By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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July 4, 1891

JOHN WHITAKER died Wayne Co., Tenn., April 6, 1891 aged 89 years, 4 months; native of N.C.

MARY ANN R. WILLIS, nee Roberts, born Robertson Co., Tenn., Oct. 10, 1828; married E. W. Willis, Dec. 16, 1849; 4 children, 3 surviving her; died May 8, 1891.

ELIZABETH KEMP, nee Swain, born McNairy Co., Tenn., June 27, 1822; married G. W. Kemp, July 1, 1838; died Henry Co., Tenn., April 20, 1891; 12 children.

ADELINE HARRIS, nee Morrison, born July 12, 1808; married Colonel John Harris, Oct. 29, 1857; died Feb. 19, 1891; a stepmother.

Rev. M. C. HANNA, local Methodist preacher, born Oct. 1, 1833; died Henderson Co., Tenn., Aug. 29, 1890; in 1882 he became "insane," and recovering he married; burial in Sardis, Tennessee.

RHODA E. MURCHISON wife of Rev. Colin McMurchison, born Isle of Wight, England, 1813; migrated to Norfolk, Va. in 1816; married in 1841 in Charlotte, N.C.; eventually moved to Independence Kansas in 1883 where she died Feb. 15, 1891; 3 children.

LOUISA VANCLEAVE, nee Manning, born Granville Co., N.C., July 18, 1829; moved with parents to Weakley Co., Tenn.; married A. B. Vancleave, Mar. 9, 1847; 6 children; died April 25, 1891.

SOPHIA F. MAXWELL born Limestone Co., Ala., Jan. 24, 1827; died Fayette Co., Tenn., April 8, 1891; one son named, Rev. J. M. Maxwell; a dau. named, Mrs. Rev. J. G. Jones.

FANNIE NORRIS HOWELL wife of W. L. Howell, daughter of James A. and Sarah Norris, born Selma, Ala., Jan. 22, 1853; died Tuscaloosa, Ala., Jan. 20, 1891; 2 daughters.

ELLA A. RIVES daughter of the Rev. Henry A. and Mary A. Rives, Holly Springs, Miss., born July 1, 1852; died May 4, 1891.

MARGARET R. PEGRAM, wife of Z. T. Pegram, died Mar. 29, 1891 in the 45th year of her age; an invalid.

SEBERT HERSHEL born Oct. 21, 1882; died Sept. 30, 1890. SAMMIE born Aug. 16, 1880; died Oct. 13, 1890. Children of Eli and Henrietta KIRKPATRICK.


July 11, 1891

Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS born Elizabeth City, N.C., May 10, 1831; died Brownsville, Tenn., Feb. 19, 1891; graduate, Randolph-Macon College, AM, 1852; practiced law; married Kate Pugh, Bertie Co., N.C., Dec. 21, 1859; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Sept. 19, 1864; moved to Brownsville, Tenn. in Sept. 1867; ordained deacon Nov. 29, 1868; ordained elder Nov. 24, 1872; founded the Wesleyan Female College in Brownsville, retiring from its presidency after more than 20 years in 1890. [See page 69 for entire obituary.]

MATTIE HOLIFIELD, nee Wood, wife of the Rev. M. J. Holifield, born near Henderson, Ky., Jan. 10 1834; died Tiptonville, Tenn., April 8, 1891; married (1) J. R. Watson; 6 children, 2 surviving her; (2) Rev. Holifield, Nov. 8, 1871.

E. C. BRUCE born Rockingham Co., N.C.; graduate, Eclectic Female Inst., Frankfort, Ky., 1848; married Thomas A. Bruce (died 1873), Oct. 14, 1849; moved to Paris, Tenn. in 1860; died there, May 19, 1891 in the residence of son-in-law, Major W. A. Carter; 10 children, only 2, Mrs. W. A. Carter and Littleton Bruce surviving her.


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The entire obituary of the Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS (from page 68)

Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS, A. M., of the Memphis Conference, M. E. Church, South, died at his home in Brownsville, Tenn., February 19, 1891. He was born May 10, 1831 in Elizabeth City, N.C., where he was reared to manhood. He professed religion and joined the Methodist Church in his youth. He competed his education at Randolph-Macon College in 1852, receiving the degree of A. M. He delivered the salutary of this his graduation year, and Dr. Samuel Lander, one of his class, the valedictory. He returned home and took up the study of law. In 1856 he was admitted to the bar in Elizabeth City, where he practiced with fair prospects until he was arrested by a deep conviction that his duty lay in another direction. Surrendering this profession, he accepted a professorship in Murfreesboro College, where he filled variously the chairs of Mathematics and Languages until the operations of that institution were closed by the late war between the States. He was married to Miss Kate Pugh, of Bertie County, N.C., in the Methodist Church at Windsor, December 21, 1859, by Rev. C. B. Riddick. He was licensed to preach by the Murfreesboro Quarterly Conference September 19, 1864. He moved to West Tennessee in September 1867, and settled in Brownsville. He was ordained deacon by Bishop McTyeire November 29, 1868, at Paris, Tenn., and elder by Bishop Wightman November 24, 1872, at Somerville, Tenn. He was admitted on trial into the traveling connection in 1877 at Brownsville, and into full connection in 1880 at Trenton, Tenn. He founded the Wesleyan Female College of Brownsville, Tenn., of which institution he was the honored and successful head for more than twenty years. His health began to fail in 1889, and at the close of the session of 1890 he surrendered the presidency of the institution, and at the following session of the Annual Conference was given a supernumerary relation. Brother Williams was not a man of robust physical constitution, but possessed a strong, clear intellect, and was a man of strong will. He was a close student, and so was a man of learning and fine information. The two features most prominent in his character were earnestness and purity. He was persevering both in his occupation and his calling. Training the girls intrusted to his care was with him a matter of conscience. His motto was "thorough work," and it is admitted by all that he accomplished what he aimed at. He often said with evident delight: " Of more than seventy young ladies who have received the honors of the institution, no one has proven a failure, but every one has succeeded in whatever relation she has occupied." He loved his calling. He kept up constant preparation; he studied to show himself approved of God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, always ready to preach when opportunity afforded, and always instructing and edifying his hearers. He was a faithful son of the Methodist Church, and of the gospel according to her idea. He aimed at the highest cultivation of heart in himself and others. His dignity arose in revolt at any such thing as corrupt or coarse thought; while he ever followed after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. To him fidelity to Christ was every thing, was paramount. Having a keen sense of religious obligation, and of the duty and power of a right life, he ever stressed this in public prayer and discourse, striving daily to be an example to the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity; and before the world to show forth the praises of Him who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. He was a man of cheerful mien. His Cheery converse and countenance were like a refreshing ointment wherever he went, and at home they were the light and gladness of his household. His fatal sickness was bronchitis. With this he suffered long, but patiently and submissively, receiving all the kind ministrations that could be bestowed by a loving Christian wife and devoted children. On the morning of February 19 he arose and dressed himself as usual. On being asked what he would have for his breakfast, he replied that he did not want any thing, that he had no appetite. When he tasted some little delicacy which his wife had prepared and brought to him, he was observed to shrug, shudder, and turn pale, and immediately he passed away without a word or a struggle. Thus ended an earth life beautiful for truth, fidelity, charity, purity. Since then the home has been painfully vacant to the stricken widow and seven bereaved children, and the whole circle of society has looked like a wheel from which a segment has been stricken. On the morning of the 21st, after funeral services had been conducted by the pastor of the family (Rev J. G. Clark), in the presence of a large concourse of sympathizing friends, his body was laid away in Oakwood Cemetery, while his spirit had gone to know the deeper significance of what the evangelist was commanded to write: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them."



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AMANDA BRADLEY, nee Taliaferro, born Clarke Co., Ala., November 18, 1818; married Nathan Bradley, Demopolis, Ala., Dec. 21, 1843; died Limestone Co., Ala., May 11, 1891. "In the old graveyard under the tall aspens, whose silver leaves pulse the passing moments in silence, we covered the little hillock [grave] with fresh flowers and left her a few days."

CATHARINE DINWIDDIE, nee Bowers, born Gibson Co., Tenn., June 30, 1831; died Dec. 16, 1890.

OTHO "Petie" BRANCH son of C. E. and Ella T. Branch born Dec. 8, 1885; died April 19, 1891.

JOHN J. MAPLES born Desha Co., Ark., Mar. 31, 1874; died while a student in the Webb School, Bellbuckle, Tenn., May 13, 1891; son of Colonel Josiah and Mary A. Maples.

IDA MAY BRYAN born Dec. 24, 1867; died near Moscow, Tenn., May 14, 1891.

