberland Co., Tenn.; died Sept. 27, 1895.

SALLIE A. WALTON born Greensboro, Ala., November 17, 1845; died Sumner Co., Tenn., August 17, 1895; married T. Walton.

ANN JONES CROCKETT daughter of James J. and Ann (Talifero) Sayers, born Williamson Co., Tenn., April 8, 1844; died Franklin, Tenn., Sept. 7, 1895; married William D. Crockett, Nov. 1868; four sons; one daughter.


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P. W. BROWN born January 1, 1820; died July 11, 1895; married Martha I. Warren, December 18, 1845; sixteen children.

MARY J. CORLEW daughter of Merrideth and Ann Wilkerson, born March 30, 1823; died Sept. 7, 1895; married (1) Abner Dickson (died Oct. 6, 1879), December 23, 1841; eleven children; (2) T. W. Corlew, December 23, 1888.


October 31, 1895

WILLIAM HOUSE son of Samuel S. and Sarah J. House, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 6, 1849; died Franklin, Tenn., October 6, 1895; alumnus, University of Virginia; married Ophelia C. Wood daughter of the Hon. Robert H. Wood, Bolivar, Tenn., Oct. 29, 1873; eight children.

SARAH J. HOUSE, nee Parks, born Williamson Co., Tenn.; died Franklin, Tenn., October 6, 1895, aged 70 years, 21 days old; married Samuel S. House, September 25, 1845; ten children. Her son, William, died on the same date. [His death previously noted, also mentioned in November 21 issue, stating that he was born Dec. 6, 1849 and died Oct. 6, 1895; alumnus of the University of Virginia.

EMILY A. PAYNE born Ohio Co., Kentucky, February 20, 1824; married Ralph E. Cox, Pennsylvania, September 29, 1840, who died in Vine Grove, Ky., March 14, 1893. She died Nov. 13, 1894.

MARTHA J. ALLISON, nee Timberlake, widow of the Rev. Joseph B. Allison, born Smith Co., Tenn., February 12, 1828; died Edna, Texas, August 27, 1895 in residence of her only child, Dr. A. A. Allison.

ALBERT LEONIDAS RICHMOND son of Ed Richmond, died Shelby Co., Tenn., September 28, 1895 aged 6 years.

SAMUEL J. NOONAN, born Jessamine Co., Kentucky, March 4, 1828; married Priscilla L. Burns, September 30, 1852; had moved with parents to Fulton Co., Ky. in 1833; died Sept. 19, 1895.

ANNIE RUTH GODARD only daughter of Dr. W. L. and Jennie Godard, born Oct. 29, 1882; died Saulsbury, Tenn., October 10, 1895.


November 7, 1895

ALICE REED LAWSON wife of Colonel L. J. Lawson, died Greensboro, Ala., September 25, 1895.

SARAH CATHARINE CASON daughter of William C. and Mary Jane Cason, born Madison Co., Tenn., Feb. 7, 1877; died Jackson, Tenn., September 21, 1895; graduate, Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, 1895.

ELISHA C. POYNER son of the Rev. J. C. Poyner, born Nov. 8, 1852; married Fleta Lemonds, Henry Co., Tenn., February 1880; died Henry County, Tenn., October 16, 1895.

GEORGE TROUTT died "some six months ago" aged 96 years, 2 months and 22 days old.

JAMES RICHARDSON born February 16, 1825; married Elizabeth Carson, November 23, 1852; joined Methodist Church July 1842; died September 24, 1895; native of Virginia but had moved to Trigg Co., Ky. in his youth; had two daughters.

DAVID B. BROSWELL born June 29, 1837; died August 23, 1895; married Jane M. Barrett, Jan. 26, 1865; one son, five daughters.

ROBERT ALEXANDER son of H. and E. P. GREEN, died Bristol, Va., Sept. 18, 1895 aged 5 years.

R. D. NANCE son the Rev. R. W. and Virginia L. Nance, born May 30, 1895; died Cottage Grove, Tenn., October 16, 1895.


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November 14, 1895

HARVEY SHANNON born November 4, 1800; married (1) Delila Lucas, November 5, 1818; (2) Mary Gibbs, January 18, 1827; died October 11, 1895. Had four children, twenty-five grandchildren, thirty-two great-grandchildren, nine great-great-grandchildren.

WILLIAM BAXTER THOMAS son of Edwin and A. E. Thomas, born Dinwiddie County, Virginia, December 5, 1858; married Pattie Connell, May 5, 1887; died Shelby, Miss., Oct. 25, 1895.

