By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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July 1, 1882

The Rev. SETH GRAVES HARRELL born in No. Carolina, January 23, 1802; lived in Maury Co., Tenn. in early manhood; moved to Marion Co., Ala. and at a point in time, eleven years ago, moved to the Choctaw Nation; died May 26, 1882; married Mourning D'Fonville; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September 28, 1839; ordained deacon Dec. 31, 1843; ordained elder January 20, 1850.

WILLIAM McCALLEN born Monaghan, Ireland, April 6, 1806; graduate, Trinity College, Dublin; entered ministry of Church of England; moved to U. S. in 1835; married Virginia Wells; one daughter, wife of W. F. Adams; joined Methodist Church in 1851; died Gordonsville, Ky., May 20, 1882. The Rev. SETH GRAVES HARRELL born in No. Carolina, January 23, 1802; lived in Maury Co., Tenn. in early manhood; moved to Marion Co., Ala. and at a point in time, eleven years ago, moved to the Choctaw Nation; died May 26, 1882; married Mourning D'Fonville; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September 28, 1839; ordained deacon Dec. 31, 1843; ordained elder January 20, 1850.

WILLIAM McCALLEN born Monaghan, Ireland, April 6, 1806; graduate, Trinity College, Dublin; entered ministry of Church of England; moved to U. S. in 1835; married Virginia Wells; one daughter, wife of W. F. Adams; joined Methodist Church in 1851; died Gordonsville, Ky., May 20, 1882.


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MARGARET WATSON wife of Samuel Watson, born August 30, 1807; died Dec. 25, 1881; native of Davidson Co., Tenn.; moved to Hardin Co., Tenn. with her parents, Jehu and Elizabeth Davy in 1822.

JESSE WOOD born near Springfield Court-house, So. Carolina, July 17, 1801; moved to now-Fulton Co., Ga. in 1826; died March 17, 1882.

Mrs. MARY BENNETT wife of the Rev. Jesse Hord, daughter of Jordan and Mary Hil1, born Lewisburg, No. Carolina, 1807; moved with brother, Jorden Hill, to Ala. and in 1838 to Texas; married Rev. Hord, January 1841; mother of 6 children; died March 12, 1882.

JAMES C. MAYHEW born Allen Co., Ky., May 30, 1814; died in same county, July 25, 1881; married Fannie H. Fishburn, March 8, 1838; eleven children. His father, Alexander Mayhew, was a pioneer of Allen Co., having moved there from Virginia in 1812.

CHARLES L. DISMUKES born in Virginia, September 17, 1823; died Artesia, Miss., March 13, 1882; married Mary A. Carr, September 17, 1846.

Mrs. M. A. SAFFEN born Clarendon Co., So. Carolina, April 9, 1800; died Milton, Florida, May 20, 1882.

JOHN THOMAS born December 31, 1823 and reared in Sumner Co., Tenn.; died Robertson Co., Tenn., March 13, 1882 of cancer.

ELIZABETH HARMAN daughter of Joseph and Sara Wyse, born Lexington Dist., So. Carolina, August 19, 1802; married Jacob Harman, September 20, 1819; died February 12, 1882; the Harmans moved from So. Carolina to Attala Co., Miss. in 1837 where they ever afterwards lived; left a widow in 1867; she had a large family of children.


July 8, 1882

ELIZABETH W. T. PRICE, nee Baker, widow of Thomas Price, born Amherst Co., Virginia, July 11, 1805; moved to Logan Co., Ky. in childhood; married Thomas Price; died recently; an only son, the Rev. John W. Price of North Miss. Methodist Conference.

CASANDRA McANLESS born November 24, 1799; died Mossy Creek, Tenn., June 8, 1882; her husband died August 15, 1837; eight children.

FRANK M. HEARN, New Orleans, born Tusculum, Ala., March 18, 1826; died Talladega Co., Alabama, April 8, 1882.

Captain JAMES M. SMITH born Adair Co., Ky., August 10, 1819; died near Nashville, Tenn., May 5, 1882; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

HARRIET E. SHOFNER daughter of Micajah and Ellen Thomas, born Orange Co., No. Carolina, December 2, 1826; married Captain B. D. Shofner, Carroll Co., Tenn., August 22, 1849; died Henry Co., Tenn., May 21, 1882.