ALBERT JEFFERSON CONNERLY son of Henry C. and Mattie J. Connerly, born Vienna, Ala., Sept. 24, 1861; died Tuscaloosa, Ala., May 1, 1891; a nurse in the Tuscaloosa Insane Asylum when he died; married Mamie H. Stanton, February 20, 1890.

JENNIE B. SMOOT, nee Turner, born near Whitesburg, Ala., about 1844; died near Alpine, Ala., April 21, 1891; graduate, Huntsville Female College, 1859; married Omega Smoot, May 20, 1872.

GERTRUDE WYATT died April 13, 1891 aged 15 years.


July 18, 1891

Rev. WALLACE T. ROWLAND born Chaplen Co., Ky., July 11, 1842; married Mrs. Minnie Craig, Pulaski, Tenn., April 5, 1881; 3 children; died Mar. 1, 1891; Methodist preacher since 1877.

WILLIAM C. ESTES son of Benjamin H. and Frances Estes, born Wilson Co., Tenn., April 19, 1873; died Todd Co., Ky., May 20, 1891.

NELLIE infant daughter of R. A. and E. C. MERONEY born July 27, 1890; died May 25, 1891.

MARGARET J. BROWNING wife of R. H. Browning, born Aug. 19, 1840; married in 1860; 6 children, 4 surviving her; died May 20, 1891.

Rev. SAMUEL E. HUNTER born Marshall Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1853; married Jennie Gibson, Jan. 18, 1877; licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 30, 1884; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. in residence of father-in-law, Robert Gibson, May 6, 1891.

MINNIE BEULAH TURPIN second daughter of Mrs. Tenny Turpin born Dyer Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1872; joined Methodist Church Oct. 3, 1886; died March 26, 1891.

FERRILL S. LEATH infant son of the Rev. W. A. Leath, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born May 1, 1889; died March 28, 1891.

ELIZABETH W. HASKINS COBBS born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Jan. 28, 1797; died Somerville, Tenn., May 8, 1891; married Capt. John Cobbs, 1816 and moved to Somerville in 1832. One son was Hon. Paul M. Cobbs, Arkansas; 15 children, 63 grandchildren, 55 great-grandchildren, 2 great- great grandchildren; moved to St. Thomas Co., Ark. in 1859 but moved to Somerville to live there with a daughter, Mrs. R. N. Christian.

HENRY BASCOM ANDERSON born Wavensburg, Mo., Dec. 27, 1852; died Nevada, Mo., May 28, 1891; a Baptist.

SALLIE WILSON WILLETT daughter of David L. and Jane A. Willett, died May 25, 1891.

LAURA FALKS wife of James M. Falks, born Obion Co., Tenn., 1856; died May 23, 1891; married in 1877.

MELLIE B. CULP son of Hardie and Lizzie Culp, died May 20, 1891 aged 2 years, 7 mos.


July 25, 1891

GEORGE PARKER SMOOTE born Hickman Co., Tenn., Dec. 28, 1828; died Prescott, Ark., April 22, 1891; lawyer; moved to Columbia Co., Ark. in 1850; married (1) Mrs. S. A. Mullins (died 1882) in 1853; 5 children; (2) Mrs. Julia G. Matthews, Dec. 2, 1884; represented Columbia County in the state constitutional conventions in 1861 and 1874.


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NANCY ATKINS born Guilford Co., N.C., June 1, 1817; with parents, William and Mattie Donnell, moved to McNairy Co., Tenn. in 1835; married Peyton Atkins, Jan. 26, 1841; died April 2, 1891. One son was the Rev. P. C. Atkins of the Indian Mission Methodist Conference.

EDGAR LACY son of Henry and Emma CROMWELL born in Lyon Co., Ky. in his grandfather, A. L. Love's residence, Sept. 21, 1874; died Ft. Worth, Texas, April 8, 1891.

P. M. SHURMAN born Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1814; moved to Leon Co., Texas in 1855, then to Franklin, Texas where he died April 27, 1891.

MARGARET R. PEGRAM, nee Manning, born Sept. 14, 1845; died Cheatham Co., Tenn., Mar. 29, 1891; married Z. T. Pegram, November 4, 1869.

MAUDE A. PUGH daughter of the Rev. M. M. and M. A. Pugh, born Boonville, Miss., Feb. 7, 1891; along with a long panegyric written Vivian Daniel.

PETER YOUNG born April 28, 1816; married Mary Price, Jan. 21, 1841; died Putnam Co., Tenn., Mar. 21, 1891.

ELIZABETH ELLEN BUCKNER born Elizabethtown, Ky., Mar. 13, 1832; married Byron Miller, April 17, 1867; died May 10, 1891.


August 1, 1891

MARGARETE WILEY STORY died in Dallas, Texas, June 27, 1891; married the Rev. J. C. Story, June 29, 1865; 4 children.

WILLIAM E. GOODE son of Hilary M. F. and Sallie A. Goode born Charlotte Co., Va., June 7, 1841; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1867; teacher; moved to Brownsville, Tenn. in 1870; married Amanda Taylor, Nov. 16, 1873; died Haywood Co., Tenn., Mar. 25, 1891; only child, a son, aged about 13 years old died more than two years ago.

NANCY L. MOODY born May 11, 1846; married A. T. Moody, Dec. 1, 1870; died June 16, 1891.

JOSEPH VANMETER PILL born Washington Co., Ky., Feb. 8, 1808; died June 17, 1891.

JAMES BENNETT BARNES born Nov. 18, 1849; married Addie Newsom, Dec. 29, 1872; died April 28, 1891; 1 daughter. Gallatin, Tennessee.

MARTHA J. ESTES, nee Sowell, born July 8, 1822; married Thomas D. Estes, Oct. 6, 1836; died April 14, 1891.

MARY M. BRYANT born Jackson Co., Tenn., Dec. 28, 1809; daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Jared; married John S. Bryant, Nov. 27, 1832; died Smith Co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1891; 3 daughters.

MARTHA A. REED widow of William A. Reed died Chattanooga, Tenn., June 2, 1891 aged 63 years, 9 months; children: James H. Reed, Mrs. William Baskette, Chattanooga; Miss Annie Reed.

MARY E. DODD daughter of Stinson and Susan Adcock, born Miller Co., Ark., Sept. 1, 1874; died May 15, 1891.

EMILY MARGARET LUCIUS daughter of George N. and Rachel E. Sims, born Abbeville Dist., S.C., Dec. 15, 1826; married John Lucius, June 15, 1842; moved from S.C. to Ala. in 1843; died in Clay Co., Ala., May 5, 1891.

MARTHA REED MURPHEY, nee Williams, wife of George Murphey, Davidson Co., Tenn., born N.C., July 6, 1813; married Oct. 11, 1833; died April 9, 1891; 4 daus., 2 sons.

JAMES T. TERRENCE born May 5, 1829; died May 19, 1891; married Adelia Anderson, March 16, 1865.

MARIAH ALEXANDER, nee Howard, born Dec. 1, 1827; married John N. Alexander, Oct. 9, 1850; died near Columbia, Tenn., Jan. 3, 1891. "She had a bright face which was an index of a sunny disposition."

ANDREW BATES AKIN died Cheatham Co., Tenn., June 2, 1891 aged 63 years, 8 months.

VIRGINIA HERNDON daughter of Annie Herndon died Breckinridge Co., Ky. June 16, 1891 in the 7th year of her age.


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August 8, 1891

E. A. HILTON, nee Long born Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 18, 1836; died near Covington, Tenn., in the residence of her brother-in-law, J. B. Shelton, March 5, 1891; married T. A. Hilton (died Feb. 10, 1885), Davie Co., N.C., Dec. 14, 1865; 5 children, 2 surviving her; had lived in Texas three years; Arkansas eleven years; then to Tipton Co., Tenn.

LOU CALDWELL daughter of J. H. Barham, Lavinia, Tenn., born June 2, 1854; "accidentally fell into a cistern and was drowned" May 21, 1891; married R. A. Caldwell, Dec. 21, 1874.

SUSAN ESTALEE HALE daughter of Henry and Catharine Seay, born Aug. 20, 1871; died Feb. 15, 1891; married Wesley Hale, Aug. 18, 1887; 2 children.

WILLIAM MAYHEW born Bedford Co., Va., Nov. 30, 1800; moved at age 4 years with parents to Allen Co., Ky.; married Annie Lovel, Simpson Co., Ky., Nov. 1825; 11 children. Son of Alexander and Lydia Mayhew.

BENJAMIN F. TUCKER born Williamson Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1823; married Jane Pritchette, Dec. 2, 1847; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1891.

DAISEY NORTHERN daughter of Robert and Fannie Northern, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1873; died June 7, 1891.

