(of Those Persons Born Up To and Including the Year 1822)

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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July 5, 1884

MARY C. WILLIAMS daughter of James and S. Hill, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., April 4, 1807; died near Raleigh, Tenn., January 26, 1884.

Dr. JOHN ALEXANDER MOORMAN son of Colonel Micajah and Esther Alexander Moorman, born Campbell Co., Virginia, September 24, 1815; died Benton Co., Miss., March 29, 1884; eventually moved to Fayette Co., Tenn.; twice married; two daughters, wives of William Beck and J. J. Brooks.

MANSON JONES born near Lynchburg, Virginia, April 1, 1804; died April 25, 1884.

JAMES M. WILKERSON born June 27, 1814; died April 22, 1884.

JANE C. CALDWELL born Anson Co., North Carolina, September 9, 1809; died Lee Co., Miss., April 17, 1884; married W. F. Caldwell, Oct. 25, 1826; mother of ten children.

JOSEPH EVANS born Abbeville District, South Carolina, Feb. 15, 1799; died Lee Co., Miss., April 19, 1884; married Margaret Gilmore, 1830.


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MARY S. CLARKSON born Hardin Co., Kentucky, January 5, 1819; married J. L. Clarkson, 1837; died March 19, 1884.

MATILDA DILLAHUNTY born Lincoln Co., Tennessee, November 1, 1821; daughter of Alex and Jane McCorkle; married W. L. Dillahunty, Feb. 1, 1838; died recently.

MARGARET BROWN, nee McWilliams, born Maury Co., Tennessee, September 26, 18?8; married Bedford Brown, June 30, 1836; eleven children; died recently.


July 12, 1884

REBECCA W. BLOW, nee Cole, born Robertson Co., Kentucky, January 1, 1809; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn., then to Giles Co., Tenn.; married Richard H. Blow, 1824; died May 14, 1884.

Reverend E. THURMAN born November 17, 1819; died April 19, 1884.

CAMILLA PEDIGO, nee Lane, born Campbell Co., Virginia, June 8, 1824; married J. J. Pedigo, August 12, 1880; died April 27, 1884.

JAMES C. SHORES born in 1804; died Giles Co., Tennessee, April 17, 1884; married Elizabeth A. Scott, November 1, 1832; she died May 6, 1876; eight children.

SUSAN COBB wife of M. T. Cobb, died Graves Co., Kentucky, April 23, 1884; born Robertson Co., Tenn., April 26, 1819; married William G. Tucker, January 14, 1848; he died October 28, 1877; she married M. T. Cobb, October 30, 1878.

MOSES ESKEW JARED son of Samuel Jared, dec., born Putnam Co., Tenn., Oct. 30, 1814; married Frances Holliday, January 3, 1867; died May 6, 1884; father of eight children.


July 19, 1884

Z. D. McKNIGHT born South Carolina, 1819; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., July 27, 1883.

ROBERT P. BAILEY born in Virginia, February 4, 1802; died Hardin Co., Tenn., Feb. 16, 1883; licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 29, 1825 and admitted on trial to Virginia Conference in 1826; ordained deacon March 2, 1828; ordained elder February 21, 1830; married (1) Harriet A. Jones (died March 30, 1837), Wilkes Co., North Carolina, July 30, 1833; (2) Mary B. Green, October 18, 1839.

WILLIAM M. WRIGHT born Clark Co., Kentucky, May 1808; married Rachel Butler, April 30, 1829; fourteen children; died Wayne Co., Ky., May 17, 1884.

SOPHIA W. TURNER died Lee Co., Miss., January 29, 1884 aged 79 years of age.

REUBEN HICKS born January 4, 1808; married Maria C. Jones, March 11, 1830; died Weakley Co., Tennessee, December 5, 1883.


July 26, 1884

WESLEY JOHNSON born Wayne Co., Kentucky, May 20, 1819; died May 12, 1884; married Sallie E. Loving, September 16, 1852; children were Loving, Wiley, Olin, Willie and Hattie.

Reverend BENJAMIN F. HUDSON born May 10, 1816; married (1) Rebecca J. Dobbins, August 26, 1849; seven children; (2) A. K. Summers, January 17, 1872; licensed to preach in Methodist Church May 24, 1862; ordained deacon Oct. 28, 1866; ordained elder October 9, 1870; died May 13, 1884.

