By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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July 5, 1894

LULA D. NAPIER wife of T. A. Napier born Allen County, Kentucky, January 21, 1867; died Nov. 9, 1892; married January 20, 1885; five children; a lovely tribute written in part by her father.

FANNIE S. DRUMRIGHT daughter of J. A. and M. J. Jeffries, born Lauderdale Co., Tenn., July 17, 1876; married A. Drumright, November 19, 1890; died April 4, 1894.

MARY JANE HOWELL born Allen Co., Ky., Oct. 30, 1866; died Oct. 27, 1892.

Mrs. ALICE A. V. STILL born Sharon, Miss., February 28, 1852; died Shelby Co., Tenn., May 23, 1894.

MAGGIE WILKES, nee Oglesby, born Macon Co., Tenn., August 11, 1853; died September 30, 1893.


July 12, 1894

BESSIE DABNEY daughter of Dr. W. W. and Sallie A. Dabney, born Montgomery Co., Miss., Nov. 16, 1876.; died Dickson, Tenn., June 7, 1894 while attending Durham Normal School there.


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ISAAC WILSON NAPIER born Allen Co., Kentucky, May 8, 1867; died September 19, 1892; son of Thomas and Matilda Napier.

MARY HEARN BROADSTREET daughter of the Rev. W. C. and Lucy A. Hearn, born Brooksville, Miss., 1860; died Talladega, Alabama, June l4, 1894; married J. R. Broadstreet in 1884.

THOMAS M. CLINARD born August 5, 1839; died near Turnersville, Tenn., June 20, 1894; married M. L. Darden, October 24, 1883; seven children.

"Our Oldest Preacher"

The man I speak of is Rev. Jas. Needham, of Bliss, N.C. He wrote me May 26. Among other things, he said: "I am ninety-five years old today. Am in fairly good health, except suffering a little from rheumatism. My four sons, several grandchildren, and neighbors, came to see me today. I am happy in the Lord. Still have my appointments, and fill them in fair weather." Is there another man in the nation ninety-five years old, who still has regular appointments and fills them? But he not only has and fills his appointments, but fills them well. He never gets in the brush, or, at least, I never knew him to. I was his pastor four years. He went with me to every appointment on the large circuit, and preached many sermons to large country congregations, and never did I know him to get bothered in the delivery of a discourse. When his text is announced, he starts in with the sermon at once, and rushes from introduction to peroration as the young man first commencing. His points are clear, his illustrations are well chosen, and the whole interwoven with Scripture. When through the sermon he stops at once.

This ninety-five-year-old man can walk three or four miles, or ride twelve to twenty, and preach in the day. He keeps up with the times. I doubt if the ADVOCATE has a more appreciative and retentive reader. This, with perhaps two other weeklies, make his newspaper reading. Here he gets the condensed news, and retains it nearly all.

He was born in Randolph County, N.C., May 26, 1799. His early educational advantages were poor. When twenty years of age he could hardly read print so as to understand it. About this time he was impressed that he ought to be a Christian. So he bought a New Testament and Psalms, that he might learn the way. When he got his testament, he says, he aimed to read it, and learn how to get religion, and then get religion, but let no one know it. After reading his book through twice, or more, while a year was passing, he thought he would attend a camp meeting to learn more of the way. Here he became so anxious to be saved that he resolved to go into the altar and never leave till the Lord converted him. He did so. The moment he was converted he arose, anxious to tell the world of Christís power to save. Just here he preached, as he says, his first sermon, and the Lord blessed it to the conversion of one or more souls. He rode home, a distance of twenty miles, reaching there just at dark. Two of his neighbors, though sinners, were at his house, waiting to hear from the meeting. He told them that the meeting was a good one, and that he had gotten religion. After a short talk he prayed with them, they left him weeping, and very soon they were converted. This was the beginning of a revival that swept all that section, in which hundreds were converted. He began to hold meetings at once, and when the preacher, who was kindly marking out that section came round, there were more than forty to join the Church.

During the seventy-three years since his conversion, he has been constantly preaching, not only from the pulpit, but by precept and example, in his everyday life. His life has been such that no one ever dares to speak of him otherwise than as one of the best men. He has outlived the days of criticism. He is a man of prayer, and it is expected by those who know him that when he prays the answer will come, and usually, it does.

In the year 1881 we had a drought in North Carolina, such as threatened famine. When everything looked most gloomy, Father Needham went round among his neighbors and proclaimed a fast, at the end of which they met at the church and held a special prayer service for rain. A wicked man in the community said: "Father Needham is going to fail now. He is becoming fanatical." When the day came a large congregation was present, this doubter in the midst. The day was clear and hot, like the days of the past weeks. This man still said Needham would fail. The old man opened the service with song and a prayer for Godís presence and help in the service. Then several passages of Scripture were read, showing how the Lord had answered prayers, even to the sending of drought and rain, and many promises referred to, and the people urged to believe the promises of God. Then when he had assured them of his faith that God would answer them, they went to prayers. He prayed the Lord to send rain, and held on praying for quite a long while, this doubter sitting up and


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looking on. But the old man became powerfully in earnest, and seemed to get hold of the very throne of God, pleading and standing on the divine promises. Just then it thundered. This almost scared the doubter into spasms. At the close of the prayer the congregation was dismissed. Many of them were baptized in a heavy rain before reaching home. This is one of many cases in which the Lord has been pleased to answer his prayers in a most signal way.

