By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 10, 1880

ELIZABETH B. EVANS born North Caro1ina, August 13, 1793; died Giles County Tennessee, June 30, 1880; a wife, mother, friend.

LOUISA C.SPOTSWOOD wife of Dr. Carter Spotswood, died Huntsville, Alabama /no date given/, aged 65 years; married at age 18 years.


January 17, 1880

GERMAN BAKER, 1792-1879: GERMAN BAKER died June 9, 1879, at Cockrum, De Soto county, Miss. For the satisfaction of his family and friends I will give a short sketch of his life. His grandfather, James Baker, was of Scotch-Irish descent, was a ship-carpenter by trade, and at an early time came from England to Norfolk, Va., and worked in the Navy-yard there until he was advanced in age, then moved to Halifax county, North Carolina; there Nathan Baker, his son, married Elizabeth Denton; from this union the subject of this memoir was born, June 9, 1792. There he remained until he grew to manhood; received a fair education for the times, working in the spring and fall, and going to school summer and winter; had to walk three miles most of the time, and use pine knots for a light to study by at night. About the time he became of age he was drafted as a soldier. This was in 1814; was inspected at Gates Court house, Va. and rejected on account of a hurt in the hip, not being able to march. Here he resolved to seek religion, and he continued to do so until he found the great blessing the 21st day of the next May. When he commenced to seek religion in good earnest he found that he was quite ignorant of the whole matter, although his mother had taught him to pray when a child, for he had no recollection when he did not pray. There was in the neighborhood an old Episcopal minister that had a large Church, and when the war ended he would not take the oath of allegiance, preferring to leave the country; advised his charge to join the Methodists, which they did. Into this association he was thrown, which was a great help. Moved the next year, with two of his uncles, Edward and Thomas Denton, to Wilson county Tenn.; here he met many relations, and others, full of religion. At a prayer meeting in the neighborhood he received a blessing; the mourners were called, and he was strangely impressed to tell them how he obtained religion, but delayed until he found himself very cold and unhappy. He determined if another opportunity came he would speak in the name of the Lord, and do the best he could. At the next meeting an opportunity was offered, and he began to exhort, and the Lord blessed him greatly, which resulted in great good to himself and others. He was urged on by this impression until he thought that he was called to preach, which, on examination, he felt he could not undertake, having to depend on his own exertions for a support. In this situation he remained for some time. Visiting his parents in North Carolina, he returned to Tennessee in 1820, and in the fall was recommended to preach at Winrow's Campground, at a District Conference held by the Rev. T. L Douglass. He took his name, with others, to Conference, and on his return brought him the plan of Caney Fork Circuit, which embraced the most of White and Warren Counties. He continued to preach in Middle Tennessee nine years. During this time he was married to Mary Reyser, a daughter of Charles Reyser, of Philade1phia, PA. He was ordained deacon, and afterward, elder, by Bishop Soule, at Sbelbyville, Tenn. After traveling nine years his health failed, so he was compelled to take a supernumerary relation. He thought teaching schoo1 was the next best business to preaching. In the meantime he kept up four appointments in the month. This he considered to be his duty to the Lord, for he felt "woe Is me if I preach not the gospel." As mother had been teaching they both engaged in teaching in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The first session they received over eighty young ladies, and the number never was under one hundred and ten the six years they remained. At that time it was called the Academy, but now Soule College. When he left Murfreesboro he came to Holly Springs, Marshall county, Miss., where mother taught school for four years. While there he bought land in De Soto County, where he engaged in farming, still keeping up his four appointments a month, organizing and building up Churches as long as he was able to ride. Mother died Sept. 6, 1852, and he was married the second time to Henrietta Cruther, Nov. 21, 1854, with whom he lived happily until God, in his providence, has seen fit to call him home. For the last four years his sufferings were severe, but he bore them with the patience and calmness that characterize only the true Christian. He was perfectly willing to meet death, and gave evidence that his way bright and1 clear. His works will follow. He leaves a wife, three sons, and one daughter to mourn their loss, all of whom are members of the Church he so much loved, trying to follow his godly example. May we al1 meet in heaven.

James D. Baker
Cockrum, De Soto county, Miss.

ORPHA "Aunt Orpha" McREYNOLDS born Allen County, Kentucky, January 6, 1807 died at Dr. A. S. Walker's, Allen Co., Ky., October 15, 1879; sister of three regular Methodist preachers and sister-in-law of two regular and one local Methodist preachers.

C. R. BREWER wife of Jack Brewer, born March 17, 1825; died November 6, 1879; surviving were two sons.


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JAMES SHELTON DAVIS, third son, fourth child of James R. and Elenora Tinsely Davis, born Madison Co., Alabama, March 24, 1819; died Iuka, Mississippi, November 29, 1879; moved to Limestone Co., Ala. when young; moved to Athens, Alabama in 1837 where he worked for J. H. and R. Hine, merchants; in 1838 entered the office of Dr. John C. Spotswood with whom he read medicine; graduate, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1854; married Nancy E., daughter of Samuel Tanner of Athens, Ala.; moved to Marshall Co., Miss. in 1845 and in 1852 to Salem, Miss.; in 1860 elected to the Secession Convention at Jackson, Miss. - voting for secession; then moved to Iuka where he edited the IUKA SPRINGS GAZETTE.


January 24, 1880

Reverend S.S.BRYANT, D. D. of Southwest Missouri Conference, Methodist Church, died Kansas City, Mo., December 28, 1879.

PHEBE WISEHEART, nee Lutz, born near Hagerstown, Maryland, April 25, 1797; when young moved with parents to "near" Bardstown, Kentucky; married William Wiseheart; moved to Big Spring, Kentucky in May 1827; "very calmly passed away, "August 23, 1879 at residence of daughter, Mrs. B. A. Hardaway; burial beside husband and a daughter in Big Spring cemetery.

