By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 5, 1878

THOMAS ROWEL ROSCOE born 1799; died near Gallatin, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1877; lived 50 years on same farm, within sight of the place he was born.

AMANDA M. MOORE born Tippah Co., Miss., June 15, 1839; moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. in her 13th year, then to Stewart Co., then to Houston County and in the latter she died Nov. 16, 1877; married Claiborne A. Moore, Dec. 9, 1866; a daughter predeceased her.

WALLER GEORGE "Toby" STEPHENS s/o John and Jane Stephens, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Aug. 16, 1864; died November 6, 1877.

MILES G. WILMOTT born Charlotte Co., Va., July 26, 1798; joined Methodist Church in Caswell Co., No. Carolina at age 16 years; married Bardalitha Hall, 1820; moved to Rockcastle Co., Ky. 1835; died November 27, 1877.

LUCY E. COLEMAN wife of W. L. Coleman, Meade Co., Ky., born Nov. 27, 1820; died Dec. 12, 1877.


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Rev. BEN W. JOHNSTON born Louisville, Ky., Dec. 10, 1797; died Oct. 28, 1877, Bartlett, Tenn.

JOHNNIE B. LOCKE widow of Colonel Mitchell B. Locke and dau of Colonel Homer Blackmore, died Union Springs, Ala., October 20, 1877 in her 34 year of age.

HOSMER KILLIAN s/o John Killian, died Dec. 18, 1877 aged 1 year, 6 months.

MATTIE E. GILL dau of John Y. and Mary E. Gill, born Jan. 25, 1873 and died December 8, 1877.

HARRIET ELIZA JOHNSON, nee Beall, born New York City, May 23, 1811; parents moved to Henderson Co., Ky. 1831 and there she married George W. Johnson, 1836; died September 20, 1877.

JOSEPH G. BARBER s/o Joseph and Martha Barber, born Nov. 4, 1847; died Nov. 4, 1877, Wilson Co., Tenn.

MARVIN MALLOY infant s/o Rev. John G. and Mary Molloy, born Aug. 15, 1876 and died December 13, 1877, White Co., Tenn.

LIZADELE GLASS dau of John V. and Adele A. Glass died Robertson Co., Texas, Nov. 23, 1877 aged 15 months, 11 days old.

MARY LOUISE SHRYER born Dec. 25, 1873; died Dec. 23, 1877. DAISY DEAN SHRYER born Aug. 6, 1875; died Dec. 28, 1877; daughters of J. P. and Sally Shryer of Edgefield, Tennessee.

LUKE FOSTER born Pendleton Dist., So. Carolina, Aug. 7, 1803; died Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., Nov. 29, 1877; moved to Ala. 1822; married that year to Mary Green.

LAWRENCE W. EVANS born Washington Co., Va., July 9, 1816; married Mary Gwin; later married Lizzie Parker, 1872; died Logan Co., Ky., Dec. 11, 1877.

ELLEN M. RICHARDSON, nee Bosworth, died Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1878 aged about 68 years; her husband died young as did their only child, a son. She was buried in the lot of R. Weakley Brown in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville.

ULIE T. JONES, Esq., born Hardin Co., Tenn., April 21, 1855; died Waynesboro, Tenn., November 10, 1877.

HUGH B. PAYNE born Mason Co., Ky., July 16, 1795; died Orange, N. J., Oct. 30, 1877; s/o Colonel David Payne; veteran of the War of 1812; merchant.

ELIZABETH J. YARNELL, nee Logan, wife of Joseph Yarnell, born Monroe Co., Tenn., May 5, 1834; died Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 18, 1877; married April 17, 1877.

BENJAMIN HOLLAND born So. Carolina, September 21, 1825; raised in Georgia; moved to Sacramento, California 1862; killed by robbers, June 30, 1877. Surviving him were two daughters.

MATTIE E. SMALL dau of J. S. and Eliza Small born Todd Co., Ky., Nov. 29, 1863; died November 7, 1877.

DELILAH A. GOOD, nee Allison, born May 26, 1822; died Coffee Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1877.

JOHNNIE HOWARD born June 16, 1876 and died November 3, 1877.


January 19, 1878

VICTOR EMMANUEL, King of Italy, born 1820; died in Rome, Jan. 9, 1878; proclaimed king in 1861.

JANE PITTS born Jefferson Co., Va., April 2, 1811 and moved with parents, William and Margaret Burr, to Logan Co., Ky. 1812; married Joseph B. Pitts, Feb. 25, 1828 and he died Sept. 16, 1843; mother of 6 children, 5 now living.

MALINDA PUCKETT widow of Caswell Puckett dau of James and Elizabeth Cooper, born Smith Co., Tenn., April 30, 1814; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. 1818; married Oct. 15, 1840 and moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died Aug. 17, 1877.


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DOROTHEA SMITH born Kingdom of Saxony, Mar. 30, 1827; died Owensboro, Ky., Dec. 13, 1877; came to U. S. 1835; married Nicholas Smith, 1857 and had 6 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters surviving her.

LEWIS McCOWN s/o Alexander and Susan McCown, born Nelson Co., Ky., Feb. 6, 1804; married (1) Sadonia Shaw, later (2) Malvina Fentress, 1832. He died October 1, 1877.

BESSIE HOWELL youngest child of Capt. Lee Howell, born Dec. 14, 1872; died November 26, 1877.

MAUD CAMPBELL dau of Marcus and Mary Campbell, born Sept. 6, 1872; died Union Co., Ky., Oct. 12, 1877; youngest of eight children.


January 26, 1878

Dr. LEWIS J. POWERS born Sept. 5, 1853; died Dec. 10, 1878; a long panegyric.

Rev. LEMUEL ASBURY GRIER born Georgetown, So. Carolina, Dec. 16, 1816; died in same place, Nov. 7, 1877; licensed to preach, Methodist Church, 1841; ordained deacon, 1847; ordained elder, 1851; "good-natured, kind and free-spoken."

Miss MARY J. CARTER born Stewart Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1856 and died near Erin, Tenn., November 16, 1877.

SARAH A. YETT, nee Fanbion, born Cocke Co., Tenn., Feb. 6, 1823; married Hamilton Yett, Dec. 18, 1838; moved to Burnet Co., Texas, 1867; died Dec. 4, 1877.

R. A. ROE born Sept. 30, 1821; died near Rome, Tenn., Jan. 9, 1878; never married.

EMELINE MOSS born Montgomery Co., Ky., Sept. 23, 1827; married John R. Moss; dau of James and Leah Caseldine; died Henry Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1877.