Frances Stuart McTeer departed this life in Wytheville, Va., Feb. 27, 1882, at 2 o’clock P.M., and was buried in Wytheville Cemetery Feb. 28, 1882. She was a daughter of Gen. Alexander Smyth, and granddaughter of James Smyth, who was a clergyman in the Episcopal Church, and was sent by the authorities of the Episcopal Government to Botetourt parish, which embraces the counties west of the Blue Ridge. Sister McTeer was born on Cripple Creek, Va., on Mountain Park Farm, Wythe County, Dec. 2, 1806, and was 75 years and near 3 months old when she died. Her parents gave her advantages of education and early culture which were improved and kept up through life, so that she was one of the most intelligent and cultivated women in the country, and her association was much sought and enjoyed. On Feb. 9, 1824, she was married to Col. James F. Piper, who died Sept. 8, 1854. On March 2, 1857, she was married to Rev. J. M. McTeer, of the Holston Conference, with whom she lived happily until the close of life. Sister McTeer made a profession of religion and joined the Methodist Church at Asbury Camp-ground in Wythe county, Va., August, 1840; and this place and time was ever held sacred by her, and she never missed but one camp-meeting at that place in 42 years, and this was on account of sickness. She also kept a memorandum of the sermons she had heard preached, and by whom. Her entry book closes with sermons preached at the camp-meeting last September. She kept her membership on the Wytheville Circuit and seemed to feel a peculiar interest in the members of the Church and preachers of that circuit. From the time of her conversion to the close of her life she lived a consistent Christian. When she joined the Church she consecrated all to the Church. Her house was immediately open for the traveling minister, and in her parlor at Speedwell the Methodist preachers preached and held class-meetings until the church was built at that place. For the last 25 years she has encouraged her husband in faithfully preaching the gospel, and it was her greatest desire that he might go out and preach Christ again as in other days. She was often called upon in the congregation, and her prayers were attended with power. She was one who surely reflected the image of Jesus, and the light of her influence will linger for years yet to come. Wytheville society has lost a delightful charm, and Wytheville Circuit one of its most useful members; but we expect to see her again, for she sleeps in Jesus.

B. F. Nuckolls


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July 15, 1882

SARAH BENHAM born in No. Carolina, May 8, 1814; married James A. Benham, November 26, 1834; died Madison, Ala., April 13, 1882.

Mrs. SUSAN DORSEY, native of Fauquier Co., Virginia, daughter of Isham and Mary O'Bannon; moved to Kentucky in 1817; married L. L. Dorsey in 1820; died Jefferson Co., Ky., April 25, 1882.

ROSINE WALKER born December 26, 1826; married William Walker, August 4, 1852; died Talladega Co., Ala., April 9, 1882.

The Rev. WASHINGTON O. FOSTER born Fayette Co., Ala., August 10, 1816; moved with parents to Chickasaw Co., Miss. in 1849; died December 30, 1881; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1873; "eyesight was much impaired"; left a widow and three children.

The Rev. G. D. PARKER born Munro Co., No. Carolina, December 10, 1813; died Fort Bend Co., Texas, November 13, 1881.

LOUISA M. HUDSON daughter of Pleasant and Philadelphia Hill, born in Virginia, April 18, 1818; married William A. Hudson, December 1836; moved to Texas in 1850; died Bianco Co., Texas, May 19, 1882.

SAMUEL L. OVERHISER born Orange Co., N. Y., June 2, 1825; died March 30, 1882; husband and father.

MARY BUCHANAN daughter of the Rev. Sihon Smith, born Feb. 14, 1799; died Chatham Co., No. Carolina, January 25, 1882; eleven children, seventy-seven grandchildren and sixty-seven great-grandchildren.


July 22, 1882

WILLIAM A. WILLIAMS born in Virginia, June 28, 1800; family moved to Davidson co., Tenn. in 1804 where he died July 9, 1882; married Miss Turner in 1830 and had a large family of children.

MARTHA ISABEL AUSTIN wife of Henry M. Austin, born Muscogee Co., Ga., December 18, 1818; died Ashley Co., Ark., October 5, 1881.

NANCY S. QUARLES, nee Allman, born Wilson CO., Tenn., July 17, 1825; married William W. Quarles, March 28, 1850; died April 18, 1882.

MARTHA ANN HULME born Maury Co., Tenn., February 23, 1825; died Decatur Co. Tenn., June 26, 1881.