Father Needham, after his conversion, though he made his living by farming, aside from the large amount of time spent in the ministry, found time to study grammar, arithmetic, geography, etc., until he became a fairly good English scholar. In the early Methodist theology he is a master. Watson, Clarke, and Wesley are at his tongueís end yet. He has quite an extensive knowledge of history. He was never a member of any Conference. Has served all these years as a local preacher. He was employed many years as a supply. Peculiar family troubles kept him out of Conference.

Two of his sons are preachers, and three of his grandsons. One grandson is a member of the Pacific Conference; another is preparing to join Conference.

I have written thus at some length of one that I regard as rather a remarkable man, worthy of public notice.

M. L. Atkins
Mt. Air Island, N.C., June 10, 1894.

Although this is not an obituary the compiler has included this sketch because of the biographical content dealing with this old worthy of Randolph Co., No. Carolina.


July 19, 1894

SALLIE F. WILLOUGHBY born April 7, 1860; died Gadsden, Tenn., Jan. 30, 1894; married Edward F. Willoughby, December 19, 1878.

AMANDA M. FARISS born Franklin Co., Tenn., March 17, 1840; died Tullahoma, Tenn., March 27, 1894; married Dr. W. M. Fariss, October 17, 1867.

R. A. SAVAGE born in South Carolina, November 3, 1841; moved to Mississippi in 1857; died recently.

JOHN ELLERSON GREESON son of David and Elizabeth Greeson born Wayne Co., Tennessee, August 24, 1863; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. in 1888; teacher; married Mary Emma Hampton, December 4, 1889; moved to Cullum, Alabama in 1890 where he died September 11, 1893.

TILLMAN CARR BETTIS born Shelby County, Tennessee, April 20, 1824; died in Chelsea [Memphis], Tennessee, February 2, 1894; left a widow, four daughters and one son.

Mrs. M. E. W. WATTS born July 14, 1838; married E. F. Adcock, April 25, 1864 (born Walton Co., Ga., April 30, 1834); died June 16, 1894.


July 26, 1894

In Memoriam:
IRBY E. MORGAN died recently at a "ripe and honorable old age" by Board of Stewards and Trustees, Hobson Chapel, Nashville, Tenn., dated June 26, 1894. [See August 9, 1894 issue.]


August 2, 1894

Mrs. ANGIE WILLIAMS born Alexandria, Tennessee; died in west Nashville, Tenn., July 8, 1894 in residence of brother, L. H. Davis; three children.

MARY CHERRY, nee Tarrance, born Warren Co., Ky., March 10, 1850; married William B. Cherry September 23, 1869; died Collin Co., Texas, June 25, 1894.

JULIA A. FREEMAN, nee King, born October 3, 1812; married Daniel Freeman, Jan. 13, 1845; died July 4, 1894; four sons, one daughter.

MARY S. RILEY daughter of Stephen and Mary Jones, wife of J. H. Riley, born Calloway Co Ky., March 7, 1839; married May 15, 1856; joined Methodist Church November 26, 1886; died June 4, 1894; moved to Marion Co., Alabama in January 1878.


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CATHARINE P. B. CRUTCHER born February 23, 1822; died May 26, 1894; married Samuel A. Crutcher, February 28, 1843; joined Methodist Church in 1833; ten children; a daughter, Mrs. Gilford Turner, died a few days before her mother died.

SALLIE P. STUTTS daughter of the Rev. N. R. Marr, born in Texas, January 26, 1877; married April 24, 1892; one child; died near Shilohville, Tenn., March 16, 1893.

PARMELIA A. OVERALL daughter of Henry R. Kirby, born Nov. 1826; married N. S. Overall, March 1842; died April 5, 1894; 8 surviving children.

VIVIAN INGE eldest daughter of the Rev. George P. Inge, born November 3, 1885; died May 20, 1894.


August 9, 1894


IRBY MORGAN was born June 10, 1819, at Huntsville, Ala; died near Nashville, Tenn., June 20, 1894. His ancestors were originally from Wales, seafaring men, with Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. His father and mother were early Methodists, his mother specially eminent for piety. His brother, John T. Morgan, of Alabama, has for years held a foremost place in the United States Senate. Irby Morgan married a Miss Demoville, of Nashville. They were blessed with a large family of children. His devotion to his wife and thoughtful study to know the disposition and needs of each child so as to best develop each, was a marked feature of his everyday life. He entered the Confederate army as a private, and carried to his death a ball, which was a constant irritant to his nervous system. After his wound prevented him from service in the field, he devoted himself to the comfort of his comrades. He had removed to Georgia, and his home was open to all Confederates in need. A book filled with memories of these days, written by his wife, is the most charming recital of war incidents which has been portrayed by any pen. The book is rich in heart treasuries, and the tenderest touches of unselfish and sincerely told incidents which unintentionally give insight to his exhaustless generosity and unstinted expenditure of large sums of money for others. A man among ten thousand, an intellect of the brightest type, so quick that his reasoned conclusions seemed to be intuitions, so broad that no important theme lay beyond his high interest; his business perceptions were of the keenest; his plans of excellent adjustment. He won twice large fortunes, which disappeared through operations beyond his control; once by the results of the war, and once through yellow fever. A delightful conversationalist, full of both charm and profit; given to hospitality, as delicately attentive as he was magnanimous. A friend who, when he trusted, surrendered his whole confidence; when deceived, relinquished at once all relations with the party whom he could not trust. With a single exception he has helped more people than any man I ever knew. He was singularly painstaking in his dealings with children and servants, to explain the elements of right and wrong, and to impress high principle and honor in all dealings, so that to be under his care was to learn to honor what is noblest in life. Many of our older ministers knew and valued him. He was the intimate friend of Drs. Green, Summers, and McTyeire. While they inspired, he really builded the first Tulip Street church in East Nashville, and built it of such dimensions that it was self-sustaining from the beginning, and has risen to its present commanding position more rapidly than any Church in Nashville. He was deeply attached to Drs. Barbee and Fitzgerald, and was a brother to the writer. At his request, Dr. Barbee and the writer aided the pastor, Dr. J. M. Wright, in the funeral service, at Hobson Chapel, where he last held membership. He loved the Bible, knew what true religion was, and valued it above rubies. In death he calmly told of his trust in Jesus of Nazareth, and entered the dark valley without a fear.