WILLIAM S. JUSTICE born Chatham Co., No. Carolina, Sept. 28, 1801; died Cannon Co., Tenn., Dec. 19, 1877 leaving a widow and several children.

L. E. CHOATE, nee Witherspoon, born near Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1809; married Litle Choate, 1838 (he died in Wayne Co., Tenn., July 12, 1865); she died Huntingdon, Tenn., Jan. 15, 1878.

JOHNNIE M. SHRYER s/o J. H. and Sallie Shryer, born Edgefield, Tenn., June 15, 1877; died Jan. 15, 1878.

Tribute of Respect to J. L. SHAW who "fell dead while hauling on his residence," Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 6, 1877 in his 70th year of age; by Cherry Mound Masonic Lodge 227, dated January 12, 1878.


February 2, 1878

AGNES SUMMERHILL, born June 4, 1872 and died September 7, 1877.

MARGARET AMELIA WALKER born Elizabethton, Ky., April 23, 1820 and moved with parents to Brandenburg, Ky. in 1825; mother died in 1835; married John C. Walker, Jan. 23, 1838; moved to Louisville, Ky., 1871 where she died Sept. 29, 1877.

LUCY ELLEN STUBBS oldest child of her parents; a school teacher; no relevant dates given; mostly a panegyric written by Alex. Hogg.

ARIS BROWN died Dec. 4, 1877 aged 76 years; native of King and Queen Co., Va.; married Emily Cartwright and had 8 sons, 2 daughters.

WILLIAM S. HODGES born April 24, 1818; died Sept. 28, 1877; married Sarah W. Biggs, Sept. 11, 1845.

MARY JANE HANDLEY born Jan. 23, 1827; died Taylor Co., Nov. 1, 1877.

OSCAR EDWIN "Eddie" HARRELL s/o M. D. and Sarah J. Harrell, born Nov. 19, 1873; died October 6, 1877.

MAUD L. McLESTER dau of James and Laura McLester, died Lumpkin Co., Ga., Jan. 6, 1878 aged 17 months.


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Rev. JOHN W. HATCHER died January 16, 1878, Wilson Co., Tenn.

Rev. JOSEPH BRADSHAW died Grundy Co., Tenn., December 27, 1877.


February 9, 1878

Rev. JOHN WALSTON, a mere mention that he had died, having written so many obituaries/memoirs "for his deceased friends." Feb. 23 issue notes he lived in and served the Methodist Church in northern Alabama.

Rev. WILLIAM WADSWORTH died Copiah Co., Miss., Dec. 25, 1877 and buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery; born near Jackson, Miss., 1830 and moved to La. 1836; married Sarah Millsaps, 1856 (who with 4 children survived him); served the church in Miss.; a some time presiding elder.

ELIZABETH JONES wife of H. T. Jones, Madison Co., Ky., died Jan. 12, 1878 aged 49 years, 6 months and 4 days; joined Methodist Church, 1846.

ALICE PEARL COMMONS dau of F. M. and Nancy Commons died Lincoln Co., Tenn., Dec. 16, 1877 aged 2 years, 11 months and 24 days. "She was a sprightly child."

DOCTOR COOK WATERS s/o Nelson and Jane Waters, grandson of William C. Robinson, dec., Alabama Conference, died recently aged 4/5 months old. "He lies by the side of his grandpa."

LEROY SMITH died January 6, 1878 in his 23rd year of age, DeKalb Co., Tenn.; "last of a family of ten."

ANNIE ELIZABETH SOYARS infant d/o Dr. J. T. and Medora Soyars, born Jan. 31, 1877 and died November 2, 1877.

LULA BRIDGES dau of John O. and Lena Bridges, aged 2 years, died Jackson Co., Ala., January 8, 1878.

FINIS M. TRAVIS s/o Thomas C. and Mattie E. Travis, born Marshall Co., Miss., June 20, 1845; died Dec. 1, 1877 after a long illness.

ANN HARDIN wife of B. L. Hardin only dau of Rev. H. P. Turner, No. Ala. Conf., born Nov. 2, 1839; married Feb. 23, 1866; died Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 31, 1877; surviving were husband and two children.

MARY MORRISON KAVANAUGH dau of Joseph and Margaret Lecompte, born Feb. 17, 1838; married Rev. P. E. Kavanaugh, Dec. 2, 1858; died January 12, 1878.

MARGARET W. HOOSER born No. Carolina, Nov. 20, 1801; moved to Todd Co., Ky. when young; married Daniel Hooser, Dec. 25, 1822; died Dec. 28, 1877. "Well versed in the Scriptures and in the old Wesleyan hymns."

SALLIE BONNER GRAVES born Sussex Co., Va., Sept. 17, 1801; married Mr. Hines, Oct. 1, 1818; he died 1827; married Mr. Graves, 1847; he died Mar. 20, 1857; she died near Trinity, Ala., January 11, 1878.

MARY PORTER, only child of Dr. R. B. and Nettie Porter, died Town Creek, Ala., Jan. 19, 1878 aged about 7 years; the only one of seven children who had survived.

Rev. G. W. MURPHY died Jan. 11, 1878 in his 48th year of age; born Hopkins Co., Ky. and had served in local and regular Methodist ministry.


February 16, 1878

POPE PIUS IX of Roman Catholic Church died Feb. 7, 1878; born May 13, 1792; a long description of this man's religious career.

LOUISA E. HORNE born Dec. 4, 1815; died Jan. 7, 1878; married T. M. Horne, June 11, 1835; joined Methodist Church, 1837.

M. J. WILLOUGHBY born Blount Co., Ala., Jan. 27, 1839; married J. P. Willoughby, Nov. 23, 1865; died Blount Co., Ala. /date not given/.


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CATHERINE P. SPAIN dau of Rev. John Jones, born Nottoway Co., Va., Dec. 23, 1798; married Thomas P. Spain, May 8, 1828 (he died Dec. 4, 1834); died Robertson Co., Tenn., Dec. 16, 1877; surviving were 4 children; member of Old Ebenezer Methodist Church near Cedar Hill in Robertson County.

REUBEN BUTLER born July 10, 1809; married Cynthia Winfrey, Dec. 29, 1831; died January 8, 1878.

FIDELIA FORGEY born Va., Dec. 18, 1805; father, William Alderson, moved from Va. to Maury Co., Tenn.; married James Forgey, June 24, 1819; joined Methodist Church; husband died Oct. 10, 1835 leaving her with 6 children; suffered from cancer of the breast.

BETTIE STOVALL born Hardin Co., Ky., June 1, 1848; died Dec. 12, 1877.

Rev. JOSEPH BRADSHAW born Jefferson Co., Tenn., August 7, 1804; moved to middle Tennessee when young; died December 27, 1877.