GEORGE LONG born Davidson Co., Tennessee, October 16, 1797; professed religion at Old Olive Branch campground, Stewart Creek, Rutherford Co., Tenn.; his "last wife" was the widow of John Parsley; moved from Marshall Co., Tenn. to son-in-law, John Critchlow's, near College Grove, Tenn. where he died August 21, 1879. (Obituary repeated in February 28, 1880 issue)

LAVINIA SAPP born Madison County, Alabama, November 9, 1805; married (I) Rev. William P. Nichols, October 22, 1827; (2) Benjamin Sapp, February 26, 1864; died at Alexander Bryan's, Coffee Co., Tenn., July 19, 1879.

CATHERINE HOLLOWAY born March 12, 1819; joined Baptist Church, then the Methodist Church in 1844; married Robert Holloway, February 15, 1831; six sons, six daughters.

LORENZO SAUNDERS born December 24, 1803; moved to Tennessee in 1832; married Susan Anderson in 1834; died September 11, 1879.


January 31, 1880

MARGARET PHIPPS, nee Poole, born in Virginia, October 29, 1799; died at residence of her son, James Phipps, Union Co., Kentucky, December 3, 1879; married on her 19th birthday /October 29, 1818/.

ELIZABETH SLOAN born North Carolina, December 14, 1796; when a child moved with parents to Tennessee; died near Mt. Pisgah Church, Macon Co., Tenn., December 11, 1879."Her faith was strong. She never doubted Jesus."

SARAH W.ASHBY WILSON born Fauquier Co., Virginia, May 26, 1812; at age 9 years moved with parents to Henderson Co., Kentucky; married Samuel R. Wilson, December 22, 1831; died Corydon, Kentucky, November 9, 1879.

VERNIA KENDALL daughter of Samuel and Delilah Lowry, born Union District, So. Carolina, May 17, 1826; married A. H. Kendall, April 14, 1842; died Hardin Co., Tenn., April 8, 1879; surviving were widower and several children.

PRISCILLA ASBURY NOLEN widow of the Rev. John M. Nolen, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Cage, born Bedford Co., Tenn., August 4, 1817; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., December 26, 1879.Her death "closes out 'Uncle Neddy' Cage's family on earth", three members of which had died in the past year.


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JAMES GIBSON born January 13.1798; married Hannah Eliott with whom he lived until she died twenty-five years later; married secondly, Nela Isaacks and lived with her for one year; after her death he married (3) Elizabeth Graves; joined the Methodist Church in 1868.

Mrs. MARTHA E. BEAVERS born October 3, 1824; died December 9, 1879.


February 7, 1880

Dr. LEWIS LEVY born St. Mary's, Georgia, February 22, 1807; died Trenton, Tenn., November 14, 1879; when young moved with his parents to Philadelphia where he was educated; moved west in 1831 and in 1832 located in Trenton, Tenn. "which was then a new village in the wild woods." He married Phebe, daughter of Thomas Fite, in 1835; he was a merchant but after medical training he commenced medical practice in 1845; in 1849 went to Sacramento, California and in two years returned east; local Methodist deacon.

SUSAN A.YOUNG born Bedford Co., Virginia, December 19, 1813; daughter of Capt. Jeremiah and Elizabeth Adams; died Corinth, Miss., January 17, 1879 of pneumonia; married J. P. Young in 1836.

MARGARET A. McBRYDE widow of the Rev. Alexander McBryde of the Alabama Conference, Methodist Church; born New Hanover Co., No. Carolina, November 30, 1810; joined Methodist Church February 3, 1833; moved to Alabama in 1835; married October 30, 1849; died Energy, Miss., November 23, 1879.

JOHN LEWIS CROSS born January 10, 1815; married (1) Paulina W. Lawson, four children; (2) Mrs. Holland; (3) Sarah K. Twyman, August 16, 1871, Sonora, Kentucky.

ELIZA C. ROBERTSON daughter of James and Anne M. Robertson, born Dickson Co., Tenn., June 28, 1830; died Canton, Kentucky, April 3, 1879.

NANCY MARTIN wife of the Rev. John G. Martin, born Wayne Co., Tenn., December 10, 1828; died December 23, 1879, pneumonia.

ARY A.HARWELL, nee McNight, wife of the Rev. W. Mac Harwell, born April 1, 1830; died Gibson Co., Tenn., September 23, 1879.


February 14, 1880

DAVID RANDOLPH born North Carolina, February 27, 1798; moved to Gallatin, Tenn. with his father; married in his 21st year to Mary Cameron; twelve children; four sons were Methodist preachers; died Trigg Co., Ky., December 16, 1879.

FRANCIS MARION son of Nig and Rachel Robertson, born Lauderdale Co., Ala., August 28, 1826; married Jane Haynes, 1858; moved to Panola Co., Miss., then to Yallobusha Co., Miss. where he died August 24, 1879.

SAMUEL ELLIS born Culpeper Co., Virginia, October 17, 1791; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. about 1803; veteran of the War of 1812; married Elizabeth Gaines, May 20, 1815; converted to religion in Sumner County in 1820; "a faithful and good class leader"; died September 29, 1879.

ELIJAH G.CHANDLER died Lauderdale Co., Alabama, October 17, 1879 aged 64 years; lived in that county for nearly fifty years; "successful merchant and planter."

BARTHOLOMEW B.MOORE born Baldwin Co., Georgia, October 25, 1797; married Terresay Vann, August 13, 1829, Upson Co., Ga. where they lived before moving to Chambers Co., Ga. in 1835; died January 2, 1880.


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January 21, 1880

DEMPSEY WEAVER, vice-president and one of the founders of Third National Bank of Nashville, Tenn.; died February 3, 1880 at Nassau, Bahama Islands; treasurer of Vanderbilt University; one of senior trustees of Arlington Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

EUGENE R.COLLINS died in Jackson, Tenn., December 22, 1879 in his twenty- third year of age.

HARRIET BRANDON wife of Dr. W. Brandon, born January 15, 1822; married August 24, 1837; joined Free-will Baptist Church; mother of nine children; died Dec. 28, 1879; a son, the Rev. W. C. Brandon, was a student at Vanderbilt University.

AUDLEY A.SKILLERN born Bledsoe Co., Tenn., April 2, 1818; moved to Washington Co., Arkansas in 1845; married Emeline E. Vernon, February 18, 1843; died of heart disease, January 6, 1880.

