By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 6, 1877

SARAH STALCUP wife of Rev. Alex. Stalcup, born Cheatham Co., Tenn., January 1, 1846 and died North Edgefield, Tenn., December 4, 1876; married December 30, 1867. Surviving were husband and children.

SUSAN T. NORTH wife of Anthony North, dau of Robert and Susan May, born 1820 and died September 30, 1876; mother of nine children, one of whom died in Confederate service and another in a northern prison. Second husband, Eldridge Smotherman was murdered by home-guards; married A. North, Dec. 31, 1866.

SAMUEL RUDD s/o Rev. J. N. and Nancy Rudd died November 28, 1876 aged 11 days.

CHARLES EDNEY BROOKS d/o Rev. Jason P. Brooks, local preacher in Pinewood Circuit, Tenn. Conference, born July 17, 1874; died December 1, 1876.

SARAH HILL VAUGHT born Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1802; died Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 17, 1876; d/o Adam Dale; md Nathan Vaught, Apr. 8, 1834; professed religion in 1833 and united with Methodist Church; afflicted with rheumatism for over 8 years. Husband and children surviving.

JEFFERSON MADERS born Jefferson Co., Ky. 1803; died Oct. 11, 1876; member of Methodist Church 50 years; died at residence of dau Mrs. James Hite.

MELISSA TAYLOR, nee Erwin, born Graves Co., Ky., Jan. 19, 1841; married R. I. Taylor, Dec. 10, 1874; died August 15, 1876.

MARY A. B. THOMAS wife of Colonel Simeon Thomas, dau of late Rev. S. P. V. Gillespie; born near Russellville, Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 20, 1820; died Sept. 20, 1876 at residence of son, S. L. Elam, Harrisonburg, La.; married twice; with first husband left one son; with second husband left two daughters.

WILLIAM J. WALDRIDGE s/o James and Etta Waldridge, born Sept. 20, 1871; died December 20, 1876.

SUSAN MARGARET GIDEON born 1847; died Dec. 23, 1876; joined Methodist Church 1864; surviving were husband and two children.


January 13, 1877

MATTIE EVERLYN LAWS only child of D. C. and Minnie Laws died Summerfield, Ala., December 21, 1876 aged 11 months, 10 days.

COMMODORE CORNELIUS VANDERBILT, benefactor of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., died January 4, 1877. Funeral January 7. Burial in Vanderbilt vault, Moravian Church, Newdorp, New York. Abstract of his will and tributes to his memory also in this issue.

SAMUEL ANDERSON born Virginia 1833; died Barren Co., Ky., Dec. 18, 1876; married the widow Emerson who survived him and 3 children as well (she had three children from a former marriage).

SALLIE W. H. WITT dau of Carter H. and Sarah Witt died Nov. 25, 1876 after a brief illness.

CHARLES THORNTON MERRILL s/o Charles and Mary Merrill, born Sept. 2 and died November 3, 1876.

MARTHA A. E. ENOCHS dau of Stephen Dance, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Jan. 31, 1818; died August 29, 1876; married David L. Enochs, August 10, 1842.

RUTH JONES born Edmundson Co., Ky. Jan. 1811; married 1825; died Warren Co., Ky. December 15, 1876.

WILLIAM J. SHORT s/o John T. and Elizabeth Short, born Brunswick Co., Va. July 16, 1823; moved as a boy to Giles Co., Tenn.; died October 24, 1876.

MINNIE ESTELLA GARDNER dau of John M. and MarthaS. Gardner, born Maury Co., Tenn. April 20, 1870; died diphtheria and typhoid fever, October 16, 1876.


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Miss PATTIE JONES dau of Tignal and Susan Jones, born Lawrence Co., Ala., Sept. 3, 1848; died there, Nov. 6, 1876 in residence of aunt, Mrs. Ann Goodwin; moved with her parents to San Antonio, Texas 1855 and in 1866 her mother died; she helped to raise her siblings.

DOLLIE WILSON dau of William N. Cowan; wife of W. P. Wilson, born June 1, 1852; died Turkey Town, Ala. October 5, 1876; married in 1875.

FRANCIS McALISTER born Abbeville Dist., So. Carolina, August 1, 1801; died Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama October 17, 1876.

ELIZABETH COFFMAN wife of H. Coleman, dau of Stephen and Elizabeth Prather, born Hopkins Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1829 and died December 16, 1876.

MARY T. WILKES only dau of F. A. and M. E. Burke, died near Columbia, Tenn. Dec. 3, 1876; married R. A. Wilkes, son of Rev. W. H. Wilkes, Tennessee Conference, Jan. 28, 1872; mention of her uncle, Robert Owen.

MARGARET HUNTER TOWNSEND born Buncombe Co., No. Carolina, Oct. 27, 1800; moved to White Co., Tenn.; married Andrew Townsend in 1818 and after 32 years he died; she died March 17, 1876; had moved to Alabama in 1873.

HENRY B. BRADFORD s/o late G. G. Bradford, born Nov. 19, 1858 and died near Madison, Tenn. Dec. 20, 1876; student at Edgefield Male Academy.

ADDIE R. MALONE wife of Rev. Joseph S. Malone, died Philadelphia, La., Dec. 24, 1876; remains returned for burial in Fosterville, Bedford Co., Tennessee.


January 20, 1877

JAMES HENDERSON McFERRIN s/o Rev. James and Jane C. McFerrin, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. June 2, 1815 and died Cross Co., Ark., Nov. 9, 1876; having lived in west Tenn. and in no. Miss. He moved later to Ark. "He is the second child his mother has buried in more than sixty years."

JOSEPH CALDWELL BOGLE born Blount Co., Tenn. and died in DeKalb Co., Ala. Dec. 20, 1876 aged about 74 years. Raised a Presbyterian he later joined Methodist Church. Surviving were widow and several children.

LOUISA HELEN PIGG wife of Rev. Elisha Pigg, born No. Carolina, April 22, 1810; parents were Joseph and Penelope Gardner; moved in 1842 to Williamson Co., Tenn.; she married Dec. 10, 1826; joined Methodist Church 1824; moved to Ill. 1828.

ANNIE ACKER dau of William C. and Theresa J. Acker born May 17, 1870 and died October 4, 1876.

WILLIAM MARVIN "my darling son"(A. Gottschall) died Nov. 1, 1876 aged 4 months and 14 days.

SARAH JANE MILLER born Marion Co., Ky. June 15, 1835 and died there Sept. 6, 1876; dau of William and Celia Peterson; married at age 17 years to Henry Miller.

JOHN PIRTLE s/o Rev. John Pirtle, dec., brother of Hon. Judge Pirtle and late Rev. C. Pirtle, Louisville, Ky., born Washington Co., Ky. Ju1y 6, 1804; married (1) Clarissa B. Roberts June 1831 and had 4 sons and 3 daus; one of his sons, F. W. Pirtle, a member of the board of stewards, Hartford Circuit; married (2) Mrs. Sallie A. Sublett, August 26, 1846 and had 3 daus. and 2 sons. Died Ohio County, Kentucky, September 7, 1876.

SUSAN P. NEAL wife of Judge C. B. Neal born April 6, 1835; married March 1858; died December 23, 1876; suffered bodily ills for fifteen years.

DAVID WEBB born 1857; after his mother's second marriage he left home and moved to Munford, Ala. and lived in family of R. T. Conley with whom he was living when he was mortally injured by a falling tree, October 27, 1876.

ELI McENTYRE SMITH born Bourbon Co., Ky. July 20, 1865; died Bloomfield, Ky., Jan. 5, 1877; typhoid fever. Surviving were parents and four sisters.


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SALLIE FARMER died Robertson Co., Tenn. Nov. 15, 1876 in her 88th year of age. She was for years member of venerable congregation, Mt. Zion Methodist Ch. and in its burial yard she was buried.


January 27, 1877

ALFRED BATTLE died Hale Co., Ark. in his 76th year of age; devout Methodist; surviving was a son, William A. Battle. Tribute to him in Feb. 17th issue. He was born Nash Co., No. Carolina 1801; moved in 1823 to Tuscaloosa, Ala.; joined Methodist Church 1832; died January 14, 1877.

Rev. JOHN HARRELL born Perquimans Co., No. Carolina Oct. 21, 1806; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1823; joined Tenn. Conference 1827; transferred to Ark. Dist., Missouri Conference in 1832; served in various capacities, including presiding elder. He died Vinita, Cherokee Nation, Dec. 8, 1876; married Eliza Williams, 1832, Washington Co., Ark.; had 9 children, 7

JOHN C. BRYON died Washington, Missouri, --- 8, 187_.

JOHN CRAIG born Orange Co., No. Carolina June 21, 1799; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. 1804 and moved to Wayne Co., Tenn. Nov. 1843 where he died Jan. 2, 1877; oldest of his father's children and last one buried. A husband/father.

Rev. JAMES KING LANSDEN, Cumberland Presbyterian, died Sparta, Tenn. January 14, 1877. "He died in great peace and went to his reward."

JOHN EWING LOVELL s/o F. P. and E. E. Lovell, Cheatham Co., Tenn., born Aug. 10, 1874 and died January 6, 1877.

MARY H. EMERSON wife of Gen. Hiram S. Emerson born Dec. 22, 1805, Fairfax Co., Va.; died Dec. 9, 1876; father died when she was young and she was taken by aunt and uncle to Cumberland Co., Ky. where she married Sept. 12, 1826 and with her family moved to Manchester, Tenn. in 1841. In her last moments she spoke, "Yes -all's well."

AMARINDA STEELE wife of Sylvester Steele, born July 21, 1825 and died Montevallo, Ala., December 17, 1876.

CLINTON CARY born Talladega Springs, Ala. Feb. 8, 1852 and died there Jan. 1, 1877; joined Methodist Church Oct. 20, 1870, Mansfield, La.; merchant; a devoted son.