SAMUEL L. RAGLE born March 15, 1864; died December 10, 1877.

MARTHA JANE WATSON wife of Capt. R. H. Watson, dau of John and Mary Harrison; died Franklin Co., Ala., Jan. 26, 1878; married August 9, 1859.

FANNIE L. HARDWICK dau of C. L. and Isabella Hardwick, Cleveland, Tenn., born Sept. 30, 1875; died January 23, 1878 from burn injuries.

MINERVIA T. CROSS dau of W. C. and Mary Cross died Jan. 24, 1878 near Courtland, Alabama.


February 23, 1878

Rev. B. B. ROSS, Ala. Conference, died Feb. 14, 1878, pneumonia in the 50th year of his age.

Rev. Dr. WILLS, president of Central College, Fayette, Mo., died Feb. 11, 1878. March 2nd issue notes his death with a long panegyric. March 16th issue carried a memorial to him by faculty of Central College, undated.

Rev. JOHN C. MILLER, president of Soule University, Texas, died Jan. 29, 1878, pneumonia. March 2nd issue carried long panegyric written by R. H. Rivers.

EDWARD WHITE born Pulaski, Tenn., May 25, 1874; died Jan. 8, 1878. LEVI WHITE born Oct. 1876; died Jan. 10, 1878; sons of H. H. and Maude R. White, Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died from diphtheria.

JUDUTHAN R. ALDRIDGE dau of Colonel John Humphreys, wife of James W. Aldridge born Dec. 29, 1822; married Dec. 23, 1841; joined Methodist Church 1864; died January 20, 1878.

BRUCE M. GARNER born Sept. 11, 1855; died October 23, 1878.

CATHARINE K. COX, born Dec. 13, 1840; died July 7, 1877.

LUCRETIA PORTER dau of G. W. and Sallie Breeding, born Adair Co., Ky., Oct. 23, 1856; died January 22, 1878.

WILEY BAGWELL born July 12, 1800; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Nov. 13, 1877; member of Methodist Church for over fifty years.

VIRGINIA E. VICK dau of L. B. and Elizabeth Fourgurean, born Sept. 28, 1838; married Samuel O. Vick, Oct. 28, 1858; died January 5, 1878; mother of 8 children, 7 surviving with their father.

BETTIE A. STOVALL dau of William and Margaret Rogers, born Hardin Co., Ky., June 1, 1848; died in same county, Dec. 12, 1877; married W. D. Stovall, Nov. 14, 1866; surviving were husband and 4 daughters.

JANE GARNER born Abbeville Dist., So. Carolina, 1825; died Jefferson Co., Ala., January 16, 1878 at residence of D. Talley, son-in-law.


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March 2, 1878

Rev. F. A. KIMBALL, No. Ga. Conference, died Atlanta, Ga., recently.

ELIZABETH MARTIN born and raised in Va.; married James W. Martin and moved with him to Allen Co., Ky. 1837; died Oct. 20, 1877 in 85th year of her age, Simpson Co., Ky. in residence of son-in-law, Clinton Smith.

MARY C. BIRD wife of W. J. Bird, born Dec. 14, 1843, Barren Co., Ky.; died Glasgow Ky., February 5, 1878.

JESSE P. SMITH born Barren Co., Ky., June 26, 1853; died Glasgow, Ky., Feb. 16, 1878 of typhoid fever; lawyer.

Resolutions of Respect for Rev. B. B. ROSS who died recently; by faculty of Agricultural and Mechanical College dated Feb. 15, 1878 from Auburn, Ala. March 9, 1878.


March 9, 1878

Colonel CHARLES WALKER born Burke Co., Ga., 1800; died Marengo Co., Ala., Jan. 1, 1878; after 53 years in native state moved to Faunsdale, Alabama.

SALLIE A. RAINE youngest dau of William A. and Sallie A. Bland, born Nelson Co., Ky., Aug. 5, 1824 and moved to Hardin Co., Ky. in March 1830; married John A. Raine, Aug. 22, 1841; died Sonora, Ky., January 6, 1878.

DAVID WINNIFORD born Cumberland Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1794; served at Norfolk, Va. in War of 1812; married Elizabeth Reagan, 1820; died Douglas Co., Oregon, Dec. 20, 1877 at residence of oldest son, W. R. Winniford; joined Methodist Church at Cripple-Creek Campground, Wythe Co., Va., 1822; moved to Oregon with son about five years ago; his wife died in her 79th year; they had 4 sons, 5 daughters (one daughter died as an infant).

JOHN RICE born Tyrone Co., Ireland, August 1784; died near Morristown, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1878; s/o John and Sarah (Rogers) Rice; came to U. S. through New York; went to Baltimore, then to Grainger Co., Tenn.; a mill-wright; married Winifred Stubblefield, March 27, 1828 and had 4 children, one surviving, Joseph M. Rice. His wife died July 28, 1839; he married Oct. 19, 1843 to Ascenath Lebow who died Jan. 23, 1850; he married Mrs. Adaline Riggs, 1852, who survived him; buried in Liberty Hill Churchyard.

MARY ANN "Mollie" CHARLES dau of Aaron L. and Helen F. Charles, died Lexington Co., Ky., January 24, 1878, a child who died form burn injuries.


March 16, 1878

MARY JOHNSON born near Martinsburg, Va., Jan. 27, 1802; died Munfordsville, Ky., February 15, 1878.

ANN SCOTT HILL born Aug. 19, 1804; married Elisha Strong, Sept. 18, 1821, Oglethorpe Co., Ga.; joined Methodist Church, 1823; died Aberdeen, Miss. Feb. 8, 1878. /Listed as Hill and husband's name Strong/

ALBERT BUFORD born Giles Co., Tenn., Mar. 23, 1815; died 7 miles no. of Pulaski Tenn., Feb. 10, 1878; s/o James Buford, who served in the Tenn. legislature; married Delia dau of Rev. G. D. Taylor and she died after bearing four children; he married Clara Reed and had six more children.

ELIZABETH WILSON dau of Samuel G. and Louisa Herndon; born Mt. Sterling, Ky., April 4, 1826; married David Wilson, Nov. 10, 1854; died Feb. 19, 1878.

IRWIN BROWNING oldest s/o W. H. Browning, died Feb. 24, 1878 aged about 15 years.

A. J. KINGINE born Stewart Co., Tenn., July 15, 1836; died Dec. 4, 1877; surviving were widow and 3 children.


March 23, 1878

Rev. JOHN BAER born Rockingham Co., Va.; died March 11, 1878 in the 84th year of his age; father of 10 chi1dren, 9 surviving him. Baltimore Conf.


