By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002

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January 4, 1894

JAMES KAY born Culpepper County, Virginia, November 1, 1816; in youth moved to Tennessee and there married Eliza Bailey of Dover, Tennessee, March 3, 1836; moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in May 1851 where he died November 11, 1893; active Methodist layman.

Reverend HENRY KAY, son of James and Eliza Kay, born in Dover, Tennessee, February 27, 1840; moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in May 1851; entered the Methodist ministry in 1860; served in Louisville Conference; health gradually impaired; he died November 10, 1893.

ROBERT S. THOMPSON born Prince Edward County, Virginia, November 24, 1832; died December 5 1893; son of the Rev. John Thompson, a Methodist preacher; moved when young with family to Fayette County, Tennessee and in 1856 moved to pine Bluff, Ark. where he married Belle Williams of Tennessee; had an only child, a son. An interesting touch in his obituary reads:

As a Christian Brother Thompson was true and loyal, and always in his place, and ready for the discharge of duty. His faith suffered no changes. "Forward to the home of the good" was his motto. This writer enjoyed a long and intimate association with him, and knew him for his worth. Standing with him in Lincoln Park, at the World's Fair, admiring the beauties of flower gardens, I asked him if the sight did not make him picture heaven in his mind, he replied: "I cannot imagine how heaven looks, but I intend by the good Lord's help to go and see." With such grand resolve and purpose dominating his life are we not justified in asking may he not in the last supreme moment have been permitted a glimpse of the beauties and glories of the goodly land, and that, as with his last breath bringing his hands together, he said, "Praise the Lord!" he was allowed to enter in? Bless God for the Christian's hope. In closing this feeble tribute to his memory, we realize the loss of a, friend so true, yet in our sorrow we feel a mighty sense of gratitude for his life and its influence for good.


Miss SALLIE MATTHEWS born December 7, 1860; reared in Cloverport, Kentucky; died in St. Joseph Infirmary, Louisville, October 23, 1893.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN W. DICKEY who died recently; by Sunday School Committee, Methodist Church, Bartlett, Texas; undated.


January 11, 1894

VALENCIA CAMPBELL daughter of L. T. and S. J. Campbell, born December 23, 1874, Panola Co., Mississippi; died of malarial fever, Female College, Huntsville, Alabama, October 30, 1893. Obit submitted by "Aunt Beulah."

Miss ALICE LEIPER oldest daughter of James A. and Alice K. Leiper, born January 17, 1870; died of consumption, Murfreesboro, Tenn., November 14, 1893; joined Methodist Church Easter 1888.

JAMES W. DODD son of Dr. R. J. Dodd, born April 23, 1850; married Miss G. A. Porter, October 10 1875; died June 28, 1893; surviving were his father and children.

"Sister" JANE KING, nee Lytle, born November 18, 1824; died July 29, 1893; married Colonel William B. King, January 27, 1842; 2 sons, 5 daughters; professed Christian faith at campground near Triune, Tenn. and joined the Methodist Church in 1846.

MARY A. SIMMONS born December 13, 1813; died January 15, 1893; her father, "Old Brother Forey of Franklin County," Tennessee; married George Simmons in 1832.

EMILY DAVIS daughter of H. P. Davis died Lauderdale Co., Alabama, November 3, 1893, aged, "ten short summers."

Mrs. R. ANN HENDERSON died Cornersville, Tenn., November 3, 1893; born May 30, 1832, Giles Co Tenn.; oldest daughter of Samuel and Jane Smith; married W. F. Henderson, October 20, 1853 and lived within a mile of Cornersville; mother of 2 sons, William and Samuel., the former died in youth.


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Tribute of Respect for FINLEY BYNUM who died September 6, 1893 aged 79 years, 4 months old; by Woman's Missionary Society, Union City Dist., Memphis Conference, Cayce, Kentucky; undated.

BARBARA ALLEN VAIL, nee Blakeney, born Chesterfield District, South Carolina, August 29, 1835; married Henry Vail, October 17, 1852; died Lowndnes Co., Miss., October 28, 1893; burial in Trinity Churchyard; had 3 sons, 3 daughters.


January 18, 1894

MARY SUSAN FELTS daughter of Edwin R. and Mary B. Rizer, born Russellville, Kentucky, May 9, 1850; died at her mother's residence there, Oct. 3, 1893; married Samuel Felts, Feb. 8, 1870 who died an invalid, March 15, 1873.

LUCY SUMMERS, nee Moremen, aged 70 years, died in Louisville, Ky. at residence of son- in-law, Emery Johnson, October 28, 1893; native of Hardin Co., Ky.; daughter of Squire Jesse P. Moremen, being one of ten children (5 sons, 5 daughters); married Dr. B. F. Summers, Bullitt, Ky.; 4 surviving children; several deceased. Burial in Cave Hill Cemetery.

J. ALBERT PLUMMER son of J. A. and Deane Plummer, born Collierville, Tenn., Feb. 3, 1878; died Mariana, Ark., November 17, 1893.

NARCISSA L. MOSS wife of Rev. Jerry Moss, born September 29, 1840; died Dec. 9, 1893; "loved her children as she loved nothing else except her Saviour."

ALLEN G. GRAVES BORN September 29, 1863; died Nov. 16, 1893; joined Methodist Church in 1882

Mrs. JOE H. GLEAVES born May 1, 1864; died October 31, 1893; married November 28, 1883; joined the Methodist Church in September 1886.

EMMETT GRANBERY NOLLEY son of R. E. and L. V. Nolley, born Richmond, Va., September 7, 1875; died December 3, 1892.

OLIVE MAY daughter of Dr. John H. and Mary E. Cooper born March 18, 1878; died Franklin, Tenn., November 19, 1893; especially affectionate towards her sister Annie.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. A. L. LEDBETTER who died recently; by Ladies Aid Society, place and date not given.


January 25, 1894

JOHN T. BYNUM son of J. M. and A. R. Bynum, born Rienzi, Miss., March 21, 1866; married Lulu Clark, Shannon, Miss., January 1, 1890; joined Methodist Church in April 1890; admitted to law practice August 27, 1892; died August 18, 1893.

Miss MARY J. HENDERSON died at residence of her brother-in-law, James H. Story near Lynnville, Tenn., September 10, 1893 aged 69 years.

LELAND B. ABELL born April 1, 1855; died Verona, Miss., October 30, 1893; married Belle Foster, January 6, 1889; 2 children, 1 living.

PHILO V. DUNCAN born Troy, Indiana, August 16, 1820; died Cloverport, Ky., Oct. 25, 1893; married Susan E. Kinzer, April 21, 1842; three children.

Rev. JUNIUS JORDAN born Lunenburg Co., Virginia, Sept. 14, 1813; died Eufaula, Alabama, Dec. 4, 1893

JOSEPH A. THOMPSON born August 24, 1848; died October 30, 1893; born and reared in Civil District 15 of Henry Co., Tenn. where he also died; joined Methodist Church in 1873; father of four children.

LIZA M. DOYLE born February 3, 1856; died Saltillo, Tenn., Sept. 13, 1892; joined Methodist Church in 1877.


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JOHN GILLELAND, SR. born Butler Co., Tenn., March 2, 1800; moved to Kentucky when aged 9 years; died Jefferson Co., Kentucky, Dec. 4, 1893; married Jane H. Holt, Jefferson Co., Ky., 1832; 10 children, 6 surviving him. [There is not, nor has there ever been a Butler Co., TENNESSEE; there is a Butler Co., Kentucky; there is a discrepancy of some kind here.]

JOHN ALEXANDER COOPER born Carroll Co., Tenn., February 18, 1827; died Sept. 5, 1893; married Mary C. Finch, February 14, 1856; son and daughter.