SARAH ANN CARTER wife of Rev. William Carter, Virginia Conference, died Boydton, Va. Dec. 11, 1876 aged 63 years, 8 months.


February 3, 1877

HUNT H. MAYO, Covington, Ky., born Newport, Ky. 1810 and died Jan. 11, 1877 in 67th year of age, from pneumonia; joined Methodist Church 1827.

Mrs. LANA GAY died Carbondale, Tenn. at residence of her father, Dec. 23, 1876 aged 21 years, 7 months, 19 days.

BOYD CARL s/o Frank and Bettie Carl born August 29, 1876 and died in Little Rock, Ark. January 15, 1877.

SARAH BEARD infant dau of Rev. G. W. and Josephine Smith died Bloomfield, Ky. Jan. 12, 1877, aged 8 months, meningitis.

Colonel ALEXANDER H. KEITH oldest s/o late Hon. Charles H. Keith, born Jefferson Co., Tenn. Dec. 27, 1811; died near Athens, Tenn. Dec. 31, 1876; an attorney when young he later farmed. Husband and father.

HUGHIE C. MAPLES s/o Malcolm G. and Rebecca C. Map1es born Mar. 1, 1863; died Nov. 17, 1876; "a kind, tender-hearted boy"; student at Bethel Institute for nearly five years.


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Rev. PAUL KESTLER born Rowan Co., No. Carolina Aug. 16, 1813; died Davie Co., No. Carolina Nov. 5, 1876; graduate, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Newberry, So. Carolina; a local Methodist preacher.

VERGIA SMITH only child of Owen and Lena Smith died near Lynnville, Tenn. Sept. 20, 1875 aged 7 years and some months.

WILLIE MAPLES GIBSON s/o Frank L. and E. J. Gibson born Dec. 6, 1874; died Jan. 8, 1877.

Rev. JOHN LINN, D. D., died Louisville, Ky. December 8, 1876. Tribute to him in Feb. 17th issue, by Preachers' Meeting, Louisville, Ky., undated.


February 10, 1877

Mrs. A. M. COLEMAN wife of Hon. A. A. Coleman, died Jan. 16, 1877 in Alabama; her mother, Mrs. Phares, mentioned. Regular obit.: Amanda M. Coleman, dau of John C. and Elizabeth Phares, wife of Hon. A. A. Coleman; died Greensboro, Ala. Jan. 15, 1877 in her 45th year of age; former pupil, Centenary College, Alabama where she graduated July 1848; husband was an attorney and judge.

LIZZIE FALL dau of Prof. Malone, head of law department, Vanderbilt University, died Jan. 31, 1877 aged 9 years; burial in Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville.

SARAH H. TUCKER, nee Feimster, died Iredell Co., No. Carolina Jan. 3, 1877; married at age 16 years to late Thomas L. Tucker. She was born June 14, 1808; most of her children were present at her dying bedside.

Rev. GEORGE PLEDGE was murdered in Arkansas; funeral held Dec. 3, 1876 at Granade Chapel.

EDDIE BRADFORD WILSON s/o C. J. and Maria E. Wilson, born Nov. 20, 1872; died Jan. 27, 1877; he had learned to repeat the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm.

Dr. LUCIEN LOUIS BRODIE died near Clarksville, Tenn. Nov. 28, 1876 aged 48 years; graduate, Louisville Medical University, 1856; settled in Lauderdale Co., Tenn. where he practiced medicine; married Ada Egilston, Ripley, Tenn., 1864; surgeon in Confederate Army. Surviving were widow and 3 children, 2 sisters, 2 brothers.

MARY I. TOLAR wife of R. E. Tolar, died Holmes Co., Miss. Oct. 14, 1876; had been married recently.

EMMA RACHEL EUBANK dau of William F. and Rachel Quisenberry born Clarke Co., Ky. Oct. 13, 1836; died Lexington, Ky. January 18, 1877; joined Baptist Church at age 10 years; joined Methodist Church at age 21 years. "She died suddenly."

ELIZABETH HAYS born Jessamine Co., Ky. Dec. 6, 1787; died Jan. 20, 1877. "She died of her first and last sickness, of a wound caused by a fall."


February 17, 1877

Sketch about Reverend LORENZO LEA:


The Rev. Lorenzo Lea died at Corinth, Miss., Oct. 7, 1876, in the 72nd year of his age. His disease was paralysis, with which he had been afflicted for several weeks before his death. He was buried on Sunday, the 8th, in the cemetery at Corinth, and the funeral-service, conducted by the Rev. J. J. Futrell, was attended by a large, sympathizing crowd. The Rev. Lorenzo Lea was the second son of William Lea, of Leesburg, N.C., and was born Jan. 4, 1806. In his youth he attended the Academy of Prof. Bingham, Sr., and was prepared for the college under his instructions. He then entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the days of its greatest prosperity. Such was his diligence and success in study that he graduated in 1825, among the most distinguished in his class. About the age of sixteen he professed religion at a camp-meeting near Leasburg, and was noted for his quiet, pure, Christian character during his college-life. The high estimate placed upon his character and scholarship by the Faculty and Trustees of the University was manifested by the fact that he was employed as tutor immediately after his graduation. In this capacity he served for about two years, with honor to himself and satisfaction to all. After leaving his tutorship in the University, and returning home, he commenced the study of medicine, but soon, becoming convinced that it was his duty to preach the gospel, he abandoned this study and entered upon a preparation for the work of the ministry. He entered the Virginia Conference, then embracing North Carolina, about he year 1829 (?, very faint), and so rapidly did he improve, and so successful and popular was his ministry, that he was soon stationed in Lynchburg, one of the most important appointments in the Conference at that date. He was among the first, if not the very first regular graduate, that had entered the Virginia Conference, and furnished an example of zeal and humility well worthy of imitation. On Jan. 9, 1833 (?), he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Medley, daughter of Mr. Isaac Medley, of Halifax, Va., while in the active work of the ministry. Soon after this event he was elected Principal of the


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Preparatory Department of Randolph Macon College, a position which he filled for several years with great fidelity and success, and doubtless contributed much to the early prosperity of that Institution. It was in this school (in the autumn of 1833, when I became a student under his tuition) that I first formed his personal acquaintance. The first Latin lesson I ever recited was to him. I soon learned to love and respect him as an able and faithful teacher, a most excellent and kind-hearted man, and a pious, sincere Christian. He appeared to me to be one of the most amiable and accomplished gentlemen I had ever seen. After his resignation as Principal of this school, he taught in a male academy, at Leasburg, for several years, and attracted a large number of young men from different parts of the State. He was afterward elected President of Buckingham Female Institute, and for two years presided over the school with great acceptability. He taught also at Farmsville, Va., and acquired considerable reputation in the management of female schools. In the year 1844, on the recommendation of the great and good Dr. Olin, he was elected to open and preside over the destinies of the Memphis Conference Female Institute, at Jackson, Tenn. He accepted this invitation, and was accordingly transferred to the Memphis Annual Conference. Here I met with him again, having been invited to associate with him in teaching and in the management of the institution, and became more intimately acquainted with him. For a series of years he occupied this position, and conducted the school with decided ability and success. He continued his labors as President, subject to some change and fluctuations, until his resignation in the year 1853. Since that time he has been connected with various schools and colleges, and uniformly evinced a great love for the business of teaching. Not to mention the less important schools he served as Professor of Mathematics in West Tennessee College; he was associated with Dr. Charles Collins, D.D., in the State Female College, near Memphis; and he was afterward employed by the Rev. D. D. Moore, in Soule Female College, at Murfreesboro, Tenn. Though he did not remain long at any of these Institutions, yet teaching seemed to be a passion with him, and he manifested an earnest desire to be connected with some institution of learning, and to be actively engaged in the useful and important work of education. When he took charge of a female school in Corinth he was transferred to the North Mississippi Conference, of which he was a member at the time of his death. In some respects, the Rev. Lorenzo Lea was a most unfortunate man, having been called to endure the greatest trials and the heaviest afflictions incident to human life. Not long after his connection with the Memphis Conference Female Institute was dissolved, the hand of Providence was laid heavily upon him. In the space of two or three years he lost his entire family, consisting of his wife and five children. They all died, one by one, of different diseases, and left him lonely and desolate. But, like a Christian philosopher, he bore his extraordinary and heart-rending sufferings and bereavements in the true spirit of gospel resignation. Such an instance of patient endurance and resigned self-possession I have never before witnessed, and, in all probability, will never again see its equal. He seemed to be ready and prepared for any and every change and misfortune, however great and distressing. As a man of mind and education, he occupied a high position among the great and learned. His mental endowments were superior, and his literary attainments accurate and extensive. He thought for himself, and directed his own course. Original and independent in his opinions, he expressed and maintained them with deliberation and unyielding firmness. He was admirably suited for a deliberative body, for his views were definite and distinct, and his speeches were pointed, wise, and discreet, always fraught with good common sense. He possessed a special talent for lecturing to young people. In this respect he had but few superiors. His advice was invariably excellent and his lectures were interesting and instructive. Though the element of success was not as fully developed in him as in many others, yet he must be regarded as an able instructor, an eminent scholar, and well acquainted with the proper management of institutions of learning. He studied the Bible in its original languages, and was an able expounder of the Holy Scriptures. He took a philosophical and comprehensive view of the principles and doctrines of Christianity. In his pulpit performances he was plain and forcible, always conveying valuable instruction, and often exciting a deep religious interest; and he continued to preach the gospel, as occasion offered, with increasing earnestness and zeal, as long as he was able to occupy the pulpit. As a Christian, he was decided, devoted, and uniform; and though not of a very demonstrative turn of mind, yet he often felt happy under religious influences, and rejoiced in hope of the glory of God. He delighted greatly in the sweet songs of Zion, and always seemed deeply interested in the duties of religion, and the exercises of the sanctuary. His long and eventful life has been spent in useful and valuable labors, and many are the beneficiaries of his pious example and earnest instructions. For several months before his death he seemed to lose all anxiety about the business and concerns of the world, and turned his attention to spiritual and eternal things. It was interesting to see him, as, in feebleness he walked into the Church, and manifested such delight and joy in religious worship. Religion had taken a strong hold on his mind and heart, and was thus preparing him for his eternal home. Death, to him, was deprived of its terrors, and he felt ready for the solemn change. He died in peace, and in the glorious hope of a blessed immortality, affording another instance of the happy triumphs of gospel grace. My old and well tried friend, rest in peace. We shall meet again in the bright mansions of eternal life.