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SAMUEL P. CRAIG died Feb. 7, 1878 near Hickson, Ala. in his 35th year of age; third son of William K. and Elizabeth H. Craig.

JOHN MOORE born Lincoln Co., No. Carolina, Aug. 29, 1795; died Brentwood, Tenn., Feb. 4, 1878; moved to Tenn., 1807; served in War of 1812; married Miss Craig, Jan. 1820 and she died in 1823 and he married dau of William Stewart who died leaving several children. His family Bible was printed in 1781.

Rev. STERLING ORGAIN born Va., Mar. 31, 1788; married Mary Jones, Mar. 31, 1819; died in Texas, Jan. 4, 1878; moved to Texas in 1851.

MARY ORGAIN born No. Carolina, Nov. 31, 1801; dau of Rev. Edmund Jones; married Sterling Orgain, Mar. 31, 1819 and died in Williamson Co., Texas, as had her husband; she on January 28, 1878.

WILLIAM T. MEADOWS born Feb. 15, 1811; joined Methodist Church, Smythe Co., Va., Sept. 18, 1841; died in same county, December 3, 1877.

ELIZABETH KNOTT, formerly of Marion Co., Ky., died Greenville, Ky., Feb. 14, 1878.

JAMES WILLIE MARSHALL born Jan. 19, 1877; died Jan. 29, 1878.

EDA BELLE HILL dau of Armstrong and Eliza Hill, born Aug. 7, 1877; died Taylor Co., Ky., March 3, 1878.

ELIZABETH BIBB, nee Glassbrook, born Hanover Co., Va., Oct. 15, 1802; died Russellvi1le, Ky. at residence of son, Dr. George R. Bibb, Feb. 24, 1878; married Richard Bacon in Va., 1821 and moved to Ky. where he died; married Richard Bibb, Jr., 1829 (he died 1839).

ENOCH and ELIZABETH JONES; he born Sept. 17, 1791 and died Feb. 2, 1878, Cannon Co., Tenn.; she, his wife, born Feb. 6, 1797 and died June 10, 1877; married about 65 years; Cumberland Presbyterians; raised ten children.

SALLIE LOGAN born Madison Co., Ky., Jan. 21, 1843; married J. R. Logan, Oct. 7, 1862; died Washington Co., Ky., Dec. 9, 1877 at residence of father, S. W. Harber.

THOMAS EDWIN McGOWAN s/o E. L. and M. J. McGowan, born 1860; died Nov. 13, 1877.

PETER HALE KOGER s/o James and Amanda Koger, died White Co., Tenn., Feb. 26, 1878 aged 46 years and 3 months.

JULIA A. OBOR /as spelled in obit./, born May 17, 1847; married Thomas J. Harwood, Oct. 29, 1865; died of consumption, Jan. 12, 1878; leaving 4 children.

Tribute of Respect to Mrs. ADELINE BRADLEY dau of Governor Bibb, died recently; by Ladies Cooperative Society, Methodist Church, South, Huntersville, Ala., March 5, 1878.


March 30, 1878

LAURA BRISTOW dau of Rev. W. B. and Catherine Rush, born Feb. 2, 1851; died-Feb. 16, 1878; surviving were husband and children.

MARY A. HALEY wife of W. N. Haley, died Feb. 24, 1878; born in Va., May 28, 1817; married January 13, 1842; surviving were husband, 8 children and a brother, James J. Crowder.

WILLIAM HINES SLAUGHTER born April 14, 1807; died Hodgenville, Ky., Dec. 17, 1877.

ANNA S. PETERSON born West Va., January 1803; died Feb. 28, 1878, Nicholas Co., Ky.; husband died 1845 leaving her with 11 children, 10 surviving her.

SUSIE DAWSON MITCHELL died Glenville, Ala., Jan. 6, 1878 aged 24 years; youngest dau of Dr. Thomas H. Dawson; married Americus C. Mitchell, Jr., Oct. 23, 1873. Their child, Merrie Susie Mitchell died Feb. 1, 1878 aged 22 months. One other daughter predeceased her mother.

ENDA MITCHELL dau of late Capt. Julius C. Mitchell, died Glenville, Ala., Feb. 22, 1878 aged 5 years, 10 months.


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Miss L. PETER BREEDING died January 22, 1878, Auburn, Ky.

E. J. EVANS dau of Rev. James Ward born Va., January 1804; moved to Ky. with family, 1808; married W. W. Evans and moved to Indiana, then returned to Ky. where she died February 6, 1876.

WILLIE FRANCIS dau of Dr. J. C. Francis, Jacksville, Ala., died Feb. 25, 1878.

CARTER B. THOMPSON s/o William R. and Mary A. Thompson, died near Chickasaw, Ala., Feb. 16, 1878 in the 19th year of his age.

Tribute of Respect to Rev. DABNEY BALL, presiding elder, who died recently; by Quarterly Conference, Trinity Station, undated.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. W. WILLIAMS who died Mar. 11, 1878 in Williamson Co., Tenn. in the 50th year of his age; burial in family graveyard with Masonic honors. He had written a letter dated Feb. 24, 1878 to his pastor and fellow members at Pope's Chapel, biding them farewell.


Apri1 6, 1878


The Lynchburg News, of March 23, contains the following description of a Bible printed in 1613. As this was two years after our present authorized version was published, we would like to know whether it is a copy of that or of the Geneva Bible the latter, we presume. We have a copy of the Geneva Bible: "Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie 1599":

The Rev. John Bayley, of the Virginia Conference, has an English Bible which is a curiosity. It is printed in black letter. The title-page is a solid engraving, with the names of the twelve sons of Jacob in panels, with the coat of arms of each tribe, and the portraits of the twelve apostles, with their names in like panels. A blank heart-shaped center on the page has

Imprinted at London,
By Robert Barker,
Printer to the Kings
Most Excellent Maiestie
Anno 1613

At the bottom of the page in large italics, (? ?)

The first pages contain the English Book of Common Prayer followed by a singular sort of genealogical tree or table of the Jews from Abraham to Christ. The title-page of the New Testament is a facsimile of the old. It contains the Apocryphal books found in the Old Bible. We notice that Vs and Us are used convertibly.

Following the New Testament are "Two right profitable and fruit full concordances, or large and ample tables alphabetical."

The volume closes with:

"The Whole Books of Psalmes."

"Collected into English meter by Thomas Sternehold John Hopkins and others conferred with the Hebrew with apt notes to sing them with all. Set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of all the people together, before and after sermons; and moreover, in private houses, for their Godly solace and comfort, laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads which tende onely to the nourishment of vice and corrupting of youth."

One "Rushton claims the book by his signature in 1769." He was born it appears in 1706.