February 1, 1894

LOUISA C. WARD, nee Hagewood, born Dickson Co., Tennessee, December 16, 1847; married Rev. D. W. Ward of North Alabama Methodist Conference, Feb. 1, 1870; died New Market, Ala., November 24, 1893.

WILLIAM NEWTON OWEN son of L. R. and M. E. Owen, born Maury Co., Tenn., March 17, 1866; died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 18, 1893. Merchant; burial with Knights of Pythias ritual.

EVA E. ROBERTS daughter of James and Laura Travis, born Oct. 28, 1873; died Nov. 11, 1893; married J. A. Roberts, October 2, 1892.

MARIA REBECCA COX only child of the Rev. Samuel K. Cox, died Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1893.

MARY A. HERREN born Tallapoosa Co., Ala., 1872; died Dadeville, Ala., October 30, 1893; married Prof. W. A. Vogeley, then superintendent of Dadeville High School and moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1890.

SARAH A. HAYS born Davidson Co., Tenn., October 18, 1830; married William Hays, Feb. 14, 1854; died January 3, 1894; several children.

MARGARET MUNGER born Washington District, S.C., July 22, 1816; married in January 1836 and moved to Mississippi; died West Point, Miss., November 29, 1893.

EDWARD C. HENDRIX born Guilford Co., N.C., Feb. 15, 1818; died Feb. 20, 1893; moved to McNairy Co., Tenn. in 1845; lived 8 miles west of Purdy; felled the first tree to build the church-house of Beuna Vista congregation of which he was a member; served as a class leader and Sunday School supt. for 48 years. Several children.

THOMAS J. BREWER born January 30, 1820; died Dec. 5, 1893; moved to Talladega Co., Ala. where he lived the rest of his life.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. ANN HENDERSON who died recently; by Missionary Society, Cornersville, Tenn., of which she had been a sometime president; undated.

ALICE A. MEADOWS wife of Thomas H. Meadows, oldest daughter of F. M. Atkinson, born Nov. 13, 1859; married Oct. 1, 1885; died Mason Co., Tenn., Oct. 30, 1893.

WILLIAM GRADY SHELTON son of J. J. and Ada E. Shelton, born Sept. 17, 1891; died Limestone Co., Ala., January 4, 1894.


February 8, 1894

Mrs. ELIZA HARIS WHARTON born Sept. 19, 1814, Madison Co., Ala., educated at the Huntsville Female Institute; married Dr. George R. Wharton in 1832; several daughters; died in Nashville Tenn., Dec. 29, 1893; her father, Capt. Richard Haris, lived to the age of 96 years; was a veteran of the American Revolution, having fought at Petersburg and Yorktown on the American side; moved from his native Powhatan Co., Va. to Madison Co., Ala. in 1808.

Rev. LEVI BROTHERTON born Greene Co., Tenn., October 3, 1810; son of John T. Brotherton and moved to Blount Co., Tenn. in 1824; professed religion Sept. 17, 1829 at Morganton Campground, Tenn. and joined the Methodist Church Sept. 18, 1829; left Blount Co. in 1833 with John Stanton and moved to Cherokee Nation and then west; entered Methodist ministry; ordained deacon in 1842; ordained elder in 1848; having been licensed to . . .

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He was married to Winnie Epperson (died July 24, 1848), December 4, 1834; four children; (2) Martha Ann Gadger (died July 22, 1885), Feb. 28, 1859; five children. He was buried in Dalton, Georgia, November 24, 1893.

LILLY L. JONES wife of George A. Jones, died Franklin, N.C., Dec. 6, 1893 aged 40 years and 9 months old; daughter of Dr. J. M. Lyle; left husband and six children.

Rev. THOMAS A. SHEARING born May 8, 1848; died Nov. 7, 1893; moved to Crockett Co., Tenn.; he died near Benton, Kentucky.

MARY C. LEE daughter of Dr. Jesse Core, Williamson Co., Tenn., educated at Carona College, Lebanan, Tenn.; married John W. Lee, 1868; died November 25, 1893.

WILLIAM P. RUSSELL born August 8, 1829; died Dec. 19, 1893; surviving was his widow who was "ready and looking on to a better day."


Mrs. Mary Caroline Sevier was born in Roane County, Tenn., February 27, 1810; and died near the place of her birth January 24, 1893. She was the only daughter of Major Thomas Brown, a native of North Carolina, and both a civil and a military officer of the United States. Major Brown was a man of affairs, the close personal friend of such eminent Tennesseans as Hugh L. White, Andrew Jackson, John Williams, and others. Having accumulated a large property, he gave to his daughter, for whom he cherished a very tender love, the best educational advantages that those times afforded, sending her first to Rittenhouse Academy, and then to Nashville. She made good use of her opportunities, and "stored a very active and retentive memory with the liberal sciences, history, and the elegancies of literature." While at Nashville she was the welcome guest of the Childresses, Cheathams, Grundys, Ewings, and prominent families, with many of whom she corresponded till late in life.

At the age of seventeen she was married to Mr. Elbridge Gerry Sevier, and removed to his farm on Nolachucky river, in Washington County. This connection largely extended the circle of her friends. Like the true wife that she was, she learned to love her husband's people as dearly as her own. During her residence on the Nolachucky, which lasted for a number of years, she united with the Methodist Church, in which her husband's able and eloquent brother, Rev. E. F. Sevier, had become a minister. Entering thus early upon the Christian life, she remained steadfast to the end of her pilgrimage. Reading her Bible every day, and trusting in the mercy and power of God, she kept her eye fixed on invisible things. It was her natural disposition to be kind and helpful as far as she was able. She did not limit her benefactions to any class or color. Her love for her own was intense and even passionate. Day and night she strove to make them comfortable and happy. Industrial, social, kind-hearted, she filled well her place in life. The record that she has left behind does not show a blotted page.

A widow for twenty-five years, she never lacked affectionate attention. Her children, one and all, reverenced and loved her. Whatever could be done to smooth the way for her aged feet was done. Her last sickness was full of pain, but she did not murmur nor complain. When she reached the valley of the shadow of death she called her children about her, told them that she was going home, and asked them not to weep for her. She is at rest with her Lord. The long journey of four score and three years has ended in perfect peace. Her mortal remains were buried by the side of her loved ones in her own yard. The roses and lilies that she planted with her own hands will make the air fragrant over her grave-but not more fragrant than the memory of her sweet and beautiful life in the hearts of her children and friends.

A Friend


February 15, 1894

Rev. WILLIAM McKENDREE HARWELL born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 24, 1816; died in same county, Oct. 4, 1893; youngest son of the Rev. Coleman and Catharine Harwell; his father moved to Giles County in 1813. His brother, Ausburn B. Harwell, died several years ago. His brother, Thomas D. Harwell, died Nov. 2, 1893; he was married four times, all wives having predeceased him; large family of children, surviving were Dr. J. R. Harwell, Nashville; Mrs. W. A. Wilkinson and Wilkes W. Harwell, Bradshaw, Tenn.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. J. R. HARVEY, corresponding secretary of the Arkansas Conference Woman's Missionary Society, who died in the asylum of the blind in Little Rock, Ark. recently; by Arkansas Woman's Board of Missions dated January 18, 1894.

BLOSSIE WHARTON NEAL daughter of Dr. George R. and Eliza P. Wharton, born Huntsville, Ala.; married Ed. M. Neal, 1871, Lebanon, Tenn., where she died Dec. 2, 1893.


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HENRY LARKINS born Caldwell Co., Kentucky, January 27, 1824; married Lucy A. Wilcox, July 4, 1850; died September 16, 1893. Obit submitted by his daughter Alice.

AGNES H. WILSON daughter of Rev. Jordan and T. D. Moore, born Feb. 7, 1857; joined Methodist Church in 1870; married B. F. Wilson, April 21, 1888; died November 27, 1893.

Mrs. NANCY JONES born February 20, 1826; died October 19, 1893; 2 living sons.