NOTE: LORENZO LEA (January 4, 1806-October 7, 1876), son of the long-lived William Lea (1776-1873) and wife, Sarah (McNeill) Lea of Caswell County, North Carolina, was an 1825 graduate of the University of No. Carolina; president of the Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, Tenn., 1843-1853; president of West Tennessee College, Jackson, 1854-1857. He married secondly to Frances Ann (Meriwether) Cobb, widow of Thomas M. Cobb (1815- 1852), of Greenlawn plantation, Madison Co., Tenn., March 30, 1858. She was born October 6, 1818 and died June 11, 1901. The Leas lived in Jackson although they kept the Cobb plantation near Shady Grove Church south of Denmark, Tenn. until she transferred it to her daughter, Mary Ann Crittenden, who in turn exchanged this 1420 acre estate with her mother in 1858 for the 920 acre Meriwether estate called Hillside five miles north of Denmark. (See Madison County deed books 24, page 294; 27, page 446.) By 1871 the Leas had sold most of their real estate and in that year moved away, settling eventually in Corinth, Miss. where he served as president of the female college


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in that town. After his demise, Frances A. Lea moved back to Madison County making her home with her Crittenden daughter and family until her own death many years later.

Rev. JOHN HARPOLE CARR s/o Thomas and Mary Carr born Wilson Co., Tenn. April l6, 1812; died Paris, Texas Dec. 29, 1876; moved with parents to Ark. 1819; joined Methodist Church, Hempstead Co., Ark. 1833; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1834 and served in Missouri Conference, Indian Mission Conference and as principal of Bloomfield Academy, Indian Nation in 1852 where he served until he moved to Paris. Husband and father.

WILLIE B. WRAY born east Tennessee Jan. 16, 1797; married Ann H. Wright, Jan. 16, 1816; died Jan. 12, 1877; moved as a child to Wilson Co., Tenn. and as an adult to Williamson Co., Tenn., near Bethlehem Church, where he died; served in War of 1812 under General Andrew Jackson at battle of New Orleans being just a lad at the time.

JOHN WESLEY SMITH eldest s/o J. W. and N. A. Smith, born Sumner Co., Tenn. Feb. 9, 1852; accidentally killed himself by gunshot, Johnson Co., Texas, July 23, 1876; joined Methodist Church at age 14 years. His mother had "lost" two husbands to death and one child burned to death; then, she had this tragedy to endure.

ELIZABETH A. HUNT sister of Rev. L. C. Bryan, Tennessee Conference, wife of John Hunt, dec., born Sept. 23, 18O1; died September 11, 1876.

EVOLINE H. MURRY, nee Eaton, wife of Colonel John P. Murry, born Gainesboro, Tenn. Sept. 17, 1836 and died there Oct. 19, 1876; married Dec. 12, 1852. She said to husband, "My dear husband, we must now part; do not separate my children; Keep them together."

Elder JOHN S. BARGER born Culpeper Co., Va. Dec. 5, 1802; died Bloomington, Ill., January 4, 1877. Admitted as Methodist minister in Ky. Conference in 1823 and served until 1831 when he transferred to Missouri Conference; aged widow survived him.

Colonel JAMES M. FLEMING born Carroll Co., Tenn. Nov. 5, 1814; parents moved to western part of Tenn. when he was a child /evidently an error -Carroll County is located in west Tennessee/; married Marshall Co., Miss. to Evaline B. Armstrong; moved in 1848 to Panola Co., Texas where he died Aug. 29, 1876.

ROBERT ALEXANDER WALKER born York Dist., So. Carolina, Oct. 23, 1800; died Nov. 24, 1876; married Nellie Hickman, Jan. 3, 1822 who died a little while before he died. Surviving were 2 sons, 4 daughters.


February 24, 1877

JANE B. GRESHAM born Brunswick Co., Va. April 7, 1806; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. 1835; married William I. Gresham 1827 and he died in 1835 leaving her with 3 children. She died Dec. 26, 1876. Son-in-law, Colonel James B. Moore of Smyrna, Tenn. mentioned.

CLARA ALICE CARROLL infant dau of I. K. P. and A. A. Carroll, born Jan. 8, 1874; died Nov. 3, 1876. /One wonders if the "I." in her father's name was actually "J."/

JORDAN H. SHORT born Livingston, Ala. March 25, 1857 and died at residence of mother, Mrs. Mary C. Short, January 3, 1877.

LICCY GIBSON born Hardin Co., Ky. July 11, 1828; died Daviess Co., Ky. Oct. 29, 1876; joined Methodist Church at age 15 years; dau of John and Lydia Rogers; her father known as "Uncle Jacky" Rogers. She married John Gibson, Hardin Co., Ky. September 21, 1854 and about ten years later moved to Daviess Co.


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ELIZABETH P. WILLIAMS wife of C. T. Williams, born Logan Co., Ky. Nov. 16, 1819; married 1842; died January 19, 1877. Surviving were husband and 6 children.

JAMES LAMB SINIARD born Spartanburgh Dist., So. Carolina; married Nelly Glaznar; died Jan. 2, 1877 in his 67th year of age; Freemason.

NANCY A. S. LANGLEY wife of David Langley, dau of Samuel and Lucy Ligon, born Va. Sept. 4, 1808 and moved with parents to No. Carolina where she married June 12, 1829; moved to Ala. 1832 and to Franklin Co. in that state in 1850 where she died December 31, 1876.

JOHN C. BRYAN, native of Miss. died Washington Co., Miss. January 8, 1877.

SUSAN E. ENLOW JACKSON born Hardin Co., Ky. March 7, 1837; joined Methodist Church 1856; died Nov. 25, 1876; married William Jackson, October 7, 1875.

ALEXANDER J. FRASER s/o David Fraser, born May 12, 1810; joined Methodist Church in 1842 and same year married Elizabeth dau of John Brame; died Christian Co., Ky. Oct. 21, 1876; father of 6 sons and 1 dau (who died in 1864).

MARION J. DAVIS born Abbeville Dist., So. Carolina 1812; joined Methodist Church 1833; died near Verona, Miss. Nov. 21, 1876. Husband, father, grandfather.

PERRY ALMER DANIEL s/o K. T. and M. Daniel born Maysville, Ala. Aug. 12, 1875 and died December 11, 1876.

Mrs. L. J. LAVESTER wife of Solomon Lavester born June 24, 1841; died Sept. 10, 1876.

LOUISA H. SETTLE wife of John Settle, born Tenn., May 30, 1840; died Denton Co., Texas, Oct. 30, 1876. Husband and 3 children surviving.

REBECCA SIMONS aged about 66 years died Jan. 1, 1877 in residence of dau Mrs. Ellen Kernarhaw; native of No. Carolina; raised near Cortland, Alabama.


March 3, 1877

Rev. ABSALOM FRANKLIN LAWRENCE born Marshall Co., Tenn. Sept. 19, 1824; died Wesley Circuit, Tennessee Conference, January 18, 1877.

MARY SCHWING died recently in her 85th year of age, "oldest living native of Louisville," Kentucky, mother of 11 children, 7 surviving her. She had 75 grandchildren, 60 living and five of her 27 great-grandchildren died before she died.

ELIZABETH P. HARVEY wife of Hillar Harvey born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Oct. 29, 1824; joined Methodist Church in her 18th year of age; died Williamson Co., Tenn. February 6, 1877.

Dr. G. D. HODGE born Davidson Co., Tenn. Nov. 27, 1821; died Prescott, Ark. Feb. 3, 1877; married Susan F. Sorrels, Ouachita Co., Ark. Aug. 4, 1847; graduate, Transylvania Medical College; moved to Dallas Co., Ark. and practiced medicine there.

ELIZABETH STRATTON wife of Colonel Madison Stratton born July 11, 1826; died Russellville, Ky. Oct. 2, 1876; "possessed of great individuality of character."

JANE LOGAN died at residence of son, J. D. Logan, June 30, 1876 aged 72 years; born near Petersburg, Va.; moved with parents to Henderson Co., Ky. where she married; left a widow at age 25 years; moved to Trigg Co., Kentucky.

PENELOPE STEGER wife of Allen Steger born Jan. 25, 1808; died Nov. 19, 1876.

PERLENA HARRINGTON, nee Read, wife of William Harrington, born Hardin, now Larue Co., Ky. Jan. 1811; married Feb. 17, 183l.

JAMES FOSTER born Davidson Co., Tenn. April 23, 1800; moved with parents to Rutherford Co., Tenn.; married 1825; died August 3, 1876.


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March 10, 1877

MARY J. REAGAN wife of Rev. R. A. Reagan, Tennessee Conference, dau of B. L. and Martha McFerrin, Bedford Co., Tenn., born April 10, 1846; joined Methodist Church 1860; married Nov. 28, 1864; died Oct. 8, 1876; daughters, Ada and Mattie.

THOMAS MELVIN born Knoxville, Tenn. and died in Blount Co., Ala. Feb. 1, 1877 aged 61 years, after a short illness.

ABRAHAM NAISH s/o John and Frances Naish, born Halifax Co., No. Carolina, Dec 10, 1795; with parents moved to Elbert Co., Ga.; then in 1818 moved to Shelby Co., Ala. where he joined Methodist Church. Died Jan. 18, 1877; burial in old Elliottsville Cemetery.