Mrs. HANNAH BOTTOMLEY, 1805-1882:
The death of Mrs. Hannah Bottomley, wife of Rev. Thomas Bottomley, of the Louisville Conference, which occurred July 2, at the residence of their son-in-law, Mr. F. J. Brownnell, in Hopkinsville, Ky., has removed a lady well known and much esteemed by a large circle of friends and relatives. She was born in England in 1805, married there in 1824, and came to America in 1829. They lived for awhile in New York, then in New Jersey, afterward for several years in Maryland, and removed to Kentucky in 1840. Her husband was admitted on trial into the Kentucky Conference that year, and has been continuously a member ever since of it, and of the Louisville Conference, his wife being his inseparable companion in all his travels, and his efficient assistant in all his labors.

Their married life extended over a period of fifty-eight years, and they were the parents of seven children, and yet, until her decease, death had entered the household but once, removing a little daughter who died in Maryland many years ago. She had great force of character, a well-defined and joyous religious experience, clear and sound views of Bible-teaching, and both the disposition and the capacity to do much for the Master’s cause. Her love-feast talks were "in demonstration of the Spirit," and her public prayers were "in power." I have never known anyone else so successful in leading penitents to fully and promptly trust the Saviour as she used to be in revival-meetings. She was paralyzed in 1876, and has been an almost helpless invalid ever since; but often during these weary years was rapturously happy in God, and eager for her release. About twelve days before her death a second cerebral congestion began its stealthy approach, and steadily progressed with its work until the soul took its flight.

Her remains were interred in the Eastern (Methodist) Cemetery of this city on Tuesday last, ten of her husband’s ministerial associates joining in the simple but impressive burial-service. Very Truly,

David Morton
Louisville, Ky., July 7, 1882


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July 29, 1882

Dr. GREGORY H. GOODMAN born Garrard Co., Ky., November 1816; died Washington Co., Ky., November 1881.

MARINA C. PETTWAY daughter of Harry and Lucy Williams, Warren Co., No. Carolina, died Wilson Co., Ala., July 28, 1882 a few days after her 74th birthday.

MARY LITTLE DUNLAP born Overton Co., Tenn., October 10, 1805; died near Humboldt, Tenn., April 27, 1882; married Ebenezer Dunlap in 1829.

BENJAMIN ADAMS born Marshall Co., Tenn., 1808; married Martha Bagley in 1833; died December 24, 1881.

The Rev. PLEASANT JONES ECKLES born Sussex Co., Virginia, August 20, 1816; died Byhalia, Miss., March 26, 1882; moved when young to Shelby Co., Tenn.; graduate, LaGrange College, Alabama; licensed to preach in Methodist Church and entered the Tennessee Conference in 1842; taught school as well; married Martha J. Powell, 1847; transferred to the Miss. Conference in 1848 and in 1854 to the Memphis Conference and in 1855 "took charge" of the Byhalia Female Institute; had cancer operation in 1881.

Dr. G. W. BOOTH born Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, August 9, 1801; moved to Franklin Co., Ala.; moved later to Tishomingo Co., Miss.; died Gunstown, Miss., April 10, 1882.

MARGARET E. SMITH wife of W. D. Smith, daughter of Junius D. and Mary Gardner, born Wilmington, No. Carolina, January 3, 1826; married November 18, 1845; died near Fayetteville, No. Carolina, May 8, 1882.

Mrs. WILLIAM SANDERS, mother of four sons, three daughters, died April 19, 1882 aged 74 years.

The Rev. J. M. WHITTEN born February 17, 1817; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1844; ordained deacon in 1866; died January 20, 1882; member of Shiloh Methodist Church.


August 5, 1882

WILLIAM H. ENGLISH son of Thomas and Susan English, born December 12, 1814; joined Methodist Church in 1873; died June 4, 1882.

WILLIAM JONES died near Harris Station, Tenn., Feb. 2, 1882 aged 58 years.

ARTHUR HAWKINS born Rutherford Co., Tenn., March 26, 1798; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. in 1810, then to Indiana in 1818; then to Ark. in 1851; died March 3, 1882. His wife, ELIZABETH L. HAWKINS born York District, So. Carolina, February 27, 1809; married John Huff (died December 24, 1840), September 14, 1824 and moved to Jefferson Co., Tenn. in 1826; married secondly to Arthur Hawkins, June 26, 1847; died Lee Co., Ark., March 8, 1882.