MARTHA ELIZABETH HARVEY, nee Reams, born Williamson Co., Tenn., March 29, 1820; died Giles Co., Tenn., April 4, 1884; married (1) Mr. Elliot; (2) H. P. Harvey, December 1854 (3 children).


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BARBARA CLARK born Perthshire, Scotland, August 1, 1813; married Donald Clark, 1840 and came to the United States, settling near Nashville where she died January 15, 1884.

FIELDING HELM born Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1788; died May 21, 1884.

Captain THOMAS McCORRY born Buncombe Ft., North Carolina, August 14, 1790; died April 26, 1884; his father came to Williamson Co., Tenn. when he was two years old; there he lived and died; twelve children. "He remembered Nashville as a frontier village when there were only a few log huts around the square."

NAOMI BERCHFIELD, nee Gibson, born November 26, 1812; died January 21, 1884; married November 1832; seven children.

Reverend WILLIAM CLARK born March 4, 1804; died May 28, 1884; married Rebecca Scales, May 8, 1827.

JACOB J. LAYTON born February 8, 1815; married Nancy P. Jones, August 25, 1842; died March 30, 1884.


August 2, 1884

Reverend ENOCH D. BAKER born Stewart Co., Tennessee, January 15, 1815; died Weak1ey Co., Tenn., February 6, 1884; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1847; ordained deacon in 1851; ordained elder in 1858; 37 years given to the ministry.

WILLIAM W. MOORE born Halifax Co., North Caro1ina, August 18, 1809; married Parme1ia Baxter (died June 13, 1851), January 1, 1833; moved to Carroll Co. in 1839; married (2) Elizabeth Watt, November 9, 1854; he died May 6, 1884, heart disease.

Reverend ISAAC MALONE born April 14, 1800, Barren Co. Kentucky; died April 3, 1884; married Mary A. Eaves (died January 25, 1883), June 16, 1869; lived in Muhlenburg Co., Kentucky.

Reverend HENRY HOBBS, Louisville Conference, born Nelson Co., Kentucky, Jan. 9, 1814; joined Methodist Church in 1829; died Hardin Co., Ky., March 24, 1884.

STEPHEN C. BARNES born May 5, 1801; married Nellie Love1, December 20, 1821; died Simpson Co., Kentucky, Apri1 4, 1884.

JEFFERSON GANAWAY born Loudon Co., Virginia, March 17, 1817; married Nancy Slaughter, 1837; lived in LaRue County; died March 18, 1884.

Mrs. SARAH A. FIELDING born Richmond, Virginia, Ju1y 24, 1811; died near Athens, Alabama, January 6, 1884.


August 9, 1884

ELIJAH TOWNSEND born December 20, 1791; married Mary Eads (died 1871), 1816; joined Methodist Church in 1818; died Jefferson Co., Ala., Dec. 22, 1883.

WILLIAM S. HALL, C1ay Co., Tennessee, born June 1, 1819; married Susannah Davis in 1844; moved from Kentucky to Tenn. in 1853; died recently.

S. P. EDGIN born Maury Co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1818; died April 27, 1884.

Miss MARY WILLEY, pioneer of Davidson Co., Tenn., died May 9, 1884 aged 93 years of age.

MARGARET BROWN, widow of Irvine Brown, member of Bethesda Church, died May 23, 1884 in her 63rd year of age.

RICHARD M. WALTER born Jessamine Co., Kentucky, 1806; died Mercer Co., Ky. March 1884.


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VIOLA WHITE daughter of W. F. and S. B. Curry, born Obion Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1821; died March 1884.

Reverend DAVID M. BAKER born Abbeville District, South Carolina, May 22, 182O; moved to Georgia; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church November 9, 1862; died Hays Co., Texas, June 7, 1884.


August 16, 1884

JOHN H. BASKETTE born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 15, 1829; graduate, Union University, 1849; married M. K. Duval, in Miss., November 14, 1854; "affectionate by nature"; initially a Presbyterian minister; joined Methodist Church in 1867 or 1868; died recently.

Dr. JAMES M. TAYLOR born Ohio Co., Kentucky, September 23, 1816; married (1) Bertha Snapp, 1851; four children; (2) Eliza Bobbage; died April 5, 1884.