SARAH J. WILFORD born Sept. 20, 1843; married Mr. Wilson in Sept. 1861 and died in Cadiz, Ky. Nov. 9, 1876; surviving were several small children.

CECILY WINN born Mecklenburg Co., Va.; died Jan. 10, 1877 aged 70 years; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. aged 5 years of age. Her uncle, Archy Winn, came from Lunenburg Co., Va. and he still survived, aged 8lst year. Her parents were buried in Robertson Co., Tenn.

JENNETTA Y. ROWLAND born Augusta, Va. 1813; joined Methodist Church 1829; married C. H. Rowland, 1831; she lived in Va., Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky. /Death date not given/

MARY CARROL wife of H. W. Carol, born July 25, 1822; joined Methodist Church 1845; died Oct. 4, 1872 and buried at Neal's Chapel on October 5.

THOMAS ALBERT born Madison Co., Ga., Mar. 31, 1796; orphan from age 4 years and was bound to cabinet-maker and served apprenticeship in Washington, Ga.; at age 21 years he went into business and in 1821 joined the Methodist Church; married Sarah Sappington 1824; moved to Marshall Co., Ala. 1858 where he died December 6, 1876.

LUCY A. POWELL born Charlotte Co., Va. June 22, 1818; died Cadiz, Ky. Dec. 11, 1876; married Jesse A. Powell, December 19, 1839.

W. D. ROUNTREE died Spring Hill, Tenn., Jan. 18, 1877 in his 56th year of age; Freemason.

ELIZA COLEMAN, nee Watkins, married Edwin N. Coleman; in 1842 moved to Logan Co., Ky.; died at residence of son-in-law, Captain Clarke near Auburn, Ky. Jan. 27, 1877; had been born October 17, 1798.

CLARA LURETTA BRATTON dau of B. M. and S. A. Bratton born Davidson Co., Tenn. Feb. 11 and died February 28, 1877.


March 17, 1877

MARY A. NEWMAN wife of Rev. J. E. Newman, missionary to Brazil, died Saltiubo, Province of Sao Paulo, Brazil Dec. 16, 1876 and buried in the American Cem. near Santa Barbara; born Hillsboro, No. Carolina July 10, 1824, dau of C. J. Phillips who moved family to Marion, Ala. when she was 7 years of age; educated at Marion Female Seminary; married Feb. 1847; she was of feeble constitution and an invalid for more than 20 years; went to Brazil by 1868.

ARTHUR C. WHITE s/o Gen. William and Jane Scott White, born Dec. 31, 1815 and died at residence of son, Dr. John Ogdon White, Nashville, Tenn., March 4, 1877; his wife died Jan. 18, 1877 -she was Mary Ann, dau of Rev. John W. Ogdon and granddau of Rev. Benjamin Ogdon, pioneer Methodist preacher; married Dec. 24, 1839; had 4 sons, the first died young. The second son, William

Russell White (Co. C, 2nd Tenn. Regt, CSA) died Aug. 30, 1862 in Kentucky. Arthur C. White died from cancer.


(Page 10)

LUTHER AUSTIN KIKER infant s/o Newton P. and Harret L. Kiker died Feb. 22, 1877.

CHARLES ALBERT LANGSTON infant s/o J. N. and A. Langston, born Feb. 7, 1877 and died Feb. 11, 1877.

ELIZABETH SCRIMPSHER born Marshall Co., Ala. 1804; died at residence of son, John S. Scrimpsher, Cherokee Nation, Feb. 14, 1877; dau of John and Catharine Gunter; sister of Samuel Gunter; father a white man, mother a full-blood Cherokee. Surviving were one son, three daughters.

SUSAN ANN HAMILTON, nee Bate, wife of Samuel W. Hamilton, born near Harper's Ferry, Va., March 20, 1787; died Knob Noster, Mo., Dec. 15, 1876; moved as a child Jefferson Co. Ky; after marriage moved to Jackson Co., Mo. "She remembered Bishop Asbury and had heard him preach."

SALLIE KATE GOODMAN born Feb. 12, 1869; died Sept. 20, 1869. MARTIE WATSON GOODMAN born Mar. 27, 1875; died Sept. 2l, 1876; children of Nannie and Joseph Goodman, Barren Co., Ky. "They are gone" -oh! what poignant words!

JOHN DAVIESS ROBERTS youngest s/o Dr. Henry B. and Harriet H. Roberts, born Owensboro, Ky. Nov. 10, 1851; joined Methodist Church; died of consumption, Jan. 30, 1877; burial in Elmwood Cemetery.

ELIZABETH ELLEN WREN born Maryland about l785; died Mt. Sterling, Ky. Feb. 15, 1877. "The Bible was her constant companion through life."

JENNIE W. BUFORD born Bedford Co., Tenn. Mar. 1, 1852; married Joe W. Buford, Oct. 30, 1873; died Jan. 30, 1877 at residence of her father, Richard Simms.

MARY ANN COPELAND died near Elkston, Tenn. Feb. 2, 1877 in her 40th year of age; oldest dau of Dr. Jefferson Hamilton of the Ala. Conference; born in Boston, Mass. and moved when young to New Orleans, thence to Mobile; graduate, Centenary Institute; married J. B. Copeland 1859; among children was a dau, Mattie Copeland.

FRANKLIN HOLLAND WILSON s/o C. J. and Maria Wilson died Feb. 14, 1877, Gardner, Tenn., aged nearly 2 years; his parents had "lost" 2 little boys to death.

Dr. E. A. HERMAN born Miami Co., Ohio Feb. 4, 1819; died near Nashville, Mar. 3, 1877; son-in-law, Eugene Carsey "a probationer in Tennessee Conference." A tribute to him by Dental Profession, Nashville, emphasizing his skill as a dentist, etc.


March 24, 1877

MARY ELIZABETH PEERY died Feb. 11, 1877; only dau of James and Jane J. Peery; born Hickman Co., Ky. August 28, 1858.

NANNIE DILLON wife of W. H. Dillon of Glasgow, died Feb. 14, 1877 in her 23rd year of age.

MARY J. TAFT wife of W, M. Taft of Franklin, Tenn. died March 1, 1877.

R. J. N. KELLY born Oct. 16, 1822; died January 26, 1877.

JAMES WILLIAM SPENCER born Henry Co., Ky. Nov. 24, 1841; died Jan. 21, 1877 at residence of father-in-law, William L. Nichols, Henry Co., Ky.; joined Methodist Church Aug. 26, 1876 "on the day of the burial of their only child, little Lizzie."

MARY M. STAYTON dau of Rev. W. D. Stayton, Tennessee Conference, born Graves Co., Ky. March l0, 1849; died Red River Parish, La., December 28, 1876.

CHARLES BUCKMAN born June l0, 1872; died January 28, 1877.


(Page 11)

MARTHA M. BARRY dau of Robert G. and Elizabeth Douglas, born Sumner Co., Tenn. 1840; died Feb. 20, 1877; left an orphan and raised by Gen. J. Y. Blythe; her only daughter, Bettie.

ANN BROOK, nee Hammond, born Dec. 1, 1804; died Lawrence Co., Ala. Jan. 17, 1877; married J. W. Brook, Sept. 7, 1826 and had 11 children, 5 surviving her -a son and 4 daughters.

JESSE M. WATKINS born May 3, 1847; died Trigg Co., Ky. Jan. 22, 1877; married twice; first to Mary Bone, Dec. 25, 1865 who soon died; second to Nannie Bone, Oct. 26, 1871; joined Methodist Church 1863.

JOHN S. CROW born Mecklenburg Co., Va.; served in War of 1812; married Nancy Hutchison 1814 and moved to Hopkins Co., Ky. 1845 where he died Feb. 1, 1877.

VIRGINIA IVERSON THORNTON wife of Rev. Josiah Godbey, Louisville Conference, born Dec. 2, 1848; died Jan. 24, 1877, near Morganton, Ky.; married Sept. 22, 1872.

MARTHA SMITH born Oct. 1790, Shelby Co., Ky.; died Feb. 18, 1877 at residence of brother, Levi Smith.

JOHN B. RAWLINGS born Pittsylvania Co., Va. Oct. 17, 1779; moved to Ky. 1807; died Feb. 18, 1877 on farm where he had lived many years. "His wife heard him struggle for breath but before she could get to him he was dead."

ELIZABETH C. WARD born Jefferson Co., Ky. Mar. 28, 1832; married William R. Ward 1849; died Oldham CO., Ky. January 12, 1877.


March 31, 1877

DANIEL JOHNSON born Va., August 6, 1800; died Huntsville, Ala. Feb. 21, 1877; moved with parents to Ky. and in 1824 moved to Madison Co., Ala.; married Jane Eldridge 1828; 22 years treasurer of Madison Co., Ala.; member of Freemasonry.

TEMPLE UTLEY wife of Allen Utley, Wake Co., No. Carolina; married William Betts who died in 1843 leaving her with 7 children; died April 26, 1876; member of Missionary Baptist Church. Her son, Rev. A. D. Betts "wishes to hear from any uncle or aunt Betts or Utley -in the West or South."

WILLIAM JAMES CUREMAN died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 1877; a young man.

NOAH W. EASTERLY born Cocke Co., Tenn. July 25, 1812; died Jan. 4, 1877; married Julia A. Gillespie, Dec. 9, 1845 who died 13 years before he died; he married Roxana Smith, August 30, 1865.

SARAH WHITFIELD McINTOSH dau of John and Sarah Hutcherson born Mecklenburg Co., Va. May 7, 1807 and died St. Charles Co., Mo. Feb. 11, 1877; joined Methodist Church 1822; married Benjamin P. Ferrell, Jan. 12, 1832 and moved to St. Charles, Mo.; he died May 7, 1847 and she married Robert McIntosh, November 1865 and was his widow.