MARY ANN MASON, nee Everett, born Ellsworth, Maine, March 6, 1799; married a sea captain, James Mason; in 1870 they moved to Livermore, Ky. and he died the same year; she died January 9, 1882.

CYNTHIA A. MOORE born March 20, 1816; died March 3, 1882; married James Moore, November 5, 1835.

ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG GRIGGS daughter of William and Elizabeth Griggs, born Allen Co., Ky., March 12, 1818; died February 25, 1882.

JAMES BALLINGER WADE born Monroe Co., Ky., May 15, 1830; died May 5, 1882; married Nannie Beck.


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MARTHA MERIWETHER widow of Major James Meriwether, formerly of Georgia, died in Mineola, Texas, June 20, 1882 in her 95th year of age. Her husband died at Denmark, Tenn. in 1853.


August 12, 1882

KELLEN B. GREENE, nee Finley, died near Sparta, Tenn., January 14, 1882 in her 78th year of age; married (1) William Brewster; (2) Major R. H. Greene.

THOMAS L. FORD, native of No. Carolina, died July 22, 1882 aged 75 years.

GABRIEL P. LILLY born near Monticello, Virginia, November 25, 1803; moved at age 3 years with parents to Woodford Co., Ky.; died Henderson Co., Ky., Apri1 6, 1882.

MARY ANN STONE widow of Stephen Stone died April 10, 1882 aged 63 years; had been a widow since May 19, 1867.


August 19, 1882

THOMAS HILL born County Kerry, Ireland near the town of Tralee, January 5, 1812; married Mary Bennie, May 2, 1839; came to U. S. in April 1848 and settled in Covington, Ky. where his wife and several children died. He died May 8, 1882.

LUCY E. RONALD born September 8, 1826; died May 30, 1882; married J. G. Ronald; seven children.

ELIZABETH J. CHILDERS daughter of Param Owen and Harriet Goldd, born Mecklenburg Co., Va., June 13, 1825; married J. M. Childers in 1840 and settled in McCracken Co., Ky.; died March 4, 1882.


August 26, 1882

JOHN J. WILLIAMSON born Halifax Co., No. Carolina, February 11, 1809; died Maury Co., Tenn., May 2, 1882; married Eliza B. Carr, May 29, 1832; fifteen children; one daughter, Mrs. Crutcher of Edgefield, Tenn. where she died April 10, 1882; in 1839 Williamson moved to Maury Co., Tenn. where he died.

ROBERT SCOBEE died April 26, 1882 in his 66th year of age.

REBECCA COX born November 27, 1797; died May 11, 1882.

NANCY BARNETT born July 5, 1805; died June 4, 1882; married Thomas Barnett in her 18th year of age; eight children; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. and in 1872 to western Arkansas.

MARTHA E. HARRIS born Buckingham Co., Virginia, June 26, 1807; moved to Todd Co., Ky. in 1818; married W. M. Harris, August 2, 1830; six children; died June 11, 1882.

Captain WILLIAM TUCKER born No. Carolina, February 6, 1800; veteran of the War of 1812- at the battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815; died April 23, 1882 at residence of his son, Robert G. Tucker.

GIDEON HAYS born December 10, 1800; died June 8, 1882.

MARY E. COFFMAN wife of T. A. Coffman, born March 24, 1820; died May 27, 1882.

MARY BENNETT BLUE born January 20, 1827; died May 16, 1882.

FRANCES J. FLEMING born Nashville, Tenn., January 25, 1824; died Manchester, Tenn., June 25, 1882; wife and mother.


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September 2, 1882

The Rev. THOMAS HUNT born Buncombe Co., No. Carolina, February 18, 1814; entered Arkansas Methodist Conference as preacher in 1847; died recently.

JOHN ALEXANDER VAUGHAN born Sumner Co., Tenn., March 2, 1822; died near Nashville, Tenn., Apri1 23, 1882; married Matilda Shields, September 9, 1845.

MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITH wife of Garland Smith, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Kelso, born February 14, 1821; married February 13, 1840; died May 18, 1882, Loudoun Co., Tennessee.

JOHN C. KENNEDY died Smithville, Tenn., April 2, 1882 in his 83rd year.

ADELIA ELLEN COLLINGS wife of Elisha Collings, Shelby Co., Ky., born December 28, 1820; died July 9, 1882.