LUCY B. SYKES born Greenville Co., Virginia, September 21, 1805; married Benjamin Sykes, April 17, 1821; moved from Virginia to northern Alabama, then to Aberdeen, Miss., then to Carroll Co., Miss.; died June 11, 1884 at residence of son, William H. Sykes in Duck Hill, Mississippi.

WILLIAM STRATTON FISHER born December 7, 1812; died near Franklin, Tenn., May 17, 1884.


August 23, 1884

MELINDA SAWYER born Bledsoe Co., Tenn., January 12, 1818; married A. J. Cannon, March 18, 1841.

JAMES MAYO born Pitt Co., North Carolina, December 16, 1803; moved to Tipton Co., Tenn. 1843; died May 7, 1881.

HANNAH ISBELL TAYLOR born Prince Edward Co., Virginia, August 9, 1827; died Florence, Alabama, June 22, 1884; married Rev. William B. Taylor, Mar. 16, 1853.

ISAAC M. WEST born Bedford Co., Tenn., May 13, 1820; died April 30, 1883; marr1ed twice; father of five children.

JAMES RICKMAN born near Nashville, Tenn., 1797; died June 21, 1884; moved to Todd Co., Kentucky.

WILLIAM M. WILHOITE born Granville Co., North Carolina, June 17, 1811; died June 29, 1884.

MILDRED A. F. WHITE born March 31, 1818; married R. H. White, Oct. 23, 1834; nine children; died May 28, 1884.


August 30, 1884

JACOB HUMMEL 1806-1884:
Brother JACOB HUMMEL was born in Wittenberg, Germany, March 23, 1806; died in Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Jan. 23, 1884, in his 78th year. His father was a soldier under Napoleon Bonaparte at the burning of Moscow. In 1820 he came with his parents to this country. They had a stormy voyage of eleven weeks on the Atlantic. The name of his native town reminds us of Tetzel, indulgences, the papal bull, decretals and cannons, the bonfire, and the ninety-five propositions which opened fairly the Reformation. He was married to Miss Catrina Risinger, Nov. 28, 1833; she with their six children and grandchildren survive him. He joined the Lutheran Church in his 18th year, continuing in her communion until Dec. 5, 1875, when he joined the Methodist Church, under the pastorate of the Rev. C. Y. Boggess. It, was my privilege to be with him frequently during his last illness. I found his confidence in God unshaken. Once when nearing the end he said: "Almost home;" again, "Iíll soon be home." It was strengthening to faith to see this good man in his last trial. The community and Church miss him.



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LUCINDA DARNALL daughter of William and Christiana Laforgee Armstrong, born July 6, 1806; died Fleming Co., Ky., June 23, 1884; married Thomas Darnall, January 19, 1826; nine children.

NATHAN HAILE born North Carolina, 1780; son of Jesse and Mary Haile; married Sarah Jenkins (died 1865) and moved to Caldwell Co., Kentucky where he built them a large log house; moved to Texas in 1859; he died in 1859. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Rev. Edward Ashley (died 1833, Lexington, Kentucky).

DANRIDGE C. WALTON born Louisa Co., Virginia, April 11, 1801; died near Hiseville, Barren Co., Kentucky, August 28, 1883; twice married and raised a large family of children; devout Methodist.

JOHN W. RAITT son of Nathan Raitt, born Frederick Co., Maryland, September 3, 1816 and was taken by his parents to Kentucky in 1824; he married Mary Sebastian daughter of Dr. Charles Sebastian, of Cloverport, Kentucky, Dec. 19, 1841; she survived him with several children.


September 6, 1884

JULIA W. COBB born Bertie Co., North Carolina, December 28, 1822; married Dr. George Cobb, September 21, 1843 and died in Chunchula, Alabama, June 21, 1884.

ISAAC MALONE born Barren Co., Kentucky, April 14, 1800; died in Muhlenburg Co., Kentucky, April 3, 1884. His wife, MARY A. MALONE, nee Eaves, born June 16, 1809, died December 25, 1883; had been married fifty years last October; he was once a traveling preacher in the Kentucky Conference; ordained deacon October 10, 1831; ordained elder in 1833.