LOU HALL CROCKET born February 4, 1834; married Allen B. Crocket, April 17, 1851; died April 17, 1894. Her mother died April 17, 1848; her oldest grandchild was born April 17, 1880.

Honorable WILLIAM H. S. HILL born Williamson Co., Tennessee, March 17, 1817; died near his birthplace, June 6, 1894; son of the Rev. Joshua Hill who died at the age of 32 years; grandson of the Rev. Green Hill "of holy memory." He never married. A brother, the Rev. John L. Hill, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died in 1853. A sister, Mary E. C. Hill, wife of the Rev. William Burr, died leaving a daughter, Laura, wife of Captain F. S. Ferguson, Birmingham, Alabama. Burial in old Green Hill Cemetery.


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August 16, 1894

Captain THOMAS B. SYKES son of Dr. W. A. and Rebeccah J. Sykes, born Decatur, Alabama, May 24, 1834; married Maria H. Jones, February 16, 1865; died at "Magnolia," his home, Aberdeen, Miss., June 19, 1894.

S. P. SETTLE born Guilford County, North Carolina, February 1819; died July 8, 1894; married Benjamin Settle, 1846 and moved to Fayette County, Tennessee; seven children; her husband was murdered by marauders during the civil War.,

ANN ELIZA BRIGHT, nee Godbold, born Wilcox County, Alabama, January 29, 1852; married A. C. Bright, November 16, 1882; died Birmingham, Alabama, July 2, 1894.

ROSA SMITH widow of R. O. Smith, born Columbus, South Carolina; moved to Nashville, Tenn. in 1867; died there January 13, 1894.

JOHN YOUNG born April 12, 1833; died January 16, 1894.

NANCY J. HALTOM born Montgomery County, North Carolina, March 25, 1814; married James L. Sory, Henderson Co., Tenn., September 25, 1831; died Greenville, Texas, June 22, 1894; burial in Corinth, Miss.

WILL A. ROBERTS died Nashville, Tenn., July 11, 1894.

MATILDA WESLEY LAY born August 28, 1848, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; married S. M. Rowell, November 26, 1840; died April 15, 1894.

JOHN MILTON SHUMAKER born North Carolina, August 5, 1818; moved to Alabama, thence to Miss.; married Evaline Jackson in 1840; seven children. Died October 18, 1893.

AGNES VEST daughter of C. N. and M. J. Briggs; born Sussex Co., Virginia, November 16, 1843; moved to Dallas County, Alabama in her childhood; married the Rev. J. W. Vest, March 1, 1866 and moved to Texas in the fall of 1873; died July 18, 1894; educated at Centenary College Summerfield, Alabama.

M. A. EDWARDS, nee Bruster, born March 9, 1833; married Joseph Edwards in 1849, Lauderdale Co., Miss.; four sons, three daughters; died June 21, 1894.

ROBERT B. CLARK son of Colonel R. C. and Susan Clark, born June 3, 1844; died Lee Co., Miss., July 13, 1894.

CASSANDRA SCOTT daughter of Morgan Wells ; widow of the Rev. N. R. Scott; born October 22, 1827; died near Hickory Flint, Miss., July 10, 1894.

ANNIE JONES daughter of Tom Jones died July 23, 1894 aged 8 years.


August 30, 1894

LIZZIE MAY HATCH born near Paris, Tenn., February 8, 1853; died June 25, 1894; daughter of Dr. S. B. Aden; married W. W. Hatch at the age of 19 years.

FANNIE ADAMS widow of A. L. Adams, Shelbyville, Tenn., died June 26, 1894; born July 5, 1823.

JAMES W. DUNN born middle Tennessee, May 6, 1830; married Dicy A. Dunn, Oct. 22, 1851; died June 15, 1894.

ROBERT KING BROWN, JR. son of the Rev. Robert K. Brown, D. D., born June 2, 1873; died June 2, 1894.

E. R. "Betty" CECIL born Pulaski Co., Virginia, October 9, 1811; married William I. Cecil, November 8, 1832 and moved to the vicinity of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee in 1839; twelve children; surviving were Loyd, John W., Charles I., Mrs. H. G. Goodloe, Mrs. John W. Neely, Mrs. Izora Andrews. She died June 28, 1894.