HARRIET W.WREN wife of Enoch Wren, died Montgomery Co., Ky., November 15, 1879 aged 71 years; her sister, NANCY JANE WREN, wife of Thomas Wren, died Montgomery Co., Ky., December 26, 1879 aged 70 years.

Tribute of Respect for JOSEPH P.WIMBERLEY born February 10, 1804; became a free-mason in 1826; married Martha P. Pigue, December 13, 1832; died Nov. 11, 1879.


February 28, 1880

SARAH LEWIS McCLELLAND, nee Ganden, born Campbell Co., Virginia, 1802; died San Francisco, California, January 8, 1880; first husband was a Methodist preacher; married January 18, 1838 to Hon. J. A. McClelland formerly of Missouri, now a steward in St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, South in San Francisco; a long panegyric extolling her religious virtues.

Dr. THOMAS J.FRAZER born Knox Co., Tenn., January 22, 1822; when young moved with parents to Henry Co., Tenn., near Paris; studied medicine; married Drusilla Rogers, September 10, 1850; died Robertson Co., Tenn., January 3, 1880; had a masonic funeral.

MARY MILLER WHITE, native of Cumberland Co., Virginia; married E. T. White, December 23, 1828; joined Methodist Church in 1831; moved to Owensboro, Ky. in 1838 where she died January 16, 1880; mother of Sarah C.(deceased), wife of William H. Clarke and Mary F., wife of Dr. A. C. Wood.

NANCY M.SWEATT born in Tenn., September 13, 1798; died Ellis Co., Texas, Dec. 19, 1879; married Sweatt (died 1854); mother of eleven children.


March 6, 1880

"My Mother, "so wrote John R. Reagin, Dickson, Tenn., February 11, 1880; she died near Bethel, Giles Co., Tenn., January 6, 1880; a Cumberland Presbyterian; her last words to him were, "Good-by son, God bless you."

HUBBARD H.SAUNDERS born Sumner Co., Tenn., May 5, 1819; died near the "place he was born", October 23, 1879; married Elizabeth Bondurant, June 22, 1848.

Dr. WILLIAM JAMERSON born Rutherford Co., No. Carolina, January 19, 1800; died Kaufman Co., Texas, January 4, 1880; son of Alexander Jamerson who was a colonel in Revolutionary War; moved when young to Clark Co., Ala. where he practiced medicine; when he was fifty years old married Mrs. McDonald, mother of the Rev. D. H. McDonald of the Alabama Methodist Conference; moved from Lauderdale Co., Miss. (whence he had moved from Alabama) to Tenn. in 1870.


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JANE TIMBERLAKE wife of the Rev. D. H. Timberlake, born Georgia, August 29, 1802; died on Snow Creek, Smith Co., Tenn., December 27, 1879; married Dec. 29, 1823; joined Methodist Church in 1826; a mother.

ELIZABETH "Aunt Betsy" SMOCK daughter of Henry and Catharine Buckner, born Nashville, Tenn., December 4, 1804; moved to Ky. when about one year old; married William Smock, July 20, 1826; died January 6, 1880. Marion County, Kentucky.


March 13, 1880

The Rev. JOHN BAGLEY died Lynchburg, Virginia, February 25, 1880.

ELIZABETH SMITH MARTON, second child of Anderson and Frances Caldwell and wife of Marmaduke B. Marton, born Logan Co., Kentucky, September 3, 1811; died January 22, 1880; moved to Russellville, Ky. when a child and remained there until she died; married January 16, 1838; mother of four children, only one surviving her, the wife of G. H. Bowden, step-mother of William, Daniel, David, the children of her sister.

MARY SEAY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., April 25, 1805; died near the same place, December 2, 1879; married Eli A. Seay, August 6, 1829; her blind widower survived her with four children.

ELIZABETH CONNELLY, nee Moore, born January 1, 1811; died Burke Co., No. Carolina, December 10, 1879; married Colonel William L. Connelly, December 28, 1830.

J.C.MORELAND born Putnam Co., Georgia, September 10, 1814; died August 12, 1879; joined the Methodist Church in 1843.

JAMES G.DOWDY born July 7, 1795; died in November 1879; surviving were a widow and a son. Cumberland City, Tenn.


March 20, 1880

The Rev. N. O. BLAKE born Southampton Co., Virginia, July 12, 1804; in young manhood moved with his parents to Petersburg, Va. and later moved into No. Carolina, then to Tenn. where he died at residence of son-in-law, Capt. J. M. Woolard, Jackson, Tenn., February 7, 1880; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1860; ordained deacon in 1866."He sleeps in the Riverside Cemetery, sweetly, sweetly."

ARCHIBALD C. ALLEN. A.M., D.D., born Iredell Co., No. Carolina, March 18, 1818; son of Robert and Esther Allen; attended Emory-Henry College; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1842; ordained deacon in 1844; ordained elder in 1846; married Mary Adeline Tucker, November 4, 1846; for ten years preached in the No. Carolina Methodist Conference, moved to Miss. in 1852 where he taught in female schools; chaplain of 44th Miss. Inf., C. S. A. during Civil War; admitted to Miss. Conference in 1864; moved to Texas later; died Jan.19, 1880; burial in Terrell, Texas.

MARTHA A.CRAWLEY born near Huntsville, Alabama, January 16, 1827; married (1) Thomas B. Tillen, July 23, 1845; (2) John F. Crawley; in 1866 moved to Tenn.; died in Loudon Co., Tenn., January 13, 1880.

Mrs. LUCY ANN EASON born January 28, 1821; died November 25, 1879; a daughter, sister, wife and mother.

ALFRED ENOCHS, SR. died Dyer Co., Tenn., November 14, 1879 in his 74th year of age; an active Methodist layman.


March 27, 1880

NATHAN COOK, Terrell Co., Ga., is 102 years old; father of ten children.

LEVI MYERS, Tarsus Church, Palmyra Circuit, born Nov.14, 1807; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., February 7, 1880; he donated the lot on which Tarsus Church stood; burial in family graveyard.


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Dr.H. H. TOLAND, native of South Carolina, died San Francisco, California, February 27, 1880; "left a fortune of about two millions of dollars."