EMMA M. T. WRIGHT daughter of John Turner, born September 8, 1858; married W. I. Wright, Dec, 11, 1888; died December 21, 1893.

MARY J. BUCHART daughter of J. S. and M. E. Hardin, born February 23, 1848; died Hickman Co., Kentucky, Dec. 23, 1893; married Robert Buchart.

Rev. T. L. WOOD born in Tennessee, February 28, 1828; married Margaret A. Norvil in 1848; daughter of Ralston Norvil and granddaughter of Rev. Nolten Norvil; had 4 sons, 5 daus.; married (2) M. J. Crawford, March 4, 1877. Licensed as local Methodist preacher in 1874. Died December 6, 1893.

CHARLES LATHAM of Owen's Cross Roads, Alabama, born about 1835; died about Jan. 6, 1894.

Mrs. MARY TOWNES widow of Hurbert Townes; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Jan. 14, 1894. Born in 1801; a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Rev. J. P. WALKER died Bonham, Texas, February 3, 1894 of bronchitis.


February 22, 1894

MARY KING wife of B. S. King, Smyrna, Tenn., born March 31, 1806; died Sept. 23, 1893; married April 15, 1853; 9 children.

MARY HESTER BEAUCHAMP youngest daughter of Dr. R. N. Beaucham, Logan Co., Kentucky, died Dec. 24, 1893 aged 19 years; buried in family graveyard. Her mother died in June 1876.

Mrs. SOPHIE H. MOORE, nee Lord, wife of John Moore, died near Holly Springs, Miss., April 25, 1893.

REBECCA WHITTEN AYERS wife of Thomas J. Ayers, Cedar Hill, Tenn., born May 23, 1844; died Jan. 5, 1894; daughter of J. W. and E. W. Gooch; married October 8, 1869.

EMMA E. PATTERSON born Scioto Mills, Miss., March 18, 1855; married G. A. Hays, Nov. 4, 1880; died Texarkana, Ark., Dec. 6, 1893; two children.

Mrs. MARY ANN E. SPAIN born Nashville, Tenn., May 21, 1820; died Jan. 13, 1894.

MARY ALLEN, nee Franklin, born July 27, 1821; died Feb. 21, 1894 [1894?]; married Armstrong Allen, March 10, 1853; two sons, 2 daughters.

SALLIE J. "Dink" ALLEN born December 10, 1853; died April 3, 1892.

MURRAY C. BOUCHEE son of T. C. and Mary A. Bouchee, born Chickasaw Co., Miss., July 23, 1876; died Hattiesburg, Miss., December 30, 1893.

J. C. HODGES born Wilson Co., Tenn., May 12, 1809; married Sallie Mooney, October 17, 1843; eight children, three died. He died in residence of daughter, Mrs. E. S. Cole, Prairie Co., Texas, January 2, 1894.

LYDIA MANKIN HOOVER daughter of Charles Mankin; married J. L. Hoover; seven children; died October 10, 1893; burial in family graveyard.

ELIZA CROSS, Talladega Co., Alabama, wife of Joseph T. Williams, died January 5, 1894; born Greenville District, S.C., November 13, 1825.


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March 1, 1894

CURTIS W. THOMAS born January 17, 1847; died Arlington, Tenn., January 9, 1894; native of Fayette Co., Tenn.; joined Confederate army in 1863; married Louia [Louisa?] H. Bates, Dec. 18, 1872 near Mason, Tenn. Merchant in Arlington.

Rev. JOSEPH L. PRICE born Yallobusha Co., Miss., May 7, 1841; died Rochdale, Texas, Dec. 24, 1893; married Martha A. Huff, Prentiss Co., Miss., Dec. 20, 1866; ten children; licensed to preach in Baldwin Quarterly Conference in 1870; moved to Texas in 1872.

SARAH J. DUNCAN wife of Rev. T. L. Duncan, born Dec. 29, 1832; died Sept. 16, 1893.

Rev. ROBERT S. CLARK born Crittenden Co., Ky., August 20, 1845; married M. D; Farmer, Jan. 2, 1867; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1884; died Talee, Ky., Nov. 18, 1893.

KATE E. WELCH daughter of Dr. J. W. and E. A. Welch, born Feb. 2, 1873; died West Point, Tenn. September 15, 1893.

WILLIAM G. COPELAND born Feb. 1833; died December 1893.

RENA C. WADDY wife of R. K. Waddy, daughter of Dr. R. T. Clark, born near Paris, Tenn., Sept 29, 1857; died near Trenton, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1893; reared by her aunt, Mrs. Joe H. Porter; married November 1882; one child.

JANE M. SANFORD daughter of Charles G. and Ann Martha (nee Steele) Fields, born Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, September 20, 1830; married Capt. Henry Sanford, Haywood Co., Tenn., May 9, 1849 and moved to Covington, Tenn., then to Lauderdale Co., Tenn. where she died July 4, 1893.

SALLIE A. SHELTON wife of Rev. A. G. Shelton, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, born near Clarksville, Tenn., January 1, 1835; died Dec. 11, 1893; married (1) J. T. Foust who died; (2) present husband and moved to Ozark, Ark. in 1883 where she died. A daughter was Mrs. Judge May of Dardenelle, Ark.


March 8,1894

SAMANTHA LEWIS born April 2, 1831; married W. C. Lewis, May 23, 1854; seven children, one being Robert Lewis of Nashville. Died January 24, 1894.

W. C. TAYLOR born Marion Co., Ky., Oct. 28, 1852; died Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 10, 1893; lawyer.

SUSIE M. WADDY daughter of J. S. Waddy, born Dec. 18, 1887; died Sept. 18, 1893 in residence of her grandmother, Mrs. S. M. Hopton, Mt. Adams, Arkansas.

THOMAS T. CAMPBELL died January 6, 1894 aged 50 years, 8 months, Davidson Co., Tenn.; wife, Mary, and five children, surviving.

MABEL SANDERS daughter of J. E. and U. L. Sanders, born Hart Co., Ky., Oct. 28, 1892; died Dec. 27, 1893.

MOLLIE I. DURHAM wife of Walter T. Durham; daughter of Marion and Cassandra Lusk, born near Kilmichael, Miss., Oct. 3, 1864; married January 24, 1886 and moved to Winona, Miss.; died December 30, 1893, leaving a "bright little girl [daughter]".

LUCY BURROW born Orange Co., N.C., Oct. 30, 1805; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1815; married Jarrell Burrow, April 18, 1823; twelve children, six living; fifty grandchildren, 49 great- grandchildren. Joined Presbyterian Church and moved to Carroll Co., Tenn. and joined the Methodist church at Lebanon Church in Madison Co., Tenn. but transferred membership to Shiloh in Carroll County where she died Jan. 18, 1894. Burial in Shiloh Cemetery.

SARAH J. NICHOLS daughter of Jarrell and Lucy Burrow, born Carroll Co., Tenn., Feb. 10, 1839; married A. B. Nichols, May 28, 1865: died near McLemoresville, Tenn., Oct. 18, 1893; three children.

MARY GRAY born Nov. 11, 1809; married (1) W. W. Bradford in 1827 (2) P. F. Gray in 1843; died January 16, 1894. Cumberland City, Tennessee.


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Mrs. PARMELIA R. BAUGH died in residence of her brother, A. E. Cole, Arlington, Tenn., Jan. 10, 1894 aged in her 66th year.

SUSAN ROBERTSON, nee Hightower, born Halifax Co., Virginia, Sept. 18, 1812; died Sardis, Miss Dec. 7, 1893; married William Royal Robertson in 1830 and moved from Virginia to Panola Co., Miss. in 1840.

Dr. L. JONES born February 9, 1860; died October 22, 1893; married Emma Cole, October 23, 1888

In Memoriam:
EDWIN HAYDEN MOON son of William and Nancy Moon, born Monroe Co., Miss., July 9, 1849; educated at Andrew College [Trenton, Tenn.]; licensed to preach in October 1868; ordained deacon in 1872; ordained elder in 1874; served in numerous charges in Methodist Church; married Florence Peters, Nov. 2l, 1875; two children.