Tribute of Respect for S. K. AMES who died recently; by Church and Sunday School, at Fall Creek Methodist Church, Tennessee; undated.


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JAYNE CARTWRIGHT wife of James N. Cartwright died in east Nashville, Tenn., July 13, 1894; had been married for over fifty years.

MALINDA A. HENRY daughter of John and Elizabeth Johnson, Henderson Co., N.C., born May 16 1824; married Alexander Henry, November 1847; died June 28, 1894.

OREN M. RIEFF born Wilson Co., Tenn., February 27, 1810; married Matilda A. Hambro, 1834; moved to Washington Co., Ark. in 1838; died May 11, 1894.

JANE B. GATLIN born in N.C., 1818; married A. L. Gatlin, October 27, 1836; died Tippah Co., Miss., March 12, 1894.

ELIZA McCARTNEY FANT widow of Colonel J. W. Fant, died July 24, 1894 aged 77 years, 25 days ; married July 14, 1835; four sons served in Confederate army, two died in battle and one died in 1878.

JOSEPH CREIGHTON born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 29, 1825; died Nashville, Tenn., June 16, 1894; married Nancy Travillian, July 24, 1844. Eldest son, John Creighton.


September 6, 1894

MARY JORDAN ROSE wife of the Rev. W. W. Rose, born Warren Co., Tenn., April 21, 1862; married February 3, 1886; died June 23, 1894 in Williamson Co., Tenn.

EFFIE BEADLES born near Big Creek, Miss., February 14, 1874; died June 12, 1894.

LAILA ABERNATHY daughter of Cornelius and Mary K. Abernathy, born Maury Co., Tennessee, February 5, 1871; died Culleoka, Tenn., June 26, 1894.

JOHN B. GOODRICH died June 22, 1894; married Kate Fulton Wilson; oldest child of John T. and Mary R. Goodrich.

JOHN C. WISEMAN born in 1810; married Sophia Hickman, March 1842; died recently.

CHARLES PARK PETERS son of the Rev. T. C. Peters, Louisville Methodist Conference, born Trigg Co., Kentucky, September 26, 1869; graduate, Louisville School of Dentistry, June 1891; died July 25, 1894.

LOUISA Y. WINN daughter of A. W. and Susanna Winn, born Maury Co., Tenn., April 29, 1824; died Culleoka, Tenn., June 29, 1894.

PITTS B. BROWN born May 14, 1864; died June 26, 1894; son of Willis J. Brown and wife I. H. Brown.

MARY G. CHILDRESS, nee Baker, born Sullivan Co., Tenn., July 17, 1828; died Bristol, Tenn., July 1, 1894; married Moses Childress, March 16, 1848; an invalid for five years.

JESSE BUCKNER youngest of six children of Richard and Elizabeth Stith Buckner, born Breckinridge Co., Ky., March 28, 1832; married Elizabeth Shrewsbury, Nov. 17, 1852, Meade Co., Ky.; five children; his wife died April 13, 1866; he remarried, to Louisa Nall, March 11, 1869; six children; moved to Jasper Co., Mo. November 1879; died July 20, 1894.

SAMUEL THORNTON BUFFORD born Stewart Co., Tenn., November 26, 1815; died Dec. 11, 1893; married Sarah Collins in 1835 and in 1837 moved to west Tennessee; eight children.

PETER W. GAUSE born January 12, 1820, N.C.; died Grenada, Miss., July 5, 1894; moved from N.C. to Grenada in 1837; surviving were his widow and daughter, Mrs. G. W. Lake.


September 13, 1894

ANNA CRAWFORD widow of the Rev. A. T. Crawford, No. Texas Methodist Conference, died Pilot Port, Texas, June 24, 1894.

JOHN DICKSON born November 12, 1810; died Clarksville, Tenn., July 24, 1894.


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JOHN F. CARLOCK son of John and Frances Carlock, born Marshall Co., Miss., March 21, 1848 moved to Tate Co., Miss. in 1852 where he died July 15, 1894 of "heart trouble."

JAMES W. DUNN born middle Tennessee, May 6, 1830; died June 15, 1894; left widow and seven children.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. ALICE GLOVER who died recently; by Ladies' Aid Society, Demopolis, Alabama Methodist Church, undated.

SERENA KIKER, nee Howell, wife of John M. Kiker, died July 18, 1894; moved to Erath Co., Texas in 1870; fifteen children.

ALFRED HENRY HASELWOOD third son of Dr. R. W. and E. J. Haselwood, born June 26, 1875; died July 31, 1894.

TABITHA ELLEN BEVEL born Benton Co., Tenn., December 4, 1854; died June 24, 1894; survived by widower and seven children.

AMANDA CARLILIA PHILLIPS born Urbana, Ohio, June 5, 1858; died Murfreesboro, Tenn. July 15, 1894

Tribute of Respect for ADDIE J. daughter of J. W. and Mollie Evans who died July 1894; by Sunday School at Spring Hill Methodist Church, Tenn.; undated.

GEORGE W. LYNN born June 14, 1858; died Union City, Tenn., February 21, 1894; married Lenora H. Boykin, May 2, 1883 who died about a year before he died; one son.

BURT GRAHAM son of Prof. and Mrs. J. W. Graham, born Overton, Tenn.; died August: 25, 1894.