Reverend CHARLES R. MacGILL, M. D., born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1810; son of Robert and Helen MacGill; died June 6, 1884; married thrice, the last wife and four children surviving him.

DAVID C. SIMPSON born Pulaski Co., Kentucky, October 16, 1815; married Nancy F. Gover, September 23, 1841; died June 20, 1884.

TRESTON B. WOODWARD born Green Co., Kentucky, March 9, 1807; died in Hart Co., Ky., June 29, 1884; husband and father; member of Bethlehem Methodist Church.

HARRISON ROWLAND born Woodford Co., Kentucky, April 2, 1814; married Rebecca A. Webb, October 29, 1840; died in county of his birth, June 13, 1884. "He was a safe, diligent and conscientious counselor."

AMANDA C. BARTON daughter of Henry and Jane Shelton Cock, born Cairo, Tenn., June 4, 1809; moved to Huntsville, Ala. when she was a child; married Armistead Barton, January 20, 1829; he was one of the first settlers in the Chickasaw Nation and "became one of the wealthiest men in Alabama." He died in May 1847 leaving her with children, seven of whom reached adulthood. She died in Colbert Co., Ala., July 7, 1884.

Reverend W. H. ANTHONY born August 6, 1819; married Elizabeth Pollock, Oct. 1, 1837; joined Methodist Church July 30, 1838; joined Tenn. Conference as preacher in 1856; he died May 1, 1884.

ANNIE B. FULLWOOD, nee Howard, born February 10, 1812; died June 10, 1884. "I (J. A. Russell) buried her in Clear Creek Cemetery, McNairy county, Tenn."

WILLIAM R. REAMS born October 10, 1821; died near Franklin, Tenn., July 8, 1884.


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September 13, 1884

LIZZIE Y. CLAY born Franklin Co., Tennessee, "about" October 1815; moved to Giles Co., Tenn., then to Wayne Co., Tenn. in which she died May 3, 1884; she died "within a few minutes after she was taken sick." Her maiden name was Vansantte; married A. G. Clay, April 15, 1862; was step-mother to his children.

ARCHELAUS WALKER born in Jackson Co., Georgia, April 25, 1810; licensed to exhort in Methodist Church in 1819; married Eleanor Chattin, April 15, 182l; licensed to preach October 1827; in 1872 moved to Lamar Co., Texas. Their son, Jesse H. Walker wrote that his father and mother "came to my house, Choctaw Nation, I. T. /Indian Territory/, March 3, 1882; mother died July 16, 1884, father fell asleep" soon afterwards.

ALLA DELPHIA CLARY, nee Barnard, born October 12, 1802 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina where she lived until 1865; since that time she lived among her children; she died June 7, 1884 in Bellbuckle, Tenn.

REBECCA M. DROMGOOLE, nee Blanch, born Brunswick Co., Virginia, January 21, 1822; married John E. Dromgoole, Esq. in July 1839; his father was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and was also a Methodist preacher; died recently.


September 20, 1884

Reverend ELIJAH THURMAN born in Ohio, November 17, 1819; son of Joel and Fannie Thurman (moved from Richmond, Virginia to Petersburg, Ohio before his birth); joined Methodist Church January 30, 1841; married Melissa Spencer, formerly of Virginia, November 15, 1843; settled in Henderson Co., Kentucky in February 1849; having taught school for years he became a local preacher in Methodist Church; died April 19, 1884.

MARY E. ENLOE daughter of John B. and Rebecca Allison, born July 15, 1811 in Haywood, now Jackson, Co., North Carolina; married Capt. W. A. Enloe; died Webster, North Carolina, June 20, 1884.

A. G. WESTMORELAND born Nashville, Tennessee, May 2, 1808; soon moved to Giles Co., Tenn.; he later moved to Alabama; married Winnifred Jane Harmon, Dec. 23, 1841; three daughters; died January 31, 1884.

CHARLES J. LAWTON born Campbell Co., Virginia, November 22, 1807; parents moved to Kentucky when he was ten years old and in December 1831 he settled in Hartford, Ky. where he lived until his died July 25, 1884; an officer of the circuit court for many years; postmaster of the town; died in 1884.