B. F. GILL died May 23, 1891 aged 58 years, 2 months and 12 days old.

MARGARET J. CECIL daughter of Joseph and Mollie Cassel, born Wythe Co., Va., June 4, 1833; married W. W. Cecil, May 23, 1849; died May 15, 1891; 12 children, 11 surviving her.

AGNES JULIA ANN RAWLINS, nee O'Banion, wife of John Rawlins, born April 22, 1849; married July 22, 1875; died near Cuba, Tenn., June 4, 1891.

DANIEL T. HARTON born Warren Co., N.C., July 8, 1812; died Todd Co., Ky., May 2, 1891; married Armin Stovall in his 22nd year.


August 15, 1891

W. W. ALLEN died Feb. 9, 1891, Okolona, Miss.; left widow and 1 daughter.

WARNER REEVES drowned May 26, 1891 aged 11 years and 10 months old.

Mrs. CHRISTINA RICKETTS born in Pa., Feb. 2, 1826; died June 8, 1891.

JOHN F. MAYHEW born Allen Co., Ky., March 2, 1818; died in same county, Dec. 8, 1890; married Perlina Bennett in 1849; 1 son, 2 daughters. Uncle of the Rev. C. C. Mayhew, Illinois Methodist Conference.

CLEMENA KINGSBURY died Athens, Tenn., June 17, 1891.

Rev. ANDERSON C. FARMER born Smith Co., Tenn., 1816; when a boy went to Dresden, Tenn. and served as a tailor's apprentice; married Mary A. Lawrence, 1840 and settled in Boydsville, Ky., then moved to Calloway Co., Ky. where he died recently; licensed to preach in 1863.

JAMES son of Robert and Lula HICKS born July 29, 1888; his mother died soon afterwards; died May 16, 1891.

THOMAS J. ORENDORFF son of Mexico and Mary Ann Orendorff, born Breckinridge Co., Ky., Mar. 11, 1851; died Sharkey Co., Miss., Mar. 31, 1891; lawyer; married Alice Bell; 4 children.

NELLIE THOMPSON, aged 6 years, died Dec. 24, 1890 and JESSIE BARBARA THOMPSON, aged 3 year, died January 9, 1891; daughters of Harris and Maggie Thompson, Tracy City, Tenn.

MARY A. BARD, nee Jinkins, born Shepherdsville, Ky., April 6, 1823; married Joseph L. Bard, 1840; 7 children, 3 surviving her; died Ennis, Texas, April 1891.

OLIVE SWADOW daughter of George and Tenny Swadow died about May 17, 1891 aged 5 years and a few months. Hardinsville, Ky.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM C. ESTES who died recently; by Pleasant Hill Methodist Sunday School; undated.


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August 22, 1891

Gen. JOHN F. WHELESS died in Nashville, Tenn., August 10, 1891; member of McKendree Methodist Church.

JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL, U.S. poet, died August 12, 1891.

R. CLAY SHUMAKER born Jan. 10, 1871; died April 21, 1891.

JANE GRANT, nee Prather, born Union Dist., S.C., May 22, 1822; moved at age 12 years with parents to McNairy Co., Tenn.; married William Grant (died Feb. 24, 1871) in 1829; 14 children, 7 surviving her; died March 24, 1891.

H. O. ERWIN, nee Bell, died June 3, 1891; born Colbert Co., Ala., August 7, 1861; married H. O. Erwin, Nov. 10, 1878; 4 children.

HATTIE LURESA HOWELL born July 21, 1887; died Dec. 18, 1890; only child of William and Nannie Howell.

ISAAC C. SELF son of W. W. and M. I. Self; grandson of W. E. and Lucinda Taylor; born April 24, 1866; died Mt. Pinson, Ala., April 17, 1891; married Octavia Wilson, Dec. 25, 1889.

THOMPSON KEMPER born Montgomery Co., Ky., 1806; died Butte City, Montana., March 21, 1891 aged 85 years; married Lucy A. Smith, Nelson Co., Va., Feb. 5, 1845; 3 sons; daughter, Virginia, died several years ago; from Ky. moved to St. Joseph, Mo. and in 1871 to Montana.

Tribute of Respect for D. H. ARMISTEAD, superintendent of the Granville Methodist Sunday School [evidently Jackson Co., Tenn.]; by this group; undated.

WILLIAM ARTHUR HOWELL born Oct. 18, 1866; married Nannie Hood, Oct. 7, 1886; died Mar. 24, 1891.

SARAH F. BRADSHAW, nee Luffman, born Marion Co., Fla., Dec. 25, 1854; married A. A. Bradshaw, Dec. 19, 1879; died Anthony, Fla., May 28, 1891; 3 children.

WILLIAM W. CRAWFORD son of Washington and Mary Crawford, born Shelby Co., Ala., Aug. 3, 1869; drowned June 6, 1891.

OPHELIA SEAY wife of Dr. M. R. Seay; daughter of D. T. and Sarah Ridgeway, born July 1, 1853; died Berry Station, Ala., June 2, 1891; 5 children.

"Sister" VANDERGRIFF, nee Stanley, born Cannon Co., Tenn.; died Lamar Co., Texas, April 8, 1891.

Rev. J. T. MAY died Woodlawn, Ala., April 11, 1891.

Tribute of Respect for JERE PEARSALL ELLIOTT who died July 4, 1891; by Trinity Methodist Sunday School; undated.


August 29, 1891

MARTIN T. CHEAIRS born Anson Co., N.C., May 19, 1804; died May 12, 1891 in residence of son-in-law, A. M. Bailey, Maury Co., Tenn.; son of Nathaniel Cheairs who moved from N.C. to Tenn. about 1810.

ALDA B. BLANKENSHIP daughter of Joel and Sarah F. Blankenship born Macon Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1875; died April 18, 1891.

JOHN T. SEAY born Hanover Co., Va., Dec. 6, 1815; married Sarah Etherton, Aug. 6, 1835; 10 children; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1837; moved to Graves Co., Ky. in 1853, where he died June 12, 1891.

PARMELIA JANE HOOD daughter of William and Leisure Waggener, wife of William Hood, born Adair Co., Ky., July 20, 1841; died Green Co., Ky., April 9, 1891; 3 children and 3 stepchildren Cumberland Presbyterian.

ROBERT M. FARR youngest son of B. R. and R. L. Farr, born Nov. 1875; died Lexington, Miss., June 28, 1891.

HULDA A. CRAVEN born near Saltillo, Tenn., Oct. 9, 1844; died Coleman, Texas, June 10, 1891; married Robert C. Craven, Oct. 17, 1869.

SARAH E. HAYNIE born Feb. 11, 1821; married Dr. H. B. Haynie, Jan. 2, 1845; died Smith Co., Tenn. June 4; 1891.


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FRANCES L. DILLON daughter of John and Mary Bradley, born March 14, 1814, Smith Co., Tenn.; moved to Miss. 1845-6; married Colonel Wilson L. Dillon (died May 14, 1876), Nov. 11, 1849. Died Jan. 22, 1891.

JOHN S. DOWNING born May 31, 1834 near Triune, Tenn.; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 29, 1891.

MARTHA D. MORGAN born Feb. 15, 1845; died Franklin Co., Ga., June 4, 1891; married W. J. Morgan, Sept. 24, 1865; 10 children, 6 surviving her. Her children, NANNIE L. MORGAN, born Feb. 23, 1879, died June 16, 1891; SARAH MALINDA MORGAN died June 5, 1891 aged 18 months old.

BOOKER McCORMICK infant son of Prof. E. C. and Anna Bell McCormick, born Dec. 7, 1889; died June 20, 1891.


September 5, 1891

Rev. JAMES R. DYCUS, local Methodist preacher, born Calloway Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1832; died Trigg Co., Ky., Feb. 11, 1891.

HESTER A. SMITH daughter of Rev. A. J. and Rhoda A. Dean, born Carroll Co., Va., April 25, 1853; died Lee Co., Va., Oct. 11, 1890; married Joshua Smith, March 15, 1876.

LIZZIE WILMOTH infant daughter of Charles M. and S. E. WILSON born Dec. 11, 1890; died Big Sandy, Tenn., June 27, 1891.

KELLEY JONES CARTER son of Thomas B. and Fannie Carter, born Oct. 4, 1889; died July 17, 1891.

SALLIE E. CARGILE, nee Williams, born in Tenn., Nov. 27, 1846; moved with parents to Mo. in 1853; to Van Buren Co., Ark. in 1859; married Dennis S. Cargile, Feb. 1867; died June 21, 1891.