March 15, 1894

WILLIAM A. BURNS "Uncle Billy", born Ireland, January 21, 1835; died January 22, 1893 [1894?] migrated to the U. S. when a boy and lived in New Orleans, La. for years; served in the Confederate army; moved to Nashville, Tenn.; a shoemaker; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery; had a daughter living in New Orleans, her name unknown.

NANNIE PHELPS born in Florida; married W. D. Phelps. Limestone Co., Ala. Died August 1893.

ELFORD LILLY youngest child of R. G. and M. H. Lilly, born Pontotoc Co., Miss., August 4, 1878; died Vernon, Miss., January 13, 1894.

ELLA CANNON SIBLEY died in Louisville, Ky., December 24, 1893; born Sept. 2, 1840; left "three living boys."

LUCY A. SIMS, nee Gaines, nee Carlton [sic], born in Georgia, June 22, 1824; died Wetumpka, October 3, 1893; three children.

ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON wife of Capt. D. G. Hutchinson, born Todd Co., Ky., about 75 years ago; died Jan. 12, 1894 a few miles from her birthplace.

EDNA C. HOOPER daughter of the Rev. J. F. and Nannie J. Randell, wife of R. E. Hooper, born Dec. 20, 1868; died Nov. 25, 1893; married in 1889; a son, three years old.

THOMAS J. HAYNES "Uncle Jeff", born Moore Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1832; married Martha E. Kerley, October 1849; died January 16, 1894; moved to Kansas in 1875 and settled in "Tennessee Bend" south of Augusta.

JESSE SADLER born Sumner Co., Tenn., July 18, 1817; married Sarah Sadler, Oct. 8, 1840; died Jan. 6, 1894 near Sadlerville, Tenn.

BUTLER HOLBROOK son of "Judge" Holbrook died in Carnesville, Ga., December 1893 aged ten years.

JAMES C. LAIR born Wayne Co., Ky., July 31, 1824; died in same place, January 19, 1894; married Elizabeth Powell, Oct. 31, 1844; several children.

Rev. ALBERT H. THOMAS born Gibson Co., Tenn., 1824; died Memphis, Tenn., January 9, 1894; educated "for the law" but decided on a ministerial (Methodist) career instead.

In Memoriam:
PRESLEY SIMPSON born Walnut Hill, Fairfax Co., Virginia, Jan. 5, 1796; died Paris, Ky. in residence of son-in-law, James E. Ford, December 21, 1893; veteran of the War of 1812 and the EVENING STAR in Washington, D.C., Dec. 26, 1893 issue, noted that "he was one of the three survivors of that old guard"; after that war he moved to Kentucky but later moved to Washington to work in the Post Office Dept. there; resigned in 1861 and moved to Paris, Kentucky; married Mary H. Riffets in 1822; two sons, two daughters; one son died in 1832, the other was named E. F. Simpson. Simpson had joined the Methodist Church in October 1816.


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In Memoriam:
Mrs. R. K. HARGROVE died in west Nashville, Tenn., February 27, 1894; faithful worker in the Methodist church and Sunday School.


March 22, 1894

HENRIETTA O. HOUSTON, nee Wilkins, born Petersburg, Virginia, 1822; moved to Tenn. in 1837; married in 1845; moved to pine Bluff, Ark.; died October 17, 1893.

BETTIE CHAPPELL daughter of Albert and Priscilla Cartwright, born near Spring Hill, Tenn., February 6, 1836; died Dec. 9, 1893 in residence of her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Faris, Marshall, Miss.; married D. T. Chappell in 1856.

MATILDA PARKER born February 13, 1818; married Oct. 27, 1846; died February 2, 1893 [1894?]

B. S. GADDIE "Uncle Bet" born Green Co., Ky., December 15, 1803; died January 13, 1894; married Sarah A. Handley in 1841.

Rev. J. A. FORD son of Joseph and Sarah Ford, born Fayette Co., Ga., June 22, 1831; moved to Floyd Co., Ga. when three years old; married M. E. Anderson, Nov. 24, 1853; moved to Henrietta, Texas in 1887.

Mrs. TOMMIE JONES born Wilson Co., Tenn. about 1830; died Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1894.

SADIE E. ROGERS daughter of F. A. R. and Annie J. Davis, granddaughter of the Rev. Arthur Davis, born June 24, 1864; married C. D. Rogers, April 12, 1893; died January 29, 1894.

HARRIET U. TOLLEY CUNNINGHAM born Warren Co., N.C., May 30, 1831; moved to Tenn. in 1842; oldest of seven children; married Dr. E. W. Cunningham, Dec. 18, 1849; one son, eight daus.; husband died July 1869; she died Clarksville, Tenn., October 10, 1893.

VALLIE B. WILLIAMS daughter of the Rev. Wilson Williams, No. Alabama Methodist Conference, and wife, Bethany, born near Gold Hill, Ala., Oct. 17, 1849; died New Decatur, Ala., January 27, 1894; graduate, Green River Female College, Bowling Green, Ky., 1868; survived by six brothers and two sisters.

BESSIE L. HOBBS daughter of Alexander and Cora Hobbs died near Lynchburg, Tenn., Dec. 26, 1893 aged 4 years, 5 days old, of diphtheria.


March 29, 1894

Mrs. N. CARRIE BROYLES died December 23, 1893 in Texas; wife and a mother of two sons.

Dr. JAMES A. DOUGHERTY born Scott Co., Ky., January 13, 1826; died Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 23, 1894 of apoplexy [stroke]; married (1) Nannie L. Wells, May 1852; (2) Lizzie C. Seymour, August 1868. First wife died in April 1863. One child.

Judge JAMES W. EVANS born April 7, 1825; died Clinton, Ky., January 31, 1894; 8 children, 4 surviving.

Rev. B. B. HESTER died January 14, 1892; his wife, Charity, died Dec. 3, 1893 aged 80 years, 2 months and 21 days old; married 62 years; had thirteen children. Obit submitted by son, W. S. Hester.

ELIZABETH A. JOHNSON wife of the Rev. W. H. Johnson, born June 29, 1823; married in 1867; died January 24, 1894.

D. C. PETERS died Greenville, Ky., Dec. 24, 1893 in his 81st year of age; native of Muhlenburg Co., Ky.; a Methodist and Freemason.

TURNER R. WESSON born June 17, 1818; died Dec. 19, 1893; married about 58 years.

JOHN F. W. GREENE born Tattnall Co., Ga., Oct. 18, 1811; died Macon Co., Ala., Oct. 24, 1893; married Caroline Capps, daughter of Dr. J. W. Capps, Russell Co., Ala., Oct. 13, 1856; 5 children: Rev. J. M.; Mrs. Dubberly; Mrs. Cox; Mrs. Stayton; Miss Fannie.


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BARBARA A. MARTIN widow of Rev. Enoch W. Martin, died Logan Co., Ky., May 6, 1893; born Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1841 and at the age of two years taken to Allen Co., Ky.; married in 1830; seven sons, five daughters.

MARGARET J. ABERNATHY born in Miss., March 8, 1830; died Henderson Co., Tenn., January 10, 1894; married Andy Austin, July 4, 1853; no children.


April 5, 1894

Miss LIZZIE ELLIOTT died near Trinity, Ala., Dec. 22, 1893 aged 22 years, 2 months and 22 days.

Mrs. JOHN W. LEE died Duplex, Tenn., November 25, 1893.

A STILLBORN SON was born to William R. and Jennie M. Lewis on December 27, 1893. His little sister, MATTIE LOU, died Dec. 28, 1893 aged 3 years, 2 months and 2 days.