SUSAN LAMPKIN daughter of Charles Stephenson, born Orange Co., Virginia, December 15, 1826; married G. Lampkin, January 23, 1845; died Starkville, Miss., May 1, 1882.

JOHN W. HOLT born Limestone Co., Ala., September 4, 1820; died Lamar Co., Texas, where he had moved in 1881, on June 30, 1882.


September 9, 1882

Dr. JAMES GOSLER born in Maryland, 1802; moved to Ky. in 1818; married A. C. Woolfork, May 8, 1823; died June 21, 1882.

The Rev. JOHN STILL McGOWAN born Lincoln Co., Tenn., February 22, 1824; moved with father, James McGowan, and family to Hardeman Co., Tenn. in 1835; died there July 22, 1882.

MARY M. DAVIS wife of William B. Davis, daughter of the Rev. Joshua Cole, died May 1, 1882 in her 67th year of age; married March 19, 1835; mother of ten children.

MARY J. STUBBS, nee Crossland, born Marlboro Dist., So. Carolina, January 16, 1814; died near McKenzie, Tenn., March 16, 1882; married Louis Stubbs in 1839; mother of seven children.

ROSANNA R. BOGGERS born Henry Co., Virginia, March 20, 1792; died July 10, 1882; daughter of Richard Doggett Reynolds who moved from Virginia to Greenville 77 years ago; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

WILLIAM E. HEARN born Wilson Co., Tenn., March 1, 1829; married Catharine Erby in 1855 and moved to Illinois; died near Corinth, Ill., July 23, 1882; had married secondly in 1867.

FANNIE A. NOLEN, nee Davis, widow of Allen T. Nolen (died 1866), born in Virginia, October 8, 1804; married August 1, 1822; died near Franklin, Tenn., August 23, 1882.

Mrs. SARAH DUNN born September 1, 1811; died October 30, 1881.


September 16, 1882

The Rev. J. O. CHURCH born Churchville, N. Y., 1813; died August 17, 1882; surviving him were five children.

WILLIAM S. McCLELLAN born Smith Co., Tenn., April 25, 1820; married Sallie M. Thomas, October 17, 1842; died February 22, 1882.

NANCY PEARMAINE born November 20, 1790; daughter of Henry and Mary Shelton; died August 27, 1882.

The Rev. WILLIAM HASKINS born October 10, 1810; died July 12, 1882.


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SARAH JANE MOSS wife of W. H. Moss, daughter of the Rev. Joseph and Martha Ann Price, Green CO., Ky., born August 27, 1827; married August 27, 1851 died June 2, 1882; mother of eight children.

ANDREW J. MARTIN son of Andrew and Mary Martin. born October 26. 1816; married E. V. Winham, May 9, 1850; died July 20, 1882.

ELIZABETH S. BURKE daughter of the Rev. Warren M. and C. Pitts, born Logan Co., Ky., August 1, 1830; died Johnson Co., Miss., June 1882.

SARAH DEATON died May 23, 1882 aged 85 years, 2 months and 21 days old; native of Amelia County, Virginia.

"Aunt" JANE NOE, nee Ramer, born in Tenn., April 27. 1810; married S. C. Noe. October 31, 1833; died October 19, 1881.

NANCY GEORGE, nee Caruthers, widow of David W. George (died July 18, 1854) born January 25, 1796; married in 1816; moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn. in 1832; died August 16, 1882.


September 23, 1882

REBECCA FREEMAN wife of the Rev. Jesse Freeman, daughter of William B. and Sarah Cole, born Elbert Co., Ga., March 22. 1799; married Dec. 6, 1826; died Fayette Co., Ala., April 26, 1882.

Dr. CHARLES C. CRUMP born Williamson Co., Tenn., November 18. 1817; died Spring Hill, Tennessee, August 8, 1882.


September 30, 1882

JEFFERSON W. GOOCH born Williamson Co., Tenn., February 2, 1808; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn.; married Mrs. Eliza Speer, January 3, 1836; died July 30, 1882.

JAMES T. BAKER died September 4, 1882 in his 72nd year of age; came to U. S. from Bristol, England when a young man; a widower.

EVELINE GARDNER born in No. Carolina, May 21, 1819; daughter of Samuel Hamilton who brought her to Calloway Co., Ky.; married Peter W. Gardner, May 1, 1838; died Trigg Co., Ky., June 7, 1882.