September 20, 1894

ISAAC C. GARRETSON born Fauquier Co., Virginia, June 21, 1812; died Warren Co., Tennessee, June 5, 1894; moved to McMinnville, Tenn. in 1831 and two years later to the country; married Fannie Wharton, April 24, 1834; four children; surviving were J. T. and W. H.; wife died in 1870; he remarried, to Martha Parks, June 1872; a son and two daughters; served one term in the stage legislature; joined Methodist Church in 1830.

MARY E. BEALE HELM wife of Colonel Henderson Helm, niece of the Rev. Henry Cowles, Virginia Methodist Conference, born in February 1817; married October 15, 1848; died July 6, 1894.

HUGH L. STARNES eldest son of T. D. and Eliza J. Starnes, born August 27, 1871; died Sept. 5, 1894, in Alabama.


September 27, 1894

MARY JANE RUCKER, nee Pillow, born Maury Co., Tenn., March 22, 1811; married William Rucker; eleven children; died in Nashville, Tenn., June 25, 1894.

DAVID J. MOSS born Green Co., Ky., November 8, 1820; married Martha McDavitt, Nov. 6, 1845, Warren Co., Ky.; died June 15, 1894.

A. C. FREEMAN born May 31, 1831, Marshall Co., Tenn.; son of Henry and Anne (Doak) Freeman; married Vira Ward, January 15, 1865; four sons, one daughter; joined Methodist Church June 10, 1867; died June 25, 1894.

MATTIE B. COOK daughter of Joseph E. and Mary P. Harvey, born Lowndnes Co., Miss., July 18, 1864; died August 13, 1894; married Joseph A. Cook, October 25, 1885.

MARTHA E. RYE daughter of E. P. and Mary Jane Hagewood, born Cheatham Co. Tenn., Feb. 22, 1837; died June 30, 1894; married Dr. Thomas E. Rye, May 4, 1859.

CYNTHIA FREEMAN born in North Carolina, May 20, 1805; died Denton Co., Texas, July 2, 1894; married William W. Evans, April 29, 1821; eleven children; moved to Tenn. about 1831; left a widow in 1844; married Edward H. Freeman in 1848 who died during the Civil War.

EMMA. P. SMITH, nee Witty, born Wilson Co., Tenn., August 23, 1857; died near Statesville, Tenn., August 12, 1894; married Nuborn Smith, January 1882.


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AMANDA F. WATTS, nee Peaden, born June 29, 1839; married W. C. Watts, November 14, 1860; moved to Washington Co., Ark. in 1873; died June 4, 1894.

ISABELLA C. BAILY wife of J. T. Baily, born Oct. 14, 1864; died July 30, 1894.


October 4, 1894

ANNA M. LONC wife of Samuel Long, born Perquimans county, North Carolina, November 11, 1836; died September 17, 1894; moved to Tennessee in 1882 where her husband died in 1883.

MARTHA COUNCIL born Montgomery Co., Tennessee, December 20, 1811; married Matthew Morris in 1832 and moved to Dickson Co., Tenn.; four children; moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. in 1850; her husband died August 20, 1870; she died Hickman Co., Ky., September 11, 1894.

BRATTON GLEAVES son of E. L. Gleaves, born August 30, 1890; died April 23, 1894.

AMELIA ANN WHITEFIELD daughter of Cyrus H. and Sarah Jane Seusney, born Trigg Co., Ky., August 5, 1855; joined Methodist Church in 1878; married T. H. Whitefield, Oct. 3, 1889; two children. Died May 31, 1894.


October 11, 1894

Rev. W. G. HENSLEY born Maury Co., Tenn., November 18, 1818; parents were "from" North Carolina

BETTIE C. McCUTCHEN wife of the Rev. B. F. McCutchen, born Marshall Co., Tenn., November 1, 1837; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. as a child; married the Rev. Nathan Sullivan; eight sons, two daughters; died Hill County, Texas, July 31, 1894.

WILLIAM J. WILKERSON born May 6, 1826; died July 31, 1894; married (1) Parisade Cardwell, April 10, 1850; (2) Emily Grogan, Sept. l0, 1878.

Miss FANNIE McMURRY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1837; died Carrollton, Miss. August 16 1894.

ALVIN GREGG born May 22, 1849; died September 5, 1894, Hopkins Co., Texas.

MALINDA CORKRAN, nee Stone, born January 29, 1847; married (1) Andrew G. Hudson who died in 1848; (2) Daniel Corkran; died Sumner Co., Tenn., September 6, 1894.

VIRGIL MERRIMAN son of D. F. and Josephine Merriman, born Dec. 29, 1886; died June 24, 1894.


October 18, 1894

EMMA J. ANDREWS born Lanacoma, August 17, 1866; daughter of Thomas L. and Elizabeth Engleby died Roanoke, September 7, 1894; married W. E. Andrews.

R. W. NICHOLSON son of William and Sue Nicholson, born June 24, 1863; died August 19, 1894.

MARY J. SMITH, nee Miller, born Weakley Co., Tenn., March 24, 1834; married Thomas S. Smith, September 22, 1853; died McKenzie, Tennessee, January 26, 1894.

CECILE G. RAGLAND daughter of Dr. A. M. and M. J. Ragland, born Shelbyville, Texas, Oct. 28, 1870; joined Methodist Church July 17, 1882; teacher of the deaf and dumb; died Sept. 17, 1894; graduate of Franklin College.