CHARITY ANN HORN CLARK born Edgecombe Co., No. Carolina, February 20, 1807; daughter of Isaac Battle and Lucinda Mayo Battle; had two brothers, Colonel W. M. Battle and General Joel A. Battle; married the Rev. Martin Clark, Tenn. Methodist Conference, October 3, 1822; three children: Dr. W. M. Clark, Mrs. Dr. W. C. Blackburn, Mrs. F. L. Armistead.

MARGARET McBEATH, nee Simpson, born Wayne Co., Kentucky, April 17, 1810; married Dr. Archibald C. McBeath; died Litchfield, Ky., February 8, 1880.

FANNIE E.IRVINE, nee Chappell, wife of the Rev. R. G. Irvine, Tenn. Methodist Conference6born Columbia, Tenn., June 11, 1822; married October 17, 1845; died within a mile of her birthplace, February 4, 1880; burial in Rose Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Tennessee.

RUTHA ISBELL, nee Cook, born Knoxville, Tenn., April 20, 1814; married Godfrey J. Isbell, Lawrence Co., Ala., September 25, 1835; joined Presbyterian Church but after she and husband moved to Fayette Co., Miss. joined the Methodist Church; died Walker Co., Miss., January 9, 1880; mother of six children.

MARTHA J.WHITE born November 2, 1830; died of paralysis, Frankfort, Alabama, January 30, 1880; married the Rev. J. W. White, July 23, 1848.

STEPHEN FORD born Greenville District, So. Carolina, April 13, 1811; died in Union Co., Ga., December 21, 1879; married Sarah G. Dickerson, February 18, 1835; joined Methodist Church in 1865; "raised a large family of children."

MARY BEDWELL died January 12, 1880 aged 86 years; her daughter, ELIZABETH CRAINE, died January 13, 1880 aged 38 years. Mrs. Bedwell had sons, John, Willis and Leven.

JEHU ADAMS MOSS born Henderson Co., Ky., April 20, 1828; died January 26, 1880 leaving a widow and seven children.


Apri1 3, 1880

SARAH W.THOMPSON born Barren Co., Kentucky, December 8, 1817; married James G. Thompson, January 22, 1836; joined Methodist Church in 1847; died February 8, 1880.Glasgow, Kentucky.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES POYNER born Humphreys Co., Tenn., February 4, 1825; died February 9, 1880; by the First Quarterly Conference, Cottage Grove Circuit, Union City Dist., Memphis Conference, dated March 5, 1880.

MARGARET G. PORTER born Abbeville Dist., So. Carolina, April 18, 1801; married Hugh Porter in 1820; died Union Co., Miss., February 8, 1880.

PARTHENIA C.BROWN born November 29, 1830; died near Columbus, Miss., July 22, 1879.


April 10, 1880

Mrs. E. M. STEWART died in south Nashville, Tenn., February 2, 1880 lacking a month of her 75th birthday; had lived in Fla. and Knoxville, Tenn. also.

DANIEL J.MEALS born Madison Co., Alabama, February 7, 1820; moved to Henderson Co., Tenn. in 1837; joined Methodist Church in 1852; died January 2, 1880; husband and father.

NICHOLAS C.SNETHEN, New Orleans, died Chicago, Ill., returning from Hot Springs, Ark., March 5, 1880 in his 63rd year of age; born Frederick Co., Maryland and had lived in New Orleans for the last 40 years; father of the Rev. Nicholas Snethen of the Methodist Protestant Church.


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MARGARET W. HARRINGTON wife of Dr. John T. Harrington, daughter of the Rev. William Bell, born Darlington Dist., So. Carolina, March 6, 1821; died January 26, 1880 in Clay Co., Miss.

ELIZABETH C.CRUSE born So. Carolina, December 24, 1802; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. about 1807; married Drury Cruse, 1821 and moved to LaFayette Co., Miss. in 1839; died February 27, 1880.

MARTHA J.WHITE, nee Cox, daughter of Dr. Henry Cox of Ark., born November 2, 1830; married John W. White, Russellville, Alabama, July 23, 1848; died Frank- fort, Alabama, January 30, 1880; mother of three sons, five daughters; orphaned she had been reared by her aunt, wife of Capt. W. S. Jones of Russellville, Ala.

MARIA B. HERRON born Williamson Co., Tenn., February 20, 1805; died February 10, 1880.

Mrs. SUSAN B.WALTON born near Gatesville, No. Carolina, April 9, 1822; married John W. Walton, October 23, 1844; died March 27, 1880, Nashville, Tennessee.


April 17, 1880

ELIZABETH MOREHEAD wife of Enoch Morehead, born Rutherford Co., No. Carolina, May 1802; moved to Kentucky in 1819; married March 2, 1819; mother of eleven children; grandmother of sixty and great-grandmother of seventy-four; died January 24, 1880.
[A photograph and more information are available on the Carole Palmer's Webster Co. KY web site.]

MARTHA D. ESKEW, nee West, born July 21, 1808; died February 27, 1880; widow of the Rev. Russell Eskew, Tennessee Methodist Conference.

RICHARD HENDERSON GROOMES born in Virginia, October 4, 1812; died February 25, 1880 of pneumonia; a free-mason; thrice-married; moved to Tennessee.

Colonel MARTIN HALE, native of Virginia, of Cherokee Co., Ala., died January 28, 1880 of cancer; moved to Ala. when a young man; buried at Cedar Hill Church in Cherokee County.

HENRY D. ASTON born Russell Co., Virginia, May 15, 1808; died New Garden, Va., February 23, 1880; brother of W. H. and S. W. Aston.

Dr. JOHN SCOTT born Jessamine Co., Kentucky, August 12, 1809; married Mary J. Estell, August 20, 1840, Madison Co., Ky.; died near Richmond, Ky., June 4, 1879. "He suffered much and was largely under the influence of opiates in his last few days."

NANCY MOORE born Todd Co., Ky., December 3, 1825; died March 5, 1880.