LOUISA BEST, nee Reynolds, born Bracken Co., Ky., June 30, 1819; married Abner O. Best (died 1866) in 1836; died July 5, 1882.

ELIZA JANE ARNOLD born Bedford Co., Tenn., August 21, 1827; moved with parents, W. and Rhody Patten, to Panola Co., Miss. where she joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1847; married Austin Arnold, July 1853 and moved to Drew Co., Ark. in 1860 where she died September 2, 1882.

Mrs. PENELOPE McGLOSSON born Fleming Co., Ky., September 1811; died August 13, 1882; daughter of the Rev. Daniel Putnam.


October 7, 1882

MARY JANE POYNER wife of the Rev. John C. Poyner, daughter of Jacob D. and Hester Luter, born Robertson Co., Tenn., July 21, 1824; married July 22, 1845; died July 1, 1882.

MALINDA P. FINLEY daughter of Frederick and Mary Fisher, born March 12, 1816; died Marshall Co., Tenn., August 19, 1882.

ISABELLA PATTON ANDERSON daughter of William and Eliza Christian, born Bledsoe Co., Tenn., November 26, 1824; married Robert H. Anderson, March 7, 1844; died Jackson, Tennessee, September 10, 1882.


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LUCY NABERS wife of Thomas J. Nabers, daughter of Joseph and Mary Murrell, born in Virginia in 1822; died Comanche Co., Texas, August 21, 1882.

Mrs. ELIZABETH HUMPHREYS wife of Charles Humphreys, born in Virginia, Jan. 1, 1801; died Williamson Co., Tenn., February 1, 1882; her only child, David H. Humphreys, died aged 35 years.

JANE S. GRIGGS born Maryland, January 9, 1809; moved to Kentucky with family in 1810; daughter of George and Charlotte Keeter; died recently.

CAROLINE GIBSON BUCKNER, native of Clark Co., Ky., born March 15, 1804; married (l) John Hardin; (2) Dillard Byars; died Shelby Co., Ky., August 3, 1882.

WILLIAM H. PEEBLES born Greenville Co., Va., October 10, 1811; died near Memphis, Tenn., August 20, 1882; married Sarah E. Bynum, daughter of Major B. D. B. Bynum in 1844 and settled near Memphis.

THOMAS K. GUYTON son of Nathaniel and Margaret Guyton, born Union Dist., So. Carolina, September 27, 1817; died Lamar Co., Ala., April 26, 1882; moved with father and family to now-Marion Co., Alabama in 1824.


October 14, 1882

SUSAN MUSGROVE, nee Thompson, born Hawkins Co., Tenn., June 6, 1801; died April 21, 1882, Fayette Co., Alabama; married J. T. Musgrove in 1849.

Mrs. SARAH "Aunt Sally" BOYT born in Georgia, May 21, 1800; daughter of Solomon and Rachel Dawson; died Stewart Co., Tenn., June 21, 1882.

ANNIE H. WRAY born July 31, 1801; died August 23, 1882.

NANCY ANN BUSH born May 6, 1826; died Pickens Co., Ala., September 5, 1882.

ELIZABETH HARSHFIELD daughter of Lewis and Mary Moore, born in Ireland, June 3, 1795; brought to U. S. in 1798; married (l) Walter Hartsfield in 1824; (2) Frederick Hartsfield; died Bullitt Co., Ky., August 4, 1882.

JOHN WILLIAM BOWERS son of Bartholomew and Frances Ann Bowers, born Edgecombe Co., No. Carolina, March 13, 1823; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1831; married Mary Ann M. Bowers, February 1848; died New Castle, Tenn., August 12, 1882.


October 22, 1882

The Rev. L. M. COVINGTON born Logan Co., Ky., February 3, 1818; married Margaret M. Sawyer; moved to Pike Co., Ark. in 1849; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1847; died September 21, 1882.

DELANIA WALTON daughter of Matthew Collins, born Wake Co., No. Carolina, July 17, 1810; married Thomas Walton, December 1825; moved to Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., 1832; joined Methodist Church in 1835; moved to Calhoun Co., Miss. in February 1853; died June 16, 1882; mother of ten children.

The Rev. W. R. H. MOSELEY born Green Co., Ga., May 18, 1808; graduate, State University of Athens; Methodist preacher; married Sarah M. Stubbs, August 22, 1839; moved to Miss. in 1840; died Baldwyn, Miss., September 9, 1882.