JENNIE M. LEWIS, nee Pennington, born Sept. 30, 1872; married William R. Lewis, Feb. 19, 1888. Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; died recently.

"CAPTAIN MALLOY" aged 60 years died recently; left an only son, Tom.

NANNIE A. ROBERTSON wife of Dr. J. S. Robertson, born April 5, 1835; married Sept. 8, 1863; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., January 4, 1894.

THOMAS J. ESTES born March 23, 1835, Nashville, Tenn.; died Simpson Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1894; his mother, Eliza A. Estes, died Dec. 7, 1893; his oldest brother, D. C. Estes, died Jan. 9, 1894; he married L. E. Ellis, January 8, 1860 and moved to Simpson County in 1869.

SARAH J. DENTON born July 26, 1832; married Jesse Booth, 1852; died February 6, 1894.


April 12, 1894

CALEDONIA B. HATCHER youngest daughter of Abner and Mary S. Pillow, born west Tennessee, April 25, 1825; married Octavius C. Hatcher, August 23, 1843; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1894.

SARAH HANDLIN, nee Starrk born Warren Co., Ohio, 1810; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1894

JOHN A. SHEFFIELD born December 8, 1814; died Marshall Co., Tenn., February 2, 1894; married Susan J. Stegall, March 15, 1837.

WILLIAM D. LAMAR son of B. A. Lamar, born Titus Co., Texas, June 1, 1880; died Daingerfield, Texas, February 19, 1894.

LULU HALL daughter of Rev. Flemons Hall, Tenn. Methodist Conference, born Jan. 28, 1874; died January 13, 1894 of typhoid fever.

Mrs. MOULTON W. ARMSTRONG born Oct. 29, 1803; died Charleston, Ala., Feb. 13, 1894.

LOUISA THOMASSON, nee Cass, born N.C., July 8, 1808; with parents moved to Monroe Co., Tenn in 1824; married John Thomasson June 22, 1828; six sons, three daughters.

Dr. J. KNIGHT CURD born Warren Co., Ky., 1830; graduate, Louisville Medical University; practiced medicine in Logan Co., Ky. Died October 29, 1893; burial in Bowling Green, Ky.

CALLIE E. HUFFINES daughter of Crofferd Huffines born April 24, 1875; died Jan. 28, 1894.


April 19, 1894

Colonel W. R. STUART, Ocean Springs, Miss., buried "last Friday," as per recent notice in the NEW ORLEANS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE.

WILLIAM J. CLARK born Washington Co., Va., August 24, 1830; died Coopers, West Va., Feb. 3, 1894; alumnus, Emory-Henry College; married Virginia F. Jones in 1856; five children.


(Page 10)

T. A. BALLARD born November 26, 1846; died Mt. Pleasant, Miss., January 24, 1894; joined Methodist Church in 1863; a freemason also.

MONTIE H. BAKER daughter of James A. and Matilda Baker, born Putnam Co., Tenn., 1860; died November 1893; her father died in 1865.

SUSAN D. JOHNSON daughter of W. H. and Hallie Hale, born April 14, 1865; died Feb. 15, 1894.

JENNIE S. NEWTON born near Shelbyville, Tenn., January 18, 1848; married Ambrose Driskil Ruth, Sept. 24, 1867; died January 8, 1894.

Honorable JOHN P. TAYLOR born Wilson Co., Tenn., January 19, 1833; died Halcomb, Mo., Feb. 7, 1894; lived in Smith Co., Tenn. until 17 years old; moved to Missouri in 1856; served in the state legislature from Dunklin Co. in 1882; Confederate captain; married in 1856 to Bettie E. Garrison; 2 children; (2) Julia A. Jones; 2 children; (3) Mattie J. Blakemore; 3 children.

JOSEPH MILNER born near Leeds, England, February 14, 1822; died Florence, Alabama, January 28, 1894; went to California during the Gold Rush of 1849; married in 1860; 1 son; 3 daus.

W. B. CROWNER born Sept. 13, 1844; died Mar. 10, 1894; married Lettie Cagett, May 1, 1873.

SUSAN A. MANLEY only daughter of Absalom and Elizabeth Mark, born Bedford Co., Tenn., July 30, 1838; married James A. McFerrin, Dec. 19, 1854; moved to Tipton Co., Tenn. in March 1866 and died there January 3, 1894; burial in Bethel Cemetery near Tipton, Tennessee.

DAVID L. BARRETT third child of J. H. Barrett born Feb. 1, 1892; died Sept. 7, 1893.

Mrs. M. C. HAMMERTREE born Oct. 17, 1837; died Nov. 25, 1893; married Samuel Hammertree, Nov. 16, 1858; four sons, three daughters.

ELIZABETH T. WILLIAMS born near Nashville, Tenn., August 16, 1827; married William S. Williams, September 21, 1848; died Feb. 10, 1894; had one "living child."


April 26, 1894

Miss CATHARINE McDONNELL born near Huntsville, Ala., Feb. 10, 1857; died near Decatur, Ala. in the residence of her sister, Feb. 13, 1894; alumna, Huntsville Female College; in her will left bequests (generous) to the Methodist Church.


E. W. PACKARD was born at Georgeville, Stanstead County, in the Province of Quebec, Lower Canada, September 4, 1810, and fell asleep in Jesus at the home of his daughter, Mrs. M. E. Wells, Monticello, Ark., February 23, 1894. In 1638, Rev. Samuel Packard, wife and child, emigrated from England in the ship "Ipswich," as one of the Puritans who landed at Plymouth Rock, Mass. He finally settled at Old Bridgewater, Mass., where he was appointed a civil officer under the Government of England. He had four sons-Samuel, Zaccheus, John, and Nathaniel-all of whom in King Philip's War, and assisted in the capture of this celebrated chief in 1675. One of these four son's sons was the great-grandfather of the subject of this memoir, and his name was Daniel Packard. Daniel had five sons-Isaiah, Eleazer, Daniel, and Richard-Richard being the father of E. W. Packard. Richard Packard was a Revolutionary soldier who, by accident, settled too far north in Vermont, thus becoming after the war a taxpayer to the British crown, when the line was definitely fixed between the United States and Canada; but he and his brothers were pensioned by the United States Government till their death. He was united in marriage to Miss. Sally Coats, the orphan daughter of a captain. He and his young wife were both converted under the preaching of Whitefield in one of his tours through New England. To their union were born eight sons and six daughters. These sons were John, Daniel, Moses, Hollis, Chester, Wales, and Erastus--the last named being the seventh son, one of the sons dying in infancy. After finishing his education at Georgeville, Erastus W. Packard attended a French school at Montreal and became very proficient in the French language. He went to Georgia for his health when a young man, in about 1834, and for ten years engaged in teaching, making a specialty of French, which was a very popular language with the Southern aristocracy in those times. He taught for ten years or more in Putnam County, Phoenix Academy, and at Edenton in Meriwether County. He was a successful teacher. W. A. Wilson, one of his pupils more than fifty years ago, paid, the following tribute to him in the Atlanta Constitution, five years ago: "Mr.


(Page 11)

Packard, my first teacher, has been to me all my life the ideal of a Christian gentleman. Five years of my school-day life were spent under his tuition. In all that time, with the keenest intuitions of childhood all awake and watchful, I was never tempted to call in question his sincerity, or to harbor the least doubt of his truthfulness; and if he is really today what my memory paints him, then he is truly a model of what a man should be." While teaching in Georgia he was happily married to Miss. Rush L. Russell, the daughter of Rev. Burwell Russell, an Itinerant Methodist preacher and a lineal descendant of Lord John Russell. The fruit of this union was five children, three sons and two daughters, in order of their birth as follows: Clara O., Erastus E., Martha E., Burwell R., and Wilbur F. The last-named, and youngest, is a member of the Missouri Conference, M. E. Church, South and stationed at Fulton Mo. Prof. B. R. Packard is teaching at Ennis, Tex., and the rest of the children live in Arkansas.