Rev. HUGH M. STONE died July 3, 1891; reared a Quaker but on moving to east Tenn. became a Methodist; 2 cursory obituaries for him.

MATTIE JOSEPHINE COX daughter of L. L. and Bettie Cox, born Jan. 25, 1886; died July 2, 1891.

Tribute of Respect for G. W. WEBSTER who died Dec. 28, 1890; by Burton Masonic Lodge #272, undated.

M. E. CONNER daughter of Pleas and Winnie Gordon born in Va., Oct. 10, 1825 and moved with parents to Miss., then to Felicianna, Ky. where she married (1) J. T. Schofield, April 1843; 3 children, 1 surviving her, Mrs. T. C. Fryer; (2) G. W. Conner, Oct. 8, 1857; 2 daus.; died June 7, 1891.

G. W. WILSON son of U. T. and Elizabeth Wilson, born in Ala., Aug. 3, 1842; moved with parents to Miss.; married Rachel Coleman (died 1879), in 1869; 2 children; died Walnut Ridge, Ark., June 27, 1891.

LUCINDA WAGNER born Dec. 20, 1823; married John Wagner, Jan. 11, 1862 died Mar. 29, 1891; 3 ch.


September 12, 1891

ELIZABETH J. TARRANT daughter of Alexander and F. F. McCulloch, born Lawrence Co., Ala., Oct. 13, 1822; died Dyer Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1891 in residence of son, John H. Tarrant; moved at age 5 years with parents to Dyer Co., Tenn.; married Robert H. Tarrant in 1841; buried beside her husband at Hurricane Mil Cemetery.

Prof. D. A. HUFFSTETLER born Gaston Co., N.C., June 18, 1851; died Crockett Co., Tenn., June 28, 1891.

MARGARET CHANDLER wife of John H. Chandler, died June 17, 1891 near Briensburg, Ky.; born Nov. 21, 1841; married Jan. 12, 1865; 1 son, 4 daughters.

BESSIE ANN infant daughter of Charles F. and Jennie E. COX, Hamburg, Tenn., born March 7, 1890; died June 12, 1891 her maternal grandparents' surname was Britton.

ELIZA CARSON wife of John H. Carson born middle Tenn., in 1819; married Aug. 22, 1849; died April 23, 1891.

MARY H. FITZGERALD born Paris, Tenn., Aug. 31, 1849; died July 11, 1891.


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ERASUE EUNICE BROWN born Mar. 22, 1876; daughter of T. J. and Ellen Brown; died June 18, 1891.

TABBIE PLUMMER daughter of E. H. and E. D. Hensley, born Feb. 13, 1858; married William Plummer in 1875; died Lewis Co., Tenn., March 18, 1891.

SARAH ANN SMITH, nee Cornelius, born Mar. 14, 1822; died recently; married M. R. Smith, April 15, 1846; moved with parents to Tishomingo Co., Miss. in 1838.

Rev. WILLIAM R. BABCOCK died St. Louis, Mo., May 27, 1891 aged 88 years; native of N. Y.; his widow was aged 81 years.

ELBERT E. MORRIS son of Dr. G. T. and R. E. Morris, born July 14, 1875; died June 1, 1891.

S. S. CLARK married J. G. Clark, March 9, 1871; died Dec. 23, 1890; daughter of P. M. and Jennie Martin.

LEWIS HAYNIE died Shelby Co., Tenn., July 6, 1891 aged 31 years and 9 months; left a widow and 2 children.

MATTIE SOWELL, nee Strain, born April 1869; died Obion Co., Tenn., May 19, 1891; married R. K. Sowell, July 12, 1886.

MARY ELKIN RISON born Washington Co., Va., April 29, 1825; died Paris, Tenn., July 13, 1891; married (1) Dr. John B. Moore (died. 1856), Oct. 21, 1841; 6 children, 4 surviving her; (2) M. H. Rison, Feb. 14, 1859.

JANE AYCOCK, nee Spencer, born near Cotton Gin, Miss., June 9, 1824; married J. F. Aycock in 1842; 9 children; died Holland, Texas, June 1, 1891; in 1864 moved to Chickasaw Co., Miss.

Tribute of Respect for LIZZID STAPP who died recently; by Kedron Methodist Sunday School; undated.


September 19, 1891

RUTH GRANBERY born Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 15, 1879; died Ashland, Va., Sept. 2, 1891.

MARTHA STOCKARD BAILIFF oldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Trousdale, born Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1813; died Williamson Co., Tenn., July 14, 1891; married Samuel L. Bailiff, January 1842.

ELEANOR KININMONTH daughter of John C. and Matilda Bigg, born Shelby Co., Ky., Sept. 1870; married Warren Kininmonth, May 11, 1891; died July 23, 1891.

MAUD MOONEY BROWN daughter of Prof. Walter W. and Roberta Brown, born Dresden, Tenn., June 25, 1891; died July 3, 1891.

ANNIE MILDRED HENDLEY born Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 14, 1877; died July 6, 1891.

W. P. BANDY born Wilson Co., Tenn., July 4, 1823; died Nashville, Tenn., May 25, 1891.

MARTHA MULLINS daughter of L. D. and Julia Mullins, born May 13, 1876; died June 5, 1891.

FELIX A. KIRK son of D. D. and Elizabeth G. Kirk, born July 22, 1877; died Obion Co., Tenn., July 2, 1891.

JOHN HENRY SPURLOCK born Aug. 8, 1829; died Nov. 16, 1890.

E. J. SPURLOCK born Dec. 7, 1866; died Nov. 12, 1890.

WASHINGTON SUMMERFIELD MASSIE born Fauquier Co., Va., Dec. 5, 1822; died McMinnville, Tenn., July 5, 1891; moved to Ala. in 1837; married Fidelia McKinstry, 1848; moved near to Woodbury, Tenn. in 1850; moved to Warren Co., Tenn. in 1870.

Rev. ISHAM GREEN SMOTHERMAN died Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 12, 1891 aged 70 years, 4 days.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. J. FRED COX who died recently; by Third Quarterly Conference, Mulkey Memorial Church, Ft. Worth, Texas; undated.


September 26, 1891

Dr. JOHN WINDSOR STEVENS born in Va., nearly 70 years ago; died recently.

JAMES D. MALONE born August 1880; died in residence of grandfather, J. W. Humphries, Marshall Co., Miss., June 23, 1891.


(Page 76)

THOMAS NELSON SWINGLE son of Leonard and Mary (Nelson) Swingle died Johnson City, Tenn. recently, aged 38 years.

Rev. THOMAS HENRY SHAW born Christian Co., Ky., April 5, 1829; married Mary E. Clark, Oct. 1, 1862; 4 daughters; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church Nov. 1857; ordained deacon in 1869; ordained elder in 1871; local Methodist preacher; died July 22, 1891.

DELLA daughter of Jesse and Addie PASCHAL died Nashville, Tenn., July 28, 1891 aged 4 years, 6 months old.


October 3, 1891

WILLIAM GREEN MORRIS born in Ga., Oct. 13, 1810; died Jefferson Co., Ark., April 28, 1891; married Sarah C. Evans, July 25, 1830 and moved to Greensboro, Ala.; 12 children; 8 surviving him.

MARTHA J. LANE daughter of Ingram B. and Martha Collier, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., March 19, 1827; married William T. Lane, Nov. 1, 1843; 5 children; died July 25, 1891.

HARRIET WARD CORNETT daughter of Major John and Jennie Ward, born Carter Co., Tenn., July 19, 1815; married the Rev. William L. Cornett, Feb. 19, 1832; died March 24, 1891; 7 sons, 4 daus.

MAGGIE STEVENSON born Madison Co., Ala., Sept. 19, 1849, daughter of David and Sarah Blackburn; married J. J. Stevenson, June 22, 1870; died Marshall Co., Miss., May 19, 1891; 9 children, 7 surviving her.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES M. PEEBLES who died recently; by Triune Methodist Sunday School dated July 26, 1891.

SALLIE L. HALSEY daughter of William I. and Martha P. Halsey, born Huntsville, Ala., May 1849; married James Q. Dillard, April 8, 1868; died Triana, Ala., July 26, 1891; 3 children.

EMMA Y. NEILL daughter of G. L. and L. F. Young born Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1855; married Will R. Neill, Rogersville, Tenn., Feb. 25, 1875; died July 28, 1891; 3 sons.

MAMIE SPURRIER daughter of the Rev. Dennis Spurrier, Louisville Methodist Conference, died Bowling Green, Ky., July 16, 1891 in the 22nd year of her age.

Tribute of Respect for Miss LEE JONES who died recently; by the Union Valley Methodist Sunday School; undated.