There are two family records in the book one of the Rushton family, and one of the Dickerson family about 100 years apart.

We give the following verbatim:

"Madam and my daughter Katherin was borne on Sonday, the 15 of January a little before 5 at night, and christened on Thursday after."

This is a rare old book, and has fallen into godly hands.


Apri1 6, 1878 (continued)

A. SCOTT STRONG wife of General Elihu Strong, Aberdeen, Mississippi died Jan. 8, 1878 aged 74 years; born Oglethorpe Co., Ga.; a long panegyric written by a friend.

DEBORAH STARLING wife of H. F. Starling, born No. Caro1ina, April 1811; married 1831; moved to Miss. 1844; died Newton Co., Miss., Dec. 3, 1877; joined Methodist Church 1823.

JOANNA RUSSELL dau of Major J. P. and Mattie Russell died Stevenson, Ala., Mar. 13, 1878 aged 17 years, 3 months and 22 days.

WILLIAM HARPER born Marion Co., Ky., July 4, 1838; died Daviess Co., Ky., Feb. 16, 1878; surviving were widow and 3 children.

SAMUEL B. OWEN born May 10, 1842; married Canzada Tate 1867; died Cannon Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1878; surviving were widow and 6 children.

HANNAH BLACK widow of Capt. A. G. Black, born March 4, 1806; died Feb. 24, 1878 at residence of son-in-law, Rev. W. E. McKenzie, Giles Co., Tenn.; married May 14, 1826; of her 12 children, 4 survived her.

NINA ADDINE GRUBBS dau of Rev. L. Hensley and Mary J. Grubbs of Decatur, Ala., born Decatur, Ala., July 5, 1873; died March 8, 1878.

JAMES VASSAR died Franklin Co., Tenn., Dec. 3O, 1877 in the 52nd year of his age; native of Cannon Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM A. HINE, JR. s/o W. A. and Letitia Hine, died Feb. 23, 1878 aged 22 years and 5 days.

ELIZABETH C. OAKLEY born Aug. 24, 1826; died Salem, Tenn., Feb. 21, 1878.


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HANNAH AMIS, nee Kennedy, wife of Thomas Amis, born Maury Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1800; married October 1827; mother of 7 children all of whom "died years ago"; had six surviving grandchildren (four children of Rev. W. H. Wilkes and two children of Erastus Amis); died March 2, 1878.

PHEBE E. BLAISDELL wife of Rev. Henry R. Blaisdell, dau of Dorsey K. and Polly Stockton of Fleming Co., Ky.; granddaughter of Major George Stockton of Maryland and an early settler of Kentucky; died March 9, 1878.

ELIZABETH BRABSON, nee Smith, born Kent Co., Delaware, Oct. 4, 1808; died Feb. 27, 1878 at residence of son-in-law, William L. Bence, Jefferson Co., Ky.; married in Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1833.


Apri1 13, 1878

THOMAS EDWIN McEWAN born 1860; die Nov. 13, 1877; joined ME Church 1874.

JIMMIE A. MALONE youngest dau of Mitchell and Susan B. Malone, born July 22, 1859; died Jan. 4, 1878.

LEANA S. TUTT born Dec. 24, 1865; died Todd Co., Ky., January 7, 1878.

MARY ELIZA BELL dau of John B. and Lucy Dickerson, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1834; moved to Tipton Co., Tenn. 1848; married J. W. Rowlan, Aug. 22, 1850 and he died Sept. 1852; married Jonathan Bell, Nov. 25, 1858. She died Jan. 12, 1878; surviving were husband, a son and 3 grandchildren.

RICHARD M. ROSE born Nash Co., No. Carolina, Dec. 10, 1802. ELIZABETH POPE ROSE born in same place, May 3, 1802. They married Dec. 17, 1822; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. 1834 where he died Dec. 13, 1878/1877?/ and she died Dec. 14, thereafter. "Side by side we laid them in the same grave."

JOHN W. CHRISTIE born Oct. 23, 1829; married Martha L. Benningfield, Aug. 22, 1851 (she died Nov. 29, 1866); married Mrs. Sarah A. Dabney, Jan. 29, 1867. He died Casey Co., Ky., February 2, 1878.

MARY AMANDA THOMPSON born Wilkinson Co., Miss., Feb. 4, 1819; dau of Colonel Hiram Singleton of So. Carolina; married Dr. A. J. Thompson, April 9, 1835; joined Methodist Church 1837; died March 9, 1878.

F. GLENN born Sept. 30, 1848; she died February 13, 1878.

MARY D. HYDEN born Hawkins Co., Tenn., April 22, 1835; dau of Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Mitchell; married J. C. Hyden, Sept. 18, 185l; died Mendocino Co., California, March 8, 1878; surviving were parents, husband and 9 children.

SARAH S. HOLMES wife of Charles R. Holmes, born Dec. 1, 1833; died Mar. 10, 1878, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

VINCENT FUGATE born Hopkins Co., Ky., March 12, 1821; died Nov. 3, 1877; married Narcissa B. Bourland, Feb. 13, 1844; 8 children still living and 4 predeceased him.

METTS BISHOP born Franklin Co., Ala. and died Feb. 15, 1878 aged 17 years.

Tribute of Respect to J. WALSTON by 2nd Quarterly Conference, Oakland Circuit, Florence Dist., No. Ala. Conference, dated March 23, 1878.


Apri1 20, 1878

MARY A. GENTRY born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 18, 1830; died near College Grove, Tenn., Mar. 12, 1878; married Joseph S. Gentry, Jan. 15, 1850; dau of William and Mary J. Rucker; mother of 2 daus, one having died at age 18 years in 1871 and the other, Mrs. C. H. Phillips, survived her.

ELIZABETH HAMILTON ABERNATHY wife of Charles C. Abernathy, died near Pulaski Tenn., Mar. 13, 1878 in her 61st year of age; 6 children survived her.

FROZANIA GARRETT, nee Cummings, wife of A. G. Garrett, born Dec. 5, 1825; died March 9, 1878.


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SARAH ANN BLACK dau of Richard and Elizabeth Bransford, married David Black, Nov. 25, 1868; died Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1877 eight days short of her 40th birthday. Her mother died August 26, 1875- called "Aunt Betsy." A surviving sister was Mrs. Jane W. Gibbs.

THOMAS J. B. TURNER born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1818; married Sarah dau of the late Colonel Robert Jetton, 1838; joined Methodist Church 1858; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., January 4, 1878.

WALLACE THORNSBURY born Nov. 8, 1857; died Hanna Springs, Ala., Jan. 31, 1878 of pneumonia. Tribute to him by 2nd Quarterly Conference, Valley Head Circuit, No. Alabama Conference, undated.