Dr. J. B. COBB born in 1828; died September 3, 1879; educated at West Point Military Academy but he forsook military career and studied medicine; married Sophia Helen McClure in 1851; two children.


September 27, 1884

SALLIE S. HUGHES born in Henry Co., Virginia, March 25, 1805; died at residence of son-in-law, Frank Ogilvie, Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 12, 1884; married Madison R. Hughes, October 28, 1829.

ROBERT MEADOWS born Wayne Co., Tennessee, November 4, 1806; married Mary Crowson in 1829 and moved to west Tenn. the same year; died Lauderdale Co., Tennessee, March 20, 1884; father of eight children, only one of whom is now living (a son).


October 4, 1884

WILLIAM M. BASHAM born October 22, 1823; married Dec. 9, 1841; died Breckinridge Co., Ky., July 10, 1884; husband and father.


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WILLIAM JACKSON CRAIG, father of Rev. R. J. Craig and of the wife of Rev. Wallace T. Rowland, born Maury Co., Tennessee, September 18, 1818; married Virginia Abernathy, November 19, 1858 and died August 6, 1884; libera1 Methodist layman.

Mrs. LOCKY SETTLE born January 22, 1807; died March 24, 1884 in residence of her son, G. W. Sett1e, Stewart Co., Tennessee.

HIRAM BRASHIER born in 1802; died July 15, 1884. His son, DAVID H. BRASHIER, died July 26, 1884 aged 37 years, 11 months and 19 days old.

MATTHEW NELSON born Richmond Co., North Carolina, January 12, 1807; died August 4, 1884; moved to Ray District, South Carolina in his youth, where he married.


October 11, 1884

SUSAN HAWKINS born Trigg Co., Kentucky, July 16, 1814; died August 20, 1884; surviving were her aged husband, two children and grand and great-grand-children.

PARMELIA J. RADLEY born now-Larue Co., Kentucky, 1818; married Isaac Radley, January 1832; maiden name Welch; died August 15, 1884; her husband died 13 years before she died.

MARY CRAWFORD of Weakley Co., Tennessee, widow of James Y. Crawford, formerly a Methodist preacher of the Holston Conference, daughter of the Rev. George and Sarah White of Hawkins Co., Tennessee, born October 21, 1808; died August 22, 1884; of her children, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Cormick lived in Weakley County; Benson Crawford in east Tenn.; George Crawford in Florida and the youngest, Dr. James Y. Crawford, was at Vanderbilt University; her deceased daughter was Mrs. Eliza Ormby of Orlando, Florida.

MARY TANNER HARRIS, oldest daughter of Samuel and Margaret Tanner, born October 31, 1814 in Southampton Co., North Carolina; died at residence of her sister, Mrs. H. S. Matthews, Iuka, Miss., August 19, 1884; moved with her father to Madison Co., Alabama in 1818 and in 1825 to Athens in the same state; married three times; first to S. P. Irvin, then to H. B. Vaughan, Sr. and lastly to Colonel Ike Harris; she had but one child, Sammy Tanner Vaughan who died young; she had several step-children.


October 18, 1884

LEWIS ETHERIDGE born Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, October 25, 1813; married Caroline Curling January 1837; moved to Macon, Miss.; died Louisville, Miss., August 14, 1884 to which place he had moved in January 1857; father of seven children.

WILLIAM KUNKLE died August 29, 1884 in his 72nd year of life, Pond Gap, Virginia; born of German parents.

DANIEL McDOUGAL born in North Carolina in 1806; died at residence of his son, Dr. W. H. McDougal, Rienzi, Miss., July 28, 1884.

DAVID S. CRENSHAW died April 5, 1884 in the 67th year of his age; native of Sumner Co., Tennessee; married Clarissa C. Brown, daughter of Reuben Brown; moved to Shelby Co., Tenn. where he ever afterwards lived.

MARTHA ANN RICHARDSON, nee Warinner, born near Richmond, Virginia, November 10, 1810; moved to Freelandville, Ind. in her tenth year of age; married Thomas Richardson in 1835; she was Methodist but her husband was Roman Catholic; she died August 27, 1884.