Apri1 24, 1880

LETTIE FOUST, nee Morris, born February 21, 1796; died February 10, 1880; wife of John Foust (died Shelby Co., Ala., April 15, 1860); mother of seven children, two sons and two daughters living; the eldest son being the Rev. Miles G. oust and also the Rev. John E. Foust of the Ala. Methodist Conference.

ABSENITH CARITHERS, nee Harding, born Montgomery Co., Maryland, June 24, 1794; died Jefferson Co., Ky., March 18, 1880; moved when 9 years old to Shelby Co., Ky. and lived there until 1845 when she married Adam Carithers. ALSO, Tribute of Respect for her by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Carithers Chapel, dated March 27, 1880.

SARAH FOULKS, nee Marshall, died Mecklenburg Co., Ky., December 13, 1879; born Franklin Co., Virginia, 1805; married the Rev. Joseph Foulks, September 25, 1816; moved to Illinois in 1820.

SALLIE "Aunt Sally" M. BUTCHER, nee Donevan, native of Virginia, died near Bibbville, Alabama, March 21, 1880 aged nearly 69 years old.

JAMES A. MILES "an old man and ripe Christian" died March 23, 1880.Blount County, Alabama.


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JOHN HARDISON, "my father" (P. T. Hardison), born September 4, 1795; died Feb. 22, 1880. "My mother, nee Browning; born September 18, 1806; died Oct.30, 1877.

T. W. EDWARDS born Cane Creek, Hickman Co., Tenn., March 1820; married Virginia Watson, daughter of William Watson; died February 8, 1880.


May 1, 1880

Mrs. JULIA A. TEVIS, founder of Science Hill Academy, a girls' school, Shelbyville, Kentucky, died April 21, 1880.

Colonel ABRAHAM UMBARGER, 1816-1880:
Col. Abraham Umbarger was born in Wythe County, Va. Oct. 6, 1816, and died in the same place, March 31, 1880. In early life he professed religion, and joined the Methodist Church, in which he lived about forty-five years. On March 16, 1841, he was married to Maria Miller, by whom there were eight children, three of whom, with the wife, proceded him to eternity. He was married the second time in 1866 to Mrs. Elizabeth King, by whom there were nine children, four of whom, with the wife, preceded him to the grave. Five children of the first, and five of the last marriage survive our brother. Col. Umbarger will be greatly missed in the community. He was a man of good native intellect, strengthened and polished by early training at Emory and Henry College. He was honest, truthful, and a man of sterling integrity. He took a deep interest in every enterprise calculated to advance the interests of the Country, and reform and elevate his race. He was anxious for the prosperity of the educational institutions of the Church, which he patronized liberally in the education of his sons. He was remarkably kind to the poor, who now feel they have lost a friend. One of the most lovely traits in his character was his devotion to the Church. This declaration will touch a responsive chord in the hearts of the Holston preachers who have traveled the Wytheville Circuit in the last forty-five years. He was wise in counsel, unwavering in his fidelity, liberal in his contributions, and emphatically the preacher's friend. For the last few years he manifested great anxiety to see a good church edifice in his community, and the large, fine church at Mt. Pleasant is the result. That Church stands on that beautiful eminence, a monument to Col. Umbarger's liberality and personal efforts. For many years he was an exhorter in the Church, and a good steward. He represented his circuit annually in the District Conferences, and frequently was elected a delegate to the Annual Conference. On his return from a District Conference in July 1878, he found his excellent wife a corpse in his house. Under the shock, his whole physical system gave way, until death came to his relief. It is true, he desired to live to raise his infant children, who are now left without father and mother. Death did not come unexpectedly, for he was constantly looking out for "the enemy." When death came, it found him serene, peaceful, and happy in God, his Saviour. After twenty-five years of intimate acquaintance, I have no doubt he is in that land where the inhabitants shall say no more, "I am sick."

J. M. McTeer, Wytheville, VA.

BENJAMIN JEFFERSON "Uncle Jeff" SMITH born Williamson Co., Tenn., February 10, 1805; died near Cherokee, Ala., March 15, 1880; moved from north Alabama in 1825.

THOMAS J. HOWARD born in Virginia, 1806; moved with parents from Virginia to Ohio in 1811; then moved to Daviess Co., Ky. in 1828; married Persis Barnhill, 1829; five sons, three daughters; died March 27, 1880.

Rev. R. B. JONES born Smith Co., Tenn., September 24, 1798; died at residence of his son, J. W. Jones, Lexington, Tenn., February 14, 1880; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1842; ordained deacon November 17, 1850; ordained elder November 14, 1858; married (1) Elizabeth Anderson, October 15, 1318; (2) Mrs. F. W. Hardin in 1860.

ANN ELIZA MANSON. wife of Dr. James Manson born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 2, 1824; died March 6, 1880.

DAVID CLARKE born February 4, 1809; died January 22, 1880.

FRANCES M.HUNTER died January 25, 1880 in her 68th year.

The Rev.ABNER BOWEN born March 12, 1801; joined Tennessee Methodist Conference in 1843; died March 21, 1880; husband and father.

MARIA RENFRO daughter of Robert and Ann Enochs, wife of Thomas P. Renfro, born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1804; orphaned she was "adopted" by her maternal uncle, Matthew Walker and raised ''as one of his own children"; moved in 1833 to Benton (now Calhoun) Co., Ala. "and settled among the Indians"; mother of six children.


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SABINA MALIN GILL born July 22, 1814; died Union Co., Ky., March 25, 1880; married Henry H. Gill, October 13, 1842.Caseyville, Kentucky.


May 8, 1880

ABNER DICKSON born June 10, 1814; joined Methodist Church in 1830; married Mary J. Wilkenson in 1841; died October 6, 1879; burial in Ebenezer Methodist Churchyard.

JONES BLAKE born in Virginia, August 29, 1805; moved to So. Carolina when young; married Elizabeth M. Allen in 1829; wife died in 1859; then married Mrs. Elizabeth L. Gulley; died April 8, 1880.