SARAH CAMPBELL born Washington Co., Tenn.; died Cherokee Co., Ala., Jan. 6, 1878 aged 78 years, 10 months; dau of Joseph Duncan; married Andrew Campbell, 1820.

ELIZABETH S. JENKINS, oldest member of Methodist Church in Princeton, Ky., born Lincoln Co., Ga., Feb. 15, 1780; married Samuel Jenkins, July 5, 1808; joined Methodist Church 1813; died Dec. 14, 1877. A grandfather died at age 97 years; her father, Samuel Thomas, died aged 108 years; he was a colonel in the Revolutionary War. "She remembered distinctly General /George/ Washington while he was President of the United States and visiting Georgia, taking dinner with her father upon one occasion, she being present."

SARAH E. BROWN, nee Nichols, wife of R. Pitts Brown, Nashville, Tenn., died April 14, 1878; raised in Maury Co., Tenn.

Tribute of Respect to Miss LENA SCHUESSLER who died recently; by fellow pupils at LaFayette, Ala. Sunday School, dated April 7, 1878.

Tribute of Respect to GRANVILLE McCLOTHIN who died suddenly, July 9, 1877; by Cherry Mound Masonic Lodge 227 dated February 16, 1878.


Apri1 27, 1878

JOHN C. HARRISON, D. D., born Mecklenburg Co., No. Carolina, Oct. 1, 1809; joined Methodist Church, Shelby Co., Ky., Aug. 29, 1829; died Mar. 11, 1878; served well in Methodist ministry in Kentucky; a long panegyric by T. J. Dodd.

MARY WILSON dau of Mark and Elizabeth Jackson, born Union Dist., So. Carolina, April 12, 1815; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1822-23; then to Bedford Co., Tenn.; married John C. Wilson, Nov. 5, 1835; died near Unionville, Mar. 8, 1878.

KATIE TUMLEY born Spotsylvania Co., Va., April 17, 1785; died Mar. 15, 1878. Florence District.

DRURY T. DAWSON born Hart Co., Ky., Feb. 1, 1850; died Cowley Co., Kansas, Oct. 3, 1877.

WILLIS D. ROBERTSON born Spartanburgh Dist., So. Carolina, Mar. 29, 1808; married Melissa C. Harrington, Feb. 7, 1828; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1841; died Williamson Co., Tenn. March 18, 1878.

EDWARD M. WARFIELD born Meade Co., Ky., Sept. 6, 1844; died Henderson Co., Ky., Mar. 8, 1878; married Ellen E. Powell, July 14, 1864.

JULIA A. F. CADE dau of L. D. and H. E. Cade, born Catoosa Co., Ga., Mar. 21, 1860; died Feb. 20, 1878.

RACHEL BECK wife of Benjamin Beck, born April 1, 1822; died Dec. 14, 1877.

GEORGE ANN WOODWARD born Hart Co., Ky., 1852; died March 23, 1878.

JESSE WALLACE s/o J. W. and M. C. Mobley, born Apr. 4, 1868; died Jan. 21, 1878 having drowned in Cedar Creek on Tennessee-Mississippi border.

SOPHIA S. WARD wife of B. E. Ward, died Grayson Co., Ky. Mar. 12, 1878; born Jan. 1, 1846; married May 15, 1875. Died at residence of father, Clark Nuckolls.

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JANE ELIZABETEH HUFF born Fauquier Co., Va., Sept. 21, 1819; dau of Nathaniel and Catharine Cockerell; married John Huff. /Death date not given/

JAMES T. ELLIS died Mar. 13, 1878, Wilson Co., Tenn. in the 87th year of his age; surviving were widow and three children.

TOMMIE WHITTEN AYERS dau of T. J. and Whitten Gooch, died Cedar Hill, Tenn., Mar. 16, 1878 aged 2 years, 7 months and 15 days; scarlet fever.


May 4, 1878

Rev. FIELDING F. FAGAN, Tenn. Conference, s/o Rev. R. L. Fagan, born Cannon Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1846; licensed to preach, Methodist Church, Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 1865; married Mildred Short, Dec. 21, 1870; served church in middle Tenn.; died April 11, 1878 and buried in the "new" cemetery in Pulaski, Tenn.

JOHN HOWARD born Jackson Co., Tenn., Aug. 23, 1800; died Tuskegee, Ala., Feb. 21, 1878; married Lucinda Jennings, Mar. 24, 1824; had 12 children, 4 surviving him.

Major GEORGE T. ALLMAN born Smith Co., Tenn., Oct. 6, 1820; married Mattie V. Moody, Sept. 2, 1858 and moved to Marshall Co., Tenn. in November 1858; died April 4, 1878; surviving were widow and 9 children.

GEORGIA ANNA HUNTER born Mar. 13, 1864; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Mar. 27, 1878.

YANCY TURNER born Oct. 30, 1788; died Jan. 2, 1878. His wife, MARY TURNER, born Oct. 20, 1786; died August 11, 1870.

MARY J. LOWERY dau of "Mr." and Henrietta Lowery, born Mar. 18, 1855; died March 14, 1878.

MARY BELL CLARK dau of John and Mary Clark born April 9, 1857; died Mar. 3, 1878.

SEMIRAMIS ORME born near Richmond, Va., 1813; moved to Tenn. about 1826; married Melvin Orme 1835 and moved to Morgan Co., Ala.; died Mar. 13, 1878.

EMILY WYNN born Tazewell Co., Va. where she married Minor Wynn and they moved to Miss. about 1840 where she died, in Grundy Co., Mar. 23, 1878.

WILLIAM JARMON born Albemarle Co., Va., April 6, 1819; died Richmond, Ky., March 28, 1878.

CORA VANTREASE dau of Wilson and Mattie Vantrease born Jan. 1, 1875 and died April 2, 1878.


May 11, 1878

Rev. JEREMIAH STROTHER born Gallatin Co., Ky, Nov. 2, 1802; died near Millersburg, Ky., Mar. 21, 1878; s/o Rev. Jeremiah Strother, a local Methodist preacher; he was also a surveyor; married twice and had 12 children.

Mrs. NANCY M. ADAMS born Feb. 28, 1820; died Adairville, Ky., April 1, 1878.

W. ALGERNON WILSON born Trigg Co., Ky., Aug. 19, 1832; died April 15, 1878. His mother was a sister of Rev. Littleton Fowler. An interesting panegyrlc written by "J. A. L."

MARTHA "Pattie" COMER born Oct. 10, 1857; died Sept. 10, 1877.