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EDMONIA T. WALLACE wife of W. H. Wallace born Prince Edward Co., Virginia, 1822; moved to Calloway Co., Kentucky in her 22nd year of age; taught schoo1; in four years he moved to Burlington, Iowa where she taught, then moved on to Choctaw Nation as a missionary for two years; moved to Holmes Co., Miss. at request of her brother, Dr. Foster; there she married September 4, 1857; joined the Methodist Church in 1842; died near Memphis, Tennessee, August 31, 1884; burial in Elmwood Cemetery.

EMELINE M. CAMPBELL born January 8, 1814; married H. H. Boyd in 1835; mother of twelve children; died recently.


October 25, 1884

ELIZABETH BISHOP daughter of John and Margaret Williams born near Union Court-house, South Carolina, December 15, 1813; joined Methodist Church in 1834; married Samuel Bishop in 1840; moved to Franklin Co., Ala. in 1851 and in 1875 to West Eden, Illinois where she died August 26, 1884 leaving her widower and two daughters.


November 1, 1884

FLORA SENTER, nee McNeel, born October 19, 1810; died July 27, 1884; married James Senter, November 28, 1832; burial at Wright's Chapel beside her husband and some of her children.

ELIZABETH VANNERSON born Rutherford Co., Tennessee, October 25, 1812; married Francis Vannerson in 1832; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church for more than forty years; died July 14, 1884.

SARAH CRAWFORD daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Pepper, born September 1818; married John Crawford, June 21, 1841; died July 28, 1884 and burial in Robertson Co., Tennessee.

ELI GORDON born Newberry District, South Carolina, July 11, 1814; married Nancy K. Farr, daughter of J. P. and Mary Farr of Union Dist., S.C. in 1839; moved to Choctaw Co., Miss. in 1843; joined the Methodist Church at the same time his daughter, Julia Ann, did; died August 12, 1884.

SALLIE HONAKER born Bath Co., Kentucky, November 23, 1810; married C. W. Honaker, June 28, 1830; he died April 5, 1859 leaving her with six children; she died at the residence of Capt. Robert Bagby, Huntingdon, West Virginia, September 6, 1884; remains were taken to Kentucky and buried beside those of her husband.

Z. M. DUNGAN born Williamson Co., Tennessee, March 30, 1813; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in the fall of 1830; married Nancy M. Mason, January 3, 1837; she died August 4, 1865; died at his son, W. A. Dungan, September 10, 1884.

WILLIAM B. MORRIS born March 1, 1822; died August 24, 1884; husband and father.

ELIZABETH CARVER daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Cosby, died Richmond, Kentucky, April 12, 1884 aged 82 years; wife of Jesse A. Carver who survived her.

Reverend ISAAC B. BURSON born January 1814; married Jane Bowden in 1835; licensed to preach in Methodist Church May 22, 1841; died August 10, 1884.


November 8, 1884

MARY M. STUBBS daughter of John and Elizabeth Ayers, wife of George T. Stubbs, born November 24, 1819, now-Ritchie Co., West Virginia; moved to Nashville in 1857, to Edgefield, Tenn. in 1858; died September 29, 1884.


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Reverend SOLOMON COOPER 1801-1884:
The Rev. SOLOMON COOPER was born in Warren county, N.C., Dec. 11, 1801; with his father moved to Jackson county, Ga., in 1806; removed to, Bedford county, Tenn., in 1811. When a young man he went to Carroll county, Tenn., and there at a camp meeting at Wood's Camp-ground, was converted, September, 1822; and joined the Methodist Church at Cedar Hill, Bedford county, Tenn., in 1826. In 1827 he removed to Hardeman county, Tenn., and was soon afterward appointed class-leader, then licensed to exhort; and in 1831 was licensed, at English's Camp-ground; in Hardin county, to preach. At Jackson, Tenn., Oct. 4, 1840, he was ordained deacon by Bishop Andrew; and at Somerville, Tenn., November, 1844, was ordained elder by Bishop Janes. He was married to Miss Sarah H. Honnell, Oct. 24, 1822. She having died, he was again married to Miss Cameron. He died at Pinson, Madison county, Tenn., July 21, 1884. Solomon Cooper was an efficient and faithful preacher, and magnified his office. His Education was limited, yet he studied, and was eloquent and mighty in the Scriptures; was popular as a preacher; and successful as a revivalist. He denounced error and immorality boldly and with resistless persistence, yet with such honesty of purpose and sincerity of motive as to command the respect of all. Those who knew him best loved him most. He was liberal. In building a house of worship at Pinson, where he held his membership, the house was involved in a debt of $750, which he paid off. As a man of a strong will-force, an indomitable energy, a tireless and unconquerable determination, and with an inflexibi1ity of purpose, he was a success in 1ife.