JAMES RILEY BAILY born Green Co., Tenn., January 2, 1824; died Washington Co., Va., Sept. 23, 1895; married (1) Elizabeth Weems, August 10, 1849; two daughters; (2) Rebecca J. Farnsworth, October 1860.

BOBERT PAINE, JR. son of Bishop R. and M. E. Paine; died Aberdeen, Miss., October 10, 1895 in his 46th year of age; farmer, merchant, cashier of Bank of Aberdeen; left an only child, wife of Frank Fite, Nashville, Tenn.

JOHN KELLEY MOEUR son of Dr. John B. and Esther K. Moeur, born near Winchester, Tenn., September 21, 1867; died Del Rio, Texas, September 12, 1895; moved to Texas in 1874; married Mary E. Patterson in 1889. Physician.

JAMES Y. WILLIAMS born June 20, 1822; died April 1, 1895.

LEE AUGUSTUS WALLACE son of H. C. and S. A. Wallace, born March 10, 1893; died Eastport, Miss., August 30, 1895.

FREDDIE C. COLE born August 9, 1889; died September 26, 1895.


November 21, 1895

Rev. WILLIAM H. WILKES killed by a train, Culleoka, Tenn., October 15, 1895; began his Methodist ministry in 1839.

SAMUEL R. DALY born Montgomery Co., Tenn., January 4, 1857; moved from Clarksville, Tenn. to Hearne, Texas, July 4, 1895; died there October 12, 1895.

W. B. THOMAS born December 5, 1858, Dinwiddie Co., Va.; moved to Miss. in 1880; married Pattie Connell in 1887; one daughter. Died Shelby, Miss., October 25, 1895.

THOMAS T. STOVALL born Granville County, North Carolina, March 5, 1817; died Dixon's Springs, Tenn., January 26, 1894; left a widow and one son.

ANNIE BELL sister of Rev. Ransom, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born near Murfreesboro, Tenn., September 10, 1840; married Capt. W. E. Bell, November 18, 1888; died Lawrenceburg, Ky., October 13, 1895.


November 28, 1895

JOSEPH BENSON COTTRELL born Mt. Arie, South Carolina, May 9, 1829; graduate, military academy, Charleston, South Caroline, 1851; married Margaret L. Jennings in 1851 and moved to Alabama; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1852; his wife died the same year as the latter, leaving a son; he married M. Caroline Duncan, January 12, 1854. He died March 6, 1895. Filled numerous charges in the Montgomery and Mobile conferences.

J. J. STITH born 1817; died July 21, 1895. Big Spring, Kentucky; a freemason.


December 5, 1895

CHARLIE STYLES born Sumner Co., Tenn., August 9, 1880; died north Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1895 ; only child of John Styles; his mother, nee Stokes, died March 24, 1889.

MARGARET JANE KELLEY daughter of J. P. W. D. and Margaret Kelley, born Giles Co., Tenn., December 5, 1835; married Dr. M. D. Kelley, September 6, 1856; two sons, one daughter. One son, Rev. William D. Kelley, died recently.


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LUCY A. LANGDON, nee West, born Hawkins Co., Tenn., February 15, 1823; married J. F. Langdon, October 18, 1843; died September 29, 1895; moved from Tenn. to Pickens Co., Ala. in 1844.

ORA BOURLAND born January 17, 1861; died Madisonville, Ky., August 30, 1895; oldest daughter of W. L. Gordon.

CLARA S. ARNOLD born Amherst Co., Virginia, February 11, 1807; married W. H. Blair, Feb. 11, 1828; moved to Kentucky in November 1829; in August 1834 her husband and two children died, leaving her with one child. She married William K. Arnold, November 1836; two sons, three daughters; second husband died Sept. 2, 1855; she died April 29, 1895.

SARAH C. JONES born Walker Co., Ala., February 19, 1825; died near Marionville, Mo., Nov. 6, 1895; married Rebecca E. Jones, November 30, 1845; twelve children.

EMILY PORTER born Davidson County, Tenn., February 17, 1827; died August 16, 1895; married Capt. James Porter, October 1848 who survived her. A brother, John McAfee, mentioned.


December 12, 1895

Rev. JOHN W. REDUS, local Methodist deacon, born Ala., November 15, 1830; married Emily Saunders and moved to Miss.; died Lee County, Miss., September 20, 1895.

EUGENE WILLIAMS born Nottoway County, Virginia in 1845; moved to Panola County, Miss. in his youth; married (1) Sallie D. McCracken in 1873; (2) Anna Cameron in 1882. He died recently after several days of suffering.

FLOYD TALIAFERRO son of Charles A. and Annie B. Taliaferro, born Brownsville, Tenn., Oct. 14, 1884; died Texarkana, Ark., November 5, 1895.