MATILDA C. SMITH wife of Rev. C. W. Smith, dau of Rev. Drewry and Catherine Flowers, born Jasper Co., Ga. Nov. 3, 1831; married C. W. Smith s/o Rev. Noah Smith of Georgia Conference, Dec. 23, 1851; died DeKalb Co., Ala. Jan. 25, 1877. Surviving were husband, 3 children, 2 brothers, 6 sisters. A long poem in her memory by S. E. Cochran.

WILLIAM A. LATTA born Maury Co., Tenn. Dec. 30, 1836; died Columbia, Tenn. Feb. 1877; married Mary S. Braden, Giles Co., Tenn. July 15, 1863.

NANCY OPHELIA ANDRUS born Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 12, 1855; died Feb. 20, 1877.

DANIEL W. REEVES s/o Merritt and Elizabeth Reeves born Sept. 8, 1849; died Jan. 31, 1877 from consumption.


(Page 12)

PERMELIA WELSH born Glasgow, Barren Co., Ky. June 30, 1805; married John Tompkins of Danville, Dec. 14, 1821; joined Methodist Church 1827; died Feb. 26, 1877.

ANNIE SUE OWEN dau of M. V. and Mattie Owen, Christian Co., Ky., born Oct. 30, 1871 and died February 23, 1877.

NATHANIEL L. OWEN son of L. R. and M. E. Owen, born July 17, 1873; died July 16, 1877.


Apri1 7, 1877

LOUISE DUBOIS, nee Williams, born Va., Jan. 5, 1799; moved as a child to So. Carolina; married Rev. John Dubois, Jan. 6, 1825; died March 19, 1877.

WILLIAM McNEELY born Logan Co., Ky. Feb. 15, 1800; died Giles Co., Tenn. March 2, 1877; his wife died February 1874.

Rev. SION HILL died near Atalla, Ala. March 16, 1877 aged 28 years of age; had been preaching in Methodist connection for several years; surviving were widow and 3 children.

SARAH JANE WHITESIDE born Abbeville Dist., So. Carolina April 30, 1825; died Logan Co., Ark., Feb. 13, 1877; when aged 2 years her mother died; dau of E. Teague, "a good Presbyterian"; married 1845; moved to Logan Co., Ark. 1870. Surviving were husband and one child.

JAMES MOORES born Ky., March 20, 1800; died Conway Co., Ark. Jan. 2, 1877 at residence of son-in-law, Capt. I. Miller; brother of Rev. William Moores now of California.

MARIA A. ROBERTS dau of W. D. and Mary Jemison born middle Tenn. Feb. 11, 1820; married John B. Roberts 1838; moved to Texas 1845 and settled in "now" Delta County. Died January 18, 1877.

SARAH LOUISE SHAW born August 15, 1852; married John S. Shaw, Dec. 19, 1872; died June 17, 1876. O1dest son, Tinsley Shaw, born Nov. 9, 1873 and died June 13, 1876; second son, Thomas Taylor Shaw, born Oct. 7, 1875 and died June 14, 1876. Daughter of Wiley and Caroline Drake, Davidson Co., Tennessee.

ROBERT H. BROWN born Mecklenburg Co., Va. Nov. 13, 1808; moved at about age 8 years to Hopkins Co., Ky.; married Permelia Hicklin, March 3, 1831; died March 7, 1877.

WILLIAM M. NIBLACK born Oct. 1, 1818; married Permelia Porter, Jan. 5, 1860; died February 22, 1877.

MARTHA S. TURNER born Gibson Co., Tenn. Feb. 1, 1831; died Grenada Co., Miss. Dec. 14, 1876; dau of Rev. Lewis and Syvil Miller; married Robert H. Turner, June 29, 1852.

ELVIRA D. McKNIGHT wife of William McKnight, dau of John and Clara Parks, born Maury Co., Tenn. July 17, 1815; died Iuka, Miss. March 11, 1877; married Dec. 29, 1836. In January 1854 family moved to Eastport, Miss.; mother of 7 children, two of whom predeceased her.

SARAH SMITH, nee Bishop, born Culpeper Co., Va. Dec. 21, 1791; married W. W. Smith of Va. 1817; husband died in 1853 and in 1854 she settled in Ala. where she died at residence of her son, Thomas Smith, near Gainsville, Oct. 21, 1876.

BARBARA E. SKILLMAN wife of Amos Skillman, dau of Edmon and Mary E. Stith, born Meade Co., Ky. 1847; married Dec. l0, 1873; died Pilot Point, Feb. 15, 1877. Surviving were husband and two children.

JENNIE DYE born Va. 1792; died Larue Co., Ky. February 24, 1877.

EALCEY I. McKENNON born Oct. 25, 1839; died Mar. 8, 1877; sister of Rev. R. G. Linn, Tennessee Conference.


(Page 13)

MARY J. TAFT dau of Thomas J. and Lucy Caldwell, born Feb. 14, 1835; died Mar. 1, 1877; married W. M. Taft, Nov. 23, 1852; joined Methodist Church 1856.

AMBROSE W. JENNINGS born Jan. 30, 1848; died Jan. 24, 1877 of consumption.

HARRIET HELEN GLAZE wife of Amos Glaze, dau of J. W. and E. M. Scarbrough, born Newton Co., Miss. June 23, 1852; moved to Ala. 1860; married Dec. 15, 1868; died Feb. 4, 1877. Tribute by Committee of New Providence Church, undated.

Tribute to DANIEL B. WILSON, by 2nd Quarterly Conference, Cross Plains Church, dated March 1877.


April 14, 1877

Rev. J. R. BELLAMY born Scott Co., Va. Jan. 10, 1817; died Panola Co., Texas, Jan. 6, 1877; licensed to exhort, Methodist Church, 1834; licensed to preach 1843; ordained deacon Oct. 12, 1845; ordained elder Oct. 21, 1847; served in Holston Conference but transferred to East Texas Conference in 1851; eventually a presiding elder. Buried with Masonic honors.

MARTHA A. JARRATT, nee Manor, born June 12, 1807; died near Salem, Tenn. Feb. 25, 1877; married John J. Jarratt, November 20, 1823.

Rev. JAMES CARPENTER born Madison Co., Va. May 21, 1791; moved to Oldham Co., Ky. 1818; married Lucinda Christler who died Sept. 18, 1822; married Isabella Hight, Feb. 9, 1876 and had sons Robert and William; joined Methodist Church Sept. 18, 1826; moved to Union Co., Ky. 1870 where he died August 23, 1876.

ELIZABETH ALEXANDER, nee Powers, born Frederick Co., Va. May 13, 1797; died Trigg Co., Ky. Feb. 11, 1877 at residence of son-in-law, Leander Hall; married in 17th year of age to William Alexander and moved to Christian Co. Ky. in 1817; two sons, Dr. W. Alexander and Rev. R. C. Alexander of La. Conference; raised eight children.

EDWARD ANDREW PRICE born Jan. 25, 1836; married Georetta G. Wilson, Jan. 17, 1860 and had 4 daughters and 1 son. "One of best surveyors in southern Kentucky." His wife died June 15, 1875; his eldest dau Lucy died April 10, 1876 and he died June 3, 1876.

JANE WHITE born Mt. Pleasant, Morris Co., New Jersey, born Nov. 19, 1788; died Carroll Co., Ky. Feb. 19, 1877; in Dec. 1801 moved with parents, Christopher and Mary Hoagland, to Ky.; married William White 1813 and had 10 children, 7 having predeceased her; joined Methodist Church 1823.

Rev. L. S. ODON born Sept. 3, 1822 and killed by falling tree Feb. 8, 1877, Calhoun Co., Ala.; licensed to preach, Methodist, 1857; deeply interested in Sabbath-school.

HARRIET PORTER born Wayne Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1804; died Davisvi11e, Ala. Jan. 15, 1877 and was buried beside her husband in White Plains, Calhoun Co., Ala. "Everybody loved Aunt Harriet as she was familiarly termed." (R. G. Ryan)

JORDAN EWING BANKS born July 5, 1854; died Mar. 17, 1877; s/o Rev. Jordan Banks, formerly of the Arkansas Conference.

LAURA BELLE PERRY dau of late John B. Perry, Louisvi11e Conference, and Mary G. Perry, born Dec. 2, 1862; died Crittenden Co., Ky. Jan. 12, 1877. A loving tribute to her by A. J. Domakey.

MARY J. TARTER dau of P. and J. Tarter born Nov. 19, 1860; died Jan. 5, 1877.

EMMA GREEN wife of Samuel K. Green, born Hopkinsville, Ky. Dec. 10, 1838; died Mar. 5, 1877; dau of Alex. and Sophia Burnham; mother of 3 chi1dren, one of whom predeceased her. Her sister, Mrs. Mollie Jenkins mentioned.


(Page 14)

MARY S. CORBETT born Dec. 9, 1803; died Weakley Co., Tenn. Mar. 25, 1877.

MARY E. LYNCH, nee Bedell, wife of Rev. George R. Lynch of No. Ala. Conference, died Opelika, Ala. Dec. 28, 1876 when visiting her only sister, Mrs. T. H. Clower; educated at Tuskegee Female College.

LUCY R. MYATT dau of M. A. and M. J. Myatt born Marion, Ala. Dec. 31, 1859; died Mar. 24, 1877.

NANCY F. OLIVER dau of Rolly and Sarah Harwell, born No. Carolina 1802; married Major Ananias Oliver who predeceased her; she died Jan. 30, 1877 being the oldest member of Pisgah Society, Giles Co., Tennessee.

THOMAS ANNA WALKER youngest dau of William A. and Martha S. Walker born April 26, 1873; died January 25, 1877.

JAMES MANGRUM died Williamson Co., Tenn. March 15, 1877.

MARY A. LOVE dau of Davis and Fannie love born Sept. 20, 1872 and died Oct. 20, 1876. "Two other children had been taken before."