SARAH J. RAYBURN, widow of Major John K. Rayburn, born Nashville, Tennessee, January 21, 1815; daughter of William Lytle and Janet Hobson; educated at Nashville Female Academy; moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1841, where she died August 28, 1884.

Mrs. APPLESS FORD born in North Carolina in 1817; died in Memphis, Tenn., December 12, 1882; maiden name Frazer; of Scots descent; wife of Newton Ford; their daughter, Mrs. BETTIE BYNUM, died in March 1883.

MARY DAVIDSON JIMERSON wife of Joseph Jimerson, born Union District, South Carolina, August 29, 1802; married August 17, 1823; died August 29, 1884.

JANE FLOYD COLMAN, born in 1818; died Bedford Co., Tennessee, August 30, 1884; married (1) John Beardon; (2) Joshua Colman; mother of several children.

JAMES STEVENSON born Glasgow, Scotland, November 27, 1797; came to Nashville, Tennessee in 1818 and lived there until his death, October 1, 1884; member of the Presbyterian Church.

RUFFIN A. WILLIS born Caswell Co., North Carolina, February 12, 1821; moved to Tennessee, then to Arkansas and "during the war he refugeed to Texas"; married Jane Hutchins, January 12, 1844; she died leaving him with several children; married secondly to S. A. Garrison of Rusk Co., Texas, October 19, 1876 who survived him. He died in Cass Co., Texas, August 10, 1884.

NANCY W. DUNCAN, nee Scott, born March 4, 1791; married W. S. Duncan in 1809; died July 18, 1884; wife and mother.

Reverend JAMES C. CREWS born Halifax Co., Virginia, January 9, 1807; married Frances Esters; moved west in 1830, settling in Weakley Co., Tennessee; in March 1875 he moved to Obion Co., Tennessee where he died September 6, 1884; he and his wife had married December 23, 1828. She died in McKenzie, Tennessee, February 19, 1881; husband and father.

DAVID WILLIAMS son of W. A. and Mary Williams, born December 5, 1811; died August 25, 1884; surviving were widow, seven children and two sisters.

JANE ELROD born Anderson Co., South Carolina, January 28, 1814; died DeKalb Co., Alabama, September 21, 1884; wife and mother of five children.

JOSEPH SMITH EDMUNDSON born January 21, 1818; died Giles Co., Tennessee, September 23, 1884; married Susan E. Gilbert, February 24, 1842.


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November 15, 1884

SUSANNA JOHNSON widow of Rev. John Johnson, daughter of Thomas and Susanna Brooks, born near Newberry, South Carolina, October 22, 1794; married August 10, 1814; her husband died April 9, 1858, Mt. Vernon, Illinois; mother of nine children; only surviving daughter, Mrs. Casey, lived in Golden City, Mo. and her four surviving sons lived in Mt. Vernon.

ALLEN ELLIOTT born May 23, 1805; died Wilsonville, Alabama, July 13, 1884; married four times; first to Miss Wiseman in 1825; second to Miss Minerva Horton in 1840; third to Miss Caroline Nunnaly, Feb. 26, 1843; fourth to Mrs. Hester C. Caper, November 3, 1878.

MARGARET GILLILLAND SLIGER born May 23, 1812 in Pennsylvania; moved with her parents to Jefferson Co., Kentucky; joined Methodist Church in her youth; in Indiana she married Ellison Sliger, March 25, 1845. She died September 24, 1884; surviving were widower, a daughter, five grandchildren, two brothers and three sisters.

JOHN J. GARTH born January 8, 1815 and died of consumption in Wayne Co., Kentucky, September 23, 1884; married Minerva Phillips, July 11, 1850 who predeceased him; surviving were his children.


November 22, 1884

ALICE T. TAYLOR, nee Lane, born October 30, 1816; married Hubbard B. Taylor, May 1842; died October 2, 1884.