WILLIAM KENDRICK born in New York City, N.Y., 1810; son of Walter and Mary Kendrick, "English people"; his mother died when he was five years old and his father moved the family to Louisville, Kentucky; father went on to Texas and died there, leaving William and his sister; successful merchant- mechanic./He died March 16, 1880./From the April 17, 1880 issue:


At a Joint meeting of the Methodist Board of Education and the Widows' and Orphans' Home, held March 23, 1880, at the Walnut-street Church, the following tribute to the memory of Mr. William Kendrick was unanimously adopted, viz.:

When a man remarkable for any virtue is taken from us by death it is profitable for the living and a just memorial to the dead, to pause a while in the labor or life, and consider that excellence which we valued in him, and which we cherished as an influence. Brother William Kendrick, who died March 18, 1880, had been a member or the Board of Education for the Louisville Conference since its organization, and at the time of his death was its Secretary. He was also one of the incorporators of the Widows' and Orphans' Home, and a member of the Board of Directors until his death. He was distinguished for those traits which confer the truest manhood. He had courage, restrained by conscience; vigor, mellowed by gentleness; industry, guarded by philanthropy and Christianity. He was a man among men, possessing a delightful combination of sagacity, intrepidity, purity, and common sense, and in every relation a Christian gentleman. Having been associated with him in these works, and having known his character and labor In both, we wish to record some minute of our appreciation of his excellency as a Christian, his efficiency as an active member of these boards, and our deep sorrow at his death.

We bow our heads before God in this bereavement, acknowledging his wisdom and goodness in taking him from us, not less than in giving him to us, and sparing him through years of valuable and faithful service. The interests which we have represented together are precious in the sight of our Heavenly Father, and he will not suffer disaster to fall upon them by any act of his providence. "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

Brother Kendrick's connection with these Christian enterprises has been a constant testimony to his wisdom, his untiring Industry, and his consecrated devotion to the sacred cause of education, and the care of the widow and the fatherless. In all these elements be has been conspicuous, and did we not know that God has done this thing our hearts would be faint. We thank the God of all wisdom, the friend of the widow and the orphan, for these faithful services so long given by his blessing.

Our sorrow at this bereavement we cannot express. We record on this page that we are sad, but how sad we are God and our own hearts only can know. It cannot be expressed in words. It cannot be appreciated even by us, except through the years as we shall meet together and miss his cheerful face, his inspiring spirit, his patient labors, and his steadfast faith in God.

Our father in heaven promises: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him" May this promise be fulfilled to us, that we may be wise to do the work he has committed to our hands.

Board of Education: J. S. Lithgow, J. A. Carter, J. C. Morris, H. M. Ford, B. C. Levi, T. Bottomley, C. F. Harvey, A. H. Redford.

Widows' and Orphans' Home: J. S. Lithgow, Dr. Jas. Knapp, Henry Wolford, William Cromey, James G. Carter, James L. Brown, B. C. Levi, Dr. H. F. Kalfus, John R. Beckley, Dr. W. W. Senteney.

Also in the May 1, 1880 issue:

The Rev. HENRY P.TURNER born Northampton County, Virginia, February 3, 1814; died Madison County, Alabama, March 1, 1880; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1836 and joined the Tennessee Methodist Conference; married (1) L. M. Harris (died 1846), 1838; four children; (2) Lucy T. Powell in 1848.


May 15, 1880

MARY JANE DITZLER oldest daughter of Hugh and Lucinda Martin, born Boyd Co., Ky.; died Oldham Co., Ky., April 15, 1880 aged 78 years, 3 months and 17 days; married George G. Ditzler (died Oct. 27, 1869), March 23, 1820; fourteen children, the oldest surviving Mrs. M. J. Caldwell; youngest, Mrs. Tirzah Smith; a son, Rev. Geo. W. Ditzler of Indiana and Dr. Robert H. Ditzler, Rev. W. H. Ditzler and Rev. Jacob Ditzler, also her sons.


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MARY A. E. MASON daughter of Anderson and Martha Williams, born Franklin Co. No. Carolina, November 30, 1818; died Crockett Co., Tenn., January 26, 1880; married (1) Eldridge Cox in 1837, two children; (2) Isaac H. Mason, September 24, 1846 and had other children.

ISAAC H.MASON, 1806-1880:
Isaac H. Mason, son of Abram and Margaret Mason, was born in Williamson county, Tenn., July 1, 1806; and died in Crockett county, Tenn. April 4, 1880, in his 74th year. The deceased was twice married-first to Miss Rebecca A. Furgason, Oct. 26, 1830. With this excellent Christian woman, in the enjoyment of much domestic peace and happiness, he was permitted to live about fifteen years, when she was removed by death, leaving four children to be cared for. Sept. 21, 1816 he was again married to Mrs. Mary A. E. Cox. After what has been said of her it is hard1y necessary to add that in this instance also he was very fortunate. But very few second marriages have done so well. However, it is due to say that much of this is owing to the fact that he always made a good husband. He was a good provider, displayed order and good taste in his improvements and all his arrangements about his premises, maintaining a good family government, at the same time exhibiting much kindness of heart, and always pleasant in his family, that by all these he might make home attractive to his children. It was not until after his first marriage that he professed religion and united with the Church. He was never very demonstrative, never very zealous as an active worker in the Church - not for want of interest in every thing that pertained to her welfare, but more from a want of self-confidence, being a very timid man. He was a good citizen, a good neighbor, a friend of the poor, always ready to lend a helping hand to the needy; but was never, in a bad sense, a busybody in other men's matters, attending strictly to his own business, and ever striving to "live peaceably with all men." Peace to his memory!

James Perry
April 24, 1880

J. W. DUKE son of William and Matilda Duke, born Ohio Co., Ky., July 29, 1820; married (1) Mary A. Ford (died September 29, 1858), October 12, 1843; (2) Lavinia E. Ford, April 20, 1859; died Rockport, Ky., February 5, 1880.

The Rev. PHILIP L.ANDERSON, youngest son of Ahira and Rachel Hunter Anderson, born Henderson Co., Tenn., June 17, 1829; joined the Methodist Church at age 15 years; attended school at Washington Institute near Nashville, Tenn.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church; joined Tennessee Methodist conference in 1853; ordained deacon in 1855; ordained elder in 1857; married Lizzie R. Moore, November 3, 1858 in Todd Co., Ky.; from Tenn. Conference moved into Louisiana Conference; served as president of Arcadia College; died January 21, 1879.