Apri1 21, 1877

Dr. F. L. CONSTANTINE and wife, nee Howlett, were married in Greene Co. Ala. in 1827; he is 73 years old; had 11 children, 7 surviving; they had 24 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. They celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary March 27, 1877. /In this long series of obits. it is pleasant to abstract notice of a wedding anniversary!/

MEDORA PENTECOST wife of Thomas Pentecost, born Oct. 11, 1849; died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 26, 1877; dau of Thomas and E. Mann of Davidson Co., Tenn.; her dau, Julia, died a year or so ago.

WILLIAM B. KELLY born Aug. 26, 1814; died Shelby Co., Ala. March 7, 1877.

ELIZABETH BELL born No. Carolina Aug. 29, 1804; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1877; married Walter Bell 1830.

DANIEL B. WILSON born Calhoun Co., Ala. Oct. 10, 1836; died near the old home-stead, Feb. 26, 1877; he was a soldier in the "late war", having been taken a prisoner. Surviving were widow and daughter, Essey.

General MATTHEW W. TROUP born So. Carolina, Feb. 3, 1811; died Jan. 2, 1877 at residence of son, F. J. Troup, Morgan Co., Ala.; had married twice; left 2 sons, 1 daughter.

ELI BROWN born middle Tenn. Oct. 10, 1833; died Colbert Co., Ala. Jan. 26, 1877, pneumonia; his wife Elizabeth Doke had died and he had remarried.

SARAH GREEN wife of Elias H. Green died Mar. 18, 1877 aged about 35 years; surviving also were 4 children.

JOHN A. ODEN died Rutherford Co., Tenn. Mar. 28, 1877 in his 62nd year of age; burial ceremony by Knight Templars.

SARAH E. KYLE born May 8, 1855; died March 8, 1877.

PATSEY ANN GRIMSTEAD born Dec. 19, 1849; died Mar. 31, 1877; "a dutiful child."

ELIZABETH HARWELL widow of Harbert Harwell born east Tenn. Nov. 21, 1801; died Giles Co., Tenn. recently; dau of Rev. Thomas Payne of Tenn. Conference.

TEXANA T. HAZLEWOOD wife of Orrin Hazlewood born April 6, 1846; died recently.

HENRY P. DORRIS born Sumner Co., Tenn. June 27, 1812; moved with parents to Nashville, Tenn.; moved in 1845 to Clarksville, Tenn.; died March 10, 1877.

NANNIE G. ANDREWS born Jan. 15, 1856; died April 3, 1877; married Alexander S. Andrews, Nov. 30, 1875; educated at New Middleton College.


(Page 15)

JOSEPH B. CROWNOVER born Lawrence Co., Ala. May 16, 1824; died Co1bert Co., Ala. Feb. 14, 1877; joined Baptist Church when 16 years old; married Catharine Scoggin, 1850 and had 2 sons, 1 daughter.

MAGGIE THOMAS born Mercer Co., Pa. July 5, 1856; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn. in 1868; married Josh Thomas, Sept. 13, 1876 and died Feb. 25, 1877.

NANCY JOANNA CLARDY eldest dau of Rev. J. W. Ki1patrick; born July 2, 1810; married Rev. B. S. C1ardy, Tennessee Conference, 1826; left a widow with 6 children in 1840; died in Indian Territory, December 20, 1872.

MARY BAKER HAILEY wife of John C. Hailey, born Holly Springs, Miss. Nov. 1839; died near Greenwood, Tenn. March 13, 1877.

MOLLIE E. OLIVER wife of John C. Oliver, Mooreville, Ala. died Mar. 19, 1877.

CHARLIE ELLIOTT s/o Rev. T. F. and Maria Elliott, died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 4, 1877 aged 17 years.

GEORGE F. WELLS, aged 41 years, died Dec. 10, 1876 near Carlisle, Ky.; a farmer.

GEORGE W. COX died Mar. 25, 1877, pneumonia; ill for two weeks.

NANCY E. BRANDON born Trigg Co., Ky. June 16, 1851; died in same, Jan. 20, 1877; married Smith L. Brandon, Mar. 25, 1870 who later died; married William I. Brandon, a cousin of her first husband.


Apri1 28, 1877

MILES W. BURFORD died Indianapolis, Ind. April 2, 1877; native of Ky.; lived many years in Missouri; surviving were widow, 4 sons, 2 daughters. Born Mercer Co., Ky. Feb. 12, 1805; married Permelia Rucker and had children Ann, Martha and Elisha; married secondly, N. J. Burford 1839 and moved to Mo.; had five more children. One dau married William Brandon and another married Robert McCuatt.

MARY ANN SUSAN SIDEBOTTOM, nee Moore, born Greensburg, Ky. April 27, 1837; died Apri1 10, 1877.

Rev. JOSIAH TRENT born in Ga. 1803 or 1804. "He was perhaps the first Methodist in northwest Arkansas." He married Susan Woolsey 1833 and raised 11 children; died March 26, 1877.

MATTIE P. WOODS wife of Frank Woods, dau of Griffith and Nancy Leonard, born April 17, 1852; married Dec. 24, 1874; joined Presbyterian Church Dec. 20, 1876; died March 4, 1877.

CHARLES WESLEY WEBSTER died near Hendersonville, April 14, 1877 aged nearly 21 years, of pneumonia; buria1 in spring Hill Cemetery.

EMMA WADE MAXEY, Fairview, Ky., died Oct. 7, 1877 aged 22 years; wife of Rev. M. A. Maxey.

GEORGE L. YOUNG born Va., Dec. 18, 1821; died April 6, 1877. "Dear old school mate, farewell till we meet in heaven." (Geo. R. Browder, Olmstad, Ky.)

SOLOMON RAY, born So. Carolina 1808; married Louisa Clay 1825 (she died in 1863). /Death date not given/

ELIZABETH A. WOODARD wife of Abner S. Woodard, born Jan. 13, 1832; died Mar. 28, 1877, pneumonia. Surviving were husband and children.


May 5, 1877

MARY ANDERSON GREEN born Nashville, Tenn. May 28, 1874; died at "Greenland" Mar. 27, 1877 and buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery where her "grandpa", Dr. A. L. P. Green, was also buried.

ARABELLA J. BRYANT born Stafford Co., Va. Jan. 16, 1842; died Pensaco1a, Fla. March 25, 1877; dau of James S. and Rachel Jerrell; married Caroline Co., Va. Nov. 29, 1866 to Capt. W. H. Bryant. Burial in Mt. John's Cemetery, Pensacola.


(Page 16)

MARY RICHARDSON born Meck1in /Mecklenburg/ Co., No. Carolina, Jan. 31, 1809; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. Jan. 27, 1876; wife and mother.

REZIN DAVIS born Jan. 22, 1792; died Campbellsville, Ky. Jan. 6, 1877; his wife predeceased him by 4-5 years.

MARY SMOUSE died Somerset Co., Pa. March 21, 1877 in her 81st year of age.

KIBBLE TERRY born Morgan Co., Ala. March 16, 1812; died Colbert Co., Ala. Nov. 28, 1876; moved with parents to Marion Co.; married Eliza Holladay, Oct. 5, 1837 and had several children; married Mrs. Mary A. Barton, August 3, 1853; joined Baptist Church 1840 and then the Methodist Church in 1871; a dau and 2 sons died in 1866; 2 sons died in 1873 and 1875. Widow and 5 children survived him.

JOHN A. LACEY died Mar. 31, 1877 at residence of mother, Mrs. Darbey.

ELIZABETH CARTER, nee Dotson, born Pulaski, Tenn. Nov. 31, 1821; married Dr. T. A. Carter, Oct. 13, 1842; moved to Ozark, Ark. 1857 where she died Feb. 21, 1877.

ELLEN T. HYDE born Aug. 8, 1840; married Tazwell Hyde, Davidson Co., Tenn., April 30, 1860; died Mar. 13, 1877; survived by husband and 7 children (the oldest but 16 years of age).

ALFRED DAVID STACK s/o John and Joella Stack, born Jan. 12, 1876; died Feb. 9, 1877.

ELLA C. ROBERTSON dau of Joseph W. and Leanah Robertson, died Sharkey Co., Miss. April 2, 1877 aged 24 years of age. Sister-in-law of W. D. Brown who wrote a touching tribute in her memory.

ELLEN GARDNER born Dec. 5, 1829, Marion Co., Ky.; died Aug. 19, 1876; dau of James and Elizabeth Gardner.

ORLANDO GORRELL s/o Oliver and Mary A. Gorrell, Pleasants Co., West Va., born Feb. 7, 1868; died from diphtheria, September 27, 1876.

EMMA EVALINE GIDDINGS dau of W. B. and V. A. Giddings died Union City, Tenn. March 29, 1877 aged 1 year, 6 months, 14 days. WILLIAM ERASTUS GIDDINGS, eldest son of same couple, died Union City, Tenn. April 8, 1877 aged 8 years, 7 months, 2 days.

Tribute of Respect to ELMER MEBANE who died recently; by fellow students, McKenzie College, McKenzie, Tenn., dated April 19, 1877.


May 12, 1877

Rev. WILLIAM GWINN COE, D. D., born Baltimore City, Maryland, April 15, 1832; s/o Alexander B. and Margaret E. Coe; graduate, St. Mary's College, July 15, 1851; joined Methodist Church 1851 and licensed to preach Jan. 5, 1853; married Annie M. eldest dau of James L. Armstrong, May 4, 1853; she survived him, along with twelve children; served in various capacities, including presiding elder. Died March 29, 1877.

Tribute of Respect to SAM HILL by a "lodge" dated May 1, 1877.

EMILY WHITE dau of Alfred White, Pulaski, Tenn. died April 17, 1877; a beautifully written obituary by Mrs. Sue F. Mooney.