B. F. KING born September 23, 1859; died February 20, 1894; married Maggie Browder, Dec. 10, 1865; four children.

Rev. J. W. "Uncle Billy" FERRELL born Jasper Co., Ga., April 18, 1821; moved to Miss. about 1840 with his widowed mother; married Martha L. Marion (died August 11, 1844), Dec. 23, 1842 (2) Permelia E. Hickman, Nov. 27, 1851.

COLLIE BROWN daughter of James and Susan Hoover, born Coffee Co., Tenn., March 1, 1842; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1856; married W. C. Brown June 22, 1863 and moved to Tenn. in 1880; died Gainesville, February 23, 1894.

LINNAEUS D. COZART died Atlanta, Ga., February 27, 1894, less than 27 years old; native of Loudon Co., Tenn.


May 3, 1894

WILLIE FLORENCE daughter of Dr. B. L. and M. P. Morton born July 26, 1878; died Jan. 8, 1894

MARY A. JORDAN wife of Jesse Jordan, born May 12, 1840; died July 5, 1893; reared her own children and several nieces.

PETER VERNON son of P. B. and Susan J. Puryear born Dec. 10, 1889; died Nov. 16, 1893.

Dr. JOSEPH L. SHERRELL born Oct. 2, 1824; died Dellrose, Tenn., January 17, 1894; married (1) Martha Patterson, Oct. 30, 1850; seven children; (2) Mrs. Mary M. Bruce, Dec. 24, 1862 (who died shortly before her husband); graduate, Philadelphia Medical College in 1850; practiced medicine in Lincoln Co., Tenn. until 1874.

WILLIAMSON R. WELLS born Orange Co., North Carolina, June 20, 1810; died February 11, 1894; moved to Marshall Co., Tenn. when a child, later to Calloway Co., Ky. where he died; married Juddy Watkins, February 24, 1843.

HARRIS F. TEASLEY born November 3, 1849; died near Thomasville, Tenn., February 23, 1894.

BENJAMIN F. WALLACE born Henderson Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1868 and died there Oct. 11, 1893; burial in Bethel Cemetery.

HARRIET A. LESTER wife of P. C. Lester, died near Velina, Miss., Jan. 30, 1894; married Dec. 21 1865 in Calhoun Co., Miss. and moved to Yallobusha Co., Miss. where she was a member of the Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church.

MATTIE A. COLES born Lebanon, Tenn., June 24, 1837; daughter of E. G. and M. A. Cain; married Calvin C. Coles in 1851 and moved to Wilson Co., Tenn.; died Mayfield Ky. March 4, 1894.

Mrs. ELIZABETH SHOCKENCY died February 10, 1894 near Loretta, Ky. in the residence of Mrs. Cordelia Jarboe.


(Page 12)

May 10, 1894

WILLIAM EDDLEMAN born Morgan Co., Ga., April 13, 1815; died Bryan, Texas, November 24, 1893; active Methodist layman.

HARRIET E. JONES daughter of B. H. and Callie Jones, Franklin Co., Ga., died Feb. 6, 1894; her uncle, R. H. Rivers, submitted her obituary.

Rev. JOSH S. ANDERSON born March 4, 1869; died October 23, 1893 at the residence of his father, the Rev. G. W. Anderson.

CORA A. MORRIS daughter of the Rev. J. K. and C. A. Morris, born March 15, 1873; died near Moscow, west Tennessee, January 19, 1894.

BENJAMIN F. DRAKE born Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1840; died Jan. 16, 1894; married Julina Green, January 22, 1850; eleven children.

BETSY A. ROBERTS daughter of Christopher and Eliza Swindle, born near Sparta, Tenn., June 11, 1840; died near Danville, Ala., January 10, 1894; married William J. Roberts, November 19, 1865; five children.

VIRGINIA A. MOSS daughter of James and Mary Colclough, born in Miss., Jan. 1, 1866; married Henry Moss, October 19, 1892; died November 18, 1893, Las Vegas Hot Springs, New Mexico.

Dr. THOMAS W. EWING born Campbell Co., Virginia, September 26, 1814; moved to Prince Edward Co., Va.; married Martha Sanders, 1848, Buckingham Co., Va. and moved to Warren Co., Ky. where he died December 5, 1893.

NANCY E. PIERCE daughter of John and Mahala Pierce, born Pulaski Co., Ky., July 12, 1843; died February 20, 1894.

Dr. JOSEPH L. SHERRELL born Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1825; died January 17, 1894; burial in Bee Springs Cemetery beside his wife; 3 sons, 2 daughters.

Mrs. N. E. STALCUP wife of J. R. Stalcup, died December 26, 1893; nine sons, three daus.; a son, C. T. Stalcup, submitted her obituary.

DANIEL G. McCLELLAN born in 1827; died August 9, 1893.


May 17, 1894

EMILY A. BUFORD, nee Neale, born in Virginia, November 24, 1815; died December 17, 1893; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. in her youth; married J. B. Buford who died in 1850; large family; moved into Nashville in 1880.

JOEL THOMAS HALEY born Madison Co., Ala., Nov. 9, 1836; married Cornelia Jones in 1867; died January 14, 1894.

AMANDA HAYWOOD born Griffin Co., Ga., July 26, 1832; married J. C. DeArmon, 1850 and moved to Texas, settling finally in Hamilton County where she died February 1, 1894.

Rev. RUFUS W. COONS son of Charles and Nancy Coons, born Pickens Co., Ala., August 4, 1829; died Limestone Co., Ala., March 4, 1894; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, in Frankfort Mission, June 3, 1854; ordained deacon December 15, 1867; ordained elder November 23, 1873; served in numerous charges; married (1) Sarah Bennett; (2) Bettie Crump.

SIDNEY B. SMITH born Talladega Co., Ala., September 3, 1843; married Dr. B. B; Smith, April 23, 1865 and moved to Larkinsville, Ala. where she died January 26, 1894.

Dr. ROBERT H. FRISTOE born Christian Co., Ky., November 22, 1822; died Oviedo, Florida, February 19, 1894.

Mrs. M. E. MARTIN died Paris, Texas, March 4, 1894; born in Tenn., December 23, 1818.

A. H. ARNOLD, nee Poytress, born May 10, 1818; married L. W. Arnold in 1840; moved to Texas in. 1854; died March 5, 1894.


(Page 13)

JOHN G. "Johnnie" BANKS son of Leonard D. and Ella Banks, born Williamson Co., Tenn., March 7, 1876; died January 20, 1894.

I. M. P. WELLS son of H. H. and Martha J. Wells born January 4, 1869; died February 3, 1894.

Mrs. COLUMBIA COMBS born February 19, 1845; died September 12, 1893.

JAMES T. GATLIN born November 25, 1840; died January 11, 1894; married Sarah Matilda Browning, December 25, 1869; seven children.

Tribute of Respect for ARTHUR W. STEPHENSON who died February 17, 1894; by a committee, undated.

SUSANNA MARGARET GAINES widow of the Rev. John T. Gaines, mother of the Rev. H. T. Gaines, Kentucky Methodist Conference; born June 18, 1822; married Jan. 3, 1850; died recently.

BETTIE CLAY infant daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lowrie Lancaster, born August 26, 1893; died March 18, 1894.


May 24, 1894

Miss KELLEY RIGGS died March 12, 1894; daughter of the Rev. Adam S. Riggs.

Dr. AMBROSE W. HODGE born Washington Co., Tenn., July 11, 1823; educated at Washington College; moved to Decatur Co., Tenn. in 1846; married Evaline McCorkle, Oct. 7, 1847; four daughters and three sons; served as Confederate army surgeon; his wife was buried July 27, 1891; he died September 20, 1893.

NOAH FOSTER born in South Carolina in 1835; died Panola Co., Miss., March 11, 1894; oldest man in Panola County at his death; left widow, three sons, two daughters.