May 22, 1880

WILLIAM HOUSE born No. Carolina, October 7, 1793; moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. at the age of 12 years; joined Methodist Church in 1811; died February 18, 1880; veteran of the War of 1812; married Rachel Royel with whom he lived 48 years.

LYDIA DAUGHERTY born Jefferson Co., Tenn., December 13, 1828; died March 15, 1880.

MARTHA HOLMES ABERNATHY daughter of John and Ann Waller, born Mecklenburg Co., Va., October 12, 1790; married Thomas Abernathy, familiarly called Cypress Abernathy; moved 1820/21 to Giles Co., Tenn.; member of Beech Grove Methodist Church in that county; moved in 1835 to Shelby Co., Tenn. where he died; she died March 17, 1880.

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. H. P. TURNER who died March 1, 1880, whose labors ware in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for over 40 years: by a church group, dated April 20, 1880.


May 29, 1880

The Rev. JOEL W.TOWNSEND, oldest member of South Carolina Methodist Conference, died Cokesbury, South Carolina, May 14, 1880.

Hon. HENRY S.FOOTE died near Nashville, Tenn., May 19, 1880.

The Rev. MARION STITH, West Point Circuit, Hardin Co., Ky., died April 4, 1880; would have been 73 years old next July; 39 years a Methodist preacher.


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JOSEPH M. C. GANT born Lincoln Co., Tenn., July 8, 1818; died Todd Co., Ky., Feb.3, 1880; married Elizabeth Bugg, 1840; moved to Todd Co. in 1853 and settled near Mt. Sharon Church.

MINERVA L. McCLATCHEY, nee Rowles, wife of Wiley J. McClatchey, born Jefferson Co., Va. in 1812 or 1813. "Her family record was lost"; orphaned she was reared by her brother, Dr. Rowles; made several moves; to McMinn Co., Tenn. and married there in 1842; sister of Judge George W. Rowles; died April 7, 1880.

LUVICA GERKING, nee Farmer, born Shelby Co., Ky., 1810; died April 18, 1880; wife of Joseph Gerking; burial at "Mt. Holly."

EDWARD GREEN, "Uncle Eddie", oldest man in the Gallatin Circuit, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born Wake Co., No. Carolina about 1775-79; died at residence of his son, Elmore Green, April 4, 1880, Sumner Co., Tenn. to which county he had moved in 1803; married thrice; three children survived him as well as several grandchildren.

THOMAS E.KELTON born May 12, 1829; died DeKalb Co., Tenn., April 5, 1880.


June 5, 1880

ANTHONY H. FARIS born Louisa Co., Virginia, June 22, 1798; son of William and Ailsey Faris; named for his mother's brother, Anthony Hughes, Esq. of Fluvanna Co., Va.; joined Methodist Church in 1819 and moved that year with James Lewis and family to Madison Co., Ala.; thence moved to Lawrence Co., Ala.; married Mrs. Elizabeth Small in 1839; two children; moved to Corinth, Miss. in 1861; died December 25, 1879.

MARY SHANNON born Drake's Creek, Sumner Co., Tenn., August 6, 1796; married (I) John Gibbs, 1815; (2) Harvey Shannon, January 18, 1827; died April 6, 1880; she was a descendant of the McAdams family...her mother being the wife of the Rev. James Gwin; her father was Isaac Towell.

TRAVIS JACKSON born Sampson Co., No. Carolina, September 9, 1803; died in same county, October 26, 1879; twice married.

ISHAM R. STEARNES born May 10, 1814, Warren Co., Tenn.; moved when about 6 years old to Marshall Co., Ala.; married Palmyra Hackney, January 29, 1836; joined Methodist Church in 1842; died Marshall Co., Ala., March 15, 1880.

WILLIAM FOOT born So. Carolina, May 20, 1828; moved to Mississippi in 1845; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., March 11, 1880.


June 12, 1880

JAMES M.BAIRD born Wilson Co., Tenn., July 24, 1825; moved to DeKalb Co., Tenn. in July 1844; married Amanda Ray Goodner, November 23, 1848; died April 23, 1880; merchant.

Mrs. SARAH MALLORY born September 1, 1800; married Dr. J. H. Mal1ory, 1836; died April ll, 1881.

MARY G.TROLINGER born June 10, 1814; died Pulaski Co., Va., Feb.12, 1880; married John Trolinger, October 3, 1839; two daughters, one son.

MATHIAS STARKY WEST born in Delaware, September 23, 1798; moved when about 10 years old with parents to Tenn.; married Martha P. Hudson, January 17, 1828; three children, whom his sister, Martha D. West, helped raise, as his wife died May 22, 1835; he died in Liberty, Tenn., March 4, 1880.

ROBERT PRITCHETT born in Virginia, 1806; died April 17, 1880; married Jemima Ashby, 1830.Hopkins Co., Kentucky.


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June 19, 1880

OBADIAH W. WARD born Spartanburgh District, So. Carolina, December 14, 1817; died Gadsden, Ala., April 21, 1880; married Sarah Sedberry, August 8, 1850; had moved to Gadsden in the fall of 1868.

ELIZABETH KLYCE born Bedford Co., Va., October 20, 1800; married July 4, 1822; died Corinth, Miss., March 29, 1880.

DANIEL R.CRABB born Garrard Co., Ky., April 9, 1802; died in Ky., Feb. l, 1880.

The Rev. D. J. LEWIS, aged 60 years, l month and 13 days, died of pneumonia, April 1, 1880, Stewart Co., Tenn.

The Rev. S. D. AKIN born Green Co., Ky., July 7, 1822; joined Methodist Church October 1, 1836; licensed to preach in Methodist Church June 1843 and joined the Louisville Methodist Conference; transferred to the Miss. Conference in 1861 and from there to North West Texas Conference in 1867; died in Young Co., Texas, April 28, 1880; survived by widow and three daughters, two sons.