WILLIAM H. HENNING son of the Rev. John and Judith B. Henning, born near Athens, Ga., August 16, 1817; moved to Madison Co., Tennessee; married Martha A. Davis, October 3, 1837; died Lauderdale Co., Ala., September 14, 1882.

SARAH S. WILLIAMS, sister of Rev. G. M. Williams, born Buckingham Co., Va., March 12, 1811; died August 10, 1882.

ANTHONY SYLAR born Oglethorpe Co., Ga.; veteran of War of 1812; died Grundy Co., Tenn., September 28, 1882 aged 96 years.

ELLEN BLACK, nee Ennis, born Union Dist., So. Carolina, October 26, 1823; moved with parents, James Ennis and wife, to Cherokee Co., Ala. in 1834; married W. B. Black, November 12, 1840; died September 19, 1882.


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MARY A. WOLF daughter of John and Martha A. Watson, born March 29, 1827; died Todd Co., Ky. in 1882; married Philip Wolf, September 1860.

MALINDA BRAWNER died August 13, 1882 in her 82nd year. Sonora, Kentucky.

D. C. NID /sic/, Hickman Co., Ky., born April 25, 1816; died Feb. 19, 1882; married (1) H. E. Bane, ten children; (2) Martha Jones.

The Rev. WILLIAM M. MORTON, a local deacon in Jones Valley Circuit, North Alabama Methodist Conference, died October 10, 1882 aged 68 years.


October 28, 1882

The Rev. HARDY M. RAMSEY born Lincoln Co., Tenn., October 19, 1826; married Mattie Wicker, August 1, 1844; moved to Obion Co., Tenn. in 1850; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1861; ordained deacon in 1861; ordained elder in 1868; died January 21, 1882.

SUSANNA T. IRVINE, nee Campbell, born middle Tenn., March 4, 1825; died Hempstead Co., Ark., September 26, 1882; married JOHN H. IRVINE, November 2, 1843; eight children.

MARY GILMORE wife of the Rev. Stephen Gilmore, daughter of Stephen Tunnel, born Bledsoe Co., Tenn., 1817; moved to Marion Co., Ala.; died August 22, 1882 in Itawamba Co., Miss.

SARAH M. MOSELEY wife of the Rev. W. R. H. Moseley, daughter of T. B. and C. P. Stubbs, born August 9, 1817; died October 9, 1882; married August 22, 1839; mother of four children.

The Rev. HENRY P. PITCHFORD, retired preacher in So. Georgia Conference, died September 12, 1882 in his 79th year of age; married (l) Elizabeth H. Craven (died 1836), September 3, 1829; (2) Nancy McCord, February 5, 1843.


November 4, 1882

BASIL SUMMERS born September 1793; died June 12, 1882; wife, Lavinia, born February 20, 1796 and died September 7, 1875.

SARAH AUSTIN born Bedford Co., Va., March 23, 1799; died July 16, 1882.

CELlA BOULDIN, nee Fennel, born Raleigh, No. Carolina, May 19, 1805; died October 2, 1882; married (l) George Peek, February 14, 1821; (2) William Darwin, July 8, 1827; (3) R. M. Bouldin, March 9, 1849.

MARY A. CALDWELL, nee Gilmer, born August 30, 1809; married T. G. Caldwell, June 15, 1829; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church; died August 17, 1882.

(Bishop) ROBERT PAINE, born Person Co., No. Carolina, November 12, 1799; moved to Giles Co., Tenn.; president of LaGrange Col1ege, Alabama for 19 years from 1829; eventually elected a bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. /Died October 19, 1882/


November 11, 1882

JAMES B. WADE only son of Jeremiah and Sally S. Wade, born Metcalfe Co., Ky., April 15, 1830; died Cumberland Co., Ky., May 5, 1882.

WILLIAM T. LANE born Rutherford Co., Tenn., February 15, 1821; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., May 24, 1882.

Dr. WILLIAM CORDWELL CROSS born Northampton Co., No. Carolina, March 20, 1815; married Mary A. F. Harris, October 20, 1841; joined Methodist Church in 1858; died Colbert Co., Ala., August 20, 1882.

NANCY D. MILLS wife of John Mills, born May 6, 1815; died June 30, 1882, Adair County, Kentucky.


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MARY E. F. WORSHAM daughter of John and Martha Webster, born Amelia Co., Virginia, April 1, 1823; married William Worsham, 1844; died July 7, 1882.