Rev. REZIN DAVIS died Trinity Co., Texas Feb. 26, 1877; born Christian Co., Ky. April 16, 1798; licensed to preach, Methodist Church, April 23, 1836; ordained deacon Nov. 21, 1846; ordained elder Nov. 20, 1853. "He was a sure guide to young Christians."


May 19, 1877

PETER EVANS infant s/o A. P. and J. H. Evans, died Livingston, Ala. Feb. 24, 1877 aged 1 year, 16 days old.

MARY A. BOWYER born May 15, 1815; died Mar. 3, 1877, Barbour Co., Ala.; survived by husband and "large family."


(Page 17)

JULIA HUTCHISON wife of William Hutchison born April 11, 1810; died April 1, 1877.

MATTIE CATO dau of Robert and Amanda Cato, Smith Co., Tenn. died April 20, 1877. "a popular young lady."

E. JANE MILLER, nee Blackburn, wife of J. W. Miller, Frankfort, Ala., died April 28, 1877 leaving husband and 2 daughters, 1 son.

KATIE AMES dau of Rev. L. Ames, Louisville Conference, born April 7, 1871 and died April 27, 1877, congestion of stomach. Buried in White Mills Cemetery, Hardin Co., Kentucky.

REBECCA WINSTON wife of William C. Winston, born May 23, 1820; married Feb. 23, 1836, Wilson Co., Tenn.; died Nov. 12, 1876 from dropsy.

NANNIE HART born Coffee Co., Tenn. Jan. 25, 1846; married Samuel Hart, Nov. 1O, 1868; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Beech Grove, Tenn. 1873; died April 28, 1877.

FRANCES A. HARDISON born Hopkins Co., Ky.; died Logan Co., Ky. May 3, 1877 in her 59th year of age.

JAMES McCLELLAND CALHOUN s/o John C. and Sarah C. Calhoun, born Nov. 8, 1871; died August 27, 1876.

AVERY BUCKNER s/o P. A. and H. F. Buckner, died April 20, 1877 aged about 13 1/2 months old.

SALLIE HULME, member of Bethlehem Methodist Church, died April 16, 1877.

JULIA A. TAYLOR, nee Wooley, wife of Dr. George T. Taylor, died suddenly in Clark Co., Ark. April 30, 1877; born Perry Co., Ala. Nov. 4, 1841; married April l2, 1866; mother of three little girls.

MATILDA A. BROWN, nee Anderson, born Jan. 27, 1843; married Rev. Sterling H. Brown, March 2, 1859; died April 20, 1877.

KATE STEVENSON dau of Ellen and John B. Stevenson died March 1877 aged about 4 years, living with her grandfather, W. M. Stevenson, at the time.

MARTHA WASHINGTON LONG born Halifax Co., Va. June 17, 1811; married Rev. Abram Long, Louisville Conference, Jan. 21, 1858; died March 17, 1877.

LOUISA I. MITCHAM wife of E. H. Mitcham, dau of Thomas H. and Lucy Stith, born Meade Co., Ky. Jan. 15, 1837; died Breckinridge Co., Ky. Feb. 12, 1877.

Dr. J. W. PROCTOR born Taliaferro Co., Ga. Dec. 5, 1833; moved in 1868 to Limestone Co., Ala. where he died April 12, 1877.

MOLLIE F. COVEY eldest dau of Rev. L. E. and Martha E. Covey, born Aug. 30, 1859; died March 15, 1877. "She bore her affliction with Christian resignation."

Rev. FELIX G. BOSWELL born Stewart Co., Tenn. April 12, 1857; died Culleoka, Tenn. April 20, 1877; attending Culleoka Institute, preparing for the ministry. Tribute to him by Sunday School, undated.

SUSIE JACQUES dau of John and Frances Gates, born Knoxville, Tenn., July 12, 1876; died April 14, 1877.


May 26, 1877

FLORA PATY, died in Warren Co., Tenn. April 18, 1877 from injuries in a storm; married B. F. Paty, June 7, 1871; dau of Alexander and Martha Lillard; born March 1844. An orphan child living with the Patys survived this storm.

SALLIE MITCHEL dau of R. C. and Jane Austin, died March 16, 1877; married J. G. Mitchel, February 17, 1877.


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F. E. WEST wife of D. K. West; dau of Willis and Rebecca Portress, Giles Co., Tenn., born June 16, 1838; married April 14, 1862; died April 15, 1877.

HAMILTON R. GARDNER died Estill Co., Ky., April 13, 1877; born Sept. 30, 1849; joined Methodist Church 1866; married Ella S. Smith, May 19, 1870.

MARTHA EARNHEART born Bedford Co., Tenn. July 20, 1811; married Daniel Earnheart, August 25, 1840; died April 8, 1877.

JIMMIE HOLLADAY s/o W. B. and Elizabeth Holladay, died of croup, May 3, 1877.

HELEN SANDIDGE dau of Drury and Bettie J. Hudson (dau of Fielding and Eliza Vaughan), born Clay Co., Miss. Jan. 8, 1856; her mother died when she was seven years old leaving her and a brother, Fielding Lucus; married Rev. William H. C. Sandidge, Oct. 26, 1876 of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; died April 30, 1877.

J. W. HARRELL born Darlington Dist., So. Carolina 1805; died Chickasaw Co., Miss., May 1, 1877; married Mary Ann Mixon, Dec. 20, 1827; moved with numerous relatives to Miss. 1848 where he remained. Mary Ann died Sept. 9, 1871 and he married Elizabeth Cane. Widow and 10 children surviving.

JAMES W. SEVIER born Shenandoah Co., Va. May 1817; died Highland Co., Va., April 11, 1877; raised under Lutheran influence. "He was not a bigot; he loved all good people."

GEORGIANNA HAYES MALONE dau of Isaac and Mary A. Malone, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., Dec. 20, 1842; married T. W. Hayes, Nov. 11, 1858; died January 18, 1877.

CLARINDA TINERY STEWART wife of Thomas Stewart, born Sevier Co., Tenn., April 5, 1814; died near Moulton, Ala., March 29, 1877; married Rhea Co., Tenn., August 24, 1831; joined Methodist Church 1851.

EDDIE F. ALLEN born Oct. 6, 1861; died May 8, 1877, pneumonia; only s/o Rev. S.C. Allen, presiding elder of Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Burial at late residence of his grandfather, Thomas H. Ayers.

Tribute of Respect to E. M. SMITH who died aged 63 years, March 17, 1877; by Milburn Masonic Lodge 170, undated.


June 2, 1877

LEWIS LEVEN BALL born Westmoreland Co., Va., Sept. 2, 1794; s/o Lewis and Margaret Ball (the latter a dau of Moses Martin); "connected with Martha Washington who maiden name was Ball." Parents and family moved to Cocke Co., Tenn.; names of Lewis Leven's siblings: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Susannah, John, Martha, Ann and Thomas. Lewis Leven Ball a veteran of War of 1812; married Martha Grubb, Greene Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1820; moved to McMinn Co., Tenn.; he and wife had children: Emeline, William, John Kelley, Henegar, LaFayette, Miranda Ann Hashaw, Sarah, another John Kelley and James Knox Polk Ball. Farmer and tanner. He married, secondly, Lucinda Pierce, 1857 in her 40th year of age. Wracked with rheumatism last years of life. He died April 11, 1867. A tribute in obiturial form by son, James K. P. Ball.

MARY SHEFFIELD, nee Martin, born Raleigh, No. Carolina, Dec. 1797; married Nicholas Sheffield and moved to Huntsville, Ala. 1817; died Delta Co., Texas, April 19, 1877; raised 8 children and left 25 grandchildren and about 30 great-grandchildren.

ABSILLA JENKINS born March 28, 1816; died May 6, 1877 in Macon Co., Tenn.; married Joseph Jenkins, July 24, 1834; he died 12 years ago and left her to care for a large family.

MARIE L. CLAUD wife of Joshua D. Claud and granddaughter of Sheegog, Castleb1ayney, Monahan Co., Ireland, born Nov. 30, 1829; died April 24, 1877.

MATELAN COOPER s/o J. W. and Rebecca Cooper, born Alexandria, Tenn., Dec. 27, 1875; died May 19, 1877.


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JAMES E. DRAKE died south shore of Lake Harris, Florida, April 27, 1877, a little over 34 years of age; s/o Dr. Gaston Drake, formerly of Greenboro, Ala.; graduate, Southern University; lawyer.

Miss LOU WARD died Tullahoma, Tenn., May 20, 1877 aged 39 years.

Mrs. STALCUP wife of T. C. Stalcup died April 29, 1877.

MARTHA JANE SMITH dau of Eli and Mary Jane Smith, born April 18, 1854; died December 22, 1876.

WILLIE T. BENNETT only s/o Silas and Arie W. Bennett, born August 1875; died Trenton, Ky., March 26, 1877.

"The Bishops" Monument

The monument at the graves of Bishops McKendree and Soule in the Vanderbilt campus is a modest structure of the best South Carolina granite. It is surrounded with a carving representing an open Bible and Hymn-book the badge of their profession. The cartouche at the head of Bishop McKendree's grave bears the simple inscription: WILLIAM McKENDREE, Born July 6, 1757; ordained Bishop, May 18, 1808; Died March 5, 1835. The cartouche at the head of Bishop Soule's grave has this: BISHOP SOULE, Born Aug. 1, 1781; ordained Bishop, May 28, 1821; Died March 6, 1867. *What names shall fill the opposite cartouches? Most of us here have contributed liberally to defray the expense of erecting this monument !/*Bishop Joshua Soule/


June 9, 1877

Hon. and Rev. BENJAMIN P. WILSON, late Judge of Allen County Court, Kentucky, for years County Assessor, Allen County; born Nov. 10, 1810; died April 25, 1877; married Lethe Turner; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1837; ordained deacon 1847; ordained elder 1854.

JAMES L. ORR died Logan Co., Ky. at residence of brother-in-law, Samuel Gilbert, March 1, 1877 in his 27th year of age.