October 10, 1891

Rev. WILLIAM CLARK McCOY, DD, born Monroe Co., Miss., Oct. 8, 1843; served first in Quantrell's forces in Civil War, then with Stonewall Jackson's forces, CSA; surrendered in May 1864 and sent to POW camp in Elmira, N. Y.; married Annie E. Vaughn, July 25, 1867; 6 children, one, Gurley, predeceased him; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Nov. 27, 1869; ordained deacon Nov. 1872; ordained elder Nov. 1874; served in the No. Alabama Methodist Conference; died August 14, 1891. The Doctor of Divinity degree bestowed on him by Emory College, Oxford, Ga. in June 1886.

BERNIE ZEIGLER daughter of J. G. Zeigler, Abbeville Dist., S.C., died July 12, 1891 in the 24th year of her age.

LIZZIE P. LAWRENCE daughter of the Rev. A. F. Lawrence, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1870; died Franklin, Tenn., Aug. 11, 1891.

WILLIE son of E. H. and Martha EDWARDS born Calloway Co., Ky., Nov. 11, 1872; on July 14, 1891 "while riding a mule with gear on and carrying a plow before him on the mule, was thrown and one foot fastening in the chains was dragged to death over logs, stumps, rocks, the distance being nearly two miles."

Mrs. V. KING, Orrville, Ala., died August 9, 1891 aged 67 years.

MOLLIE IRELAND GRAVES daughter of G. and A. M. Ireland, wife of Willie Graves, Sequin, Texas, died in Austin, Texas, June 17, 1891; one son.

JOHN MARVIN THOMPSON born August 24, 1879; died July 23, 1891.


(Page 77)

Rev. SPENCER C. DICKSON born Jan. 30, 1814; married Martha Ann Uzzell, Oct. 4, 1843; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Sept. 6, 1845; ordained deacon in 1847; ordained elder in 1849; died August 4, 1891.

KEZIA M. DOWNING, nee Brooks, born Hardin Co., Ky.; married A. P. Downing, Oct. 11, 1847; died July 1, 1891; 8 children.

DAVID KENNEDY born July 31, 1824; married (1) Gilly McCollom, Jan. 22, 1851; (2) Lucy Swafford Oct. 29, 1881. He died Feb. 17, 1891 leaving a widow and 2 children.

JANE M. PRIMM born Oct. 5, 1817; died April 14, 1891; married Charles K. Primm in 1834; her husband was blind for years before he died.

ANNIE LEE JONES daughter of Anderson A. and Mary E. Jones born Lawrence Co., Tenn., Nov. 24, 1874; died Faulkner Co., Ark., June 27, 1891.

JOHN H. THOMPSON born Rutherford Co., Tenn., January 1, 1816; married Dec. 19, 1839; joined Methodist Church in December 1842; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. in 1856 where he died June 22, 1891; 8 children.


October 17, 1891

WALTER MATTHIAS WAGNER son of J. D. and S. E. Wagner, born near Savannah, Tenn., Sept. 11, 1871; died Fresno Co., Calif., Aug. 5, 1891; moved with family to California in 1881.

SARAH E. SEAY, nee Watson born Barren Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1844; died Monroe Co., July 7, 1891; married J. W. Seay, Nov. 1, 1868; joined Methodist Church March 9, 1860; 3 children and stepmother of 4 children.

WASHINGTON LAFAYETTE oldest son of Mack and Sarah Jane BYRNE born Humphreys Co., Tenn., July 21, 1866; died July 2, 1891.

JOSEPH S. KEY infant son of the Rev. Joseph S. CHANDLER born April 21, 1891; died Aug. 5, 1891.

WILLIAM B. ERWIN born Dec. 13, 1826; died July 25, 1891; married (1) J. A. King, Aug. 21, 1850; (2) Sallie A. Harbison, Aug. 19, 1866; Confederate veteran.

ANN R. VANMETER born Hardy Co., West Va., April 12, 1844; died Aug. 22, 1891 near Mansfield, Ill.; married the Rev. Melancthon Crews, Dec. 24, 1878.

MARY ANN COX born Aug. 22, 1850; married John W. Cox, April 4, 1867; died Marshall Co., Miss., August 6, 1891.

SUE COCHREHAN daughter of James and Eliza Senter, born Mar. 6, 1856; married Madison M. Cochrehan, Oct. 22, 1885; died Aug. 20, 1891. Middle initial "E."

GRISELL CHANDLER born April 14, 1815; married James S. Chandler, Mar. 15, 1836; died July 30, 1891; 8 years an invalid.

Dr. JOHN P. SPINDLE born Rappahannock Co., Va., Aug. 16, 1804; died Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 23, 1891; married (1) Emeline Gold (died 1841), 1832; (2) Mrs. Ann S. Johnson, 1845; graduated in medicine in Baltimore, Md. in 1826; moved to Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. in 1828: moved in 1841 to Columbia, Tenn.; in 1859 moved 4 miles from Columbia to farm where he died.

ARCH HUGHES born May 20, 1844; died Aug. 27, 1891.

LUCY MABEL WOODRUFF youngest daughter of S. F. and Margaret Woodruff born Fayette Co., Tenn., Dec. 4, 1869; died recently.

IDA BELL LOWERY born Oct. 10, 1888; died Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 1, 1891.

Tribute of Respect for Miss PEOLA HOWARD who died in Tipton Co., Tenn., July 12, 1891; by Sunday School teachers; undated.

MARTHA P. ESTES daughter of Benjamin H. and Frances Estes, born Sevier Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1810; died Wilson Co., Tenn., Oct. 29, 1891.

Miss LIZZIE DOUGLASS died Madison Co., Ala., July 5, 1891.


(Page 78)

JULIA PRICE wife of Byron Price, daughter of Capt. J. J. and M. L. Woolfolk, St. Charles, Ark., born April 8, 1868; died Mt. Adams, Ark., Aug. 12, 1891; married June 19, 1890.

CASSANDER W. HASELWOOD born Green Co., Ky., Dec. 29, 1810; died Aug. 1, 1891; married Henry C. Haselwood (died Nov. 25, 1842), March 17, 1831; 6 children.

DAVID EVANDER PALMER born Brunswick Co., Va., Dec. 2l, 1826; married Ann E. Tacker, Jan. 23, 1852; died Kerrville, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1891.

FOUNTAIN E. HEWGLEY died July 3, 1891; served in 8th Tenn. Cavalry, CSA during the Civil War and was severely wounded.

SARAH E. CHANDLER wife of W. T. Chandler born July 6, 1827; died Sept. 5, 1891; 3 sons, 1 dau.

WILLIAM BIRD BROWN born Mar. 10, 1829; died July 4, 1891; son of William Brown; married Lavinia E. Yarbrough, Oct. 17, 1849; 12 children, all living.

JAMES H. McCURDY born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 22, 1822; died Aug. 4, 1891; son of the Rev. John McCurdy, Methodist preacher; married Susan Stegall, July 10, 1839; several children.

ALZARA MARTIN born June 4, 1810; married Solomon Martin, Sept. 13, 1828; died recently.

ARABELLA E. wife of T. J. FEATHERSTON, near Greenfield, Tenn., born Feb. 1, 1847; died July 29, 1891; 2 daughters, aged 18 and 4 years old.

SOPHIA EMILY SIVLEY, nee Bostick, born Stokes Co., N.C., August 1, 1827; married Eli H. Sivley, July 11, 1850; 3 daughters, 1 son; died July 25, 1891.

MINNIE CLARE KINCHLOE daughter of Dr. D. A. and Jennie B. Kinchloe born Aug. 11, 1877; died Batesville, Miss., Aug. 23, 1891.

MATTHEW McCANLEY born Jan. 7, 1808; married (1) Annie Dickson (died Oct. 9, 1868), Dec. 22, 1829; 8 sons; (2) E. E. Mills, May 25, 1874; 5 children; died June 27, 1891.

ELIZABETH GANT LOVE born July 28, 1832; died Aug. 22, 1891; married the Rev. A. R. Love (dec.), Sept. 9, 1856; 5 sons.

C. W. ALSOBROOK born Eagleville, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1856; married Ida Harrison, Nov. 28, 1877; died July 31, 1891.

SUSAN JANE NEAL died July 8, 1891.

EMILY WILLIAMS, nee Ambrose, born Nov. 13, 1814; married Stewart D. Williams, January 8, 1831; He died Dec. 2, 1863; she died July 11, 1891.

MARY ELIZABETH HENSON daughter of James M. and Samuella Henson, born Mar. 9, 1889; died June 19, 1891.