"Sister" TULLY wife of M. A. Tully, daughter of Drew and Rebecca Aldridge, born Lexington, Tenn., July 15, 1828; died DeSoto Co., Miss., January 4, 1880; mother of thirteen children.

MARY THOMAS wife of Benjamin L. Thomas, daughter of Michael and Nancy Robin- son, born March 31, 1806; married February 22, 1829; died April 26, 1880; mother of seven children, all living except MARGARET RIGGS who died November 6, 1876; buried in Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Churchyard.

The Rev. R. P. BRUTON, local elder of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, born Montgomery Co., No. Carolina, August 3, 1807; died Farmerville, Louisiana, April 8, 1879, to which he had moved in 1840; a pioneer of Methodism in northeast Louisiana.


June 26, 1880

The Rev. WILEY MILES born May 1, 1811; married (1) Rebecca S. Bobo (died April 1859), December 24, 1833; (2) Mrs. M. E. Yancy, November 20, 1860; joined Methodist Church in 1836; licensed to preach in Methodist Church April 1866; preached until his health failed.

ELIZABETH PERRY, Montgomery Co., Tennessee, widow of Simpson Perry, born Davidson Co., Tenn., November 14, 1797; daughter of Robert Thompson "a relative and a companion and associate of General /James/ Robertson; father bought what became the well-known Harding farm a few miles west of Nashville /Belle Meade/; died May 13, 1880.

MARY P.SYPERT born Halifax Co., Va.; died Jackson, Tenn. at residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Curtis, March 26, 1880; moved to middle Tennessee where she married Stephen Sypert and they moved to Jackson in 1823; she joined the Methodist Church when it was organized in Jackson at which time it met in the courthouse.

WILLIAM L.BROWN born in Virginia, March 21, 1814; married Alcey Coffman, 1833; died Slaughterville, Ky., March 22, 1880.

JACOB GROSS born Claiborne Co., Tenn., Feb.6, 1799; moved to northern Alabama in 1819; married Jincie Pendergrass in 1821; died Jackson Co., Ark., May 3, 1880."He was a great friend to law & order."

LOUISA H.STUCKLEY wife of Frederick Stuckley, Jeffertown, Ky., died May 2, 1880 having just completed her 72nd year of age; member of Methodist Church for 62 years.

JAMES FLETCHER born Robertson Co., Tenn., Feb.3, 1828; died April 3, 1880; he and wife had no children but he helped to raise several orphans.

SALLIE A.THOMAS widow of William B. Thomas, daughter of John and Mary Williams, born May 20, 1826; died April 27, 1880 of cancer.


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ALLEN ELAM born northern Alabama, Dec. 27, 1814; moved to west Tenn., thence to now-Tate Co., Miss. where he died March 21, 1880.

ELIZABETH P.EVANS born November 19, 1808; married Nathan Evans, June 10, 1828; died April 10, 1880.

MARGARET SMITH born Newberry Dist., So. Carolina, July 21, 1821; married Jacob Smith (died during Civil War, a Confederate), in 1846; died April 29, 1880 of pneumonia, Oakland, Alabama.


July 3, 1880

J.W.HALL, Lawrence Co., Alabama, born Lawrence Co., Tenn., March 3, 1830; son of the Rev. W. B. and Sarah O. Hall; joined Methodist Church in 1848; married Mary E. Scruggs, October 8, 1857; moved to Lawrence Co., Ala. in 1859; died May 28, 1880; surviving were widow, a son and four daughters as well as his parents.

ELIZABETH LAMB daughter of Lemuel and Mary Rushton, wife of Drury Lamb, born Jan. 11, 1823; married July 6, 1852; mother of six children; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 6, 1879.

JOEL COLEMAN born May 8, 1799, Pittsylvania Co., Va.; married Millie, daughter of Christopher and Millie Robertson in 1820; died near Pleasant View, Tenn., May 15, 1880.

POLYXENA NEVILL "Aunt Lecky", nee Coulson, born December 22, 1818; married in 1837; died near Pelham, Tenn., May 12, 1880; joined Methodist Church in 1859.

The Rev. JOHN CHRIETZBERG born Charleston, So. Carolina, August 18, 1787; married Elizabeth Segrest in 1809; moved to Macon Co., Ala. about 1843; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1850; died Elmore Co., Ala., Dec.15, 1879.

NANCY "Nannie" HENRY who survived her husband and her two sons and a daughter, died Trousdale Co., Tenn., May 20, 1880 in her 102nd year of age; born in No. Carolina January 29, 1779; daughter of George Kuyzee and moved with father to Tenn. when she was a child; her sons, John and William were Methodist preachers.

A.S.ARNOLD born Wythe Co., Virginia, February 27, 1829; died Hickman Co., Ky., April 27, 1880; married Louisa H. Brawley, January 20, 1853; joined Methodist Church in 1856; moved to Missouri in 1859; moved to Clinton, Ky. in 1862 where he died.

LUDWELL M.TUTT born Allen Co., Ky., June 29, 1827; died Burkville, Ky., June 6, 1880; married Louisa J. Keen, June 13, 1850; seven children.

DAVID BERRY died Fayette Co., Ala., May 7, 1880 aged 75 years and 23 days.

SARAH SHAW born No. Carolina September 27, 1798; daughter of Jacob and Sarah Binkley; married Thomas Shaw, October 12, 1820 and in 1839 was widowed with seven sons; died Cheatham Co., Tenn., June 3, 1880.

MARGARET ROBERTSON, nee Stewart, died Fayette Court-house, Ala., May 15, 1880 in her 60th year of age; married Robert Robertson in 1845 in Scotland and immigrated to the United States.

MARY GARRET born in So. Carolina, February 24, 1824; moved to Ala. in 1838; joined Methodist Church in August 1840; married O. H. P. Wil1iams, December 9, 1842; died May 18, 1880.

PARALEE STOKES wife of Hon. William B. Stokes, died DeKalb Co., Tenn., May 30, 1880 in her 66th year of age.

BOLLING R.KING born August 28, 1824; married Mrs. Mary Chrisman, March 9, 1866; died March 6, 1880.

LUCINDA SMITH born June 8, 1811; married Thomas Smith; died Jan. 27, 1880.


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