JAMES S. DACEY born Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 8, 1825; s/o Thomas Dacey of Irish birth who was coroner of Logan Co. for years; died in residence of John Ferguson, Apri1 23, 1878.

WILLIAM A. WATKINS born Feb. 28, 1843; married Harriet A. Tomlinson, Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1865; died April 7, 1878; a Baptist deacon. From Maury Co. he moved to Warren Co., Tenn. last winter "thinking the mountain county would improve his health."

WILLIAM COX born Breckinridge Co., Ky., Feb. 15, 1822; married Helena Haydon and she died; married widow of Dr. C. H. Robertson, Feb. 15, 1854; died Bullitt Co., Ky., August 11, 1877.


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HARRIET M. DAVIS died McLennon Co., Texas, Feb. 16, 1878; dau of William L. and Margaret B. Taylor; married Thomas R. Davis, 1865 and had 4 children.

GEORGE POWELL born Hancock Co., Ga., May 2, 1795; died Woodford Co., Ky., April 7, 1878; in 1818 moved from Ga. to Ala.; married Nancy dau of Judge Peter Williamson, 1820; moved to Ky. 1868 "to live with his son."

ELIZABETH A. POWER wife of J. W. Power, born Mo., Dec. 20, 1832; died Morgan Co., Ala., Feb. 22, 1878.

RUTH A. CHRISTOPHER born Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1821; married James H. Glenn, April 26, 1849; died March 26, 1878; surviving were husband and two children.

Tribute of Respect to Mrs. ALICE PRICE who died Nicholasville, Ky., Mar. 14, 1878; by Sunday School, Methodist Church, Nicholasville dated April 21, 1878.


May 18, 1878

General HIRAM S. EMERSON, Manchester, Tenn., died Mar. 30, 1878, having accidentally drowned; moved to Manchester from Greensburg, Ky. in Oct. 1841 where he was born July 11, 1799; joined Methodist Church 1849; buried with Masonic honors in Manchester.

SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN, nee Nichols, born Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 1, 1837; married R. Pitts Brown, Nov. 18, 1857; settled in Nashville 1866 where she died April 14, 1878 leaving a husband and 2 children.

MARIA B. PARROTT dau of Joshua and Nancy P. Smith, born Gallatin, Tenn., Feb. 1, 1835; died near Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 30, 1877; wife of Rev. A. G. Parrott who survived with one child.

Miss EMMA A. DICKSON born July 26, 1856; died March 21, 1878.

SALLIE E. SAGE born Clark Co., Ind., Sept. 14, 1849; died Dec. 10, 1877.

MARGARET E. PARKER, nee Beauchamp, born Nov. 19, 1820; died April 8, 1878.

ELIZA PRIDE wife of Hock Pride, Esq., died near Tuscumbia, Ala., Mar. 3, 1878.

NARCISSA C. BALDRIDGE, nee Neely, born Lauderdale Co., Ala., Mar. 11, 1836; married M. C. Baldridge, Jan. 16, 1855; died Huntersville, Ala., April 13, 1878.

MARY B. McFERRAN born Hanover Co., Va., Oct. 22, 1800; married E. I. Bacon early in life and moved to Louisville, Ky. where he died; married Judge W. R. McFerran, 1844; he died May 22, 1877 and she died April 30, 1878.

XYSTERA PURSLEY wife of Robert Pursley, dau of Daniel and Margaret Hughs, died Union City, Tenn., April 28, 1878 aged 29 years.


May 25, 1878

JOHN JOHNSTON born Crosh, Tyrone Co., Ireland; came to U. S. 1840; to Louisville, Ky. 1842 where he died April 22, 1878; long a member of 4th Street Methodist Church.

FRANCES S. HOWARD born Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1844; moved to Perry Co., Tenn., 1857; joined Methodist Church, June 7, 1852; married Rev. R. J. Howard, June 13, 1864; died April 14, 1878.

CASSANDRA JACKSON dau of George and Temperance Massa, born Louisa Co., Va., April 1, 18O7; married J. J. Jackson, Dec. 18, 1833; moved in 1838 to Todd Co., Ky., where she died April 28, 1878; of five children, three survived her.

JAMES ADKINS s/o Richard and Rebecca Adkins, born Brunswick Co., Va., Oct. 28, 18O2; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. 1812; joined Methodist Church 1822; married Susan Brown 1822; died Jackson Co., Ala., April 12, 1878.

Mrs. M. E. LACEY born Sept. 25, 1830; married Oct. 25, 1854; died Madison, Ala., Apri1 24, 1878.


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SARAH CASSANDRA JONES wife of E. D. Jones; dau of T. D. and Amanda Tarpley, born Feb. 13, 1846; died Mar. 26, 1878; married Sept. 13, 1866; moved to Marshall Co., Tenn., Feb. 1867; member of Allen's Chapel (Methodist).

RACHEL HART born Jan. 17, 1814; died Mar. 23, 1878; married Joseph Hart, Jan. 23, 1835 and had 9 children, 4 surviving.

Miss MATTIE P. JAMISON born Oct. 9, 1859; died April 30, 1878.

MADISON WATSON JOHNSON died Mercer Co., West Va., April 5, 1878 in the 35th year of his age.

Tribute of Respect to JOHN H. MORRIS who died recently; by Quarterly Conf., Amberson Circuit, No. Ala. Conference, undated.


June 1, 1878

Rev. FIELDING FOSTER FAGAN born Dec. 8, 1846, Cannon Co., Tenn.; died near Cornersville, Tenn., April 11, 1878; a long panegyric written by Willbon Mooney. Tribute to him by 3rd Quarterly Conf., Peterburg Circuit, dated May 18, 1878. June 29 issue contains a sentimental panegyric written for him by Mrs. Sue F. Mooney. July 27 issue, "Reminiscences of the Rev. Fielding Foster Fagan," a pious panegyric written for him by Rev. W. D. Cherry.

GEORGE MATTHIS born Nelson Co., Ky., Nov. 4, 1806; died Elizabethtown, Ky., May 7, 1878; in 1816 moved to Hardin Co., Ky. and in 1823 to Elizabethtown; married Elizabeth McQuown, October 5, 1830.

MARY BRYANT, nee Driver, born July 11, 1835; married W. M. Bryant; died Smithville, Tenn., April 15, 1878.

JOHN S. BROWN born Russell Co., Ky., May 4, 1845; died May 12, 1878.


June 8, 1878

HENRY AULT born Knox Co., Tenn., Nov. 29, 1813; died Knoxville, Tenn., May 23, 1878; oldest s/o Frederick and Mary Ault; became successful merchant; married M. E. A. Truslow, Nov. 8, 1838 who died years before he did.