October 24, 1891

JAMES McACLEN PHILLIPS born in Va., Aug. 16, 1818; moved with parents to Williamson Co., Tenn. where he died July 18, 1891; married (1) Mary Jane Tulloss, Jan. 9, 1856; (2) Sallie A. Bostick, May 9, 1861; joined Methodist Church in 1856.

MARY daughter of Gen. John C. and Ann A. VAUGHAN, born Sweetwater, Tenn., Mar. 6, 1855; graduate, Ward's Seminary, Nashville; married Frank R. McELWEE, May 2, 1877, died near Athens, Tenn., July 30, 1891; 7 children.

ALA MAY GOODPASTURE born Livingston, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1861; died Aug. 9, 1891.

HATTIE FRYAR MORTON wife of Edwin F. Morton; daughter of Dr. W. S. Fryar, born July 21, 1865; died near Mansfield, Tenn., July 27, 1891.

NANNIE STEPHENS MALONE daughter of H. and Elizabeth Stephens; wife of the Rev. B. H. Malone, born near Savannah, Tenn., July 10, 1842; died Clarendon, Ark., July 8, 1891; 2 sons, 4 daughters.

ANDREW PICKENS born Pendleton Co., S.C., 1808; married (1) Rebecca Stanton (died 1852), 1834; 8 children; (2) Jane Ragan (died 1863), 1854; (3) Mrs. Elizabeth Myers, 1868; 3 children. Lived in Monroe Co., Tenn. for years but at death of last wife moved to Texas where his son, Robert Pickens lived; died Feb. 25, 1891.

MARY KIRSCHBAUM daughter of Adam and Frances Herbert, wife of William Kirschbaum, died Jefferson Co., Ark., Aug. 7, 1891.


(Page 79)

SARAH ROXANA EPPES wife of Dr. J. L. Eppes died Lake Providence, La., Aug. 24, 1891 aged 53 years; 1 son, 4 daughters.

ANN SETTLE born Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 18, 1833; married Seth Settle, Jan. 19, 1853; died Ennis, Texas, July 30, 1891.

WILKINS T. GARRETT born Davidson Co., Tenn., Aug. 27, 1821; son of Jonathan and Sarah Garrett; died Cheatham Co., Tenn., August 17, 1891.

MARY E. ACLIN born Oct. 19, 1842 near Paris, Tenn.; died Sept. 4, 1891; daughter of J. W. and Jane Cook; married R. W. Aclin, Mar. 26, 1861; 5 sons, 1 daughter.

Dr. JOHN C. WISDOM born Buckingham Co., Va., Oct. 28, 1817; died Jackson Co., Ala., July 5, 1891; married Julina Winbourne in 1846.

ROBERT Y. PUSEY son of J. R. and Bettie Pusey, born Meade Co., Ky., May 8, 1869; died Jefferson Co., Ky., August 12, 1891.

INGE MOLLOY FOSTER infant son of William and Mary Foster born Feb. 5, 1891; died July 28, 1891.


October 31, 1891

EUGENE A. NEBLETT son of B. R. and E. A. Neblett, born Clarksville, Tenn., Aug. 11, 1841; moved as a youth to Byhalia, Miss.; Confederate veteran; died May 16, 1891; married Nannie Raiford, Dec. 19, 1871; 3 daughters.

Mrs. C. S. SKIPWITH died Mar. 5, 1891; a tribute of respect by Elm Street Methodist Auxiliary; undated.

WILLIE PETTUS KIMBROUGH only daughter of John C. and Maria Pettus, born Louisa Co., Va., Feb. 14, 1856; married A. G. Kimbrough, Shelby Co., Tenn., April 13, 1876; died Shelby Co., Tenn., June 22, 1891; 9 children, 6 surviving her. Graduate, Humboldt Female College, 1875.

Dr. C. C. FARRIS born Rabun Co., Ga., Mar. 8, 1829; died Lafayette, Ga., July 22, 1891; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1863.

T. L. JOHNSTON born Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 4, 1836; died Gibson Co., Tenn., June 2, 1891; moved with parents to Alamo, Tenn. in 1849 and a year later moved to Trenton, Tenn.; married (1) Susan Virginia Swift (died May 20, 1874), June 21, 1871; one son; (2) Maud E. Grigsby, May 31, 1887; 1 son, 1 daughter.

W. H. PAUL born near Macon, Ga., 60 years ago; married Mary Nabors; died Sept. 2, 1891; 5 sons, 3 daughters. Ft. Smith, Ark.

HIRAM JOHNSON born in N.C., May 2, 1824; moved to Madison, now Chester, Co., Tenn. where he died Aug. 10, 1891; left a widow and 3 children.

WILLIAM F. BALLBRIDGE, SR. born Lincoln Co., N.C., April 4, 1809; at age 6 years came with parents to Giles Co., Tenn.; moved to no. Ala. in 1844, then to Plano, Texas in 1878 where he died May 31, 1891; married (1) E. C. Mitchell, Mar. 17, 1831; 11 children; (2) Darena McDonald, Aug. 22, 1867.

WILLIAM SUMMERS BASS born Dec. 17, 18[blank]; died Aug. 14, 1891; married (1) Eveline Jennings, Dec. 19, 1867; 3 children; (2) Malina McCroy, Jan. 8, 1880; 3 children.

ELLEN RENFROW born Grayson Co., Ky., Aug. 11, 1820; died Nov. 3, 1890; married (1) William Bean; (2) A. Cumming; (3) William Russell Renfrow.

APPIE L. RICHMOND daughter of J. J. and S. A. Haynes, born Tate Co., Miss., April 12, 1865; married Eddie L. Richmond, Feb. 7, 1884; 2 children; died June 18, 1891.


November 7, 1891

SALLIE E. BENNETT, nee Welch, daughter of James A. and Letitia J. Welch, born Weakley Co., Tenn., April 20, 1868; married Joe W. Bennett, Aug. 7, 1888; 1 son, 1 daughter; died from typhoid fever recently.

Mrs. LUCY TARVER wife of John B. Tarver, died Wilson Co., Tenn., July 26, 1891; 10 children.


(Page 80)

GEORGE D. HOLDERNESS born Chambersville, Ark., Oct. 29, 1866; died Fordyce, Ark., July 4, 1891; married Tennie L. Ogilvie, daughter of Hon. T. J. Ogilvie of Bellbuckle, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1890.

MARY E. ASHBY died July 7, 1891; born Burkesville, Ky., June 28, 1833; daughter of Thomas J. and Mary O. Govin; married D. M. Ashby of Glasgow, Ky.; 4 sons, 2 daughters; died on a visit in Chicago, Ill. and buried there in Rose Hill Cemetery.

HARRISON M. SALLEE born Wayne Co., Ky., Aug. 25, 1813; died July 22, 1891; married (1) Jane K. Redman (died May 8, 1874), Dec. 26, 1843; 6 children, 1 surviving him; (2) Sallie A. Shearer, May 27, 1875.

ROBERT ROW born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., Mar. 22, 1845; married Mary E. Duvall, Mar. 11, 1869; 7 children; died Aug. 4, 1891.

W. O. RANDLE born Vaiden, Miss., Oct. 10, 1870; died Bessemer, Ala., June 21, 1891; married Lula Cottan, Jan. 11, 1891.

Mrs. ELIZABETH PAYNOR born N.C., Aug. 16, 1814; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Aug. 19, 1891; had 2 sons, 2 daughters.

Dr. JAMES L. LESLIE died Sept. 8, 1891 aged 66 years, 7 months and 10 days old; active member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Mrs. RENA CHEAIRS daughter of the Rev. M. H. and A. E. Ford, born Aug. 18, 1862; died near Dublin, Miss., Sept. 9, 1891.

BEN HARDIN born Breckinridge Co., Ky., Dec. 6, 1816; married (1) Matilda Allen, June 3, 1839; (2)Mrs. Margaret Poole; died July 31, 1891. Children: Mrs. Witt, Mrs. Pendleton, Mrs. Carlton, Mrs. Ashcroft and William Hardin.

JACOB ELI CARL son of the Rev. Joseph Carl, Virginia Methodist Conference, born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 12, 1830; died Oakland, Tenn., Sept. 9, 1891.

MARY HAYNIE daughter of Thomas and Sarah Hale, born Smith Co., Tenn., July 17, 1799; married Jesse Haynie, May 12, 1825; died Clark Co., Ark., Aug. 16, 1891.

THUSEY ANN JARO wife of Jasper Jaro born Oct. 2, 1829; married June 8, 1856; died Sept. 2, 1891; 11 children, 2 surviving her.

WESLEY DORSEY born Charleston, S.C., Sept. 29, 1829; married Lizzie Little, Sept. 15, 1854; died 81/2 miles south of Memphis, Tenn., March 7, 1891.