ANN M. WALKER, nee Cockrell, died West Point, Miss., November 4, 1895; burial in Macon, Miss. A son, Hon. Walter B. Barker, mentioned.

Mrs. SARAH BARNHILL born 63 years ago in/near Nashville, Tenn.; died Madisonville, Ky., August 27, 1895; married John Barnhill, Hopkins Co., Ky.; five sons, three daughters.

JOHN C. WHEELER born July 9, 1802; died September 1895; lived in the "north" most of his life but moved to Warren Co., Tenn.; married twice.

MARTHA L. BURNS wife of W. M. Burns, born Sampson County, North Carolina, Dec. 6, 1842; daughter of Dr. C. I. and Eleanor E. Oates; married August 13, 1871; three sons; one daughter; died Fulton Co., Ky., November 10, 1895.

Miss MAUD BOWDEN died Randleman, North Carolina, October 16, 1895; burial in St. Paul's Churchyard.

JOHN C. HENEGAR born February 3, 1834; married Nancy P. York, Sept. 9, 1854; died Warren Co., Tenn., September 25, 1895; four daughters, two sons.

Tribute of Respect for ETTA NEWGENT, member of Harmony Methodist Sunday School who died recently; by this Sunday School, undated.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. NANCY FLANARY who died October 25, 1895; by Hickory Grove Methodist Sunday School, undated.


December 19, 1895

Rev. NICHOLAS ROWAN MARR son of N. L. and Sarah (Perkins) Marr, born Tuscaloosa, Ala., June 25, 1850; married (1) Mattie Busby; (2) Alice Gillespie; (3) Virginia Butler. Had 3 children. Died Hollow Rock, Tenn., November 8, 1895.

MARTHA E. McBRIDE, nee Sisk, born in Alabama, April 22, 1836; moved to Tenn. in childhood; married the Rev. R. T. McBride, Oct. 3, 1835; moved to Texas in 1882; died Tarrant Co., Texas, April 14, 1895.


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JACOB FRANKLIN BROYLES born Greene Co., Tenn., December 10, 1804; died Jonesboro, Tenn., November 2, 1895; married Lucinda Broyles, December 13, 1827; eight children.

SALLIE FULTON EZELL daughter of James B. and C. T. Ezell, born Chapel Hill, Tenn., June 26, 1880; died September 2, 1895.

M. A. "Aunt Polly" ROBERTSON died Henderson Co., Ky., November 6, 1895 aged 90 years.

PERSIA S. DELAP daughter of Dr. Hugh and Mary W. Delap, born January 20, 1877; died Oct. 20, 1895.

VIVIAN ANNETTA ESTIS daughter of H. H. and Martha Estis, died August 25, 1895 aged 18 years 4 months and 24 days.

SUSAN BARNES wife of James H. Barnes, died September 19, 1895, Tremont, North Carolina; left a widower, a daughter and two grandchildren.

MELISSA BELL WILLIAMS born March 12, 1853; married J. T. Williams, January 31, 1878; died October 18, 1895.

BERTA HAZLEWOOD died Town Creek, Alabama, November 17, 1895.


December 26, 1895

GERTRUDE POLLARD MURREY daughter of G. W. and M. E. Pollard, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 9, 1850; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1895; married J. B. Murrey, May 12, 1870.

M. F. BURGE wife of Wylie C. Burge, died June 30, 1895.

MINERVA J. SIMMONS, nee Baker, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., July 16, 1841; married D. G. Simmons, January 31, 1858; moved to Parker Co., Texas in 1874. Died October 21, 1895.

JAMES T. REYNOLDS born Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina in 1816; moved to Franklin Co., Ala. in his youth; married Mary Fletcher Smith in 1844, daughter of the Rev. James and Nancy Smith; died April 10, 1895; two married daughters, Mrs. Annie S. Jones and Mrs. Mattie S. Armistead.

MARY ELIZABETH MOORE born Holmes Co., Miss., January 3, 1849; died Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 5, 1895; daughter of J. S. and S.C. Herbert; married Josephus Moore, December 12, 1867; joined the Methodist Church in 1866; sometime president of local Woman's Missionary Society.

"Aunt" POLLY SOWELL born October 15, 1805; died near Columbia, Tenn., Nov. 24, 1895; married William P. Sowell, March 24, 1825. "She was laid to rest by gentle hands in a cold grave on a bitter November day, just in sight of the old home."

ABSALOM CLOAR born February 1, 1814; married Susanna Hubbard, June 4, 1834; died Obion Co., Tenn., November 9, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for T. W. GLASS who died October 11, 1895; by Fourth Quarterly Conference, Martin, Union City District, Memphis Conference dated October 28, 1895.


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