JAMES WILLIAM DEATON born March 6, 1808; died Maury Co., Tenn., August 16, 1882.

WILLIAM DUNN born No. Carolina, March 6, 1796; died Henry Co., Tenn., June 2 1882.


November 18, 1882

Colonel A. B. TAYLOR born Green Co., Ky., March 26, 1802; married Rebecca White Williamson, December 21, 1824; died September 4, 1882.

SCOTT NEWMAN born near Orange Court-house, Va., December 9, 1809; moved to Ky. at age 4 years with his parents; married Ann B. Perkins, Dec. 20, 1831; died August 4, 1882.

EMILY E. JACKSON born March 23, 1829; married D. C. Blakemore, August 31, 1853; died September 16, 1882.

Captain CHARLES STOREY born London, England, March 4, 1820; died Little Rock, Arkansas, July 25, 1882.


November 25, 1882

MARY EVELINA HILL born Campbell Co., Va., February 22, 1818; died Russellville, Ky., September 15, 1882; moved to Logan Co., Ky. when you; had five sons, five daughters.

Mrs. L. A. WALSTON born Lauderdale Co., Ala., June 11, 1825; died June 3, 1882; daughter of James and Mary Noel; married John Walston, March 25, 1847.

CAROLINE A. HOOVER wife of Michael Hoover, daughter of Leroy and Mary Hammons, born February 5, 1815; died Coffee Co., Tenn., September 1, 1882.

CORNELIA J. TURNER, nee Dyer, born Murfreesboro, Tenn., March 4, 1819; died Columbus, Miss., October 3, 1882; wife of J. H. Turner.

Mrs. RHODA STALEY died Smithville, Tenn., September 6, 1882 aged 71 years.


December 2, 1882

MARY ELIZABETH DRIESBUCH, born Germany, June 15, 1830; died October 31, 1882; married Louis Driesbuch in 1861.

GILES CONNELL born May 4, 1805, Davidson Co., Tenn.; married Catherine Tinin, January 4, 1832; died Springfield, Tenn., September 24, 1882.

EDMUND A. GARDNER died Louisville, Ky., August 28, 1882.


December 9, 1882

ALBERT THRWEATT MATHEWS born Brunswick Co., Va., February 28, 1821; married Harriet Turner, January 4, 1849; died Iuka, Miss., October 10, 1882.


December 16, 1882

Dr. J. C. TERRY born September 10, 1826; died Graves Co., Ky., October 15, 1882.

PARMELIA P. GANT born Williamson Co., Tenn., January 23, 1818; married A. L. Gant, November 14, 1837; died Todd Co., Ky., October 4, 1882.

TABITHA SMITH born August 15, 1800; died October 14, 1882.

JUDITH P. GAINES born Culpaper Co., Va., October 1, 1794; married (l) Hon. William P. white (died August 1822), 1812; (2) John P. Gaines, 1828; daughter of Judge John Taylor; mother of three children.


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December 23, 1882

THOMAS HERVEY, SR., born Granville Co., No. Carolina, August 15, 1798; married Catharine Weems, daughter of George Weems, in 1828; moved to Sullivan Co., Mo. in 1851 and in 1864 to Oregon.

HENRIETTA E. WHITLEY, wife of Andrew J. Whitley, daughter of Robert and Emily Roane, born Gloucester Co., Virginia, July 22, 1825; died Covington, Tenn., November 1, 1882.

EMELINE A. JONES wife of the Rev. George W. Jones, born in l828; died September 30, 1882.

NANCY McRAY daughter of Nathan Wamoc /sic/, born Lauderdale Co., Ala., April 17, 1819; moved to Itawamba Co., Miss.; school-teacher; married Daniel McRay; died October 27, 1882.


December 30, 1882

The Rev. JOSEPH SEWELL born Clark Co., Ky., October 16, 1793; married Catherine Sewell of Virginia, October 2, 1817; moved to Henry Co., Ky. in 1839; eleven surviving children.

NANCY RANSOM BANE, nee Gatewood, born August 27, 1802; married Archibald Bane, March 1, 1821; died October 5, 1882.

SAMUEL A. TARRANT born Greenvil1e District, So. Carolina, June 29, 1810; moved to A1abama; died May 16, 1882.

PAMELIA HAWKINS born Barren Co., Ky., May 1802; died October 29, 1882; daughter of James Ment1oe.


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