November 14, 1891

IDA SYKES BILLUPS daughter of James W. and Marcella Sykes, born Columbus, Miss., Feb. 19, 1858; died in same town, July 23, 1891; married T. C. Billups, Jan. 28, 1875; 4 children.

Rev. ISHAM GREEN SMOTHERMAN born July 8, 1821; son of Samuel Smotherman; married Charity Hester in 1841; 16 children; began preaching career in 1851; local Methodist preacher; died July 12, 1891.

SALLIE C. LEWIS born Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1848; died Sept. 20, 1891; married M. C. Lewis, Nashville, Tenn.

JAMES SMITH WEBB born Caswell Co., N.C., Oct. 12, 1805; died Sept. 23, 1891; moved with parents to Williamson Co., Tenn. in 1811; married Margaret A. Ewing in Sept. 1849; 2 children.

LUCY LOVE MARTIN, nee Pope, born Bibb Co., Ga., Oct. 6, 1858; died Tuskegee, Ala., Sept. 20, 1891; married the Rev. C. M. Martin, April 12, 1885.

WILLIAM D. "Billy" MURRELL born Adair Co., Ky., Mar. 31, 1812; died a few miles from place of his birth, Sept. 24, 1891; married Mrs. Sarah A. Bosley widow of the Rev. Elijah M. Bosley, 1844; "very affable by nature."

ELIZA J. PATTERSON born Jan. 23, 1829, DeKalb Co., Ga.; married Peter Patterson, Mar. 31, 1861; 3 children; died Feb. 20, 1891.

ALFORD son of John and Elizabeth MALLARD born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 22, 1814; died Aug 23, 1891; married (1) Sallie Gregory at the age of 18 years; 13 children, 5 surviving him; (2) Caroline P. Fowlkes, 1879.


(Page 81)

WILLIAM HOUSTON CHIDDIX died July 22, 1891 aged 22 years; had been a student at Emory and Henry College in Virginia.

BERTHA J. CAMERON born Aug. 15, 1878; died July 27, 1891.

ELIZABETH KEATHLEY born near Sparta, Tenn., Nov. 10, 1849; died July 20, 1891 near Danville, Ala.; married James W. Swindle, May 20, 1869; 10 children, 4 surviving her.

SARAH ANN ALSUP born Wilson Co., Tenn., Mar. 19, 1844; died in same county, April 17, 1891; daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Rucker; married N. B. Alsoup, Nov. 17, 1870.


November 21, 1891

Mrs. MURPHY, nee Yancy, born Jan. 31, 1841; died Aug. 9, 1891.

PINKNEY C. THOMPSON born Charlotte, N.C. Mar. 20, 1831; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in his youth and there died Sept. 2, 1891; married (1) Elizabeth Rea, 1862; (2) Virginia A. Hodges, Dec. 9, 1868.

"Brother" SNEED born in S.C., May 21, 1819; in youth moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn. with his widowed mother; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1858; married (1) Demarie Tuggle, 1839; (2) Mrs. Nancy A. Dozier.

THOMAS M. CARTER born Aug. 2, 1825; died Oct. 6, 1891; a husband and father.

MARY B. ARMSTRONG born Bedford Co., Tenn., Nov. 1835; moved to Scott Co., Ark. in 1867 where she taught school; died Paris, Ark., Oct. 2, 1891.

JOHN MARION CLIMER son of John and Lucy Climer, born Nov. 7, 1844, Maury Co., Tenn.; married Margaret L. Fox daughter of Milus and Polly Fox, Nov. 1865; 3 daughters; died Sept. 9, 1891.

E. F. COX wife of E. E. Cox died June 23, 1891.

SELURA B. McMELLON wife of W. F. McMellon, died Aug. 29, 1891. She was a sister of E. F. Cox, just above, both daughters of the Rev. L. M. and J. A. Midyett; born in Graves Co., Ky. and moved with parents to Texas in 1877; burial in Young Co., Texas.

Miss ALLIE WINTON daughter of T. J. and S. F. Winton, born April 3, 1870; died Aug. 25, 1891.

G. H. STRICKLAND born Franklin Co., Ala., Aug. 22, 1818; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in 1837; married Anna Tunget in 1837; moved to Ellis Co., Texas; died Sept. 21, 1891.

CHARLIE infant son of Charlie and Cora SCATES died July 12, 1891.

MYRTLE infant daughter of Jesse and Nora McMILLAN born June 21, 1889 and died Aug. 21, 1891, Dallas Co., Texas.

SARAH P. LEA born July 2, 1812; died Grenada, Miss., Sept. 18, 1891; daughter of Colonel Nat. Wilson of Danville, Va.; married Dr. Willis Lea, Caswell Co., N.C., May 1, 1834; shortly moved to Marshall Co., Miss; 5 children.

ELIZABETH "Betsy" MITCHELL, nee Marchbanks, born in 1817; married Isaac Mitchell in 1835; died recently.

J. S. SUMMERS born Christian Co., Ky., April 15, 1848; married Mrs. Lucy Dunlap, nee Lacey, Nov. 14, 18_5; daughter of William and Harriet Summers; died Sept. 18, 1891; 2 children.

MARY FRANCES BLACK born in 1844; died Sept. 21, 1891; married James B. Black, Nov. 30, 1856.

LILLIE CATHERINE LOKEY infant daughter of G. B. and B. C. Lokey, born Aug. 3, 1890; died July 26, 1891.

CHARLES THEODORE COCHRAN infant son of Theodore F. and Mattie C. Cochran born May 17, 1891; died August 16, 1891.


November 28, 1891

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. Dr. POTTER who died recently; by Woman's Board of Missions, Methodist Church dated Nov. 7, 189l.

Tribute of Respect for Miss SUE BENNETT who died recently, sent to her sister, Miss Belle H. Bennett, president, Ky., Woman's Board of Missions, Ky. Conference dated Nov. 7, 189l.


(Page 82)

MARY LAURA BROOKS daughter of H. E. and Mary Blemker, born Louisville, Ky., Nov. 28, 1859; married Louis J. Brooks, June 20, 1881; died Jackson, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1891; 5 children.

SALLIE M. REID, nee Travis, wife of the Rev. J. L. Reid, Louisville Methodist Conference, born Marshall Co., Ky., May 26, 1851; married (1) Rev. S. A. Feltner (died Aug. 13, 1879); (2) Rev. Reid; died Nov. 2, 1891.

PATTIE E. BARTLETT daughter of James and Mary Ann Bartlett, born Dec. 12, 1868; died Sept. 9, 1891.

M. F. PITTMAN born Franklin Co., Ga., 1813; married Thomas A. Pittman in 1836; died Sept. 1891; 10 children, 6 surviving her.

THOMAS MARION DICKINSON born Russell Co., Va., Oct. 11, 1863; died Merit, Texas, Aug. 26, 1891.

SUSAN M. MERRILL born Dec. 11, 1813; died Sept. 6, 1891; married (1) Robert Anderson, Nov. 5, 1831; (2) James Sample, Dec. 21, 1837; (3) B. Merrill, 1870.

JOHN WESLEY ROBERTS born in S.C., Nov. 17, 1845; died Sept. 24, 1891; twice married. Cherokee Co., Ala.

BETTIE McCLAIN daughter of the Rev. Adam S. Riggs, born Bedford Co., Tenn., July 8, 1859; died Aug. 11, 1891. Cumberland Presbyterian.

EMMETT LANCELOT youngest son of W. A. and S. J. JORDAN born Mar. 27, 1882; died Aug. 30, 1891.

JAMES M. SELBY son of Green B. and Louisa C. Selby, born Russell Co., Ky. June 23, 1853; died Sept. 18, 1891.

Mrs. MARY E. CAYWOOD born Sullivan Co., Tenn., Aug. 30, 1823; died near Sherman, Texas, Sept. 5, 1891; 2 sons, 1 daughter.

Capt. MALCOM W. RUSSELL born Randolph Co., N.C., Feb. 21, 1829; died Madison Co., Tenn., June 25, 1891; married Leona L. Beal, June 28, 1855; 6 children.

RACHEL HEATH born Dec. 11, 1807; died Sept. 1, 1891; married (1) Mr. Caldwell; 2 sons: (2) Rev. J. M. Heath, Dec. 24, 1848; 1 daughter.

JAMIE ALLEN PEARRE infant daughter of Thomas and Mattie Pearre born May 27, 1891; died Sept. 8, 1891.

LENA LAFELIN BROWN infant daughter of T. J. and Ella Brown born Feb. 26, 1890; died June 24, 1891.

EVA ALICE daughter of the Rev. J. K. and Frances POWELL born Wayne Co., Ky., Nov. 17, 1886; died Aug. 26, 1891.