MARY K. PROUT died Trimble Co., Ky., April 30, 1878; dau of Rev. W. A. and Nancy Hudson; married Dr. B. F. Prout; surviving were her infant son and her parents.

Dr. W. R. H. CASS, Marion Co., Ky., died Mar. 23, 1878; born Winchester, Ky., Jan. 6, 1814; married Miss Logan who survived with one daughter.

ANN M. WILSON, Nee Workman, born Shelby Co., Ky., Nov. 12, 1804; married Jesse G. Wilson, Dec. 5, 1843; died Daviess Co., Ky., May 14, 1878.

MALINDA PATTON born Lebanon, Tenn., July 13, 1845; married Zara Patton, Jan. 5, 1860; died Hardin Co., Ky., April 9, 1878; had 7 children, the youngest only a month old and given to Mrs. Frances Bennett to "care" for it.

ELIZABETH A. COOPER born Sept. 16, 1838; married Sam Q. Cooper, Feb. 27, 1862 and had three children; died April 15, 1878.

NANCY A. TATE wife of J. M. Tate, dau of Peter and Mahala Shook, born Haywood Co., No. Carolina, July 16, 1832; married Jan. 25, 1856; died April 24, 1878.

MARY A. REESE wife of Rev. T. G. Reese, born April 13, 1810; died April 17, 1878.

CORDELIA HUNT dau of Mrs. Elizabeth Epperson, Madison Co., Ala., died Jan. 29, 1878.

SUSAN MARTIN born Madison Co., Ala., Aug. 30, 1822; died in same place, Jan. 16, 1878.

Mrs. METHENY wife of Rev. W. H. Metheny, Ark. Conf., died Dover, Ark., May 18, 1878; surviving were husband and 6 children, the youngest 6 months old.


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June 15, 1878

Hon. LEMUEL ALLAN WILMOT, ex-governor and senator of New Brunswick, Canada, died May 20, 1878.

Rev. WILLIAM CLEAVER, "venerable missionary" died Trinidad, April 19, 1878 having had his 60th birthday last February.

SARAH F. WADE born Goochland Co., Va., Feb. 22, 1775; dau of Calum and Judah Bailey; moved to Barren Co., Ky.; married Robert Lane who died about 1827; married James Wade who died in 1864; she died Feb. 10, 1878.

MARTHA J. ABERNATHY wife of Dr. C. C. Abernathy of Pulaski, born Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 18, 1832; dau of James Stockard; died May 14, 1878.

HATTIE McELWAIN died Trenton, Ky., April 20, 1878; oldest child of A. T. and Sallie Byars; born Todd Co., Ky., July 28, 1854; married James W. McElwain, November 16, 1876.

ANNA E. BUTCHER infant dau of William E. and Susan E. Butcher, Christian Co., Ky., died May 11, 1878 aged 10 months, 27 days old.


June 22, 1878

Rev. CARROLL LONG born McMinn Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1823; licensed to exhort in Methodist Church, Jan. 28, 1845; licensed to preach the same year; married Nancy S. Oury; served in southern Alabama Methodist churches; died May 22, 1878 and was buried at Wesleyana, his "native church."

SALLIE M. BYARS dau of Austin Barnett, born Shelby Co., Ky., July 7, 1834; married S. A. Ratcliff 1855 and he died in 1864 leaving her with 2 children; married Joseph G. Byars 1866; died May 21, 1878.

MARY JANE McDEARMAN born Aug. 3, 1831; died May 5, 1878; married Capt. McDearman, Aug. 8, 1850 and had 3 daughters, 3 sons.

SAMUEL CLARK MOORE s/o Rev. J. T. C. and Mary Moore, born Todd Co., Ky., Oct. 7, 1833; died May 1, 1878.

LAURA C. DICKINSON wife of Rev. Anthony S. Dickinson, Ala. Conf., died Pike Co., Ala., May 13, 1878 aged 39 years.

G. W. C. LOVELL born Davidson Co., Tenn.; died Clarksville, Tenn., May 10, 1878 in his 66th year of age.

MARY POMEROY SHEFFIELD died April 19, 1878 aged 1 year, 9 months, youngest child of Rev. W. D. and Nancy Sheffield.

LUCY SINCLAIR, nee Moncrieff, born Edinburgh, Scotland, July 3, 1830; her mother was a Quaker; married John Ferguson at age 19 years and came to New York; her husband died leaving her with 2 children; after she moved to Nashville, Tenn., she married James M. Sinclair, Dec. 10, 1859; she died June 12, 1878. Tribute to her by Methodist Publishing House staff where her husband was employed, dated June 13, 1878.

KATE SMITH BOLAND dau of Rev. J. M. Boland died Talladega, Ala., May 29, 1878 aged about 9 months.


June 29, 1878

Mrs. SARAH "Aunt Sallie" JOHNSON, Shelbyville, Tenn., born White Co., Tenn., Feb. 10, 1804; married John B. Johnson, June 5, 1828; he died 1863; she died May 20, 1878; both buried in New Hope Campground Cemetery.

ANVELINE SMITH born June 28, 1828; married S. R. Smith, Aug. 7, 1851; died Barbour Co., Ala., May 17, 1878.

MATTIE A. PATTERSON wife of James J. Patterson, dau. of Thomas G. and Mildred E. Jones, born June 12, 1855; married Feb. 24, 1874; died Giles Co., Tenn., May 26, 1878.


(Page 51)

JAMES MONROE BATTS born Sept. 30, 1842; died April 30, 1878; married M. P. Matthews, June 1, 1866; to Mary Herring, Jan. 28, 1869 and she survived him with a son born of the first marriage.

CAROLINE T. BOYD died Christian Co., Ky., June 6, 1878 aged 67 years; native of Va.; Cumberland Presbyterian.

LUCY HOULET dau of Abraham and Sarah Muncy, died Warren Co., Tenn., Mar. 16, 1878.

MARTHA A. M. LAWS, nee Birthright, wife of Charles H. Laws, died Summerfield, Ala., April 16, 1878 aged 64 years; born Brunswick Co., Va.; married Feb. 26, 1834; moved to Miss. 1844; husband died April 21, 1852; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1859; moved to Summerfield 1870.

HARRIET I. STROUD dau of Samuel and Mary Powell, born Sept. 12, 1837; married M. L. Stroud, Dec. 6, 1855; joined Methodist Church 1863; died Warren Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1877.

WILLIAM CROSS died Feb. 26, 1878, Fayette Co., Tenn.; born July 1842.

SARAH HADDON died Montgomery Co., Ky., Jan. 23, 1878 aged 29 years; wife of Columbus Haddon, dau of Obadiah and Lavisa Smith, all of whom survived her.


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