MAY L. DUVAL died Sardis, Miss., September 13, 1894; married C. W. Duval, May 1855.

MAMIE M. LEWIS daughter of T. W. and Sallie Lewis, born Dec. 9, 1879; died Sept. 25, 1894.

"Gathered Unto God"
Rev. THOMAS BOTTOMLEY born Connonly, Yorkshire, England, June 2, 1805; died September 27, 1894, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; first sermon preached in December 1822; last in July 1894; migrated to the United States about 1827; married in England to Hannah Wilson; seven children; one daughter married David Morton, Oregon City, Oregon who submitted this obituary.


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October 25, 1894

Rev. THOMAS BOTTOMLEY born Connonly, west Yorkshire, England, June 2, 1805; preached first sermon, Methodist Church preacher, December 24, 1822; located in New York City, July 4, 1827; joined Baltimore Methodist Conference in 1840; transferred to Arkansas. He was a stone-cutter in England; had a long pastoral career in the Kentucky Conference; died recently; two of his daughters were Mrs. Mary Morton and Mrs. Brownell.

ZERILDA OGLESBY, nee Carr, born June 24, 1824; died June 25, 1894; married A. C. Oglesby, October 19, 1843; eleven children; niece of "Uncle" Elisha Carr .

ARABELLA P. COWSERT born August 25, 1824; died Gibson County, Tennessee, August 21, 1894; married W. S. Cowsert, December 17, 1850; four children.


November 1, 1894

L. R. McWHORTER born November 10, 1823; died April 17, 1894; most of life spent in Walker County, Georgia.

MARTHA A. COBBS wife of William Cobbs; daughter of J. W. and M. A. Tacker, born Giles Co., Tenn., August 13, 1843; died September 24, 1894; married 1874; four children.

MATTIE VIRGINIA BOEHMS daughter of S. H. and Mattie E. Boehms, born October 25, 1892; died October 4, 1894.

JOHN D. ROBINSON born October 20, 1848; married M. E. McDonald; died near Decatur, Alabama, September 14, 1894.

HOMER S. THRALL born in Vermont, December 19, 1819; graduate, Ohio Wesleyan University and received a AM degree from there in 1850; married (1) Amanda J. Kerr, June 27, 1847; (2) Mrs. Amelia L. West, July 21, 1852. Died in San Antonio, Texas, October 12, 1894. His charges:

He was received on trial in the Ohio Conference in 1840. His first charge was Little Kanawha, with Orville C. Shelton as senior preacher. In 1841, Summerville, with J. W. Southward as junior preacher. He was admitted into full connection, and ordained deacon in 1842, and was transferred to the Texas Conference, and stationed at Brazoria. In 1843, Egypt Circuit, with W. S. Hamilton as junior preacher. We have failed thus far to find the minutes for 1844, but hope to do so before our Conference meets in November. In 1845 he was ordained elder, and stationed at Bastrop. In 1846-47 at Austin, where he built our first church in that city. In 1848, Washington; 1849-50, Galveston; 1851-52, Victoria and Lavaca; 1853, Bible Agent; 1854, Rutersville District; 1855-57, Galveston District; 1858, Austin District; 1859 LaGrange and Colored Mission; 1860-61, Columbus District; 1862-64, Victoria District; 1865, Columbus Station; 1866, the West Texas Conference having been organized, he was appointed to Indianola and Colored Charge; 1867, Victoria and Lavaca; 1868, transferred to Texas Conference; 1869, Houston Circuit; 1870, Navasota; 1871-72, Brenham; 1873, Chappell Hill District; 1874, Chappell Hill; 1875, transferred to West Texas Conference, and stationed in San Antonio; 1876-77, San Antonio; 1878-79, Corpus Christi; 1880, San Marcos; 1881, Luling; 1882-85, San Antonio District; 1886-89, Seguin; 1890, Del Rio; 1891, superannuated, and has since resided in San Antonio, where he died October 12, 1894.


November 8, 1894

N. A. YEARGAN born near Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 26, 1821; died Dallas, Texas, Sept. 24, 1894; married Charlott Davis, December 19, 1844; twelve children.

CLAY W. KING died July 22, 1894 aged 26 years. Davidson County, Tennessee.

KATE OWEN HANKINS wife of Albert Hankins, daughter of Mrs. Frances Owen, Smith County, Tenn.; died September 29, 1894.

MARY G. PERRY born February 25, 18l2; married Rev. John B. Perry, 1839; died September 7, 1894

QUEENEY MAJORS JONES wife of Dr. Jones, daughter of the Rev. James M. Majors; died August 16, 1894. Union City, Tennessee.


(Page 26)

J. L. WESSON son of Edward and Dorothy I. Wesson, born March 1842; alumnus, McKenzie College, Texas; married (1) Elizabeth S. Brewer, October 5, 1865; seven children; (2) Mollie Davis, December 27, 1881; seven children. Died Temple, Texas, Sept. 27, 1894.

PAUL McLEAN son of Marion and Cappie McLean, died October 7, 1894 aged 1 year and 5 months, lacking three days.

Miss MARY EDITH ELDERTON born Henderson Co., Kentucky, January 30, 1875; died August 31 1894.

A. J. STANFIELD born near Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 19, 1835; died Union City, Tenn., June 20, 1894; married Sallie Claggart.