NANCY P. McWHIRTER born Aug. 6, 1841; married J. W. McWhirter, Dec. 22, 1859; died Sept. 29, 1891.


December 5, 1891

GEORGE W. HOGAN born Sept. 5, 1823; married Ann P. Bell, Nov. 13, 1850; joined Methodist Church in 1853; died Oct. 3, 1891.

JERE PEARSALL ELLIOTT son of Dr. J. P. and Fannie (Baker) Elliott, Morgan Co., Ala., born Sept. 16, 1873; died July 4, 1891.

Dr. THOMAS W. CHOWNING born Lancaster Co., Va., Sept. 3, 1814; moved to Mobile, Ala. in 1835; wholesale sugar merchant; graduate, Medical College, New Orleans, 1844; settled on Ark. plantation in 1847; married Martha V. Barnette in 1845; died Oct. 13, 1891.

CLEMENTINE V. wife of the Rev. James MANLY, youngest daughter of G. G. and Elizabeth Durham, born Fayette Co., Tenn., Oct. 29, 1839; died July 15, 1891. Myrtle, Miss.

LIZZIE NEAL died Atlanta, Ga., July 14, 1891, a child of E. M. and Flossie Neal.

ELIZABETH GARVIN PAXTON born May 29, 1834; married M. B. Paxton, Feb. 28, 1862; 2 children; died Sept. 22, 1891.

MAGGIE McMAURY wife of A. McMaury, died Oct. 2, 189l aged 22 years.

MOLLIE SCOTT wife of Neil T. Scott died Oct. 23, 1891.

LILLIAN GERTRUDE BOYTE born Dec. 23, 1879; died April 15, 1890.


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WILLIAM MACK CRABTREE died Walnut Hills, Ark., Oct. 3, 1891 aged 2 years, 6 months; son of W. W. and Lizzie Crabtree.

MARGARET LOUISA PORTER wife of Andrew Porter, Maury Co., Tenn., born Blount Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1841; died of cancer, Oct. 15, 1891; daughter of John P. and Naomi Gash Hardin of Va.

WALTER McCLANAHAN born Mar. l0, 1865; died Mar. 18, 1891; Tenn.; left widow and 2 sons.

SUSAN E. BROOKS daughter of Anderson and Rachel Brooks born May 2, 1843; died Mar. 17, 1891.

MARY ANN PARKER daughter of J. E. Parker born April 7, 1871; died Cannon Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1891.


December 12, 1891

Notice : Wanted whereabouts of ALCESTA OPHELIA ELKINS who lived in Nashville, Tenn. 4 years ago; husband's name unknown; she is 25 years old. If she will write to T. J. Sullivan, DeKalb, Texas, it will be to "her great advantage."

WILLIAM NEVILL PIRTLE born Ohio Co., Ky., June 1, 1861; died Mar. 25, 1891; married Delia Wallace, May 4, 1882.

THOMAS BINFORD ECKLES born Byhalia, Miss., Mar. 2, 1861; died near Buntyn, Tenn., June 6, 1891.

T. J. HUGHES born Oct. 29, 1810; died Calloway Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1891.

DUDLEY M. BROOKS born July 19, 1847; died Sept. 24, 1891.

EDDIE SANDERS son of Smith and Annie Sanders, born Dec. 21, 1886; died Oct. 1, 1891.

NANCY T. GRAHAM daughter of James and Keziah Dickson, born Amherst Co., Va., Sept. 23, 1808; moved with parents to west Tenn. in 1812, then to Madison Co., Ala.; married Colonel James B. Graham; died Oct. 10, 1891.

WINIFRED H. "Winnie" MITCHELL daughter of Vincent and Lydia E. Ridley, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1808; died Bells, Tenn., May 8, 1891; married James M. Mitchell, Dec. 30, 1828; moved to Mo. where he died Sept. 23, 1872 and she moved to Crockett Co., Tenn.

BETTIE MILLER wife of Dr. J. W. Miller, born May 8, 1840; died Shannon, Miss., Oct. 12, 1891; married Oct. 23, 1865.

EORGE GARLAND son of the Rev. John R. and Hester S. STEWART, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born April 23, 1886; died June 12, 1888.

MILLIE A. YARBROUGH daughter of Asaph and Elizabeth Jetton, born Nov. 20, 1828; died Graves Co., Ky., Aug. 16, 1891.

WILLIAM D. GILLMORE son of J. D. and M. E. Gillmore born Colorado Co., Texas, Feb. 21, 1861; died Columbus, Texas, Sept. 17, 1891.

ROBERT S. BRAMLEE born Mar. 20, 1856; died Sept. 16, 1891; married Josie B. Moore, Jan. 18, 1883; no children.

SALLIE A. SEAT died July 13, 1891; married J. R. Seat in 1853; 9 children, 4 surviving her.

CALLIE COLLINS youngest daughter of J. G. D. Collins, died Brownsville, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1891 in the 19th year of her age.

FRANKLIN WADDLE son of George F. and Lillie A. RAMSEY born Jan. 26, 1890; died Oct. 12, 1891 near Yorkville, Tenn.

THOMAS DANIEL son of T. J. and Annie LOWRY born June 29, 1885; died Nashville, Oct. 12, 1891.


December 19, 1891

ANNIE E. SMITH, nee Morrison, born Nashville, Tenn., May 21, 1847; died Sept. 28, 1891; graduate, School of Design, Cooper Institute, N. Y., 1866; married Horace C. Smith, Oct. 6, 1868; church organist at Tulip Street Methodist Church in Nashville for years.

LOUISA JANE HALL daughter of Samuel and Nancy Wallis born April 1836; died Sept. 18, 1891.

CLARA MARY daughter of W. S. and Susan White, born July 31, 1890; died July 8, 1891.


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NANCY PEACH born Oct. 1, 1819; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1891; married James Peach, May 5, 1840.

BETTIE L. CRISP daughter of S. H. and M. J. Duncan, born Oct. 25, 1861; married John L. Crisp, Nov. 5, 1884; 1 son; died Sept. 19, 1891.

ANDREW L. NEWMAN born Allen Co., Ky., 1814; died October 17, 1891.

JOHN WILLIAM son of Jacob and Sallie BOYER born Aug. 2, 1887; died Oct. 2, 1891.


December 26, 1891

T. C. A. MARKS son of the Rev. T. B. Marks, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born Aug. 8, 1864; kicked-killed by a horse, Oct. 1, 1891; married Anna J. Jennings in 1883; 4 children.

MARTHA ANN GEISE, nee Steger, born Tuscumbia, Ala., Feb. 12, 1822; died Oct. 26, 1891; married George Geise, Mar. 8, 1842.

J. J. DAVIS born in N.C., April 25, 1822; married (1) Elizabeth Bartow; (2) Louisa Powell, 1857; he had 8 children.

W. H. HOBBS born Oct. 6, 1866; died Nov. 8, 1891; married Arteley Volina; 2 children.

WILLIAM MAJOR son of John and Lucinda Major, born Chatham Co., N.C., June 12, 1800; with parents moved to Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1812; married (1) Gartree Johns, Nov. 25, 1824; 11 children; settled in Rutherford Co., Tenn.; (2) Mrs. Nancy M. Peyton, Mar. 8, 1860; died July 23, 1891.

PHILIP GRABLE born Jan. 23, 1846; died Sept. 5, 1891; a husband and father.

JOHN S. CAMPBELL born Amherst Co., Va., April 25, 1803; died Warren Co., Ky., Nov. 1, 1891; moved to Warren Co., Ky. in 1821; married Mary Ennis, Mar. 11, 1824; 12 children, 6 surviving him

BETTIE SPURLOCK, nee Draper, born Nov. 29, 1868; married Uriah T. Spurlock, Mar. 1, 1887; died July 21, 1891.

FANNIE GILLIAM TEAGUE died Trenton, Tenn., June 4, 1890; married Dr. A. J. Teague, Feb. 1889.

SARAH E. BENTLEY born Jan. 22, 1836; died June 25, 1891; married (1) J. D. Gilland (died Dec. 12, 1858); 2 children; (2) Colonel William Baker; (3) James F. Bentley, 1873.

EDWARD C. MORRIS born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Nov. 9, 1846; died recently; left a widow and 8 children.

SALLIE born Dec. 19, 1883; died Jan. 6, 1884. NORA born Oct. 4, 1889; died Sept. 14, 1891; daughters of William and Eliza BUTLER.

MARY CROWSON born Carroll Co., Tenn., July 26, 1811 [in error; the area in which this county lay was not opened for settlement until 1819]; married R. Meadows; died July 5, 1891.


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