Colonel W. W. DOSS born Pickens Co., Alabama, September 20, 1830; died Williamson Co., Tenn., January 30, 1894; married (1) Elizabeth Moore; three children; (2) Bettie Jones, May 1861; he with six other brothers joined the Confederate army and all survived the war.

ELEANOR P. BIRKHEAD born Henry County, Tennessee, June 7, 1836; died Washington Co., Ark., March 5, 1894; married R. F. Birkhead in 1856.

M. L. KELLOGG born Albany, New York, March 4, 1847; married Parizade E. Davis, Ganzales Co., Texas, February 28, 1875; a "refine gentleman"; died February 20, 1894.

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS M. CHURCH who died December 12, 1893 at a "ripe old age"; by Quarterly Conference, undated.

AGNES H. WILSON born February 7, 1858; daughter of the Rev. Jordan Moore, Tennessee Methodist Conference and wife, Sarah D. Moore; after death of her parents and twin sister, Alice, she moved with her brother Robert Moore to Inverness, Florida; married B. F. Wilson; one daughter; died Hustburg, Tenn., November 27, 1893. A brother, John D. Moore of Clarksville, Tenn. mentioned.

OVERTON HARRIS born in South Carolina, January 30, 1798; died Okolona, Miss., Feb. 8, 1894; married thrice, lastly to Ann E. Clark; ten children; moved to Monroe Co., Miss. in 1833 where he died.

JOHN E. ROBINSON born October 31, 1832; died March 25, 1894.

Rev. JEFFERSON D. AUSTIN born Syracuse, New York, January 25, 1836; died Council Grove, Kansas, March 19, 1894.

W. H. RAMER born in Tenn., October 24, 1810; moved to Moscow, Kentucky in 1854 where he died February 6, 1894; married Nancy Stone, August 25, 1836; ten children.

WALLACE H. McCORMICK son of James M. and Eliza McCormick, born Nov. 16, 1864; died March 26, 1893 [1894?]


(Page 14)

ELIZABETH FONTA BRAGG daughter of Frank S. and Belle D. Bragg, born May 20, 1851; died January 4, 1894.

THOMAS FLETCHER SAFFELL born Blount Co., Tenn., July 24, 1815; married Minerva Brown, August 24, 1841; died May 30, 1893; six children.

MARY MOORE born Washington Co., North Carolina, January 27, 1817; moved to Bedford Co., Tennessee in 1820, to Gibson Co., Tenn. in 1832; married Thomas S. Moore, February 17, 1841; died in Lavinia, Tenn., December 30, 1893; no children.


May 31, 1894

LATTA MAYHEW son of the Rev. W. W. Mayhew, died Franklin, Kentucky, March 19, 1894; born Feb. 6, 1876.

AUBREY GOODRIDGE and ANGIE DODDRIDGE, twin sons of Alonzo and Bettie PETTY, born January 1, 1894 and in less than a week died from bronchitis.

JOHN D. STANFIELD youngest child of S. P. and M. P. Stanfield died January 16, 1894 aged 9 years "and a few days."

MATILDA M. FENNELL widow of Dr. J. W. Fennell, born Londonderry, Ireland, November 15, 1816 and died December 15, 1893, Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. A. S. LEWIS born Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, May 2, 1820; died Greenburg, Ky., Sept. 15, 1893; moved to Greenburg in 1836; moved to Los Angeles, California in 1891 but moved back to Greenburg in April 1892; joined Methodist Church in 1838; married Anna Bell Adair, August 2, 1848; six children. Oldest sons, Dr. T. A. and Dr. William A. lived in Los Angeles. Mrs. Kate Durham, Mrs. Lilly Shrene, Miss Mary Lewis and Dr. A. S. Lewis, Jr. lived in Greenburg. He served in the Kentucky legislature in 1872.

SALLIE KINCHELOE oldest daughter of Judge Jesse W. and Clara Reno Kincheloe died April 1, 1894 in Hardinburg, Kentucky.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. ALLDAY who died March 6, 1894; by Anniston Auxiliary of the Woman's Missionary Society, undated.

HENRY ROSE died April 3, 1894; son of George W. and Emily Rose; born April 25, 1836.

Rev. C. C. COKE, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born February 7, 1827; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., February 18, 1894; married "Miss" Yarbrough, December 14, 1856; several children.

JOHN W. BLAIR born April 7, 1819; died January 20, 1894; married (1) Eliza J. Rowell, 1840; (2) Mrs. Sarah J. Cathey, 1866; first wife died in 1862; spent most of his life in Lincoln County, Tenn.; moved to Tullahoma, Tenn. three years ago and to Normandy last November where he died.

Rev. JUNIUS P. "June" WALKER son of Dr. Jacob G. and Louisa E. Walker, born Fayette Co., Tenn., February 1, 1849; educated at Andrew College, Trenton, Tennessee licensed to preach in 1867; died in Bonham, Texas, February 3, 1894. He had gone to Texas early in that year for his health; his body was returned to Asbury Churchyard near Williston in Fayette County, Tenn. where he was buried beside his first wife [Emma, born August 23, 1855; married October 20, 1873], a daughter of the Rev. R. S. Harris and granddaughter of the Rev. George W. D. Harris; she died October 30, 1885. He remarried to Mary R. Jackson, Fayette County; three children left of first marriage and three of the second marriage; six children were buried beside him and his wife. One child mentioned of second marriage, Willie Leatherwood Walker. His charges:

His first appointment was Huntington, for the year 1871, to which he was reappointed for 1872, thence as follows: Dresden Station, 1873; Dyersburg Circuit, 1874; Macon Circuit. 1875-6; Springdale, 1877; Bolivar and Grand Junction, 1878; Embury, 1879-80; Saffrans Street, Memphis, 1881-3; Bartlett, 1884-6; Embury, 1887-8; Bartlett again, 1889-91; LaGrange and Saulsbury, 1892-3; LaGrange Circuit, 1894 - but, we believe, was not able to preach after his last appointment.


(Page 15)

GEORGE FORBES ADAMS born Newton-Butler, County Fermanagh, Ireland, June 27, 1802; son of John and Eliza Adams; married Matilda Moore, November 23, 1836; she died May 30, 1895; eleven children. He migrated to the United States in 1844 and settled in Logan Co., Kentucky; in 1857 moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee but moved in October 1884 to the residence of his son-in-law, J. W. M. Gooch, Cedar Hill, Tennessee, where his wife died and where he died March 7, 1891; burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Tenn.


June 7, 1894

LILLIE M. WARREN, nee Yarbrough, born Loachapoka, Ala., December 13, 1857; married Jesse O. Warren, September 28, 1880; died in same village, April 14, 1894. .

DENIZA A. CRUTER, nee Fisher, wife of the Rev. John W. Cruter, born Jackson Co., West Va., May 20, 1861; died Elk City, March 3, 1894; married July 23, 1883. Her twin brother, the Rev. P. D. Fisher, Hamlin, West Virginia.

ANNIE SNODDY HOLMAN daughter of R. K. and A. M. Snoddy., died April 16, 1893.

Sister J. R. HAYGOOD daughter of Tandy and Frances Dicks, born January 16, 1834; married J. J. Haygood, December 14, 1856; died March 23, 1894; seven children.

THOMAS WARREN MOORE son of the Rev. W. T. Moore, Louisville Methodist Conference, died DeLand, Florida, April 17, 1894; a sister, Mrs. Wilbur Wesley Cowell of New York City mentioned.

W. H. "Uncle Billy" PLANT born December 7, 1814 ; married Rebecca J . Tomlinson, February 18, 1835; six sons, five daughters; died March 17, 1894. Humphreys County, Tennessee.

JOSEPH B. HALEY born April 19, 1832, Wilson County, Tennessee; died Davidson County, Tenn., at residence of youngest son, Willie Haley, March 12, 1894; married Jane Tracy; six children.