FANNIE M. GIVENS born Carrollton, Ky., July 22, 1815; died LaGrange, October 9, 1894; married Dr. Hugh Logan Givens, February, 23, 1836.

JOHN FLETCHER EARLY born Lynchburg, Virginia, January 7, 1830; youngest son of Bishop John Early, Methodist Church; married Eliza Bostick, October 1860; died Sanford, Fla., September 28, 1894. Children: Hardin B., John, Lila and Margaret.

ARABELLA SHACKELFORD FANNIN died September 12, 1894.


November 15, 1894

MARGARET T. ENOCHS, nee Blackwell; born Granville Co., North Carolina, February 20, 1827; married John G. Enochs, May 20, 1852; died Jackson Co., Ala., September 27, 1894.

JERRY F. JOHNSON born Marshall Co., Miss., December 23, 1844; died Obion Co., Tenn., Oct. 28, 1894.

MARY E. GOAR wife of V. L. Goar; daughter of the Rev. John M. and M. A. E. Coston, born August 2, 1868; died January 5, 1894; married December 12, 1891; two children.

J. D. PEMBERTON born December 25, 1842; died July 30, 1894. Statesville, Tennessee.

ROBERT PAINE second son of the Rev. James H. and Sarah E. Warfield, born Drew Co., Ark., May 28, 1862; died September 26, 1894.

Capt. R. H. WATSON born August 5, 1832; married Martha J. Harrison; five children; she died in January 1878; in 1879 he married Morelia Cross; four children. Died Iuka, Miss., August 19, 1894.

AMELIA WASHINGTON EVANS born Robertson Co., Tenn., November 17, 1809; daughter of Ethelbert C. and Lucy W. Williams and wife of William T. Evans whom she married December 19, 1834; five children; died Logan Co., Ky., August 14, 1894; lineal descendant of Washington family, cousin of General George Washington.

MARY L. DUVAL daughter of John and Elizabeth Lacey, born Russellville, Ky.; died Sardis, Ms., September 13, 1894.

Tribute of Respect for OSCAR BOWERS who died October 18, 1894; by Arlington Sunday School; undated.

ELIZABETH H. CRAIG daughter of John A. and Judith Caudle, born Sept. 6, 1847; died Oct. 2, 1894; native of Bartee [Bertie] Co., North Carolina; married William K. Craig, July 27, 1836; nine children.

EULA MAY daughter of L. W. and E. C. OLIVER, born July 7, 1891; died October 23, 1894.


November 22, 1894

JOHN C. WALKER born Washington Co., Ky., October 23, 1814; of English descent; his father had moved from Virginia to Kentucky; married Margaret Watten, Jan. 23, 1838; six children. Died about October 15, 1894.


(Page 27)

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. SALLIE BOYD; by Dancyville, Tenn. Methodist Church Sunday School; undated. She had died recently.

LILLIAN HENSLEY daughter of Dr. W. T. and Bird L. Hensley, born Triana, Alabama, May 7, 1891; died September 28, 1894.

W. W. WHITAKER son of Dr. David and Mary Whitaker, born November 30, 1832; died July 5, 1894; married Kate M. Crichlow, January 7, 1862.

ELIZABETH R. STOKES, nee McFall, Water Valley, Ky., born Maury Co., Tenn., April 28, 1823; died October 7, 1894; married Wesley Stokes, July 23, 1845.

ELIZABETH FARMER born January 15, 1825, Robertson Co., Tenn.; married Dr. Willis H. Farmer, February 23, 1840; died October 14, 1894.

ALLIE MAY LEDBETTER born May 17, 1857; married H. C. Ledbetter, January 28, 1880; three children; died October 19, 1894.

WILLIAM H. LESSENBERRY born Halifax County, North Carolina, March 22, 1822; married Mary A. Weldon, December 14, 1847; died near Milan, Tenn., September 23, 1894.

RECIN RIDGELY DUVALL son of Frederick and Emily Duvall, born near Baltimore, Maryland, February 27, 1806; died Warrensburg, Mo., October 9, 1841; moved to Ohio in 1838; married Sabina A. Ober, May 9, 1838; moved to Iowa in 1839; she died June 1840; he moved to Lexington, Mo. 1842; married Mrs. Nancy D. Smith, March 1846; three sons; she died May 9, 1858; he married Angeline Wood, May 23, 1866.

Dr. S. P. BRYAN born Taylorsville, Ky., July 22, 1827; graduate, Kentucky School of Medicine, 1852; went to Dublin, Ireland in 1856 to take a course in "clinics"; located in Brownsboro, Ky. where he died recently; first wife died in 1889; he married Jennie McWilliams in 1893.

Miss CORA CLAYTON died September 28, 1894.

SALLIE FERGUSON daughter of John H. and M. P. Ferguson, died McKinney, Texas, August 11, 1894 aged 9 year, 6 days.


November 29, 1894

MAC DINWIDDIE son of A. M. and S. T. Dinwiddie, born Dec. 8, 1875; died May 8, 1894.

M. D. JACOBS, nee Settle, born Smith County, Tennessee, February 16, 1820; died October 30, 1894; married W. P. Jacobs in 1840.

ELVIRA McLEMORE KYLE born Lauderdale Co., Ala., July 17, 1834; married Martin Kyle, 1861; moved to Hardin Co., Tenn. in 1852; died near Saltillo, Tenn., August 7, 1894.