WILLIAM P. VORNELL born Sevier Co., Tenn., Nov. 8, 1819; moved to Dardenelle, Ark. 1868; merchant; died May 4, 1877 from complications of surgery.

Major LEWIS B. MARKS died Giles Co., Tenn., April 3, 1877; "old citizen."

ELIZABETH CROWNOVER, nee Boyd, born and educated in Mobile, Ala.; married C. Crownover, January 17, 1863; died Llano Co., Texas, April 25, 1877. Surviving were husband and two little children.

MARY JANE LEE born March 23, 1813, Ohio Co., Ky.; married N. P. Stevens, March 17, 1833; her husband died May 18, 1839 leaving her with 2 small children; she married Tolbert Lee, October 17, 1852; died March 11, 1877.

DEBORAH JANE SHELLEY dau of Cornelius and Deborah Frogge; born Fentress Co., Tenn., Oct. 19, 1829; married Rev. L. S. Shelley, Jan. 18, 1855; died Clinton To., Ky., April 22, 1877. "My sister was a lady of deep piety." (T. C. Frogge)

CATHARINE B. WALLER wife of D. C. Waller, Shelby Co., Ky., born Louisa Co., Va., March 18O1; married 1831; died April 24, 1877.

KATIE P. TIMBERLAKE wife of Richard Timberlake, dau of J. A. and M. E. Wilson, died near Lexington, Tenn., April 14, 1877 of dropsy in her 20th year of age; married December 1874.

RICHARD H. TIMBERLAKE died from consumption, lately; member of Freemasonry.

CHRISTOPHER BUTTS died May 15, 1877; native of Virginia.

AMELIA JANE MILLER dau of Rev. W. B. Blackburn, wife of J. W. Miller, born Feb. 14, 1841; died Frankfort, Ala., April 28, 1877; surviving were husband and 3 children.


(Page 20)

AMY D. PRICE died Smith Co., Tenn., April 20, 1877; dau of William M. Price.

PRISCILLA HORN MORRIS wife of Daniel Morris, aunt of Rev. G. W. Horn, Missouri Conference, born March 1, 1812; died Warren Co., Ky., May 6, 1877.

WILLIAM B. LOVELACE born Feb. 25, 1839; died near New Roe, Ky., April 5, 1877. Surviving were widow and children.


June 16, 1877

SARAH WILSON born March 15, 1809; died Dec. 4, 1876 at residence of son-in-law, S. S. Davis, Macon Co., Tenn.; married twice; to Ananias Meador who died 4 years after marriage; to Benjamin Wilson who died in the fall of 1843.

LUCY A. WALLIS died Cadiz, Ky., Feb. 14, 1877, pneumonia; wife of Jesse Wallis; native of Mecklenburg Co., Va.; born there in 1820; married Oct. 15, 1841.

SPENCER YOUNG born Nov. 22, 1804, So. Carolina; moved when young to Giles Co., Tenn.; died March 28, 1877.

SUSAN ELLEN WADE born Louisa Co., Va., August 24, 1832; married Nelson Wade, May 25, 1854; raised 3 sons, 1 daughter; died May 27, 1877.

THEODORE T. MAYFIELD born October 3, 1855; died May 26, 1877.

LOUISA J. SMITH died of consumption, April 28, 1877; wife of J. J. Smith; dau of Wesley Hulme.

RALPH GRAYHAM s/o J. W. and Maggie Hill Grayham; grandson of Rev. F. E. Pitts, dec.; died diphtheria, May 31, 1877 aged 18 months.

LUCY P. MOORES JETTON youngest dau of Isaac R. and Eliza D. Moores, born near Alexandria, Smith Co., Tenn., Oct. 5, 1852; married Charles F. Jetton, Nov. 17, 1870; died Readyville, Tenn., May 14, 1877 leaving husband and three small children.

LUCETTA A. LEAMON dau of L. H. and Mary B. Amyx, born Cumberland Co., Ky., Dec. 4, 1842; married Jonathan S. Leamon, Jan. 9, 1862; died March 21, 1877.

SALLIE HULLETT "my mother" (L. Hullett) died Dec. 18, 1876 aged nearly 70 years.

PROVIDENCE A. GREGORY was born Edington, No. Carolina; died Robertson Co., Tenn. May 19, 1877 aged about 65 years of age.

JOHN BUCKNER born east Tenn., Oct. 12, 1798; married Rachel Lindsy, 1818; about 1836 moved to Blount Co., Ala.; died Dec. 16, 1876. "He left a large family."

Tribute of Respect for Rev. W. M. MASSIE, born Louisa Co., Va., April 19, 1802; died Parker Co., Texas, Oct, 6, 1872; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1830; by First Quarterly Conference, Acton Circuit, Ft. Worth Dist., Northwest Texas Conference.


June 23, 1877

Tribute of Respect for Hon. WILLIAM GARRETT born Cooke Co., Tenn. 1809; sometime Clerk of House of Representatives and Secretary of State of Alabama; moved to Ala. 1833 and settled in Calhoun Co.; in 1863 elected to state Senate. Died recently. By Dist. Conference of LaFayette Dist. of No. Alabama Conference; undated. His obituary was published in the Sept. 23, 1876 issue of the CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE. Therein given as born May 6, 1809. /Colonel Garrett died in Coosa Co., Ala., August 22, 1876./

LUVIA ANN PIRTLE wife of R. H. Pirtle, born Graves Co., Ky., Jan. 16, 1841; died March 26, 1877; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1854.


(Page 21)

General C. N. HENNINGSON, associated with the Walker expedition to Nicaragua; died June 14, 1877 aged 62 years.

THOMAS TUGGLE born Prince Edward Co., Va. 1818; moved when young to Haywood Co., Tenn.; married Bettie Burford dau of Dr. Jonathan Burford, 1846; died San Francisco, California, April 28, 1877.

WINNIE RAY wife of John Ray, born Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1809; died Jackson Co., Tenn., May 21, 1877.

DANIEL CAMERON born Moore Co., No. Carolina, Dec. 8, 1800; died Trigg Co., Ky., Jan. 14, 1877; twice married; to Mary Fountain, Jan. 16, 1823 who died Jan. 7, 1847; to Martha Wade, March 9, 1848 who died April 11, 1876.

SETH GODWIN born No. Carolina, Nov. 13, 1797; moved to Tenn. 1817; married Nancy M. Vestal, 1820 (she died in 1870) and he died September 27, 1876.

NANCY M. LIPSCOMB dau of Joseph and Mary Lipscomb, granddaughter of Rev. George W. Martin, Tennessee Conference, died June 2, 1877 aged 8 months, 15 days. "She was a sweet little prattler."

MANNIE BRIGGS, Lebanon, Tenn., only dau of G. W. and E. T. Briggs, died May 31, 1877. Burial in Alexandria, Tennessee.

B. F. RYLAND born Ga., Jan. 26, 1831; married 1853; died Jefferson Co., Ala., May 28, 1877; served in the Confederate Army.

ELEANOR COOPER died in Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 19. 1877 aged 96 years and 5 months, a native of No. Carolina; born in 1780, dau of Samuel McAdams who moved to Smith Co., Tenn.; her sister married Rev. James Gwin and she to John Cooper.

NANCY G. CHAUSLOR born June 1803; died Mason Co., Ky., Feb. 12, 1877; wife of William Clauslor.

MILDRED N. WATKINS born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Jan. 31, 1854 and died Trigg Co., Ky., April 15, 1877; married Jesse M. Watkins, Oct. 26, 1874.

Mrs. MARY LOUISE McWHERTER wife of Louis McWherter, died Edgefield, Tenn., June 16, 1877.


June 30, 1877

DANIEL GREEN ANDERSON born Robertson Co., Tenn., Feb. 1, 1805; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. about 1808; then to Giles Co., Tenn. about 1810; of Irish ancestry; married Martha J. Johnson, June 2, 1829 and had 13 children; one of his sons died in the late war, a Confederate soldier. Died May 4, 1877.

GODFREY G. ISBELL s/o James and Jane Isbell, born Ky., Dec. 12, 1811; married Ruthy Cook, Sept. 25, 1875; died chronic diarrhea, Winston Co., Ala., May 21, 1877.

ANN B. HARWELL dau of Judge James and Nellie Russell, born Pendleton Dist., So. Carolina, April 24, 1815; died June 9, 1877, Dyer Co., Tenn.; the same year she was born her family moved to Franklin Co., Tenn. and in 1819/20 to Jackson Co., Ala.; married Rev. Thomas D. Harwell, Sept. 6, 1836; joined the Methodist Church 1834.

S. A. FREEMAN wife of Rev. J. G. Freeman, born Nov. 6, 1846; died June 7, 1877 of consumption; married in 1860.

NANCY SIMPSON, nee Roark, born Stokes Co., No. Carolina, Feb. 14, 1796; moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn. 1832; married Thomas Simpson 1834 for whom Simpson's Chapel was named: she died June 1, 1877. "When I married Mr. Simpson I went home with him with a determination to do my whole duty toward my stepchildren."


(Page 22)

MARTHA C. DOBBS dau of Rev. Uriah Williams; wife of Rev. Cicero L. Dobbs, No. Alabama Conference, born Marshall Co., Ala., April 16, 1837; married Oct. 28, 1858; died June 17, 1877.

NAOMI JANE HARDIN only dau of John H. and Elizabeth Hardin, born April 20, 1859; died of typhoid fever, May 23, 1877. Surviving were parents and 5 brothers.

LOUISA JONES wife of W. J. Jones died Maury Co., Tenn., May 12, 1877 aged 36 years leaving a husband and 6 children; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

HANNAH M. GOSSET born Spartanburgh Dist., So. Carolina, June 10, 1842; died near Birmingham, Ala., June 6, 1877; her husband died three years before her demise.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. GREGORY who died recently; by Goodlettsville Lodge, T. O. G. T., undated.


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