WILLIAM B. MONTGOMERY born Hardin Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1827; died near Saltillo, Tenn., April 6, 1894; married Purnecy White (died 1886) in 1855.

Mrs. CLARA S. SHELTON, nee Monday, died Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., March 2, 1894; born June 27, 1835; her last illness lasted a week.

FROMY BELL daughter of R. M. and M. A. Clayton born April 5, 1891; died May 24, 1894.


June 14, 1894

DELULA BELL KIKER daughter of B. M. and M. B. Kiker, born Erath Co., Texas, Nov. 28, 1876; died April 19, 1894.

JAMES J. WILSON born January 22, 1817; died March 5, 1894.

A. P. HOUSTON born April 13, 1815; moved from North Carolina to Panola Co., Miss. in 1845 where he died March 10, 1894.

MARY A. BENTO.N daughter of Joseph and Ann Wardlaw, born in South Carolina, April 14, 1822 moved to west Tennessee in 1827; married Dr. Abner Benton in 1840; seven children; died Nov. 21, 1893 at the residence of her son-in-law, R. M. Williams, Ripley, Tenn. "Her grandchildren loved her dearly."

Rev. WILLIAM G. HENSLEY born near Columbia, Tenn., November 19, 1813; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., April 19, 1894; burial in Bethel Cemetery.

Miss ANNIE GLEESE died February 16, 1894 aged 16 years.

J. L. WATSON born York District, South Carolina; October 5, 1814; moved to Hardin Co., Tenn. in the fall of 1819 with parents; married Margaret Russell, November 19, 1835; died Dec. 11, 1893.


(Page 16)

LAFAYETTE CHARLTON born May 11, 1825; died August 23, 1893.

KATE C. BECK died near Granada, Miss., April 4, 1894.

Rev. JOSEPH GRANVILLE GUYNN born Wilson County, Tennessee, December 22, 1831; died Robertson County, Tennessee, April 26, 1894; joined the Methodist Church September 16, 1849; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in September 1852; ordained deacon October 1854; ordained elder in October 1857; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. in 1865.

MALIDA McINTOSH, nee Ball, born in Virginia, October 20, 1811; died Madison Co., Alabama, April 24, 1894; married William N. McIntosh in 1836 and moved to Madison Co., Ala. in 1840; had a stepson who died in 1868; a widow for more than forty years.

CARTER H. WITT born Hopkinsville, Kentucky but was reared in middle Tennessee; married Miss Amis of Culleoka, Tenn., and later to Sallie Bugg, Lynville, Tenn.; he died April 3, 1894; large family.

MAMIE P. RAY wife of James Ray, daughter of James M. and Ellen H. Pierce, born February 22, 1873; died April 5, 1894.

Rev. DAVID RASBURY BRUTON born Montgomery County, North Carolina, December 23, 1829; son of James and Diana Bruton; graduate, Trinity College, 1858; president of Raleigh Female Seminary, 1857-1859; several charges in North Carolina Conference, retiring in 1891; spent last years in household of his son, Colonel John F. Bruton, Wilson, N.C.; died March 26, 1894; burial in Maplewood Cemetery.

WILLIAM A. HAMILTON born in Virginia, April 10, 1810; married Jane H. Hugeley, 1831; died April 27, 1894; three daughters, one son.

WILLIAM C. POARCH son of the Rev. Henry E. Poarch, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died May 12, 1894.

MATTIE HAYNES daughter of James and Jessie Haynes, Chewalla, Tenn., died April 22, 1894 aged 24 years.


June 21, 1894

SUSAN CLARK wife of Colonel R. C. Clark, born Smith County, Tennessee, August 2, 1821; died Verona, Miss., May 12, 1894; daughter of the Rev. Robert Hodges.

JAMES BRYSON born Primrose Mount, County Antrim, Ireland, October 6, 1808; died near Macon, Miss., December 24, 1893; sailed for America December 24, 1831 and landed at Charleston, South Carolina, February 14, 1832; married Eliza Banks, June 28, 1833; in 1839 moved to Macon, Miss. and joined the Methodist Church in 1854; His wife died in 1884.

ESTHER MELTON daughter of Joseph and Lytha A. Melton born Benton Co., Tenn., February 16, 1889; died from severe burns, January 26, 1894.

Rev. J. E. HUDGINS born in Tennessee, December 26, 1816; moved with parents to Jackson Co., Ala.; married Jannie Mitchell, March 10, 1839; two sons, five daughters; moved to Lafayette Co., Miss. in 1845 where he died December 14, 1893.

CELIA DAVIS born February 16, 1836; her mother, Mrs. Mary C. Fewell, was still living at the age of 83 years; married Frank M. Davis, July 6, 1852; twelve children; she died April 30, 1894 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Blanche M. Kimball, Trinity, Alabama.

Mrs. MARY E. WELLS daughter of John J. and Malinda Plaxco, born June 12, 1838; married (1) John D. Armer, Dec. 29 1854 (he was killed Reseca, Ga., May 15, 1864); (2) Rev. J. M. Wells, May 12, 1881; she died May 24, 1894.


(Page 17)

S. B. JERNIGAN born Robertson Co., Tenn.; died Franklin, Kentucky, May 21, 1894.

LOUISA MOORE born Maury Co., Tennessee, May 22, 1817; married Alfred Moore, Dec. 14, 1839; twelve children, seven predeceasing her. Died Milan, Tenn., May 9, 1894.


June 28, 1894

WILLIAM HENRY WILKERSON born Sumner Co., Tenn., May 28, 1842; died April 12, 1894; married (1) Kittie Roberts (died January 3, 1884), April 17, 1867; five children; (2) Clara L. Drake.

ANNIE B. DIGGS daughter of Daniel E. and M. A. Beasley, born Henry Co., Tenn., August 1, 1838, married R. P. Diggs, May 22, 1872; three children; died April 14, 1894.

SARAH T. DUNCAN born February 23, 1806; moved from Giles County, Tennessee to Lauderdale County, Alabama and married there to Moses Duncan, March 21, 1828; six children. Died near Burcham Mills, Alabama, June 6, 1894.

SOPHIA L. COFFEY, nee Buster, born Wayne County, Ky., October 15, 1853; married Lewis Coffey, November 18, 1874; five children. Died January 1, 1894.

WILLIE GEORGE GLASCOCK son of Tim and Sallie Glascock, born Oct. 24, 1893; died March 16, 1894.

SOPHRONIA MEADOWS ANDERSON born near Shelbyville, Tenn., April 8, 1834; married G. W. Anderson, December 12, 1854; died near Pulaski, Tenn., February 21, 1894; stricken with rheumatism in 1882.

S. B. JERNIGAN born Robertson Co., Tenn., July 22, 1826; died Franklin, Kentucky, May 29, 1894; married Mrs. Floyd, nee Weaver.

CORNELIA FITZGERALD HENTZ daughter of William Monroe and granddaughter of the Rev. James Fitzgerald, born Quincy, Florida, September 19, 1852; married C. A. Hentz, October 28, 1873; died May 14, 1894.

CLARA L. AKIN wife of David R. Akin, born Ellis County, Texas, November 24, 1866; married October 10, 1888; died Graham, Texas, May 21, 1894.

J. A. MATHIAS born Henderson County, N.C., September 9, 1838; died Lindale, Texas, September 13, 1893.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. BEULAH ROBERTSON EDWARDS the only daughter of M. L. Robertson, born December 23, 1874; died May 6, 1894; married W. R. Edwards, June 19, 1893; by Ladies' Aid Society, Adams Station Methodist Church, Tennessee, undated.

NATHANIEL J. HOCKADAY born Halifax County, North Carolina, January 1, 1821; son of Warwick Hockaday; moved in childhood to Humboldt, Tennessee; died in April 1894.


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