JAMES C. DAVIS born Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, December 17, 1871; died Vinton, Louisiana, September 12, 1894; son of Robert M. and Anne Davis.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES son of J. W. WOODRUFF aged 5 years and 10 months old, who died recently; by Sunday School, Morrisville, Alabama Methodist Church.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN F. EARLY who died recently; by second Quarterly Conference, Sanford, Florida, dated November 12, 1894.

JAMES GAITHER born North Carolina, April 13, 1812; married Annie Jennings; died Sept. 27, 1894. Shelbyville, Tennessee.


December 6, 1894

JOHN T. B. NELSON born May 10, 1823, Taylor Co., Ky.; died October 3, 1894; married Elizabeth E. Gadche, August 8, 1850.

ELIZABETH J. IRWIN daughter of Samuel G. and Judith E. Holmes, born August 28, 1842; married J W. Irwin, October 1, 1861; died October 13, 1894.


(Page 28)

JOHN BURNES born Ohio County, Kentucky, 1802; died October 14, 1894.

Mrs. N. M. WOODRUFF born Bentonville, Ark., January 30, 1869; married John J. Woodruff, June 18, 1891; died Madison, Tennessee, October 24, 1894.

W. C. HENRY son of C. W. and C. O. Henry, born May 13, 1888; died November 13, 1894; "little Wash."

HARRY BRIGGS son of J. W. and Ella M. Briggs, Alabama, born November 28, 1892; died Oct. 4, 1894.


December 13, 1894

SUSAN C. VERTREES, nee Lee, born Caswell Co., North Carolina, 1828; married J. C. Vertrees, July 30, 1850; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. and later to Pataka, Florida where she died October 16, 1894.

FANNIE M. BOSTCH daughter of James C. and Fannie L. Bostch, born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 1, 1873; died September 3, 1894.

ROBERT W. YEARGIN son of James and Edith Yeargin, born April 19, 1824; died Nov. 17, 1894 married Salena Vick, March 9, 1852.

KATIE ALLEN, nee Wainwright, born Bells, Tennessee, December 23, 1868; died Humboldt, Tenn., June 14, 1894; married John O. Allen, December 26, 1893.

ROXANNA E. WICKER born Hardin Co., Tenn., April 16, 1876; died Sept. 7, 1894.

JOSEPH H. WICKER born Hardin Co., Tenn., May 29, 1851; died Sept. 4, 1894; married S. A. Stratton, October 12, 1873.

Rev. S. M. ADAMS born August 8, 1827; died near Downey, California, November 7, 1894; moved to California in 1850; married Mollie Williams, December 3, 1851.


December 20, 1894

E. J. SMITH wife of Judge William M. Smith, born Mecklenburg County, Virginia, October 14, 1829; daughter of Edmond and Elizabeth Taylor; died Memphis, Tenn., October 1, 1894; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in childhood; graduate, Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, Tennessee; married September 28, 1853. Lived in Brownsville and Memphis, Tennessee.

ISAAC W. GEORGE died October 14, 1894 aged 75 years and 1 month; married (1) Elizabeth Badget; seven children; (2) Mrs. Mary L. Dorton; 3 children.

LENA HOUSE died Ralston, Tennessee, October 31, 1894.

MARY WILLIAMS, nee Walker, born Roanoke Co., Va., June 1843; married John Williams in 1835; died in Lebanon, Ky., November 26, 1894.

Rev. JAMES V. GUTHRIE born Clinton Co., Ky., May 14, 1843; died Crittenden Co., Ky., Nov. 23, 1894; served in Federal army; married Mattie Brake, 1865; Methodist preacher; ordained deacon 1818; ordained elder 1880.


December 27, 1894

HARRIET L. McCLESKEY daughter of William C. and D. J. McCleskey, born Marshall Co., Ala., August 16, 1877; died Erath Co., Texas, November 27, 1894.

MARTHA V. C. GRIFFEY, nee Linten, born Hickman Co., Ky., April 22, 1840; married Wiley P. Griffey, December 24, 1857; ten children. Died August 12, 1894; she willed $200 to build a new church building at Oakwood.


[Page 29 is February 1895 material out of place.]


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GEORGE E. HOWELL born Hardin Co., Ky., February 12, 1842; died Russellville, Ark., November 12 1894; moved to Pope Co., Ark. in 1851; served in Company B, 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles, CSA; married in 1886; one son.

REBECCA BANKS only child of W. J. and Sallie Rebecca Hoover, Bellbuckle, Tennessee, born April 26, 1891; died November 19, 1894. "She was a flower budding in the garden of devoted hearts."

GEORGIA A. COLEMAN, nee Deeds, born Todd Co., Ky., August 30, 1863; married Thaddeus Coleman, June 8, 1884; four children; joined Methodist Church in 1876. Died in native county, October 4, 1894.

WALTER CHAMBERS son of J. W. and Arminta Chambers, born Decatur Co., Tenn., May 24, 1878; died Kirka, Kansas, November 28, 1894.

JOHN A. PERRY born Maury Co., Tenn., April 8, 1822; married Dorcas Witherspoon at the age of 19 years; eight children; died November 20, 1894.

Tribute of Respect for LIZZIE wife of the Rev. Charles TAGUE who died in Kobe, Japan, November 4, 1894, serving in the foreign mission field; by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Park Avenue Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn.; undated.


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