JACOB M. WEBB died June 23, 1884 in his 74th year of age; member of the Methodist Church for fifty-two years; moved to "this county" /not given/ from Lynchburg, Virginia in 1832, which was his "native home."

Captain JOHN HALL born Bullitt Co., Kentucky, March 24, 1802; died near the place of his birth, June 6, 1884; father of eight children; brother of "Aunt Betsy Evans of precious memory", mother of the Rev. Morris Evans of the Kentucky Conference.

Reverend JONATHAN WAYLAND born in Virginia, November 30, 1815; moved to Lawrence Co., Ark. with his parents in the spring of 1816 where he made his home until his death August 26, 1884; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church August 2, 1851; ordained deacon Nov. 2, 1856; married Anna Ann Eddy, June 8, 1846 who later died; he then married Mary M. Gilbreath, who with two sons and a daughter survived him. As a preacher he had traveled a number of the Arkansas circuits.


November 29, 1884

JONATHAN OWEN born Bourbon Co., Kentucky, April 28, 1811; joined Methodist Church in 1842; married Cynthia Scott, December 27, 1836; three children, Sarah, wife of Edwin P. Bean; Nancy, wife of Watson M. Gay; Robert W. Owen of Benton Co., Missouri; married secondly Mary Brent Hutchcroft, Oct. 5, 1870 who survived him.

Mrs. OLIVE CAIN born Nelson Co., Kentucky, June 6, 1800; daughter of Henry Dismore who came from London, Eng1and; married John Cain in 1820; mother of nine children; died near Bewleyville, Kentucky, July 21, 1884.

JAMES VAUGHN born March 9, 1813; died Marion Co., Alabama, September 13, 1884; joined Methodist Church in 1837; surviving were widow and nine children, several brothers, including the Rev. W. H. Vaughn of the North West Texas Conference.

R. E. HIGGINS wife of Mills Higgins, born McDowell Co., N.C., October 28, 1810; died in same county, May 1, 1884.


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SAUL SMITH born Buncombe County, North Carolina, December 6, 1799; moved to Macon, North Carolina and married Nancy L. Dobson; in 1851 moved to Smith Co., Texas, later to Parker County, that state, and still later to Erath Co., Texas where he died May 18, 1884 at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. George Barber.

Mrs. SALLIE ALLMAN born August 3, 1801; died September 17, 1884; a widow with six children.


December 6 1884

No obituaries were reported in this issue.


December 13, 1884

JANE CRUMP KNOWLES daughter of John Crump, long a resident of Monroe Co., wife of Peter A. Know1es, born in North Caro1ina, September 14, 1816; died in Aberdeen, Miss., September 21, 1884.


December 20, 1884

JANE GARDNER daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth McGee, wife of John E. Gardner, born in Illinois, August 6, 1816; married September 27, 1838; forty-two years a member of the Methodist Church; died September 18, 1884; five sons, two daughters.

Reverend JOSEPH G. WARD, native of Virginia, moved to Jefferson Co., Kentucky where he joined the Methodist Church; licensed to preach; joined the Kentucky Conference in 1828; ordained deacon in 1830; ordained elder in 1832; married Elizabeth Briggs in 1833; died Mineral Springs, Arkansas, October 17, 1884.

JOHN G. BROWN born February 3, 1815; married Martha Biles, 1842; died Warren Co., Tennessee, September 4, 1884.

MARGARET GREER daughter of Robert and Jane Caldwell, born Washington Co., Virginia, July 27, 1800; married Benjamin Greer in 1823; died Caldwell Co., North Carolina, July 23, 1884; burial in that county at Harper's Chapel church-yard.


December 27, 1884

F. G. RATCLIFF born May 20, 1818; died Williamson Co., Tennessee, September 6, 1884; married three times; first to Miss Reams, second to Mrs. Harding, third to Mrs. T. J. Doud who survived him; had several sons and daughters in the first marriage.

NANCY J. HUNTER born Henderson Co., Kentucky, December 25, 1821; maiden name Watson; married W. T. Hunter, January 17, 1838; died at Robard's Station, Kentucky, July 30, 1884; wife and mother.

Miss LONA GERTRUDE TAGGART born June 11, 1816; died West Point, Miss., September 13, 1884.


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